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Sadaka Education Pack ‘Palestine & Israel – How will there be a Just Peace?'

Sadaka Education Pack ‘Palestine & Israel – How will there be a Just Peace?' Overview:   This resource is intended to support young people in critically exploring conflict and peace building within a framework of Human Rights and International Law. Looking specifically at the Palestinian/ Israeli situation, the resource provides an opportunity for students to increase their knowledge and understanding, develop their skills of critical analysis, and share the experiences of those working towards a peaceful outcome.  (2013, PDF 7.6MB. Click on cover to download)

The Veritas Handbook Updated Aug 4 2010

No Walls Can Silence Our Voices Overview:   The Veritas Handbook has one goal: to expose the truth and to educate the masses by educating ourselves. We are devoted to ensuring the elimination of oppression and the establishment of justice for peoples of the world in their common struggle against racism, marginalization, colonialism, and ethnic cleansing.  (Aug 2010, PDF 19.4MB. Click on cover to download)

The Bahrain Declaration

The Bahrain Declaration (Archive copy for information) Overview:    (July 2010, PDF 2MB. Click on cover to download)

Failing Gaza

Failing Gaza: No re-building, No recovery, No More Excuses Overview:   This report, published in December 2009 by 14 NGOs, including Amnesty International, Trocaire, Christian Aid, Oxfam International, and the Church of Sweden amongst others, provides factual information on the Israeli blockade of Gaza and its consequences for the people of Palestine.  Written in a digestible format – it provides a clear account of the situation in Gaza one year on from the Israeli's 'Operation Cast Lead'.  (Apr 2010, PDF 2Mb. Click on cover to download)

A Moment of Truth

A Moment of Truth - The Kairos Document Overview:    (Mar 2010, PDF 158kb. Click on cover to download)

Richard Goldstone

The Goldstone Report (Summary) Overview:   The United Nations Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict was established by the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) during the Israeli attack on Gaza from December 2008 – February 2009. Richard Goldstone, a respected international jurist from South Africa and chief prosecutor of the United Nations International Criminal Tribunals for the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda was appointed to head the mission. He was accompanied by Christine Chinkin of the UK and Desmond Travers of Ireland. The mission's final report, released on 15 September 2009, accused the Israeli Defence Forces of war crimes and possible crimes against humanity. It recommended that both the Israeli state and Palestinian militants openly investigate their own conduct and, should they fail to do so, that the allegations to be brought to the International Criminal Court. The report was endorsed by the UNHRC in October 2009 and on 4 November 2009, the United Nations General Assembly passed a (non-binding) resolution calling for independent investigations to be conducted by Israel and Palestinian armed groups on allegations of war crimes described in the report.  (September 2009, PDF 103 Kb. Click on cover to download)

PLO Negotiations Primer

Palestine Liberation Organisation Negotiations Primer Overview:   A simple, yet comprehensive overview of the ‘permanent status issues’ to be addressed in the political negotiations between Palestine and Israel, including Jerusalem, and the settlements. Published by the PLO Negotiations Department in 2009, it provides historical information and sets the context for future negotiations by looking back at agreements made under Oslo and Camp David.  The Primer looks at the issues of borders and natural resources.  Essentially, this provides a comprehensive overview of the situation on the ground and the political context to political negotiations in an 'easy read' format.  (2009, PDF 5.1Mb. Click on cover to download)

Norman Finkelstein

Zionism and the Holocaust Card Overview:   This short video clip (posted on YouTube) shows Dr. Norman Finklestein, a Jewish-American political scientist and author, rejecting the use of the 'Holocaust Card' as any excuse for the torture and persecution of Palestinians.  (YouTube Flash Video 9.2Mb. Click on cover to watch)



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