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As documented elsewhere on this site, there are more than 500,000 Israeli settlers living across the occupied West Bank, including east Jerusalem. These settlements are illegal under International Law. Settlements control more than 42% of the West Bank’s land and the majority of its water and natural resources. The EU - including Ireland - continues to make these settlements financially viable.

In this context, one of the primary considerations for organisations working in the area of human rights in relation to Palestine is to ensure that third state trading relations with Israel contain clearly defined territorial definitions that explicitly exclude Israeli settlements constructed on occupied Palestinian territory. However, the nature of Israel’s settlement enterprise which has resulted in the de facto annexation of the settlements as part of the Israeli state has made it increasingly difficult to disassociate business activity within the Israeli state and that which takes place within illegal settlements.

Sadaka has recently begun submitting Parliamentary Questions to elicit clarification on the exact nature of Ireland’s trading relationship with Israel in an attempt to ensure that it does not include goods and service produced in illegal Israeli settlements.



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