Sadaka Second High-level Forum March 2022

Israeli Apartheid: Developing Ireland’s Strategy

Welcome and Opening Remarks, Marie Crawley, Chair, Sadaka

Marie Crawley, Chair, Sadaka Marie Crawley currently works as a Local Area Manager within a state agency with responsibility for children and families. She formerly worked as a consultant specialising in the areas of strategic and operational planning, project evaluation gender equality, cross-community dialogue and organisational effectiveness. Marie is the co-author of numerous publications on gender proofing and mainstreaming commissioned both by the Irish government and the NI Assembly. She has designed and delivered numerous training programmes in the area of gender proofing and mainstreaming to Government Departments in Ireland, North and South and with the Government of the Republic of Armenia. Marie has also authored many reports on minority experiences, gender equality and policy to practice handbooks. A former Vice-Chair of the Northern Ireland Women’s Coalition, she contested elections in the Fermanagh/South Tyrone constituency following the signing of the Good Friday Agreement in 1998. For over 25 years, Marie has served on numerous NGO / statutory partnerships throughout Ireland, mainly in the areas of rural development, gender equality and the implementation of peace and reconciliation programmes. A former Chair of the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Marie has a long standing involvement in Palestinian solidarity work and visits the West Bank annually. She is a co-founder of Sadaka. Back to Forum




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