The Occupied Territories Bill and the 'Money Message'

The Bill now needs to proceed to the  next stages of the legislature. Currently, the  Government, which opposes the Bill does not have the votes to defeat it, and yet has made it clear that it will seek to block its enactment by withholding what is called a 'Money Message'.

Its power to do this comes from Article 17 of the Irish Constitution which says that no Bill "for the appropriation of revenue or other public moneys" may be enacted unless the Government has first recommended that purpose to the Dáil by a Money Message signed by the Taoiseach. More information on the 'Money Message'.

The Government is currently using this tactic to block a large number of opposition Bills which have majority support in the Dáil.

The rules of the Dáil provide that a determination as to whether the Bill actually requires a Money Message will be made by the "Bills Office" after the Bill undergoes "detailed scrutiny" before the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Foreign Affairs and Trade. If the Bills Office decides that the Bill requires a Money Message, then it is a political decision for the Government as to whether or not to provide it.

Sadaka is working hard in the background in an attempt to address the ‘Money Message’.

Call to action.   It is important at this time, that you use any opportunity at your disposal to let the Government know that the abuse of the Money Message will not be tolerated by the Irish electorate.  We encourage all supporters of democracy and the Bill to write or meet their  elected representatives and relay their displeasure at the misuse of the so called 'Money Message' in thwarting the democratic process.

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