Sadaka Education Pack launch

‘Palestine & Israel – How will there be a Just Peace?'

Launch of the Sadaka Education Resources ‘Palestine & Israel –
How will there be a Just Peace?'

Roger Waters (founding member of Pink Floyd) launched Sadaka Education Resource on Palestine /Israel. Speakers included Dr. Elaine Murtagh (Sadaka Education Officer and co-author of resource) Mr. Aidan Clifford, head of the CDVEC Curriculum Development Unit and Marie Crawley, Chair, Sadaka. Target audience; teachers, development educationalists, curriculum staff and members of the Oireachtas.

The Education resource was produced as a joint initiative between Sadaka and the Curriculum Development Unit Education for Reconciliation Project and is intended to support young people in critically exploring injustice and peace building within a framework of Human Rights and International Law. The resource meets Transition Year requirements in the Republic of Ireland and the Local and Global Citizenship curriculum in Northern Ireland.

Roger Waters and Sadaka Board members launch Palestine & Israel Education Resource
Roger Waters, who took a keen interest in the developed resource said:
"I have studied the education pack... it is extremely well laid out, extremely informative and eloquent in a way that kids will understand... all we can do is encourage our young people to approach life with open minds and to nurture the kernel that they all have within, which is concern for their fellow man."  Roger Waters.

Marie Crawley, chair of Sadaka, said that Waters’ endorsement of the pack is:
"immeasurable in its importance and will be hugely influential with young people around the country as we encourage schools to use this resource."

Mairéad Maguire, Nobel Peace Laureate, co-founder Peace People, Ireland, also endorsed the Education Resource:
"I believe when young people see the suffering of others, they have a natural instinct to help, but often don’t know what to do. This valuable resource will give them the knowledge, which brings confidence and courage, to seek solutions based on nonviolence and human rights. It is a necessary tool of education for young people living in an age fast moving from the false belief that violence and war works, to one based on the law of love, dialogue and International Law".
Roger Waters and Sadaka Board members launch Palestine & Israel Education Resource

Roger Waters with Sadaka Board Members launching the Sadaka Education Resource on Palestine / Israel at the Royal Irish Academy in Dublin on 17th September 2013.

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