Progressive US Lawmakers Demand Stop to Israeli “War Crime” in Masafer Yatta (Isaac Scher, Jewish Currents, 31 May 2022)

Hamas’ landslide student election win marks major shift in Palestinian politics (Basil al-Adraa, +972, 31 May 2022)

Iraqi parliament passes law banning normalization with Israel (The Cradle, 26 May 2022)

Shireen Abu Akleh’s killing: Lies, investigations and videotape (Andrew Mitrovica, Al Jazeera, 22 May 2022)

Israel demolishes homes of 8 families – 47 people, including 19 minors – and 4 agricultural structures in South Hebron Hills after High Court approves expulsion of more than 1,000 area residents (B’Tselem, 18 May 2022)

I vividly remember the Nakba (Hasan Abu Nimah, Electronic Intifada, 15 May 2022)

Scenes from one part of a funeral, as Shireen Abu Akleh is laid to rest in Jerusalem (David Horovitz, Times of Israel, 13 May 2022)

Police rush procession, beat mourners at funeral for slain Al Jazeera journalist (Aaron Boxerman, Times of Israel, 13 May 2022)

For us, Palestinians, Shireen Abu Akleh was a legend (Hanin Majadli, Haaretz, 12 May 2022)

The suspected offense: throwing a firebomb. The punishment: death (Gideon Levy & Alex Levac, Haaretz, 13 May 2022)

Israel advances over 4,000 West Bank housing units for Jews (Hagar Shezaf, Haaretz, 12 May 2022)

Armed with High Court expulsion order, Israel’s bulldozers arrive in Masafer Yatta (Yuval Abraham and Basil al-Adraa, +972, 12 May 2022)

WATCH: Soldiers assault +972 writer Basil al-Adraa (Oren Ziv & Yuval Abraham, +972, 8 May 2022)

Another phase of the Palestinian Nakba, with Israeli court approval (Director of B’Tselem Hagai El-Ad, 9 May 2022)

A Palestinian family is brutally attacked by settlers, then interrogated by police (Gideon Levy & Alex Levac, Haaretz, 6 May 2022)

Israel has a historic debt to pay to the displaced people from the villages of Iqrit and Kafr Bir’im (Haaretz Editorial, 3 May 2022)

The Israeli army is making millions by seizing Palestinian tractors (Basil al-Adraa & Oren Ziv, +972, 1 May 2022)

Harvard student newspaper endorses BDS movement, while rejecting antisemitism, in potent symbol of campus sentiment about Israel (Andrew Lapin, Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 29 April 2022)

New Jewish settlement in Hebron gets green light from Israel's top court (Hagar Shezaf, Haaretz, 28 April 2022)

Number of Palestinians in detention without trial in Israel hits 5-year high (Hagar Shezaf, Haaretz, 26 April 2022)

Over 30 Palestinians wounded in Al-Aqsa clashes with Israel Police (Josh Breiner, Jack Khoury & Deiaa Haj Yahia, Haaretz, 22 April 2022)

An Israeli soldier opened fire from a moving jeep, killing a lawyer taking kids to school (Gideon Levy & Alex Levac, 21 April 2022)

Israel holding more than 600 without charge, most since 2016 (ABC News, 3 May 2022)

Palestinians caution against plans to 'dismantle' UNRWA refugee agency (Al Araby, 2 May 2022)

Greenwashing Palestine: From Refuge To Rifle (LinkedIn, 24 April 2022)

Corbyn's Party No More: Before Critical Election, U.K. Labour Hosts Israeli Counterpart (Haaretz, 2 May 2022)

Israel bars Palestinian NGO chief from travel (Al Araby, 1 May 2022)

Harvard University student newspaper endorses BDS movement (Middle East Monitor, 1 May 2022)

How media coverage whitewashes Israeli state violence against Palestinians (Washington Post, 28 April 2022)

Blocked from Jerusalem: Palestinian Politician, Mustafa Barghouti, Speaks Out on Al-Aqsa (Palestine Chronicle, 28 April 2022)

The international community must adopt the Palestinian narrative (Middle East Monitor, 28 April 2022)

Palestinian short film about Ahmad Manasra attracts ire of Israeli social media (Al Araby, 28 April 2022)

US 'opposes' Israel's 'terrorist' designation of six Palestinian NGOs (Al Araby, 27 April 2022)

Israeli forces kill Palestinian in occupied West Bank raid (Al Jazeera, 26 April 2022)

Unpacking the politics of persecution (Mondoweiss, 26 April 2022)

‘Apartheid’ chorus grows — 60 percent of Middle East scholars reach that conclusion (Mondoweiss, 25 April 2022)

Mission failed: How Israel’s anti-BDS app went belly-up (+972, 25 April 2022)

WAFA: "Palestinian-American producer at Netflix describes Israel as a racist colonial state that practices apartheid" (IMEMC, 26 April 2022)

A Scarred Childhood: Israeli Attacks against Palestinian Children in the Occupied West Bank in 2022 (IMEMC, 15 April 2022)

Israel Police Required Al-Aqsa Worshippers to Hand Over IDs, in Violation of Law (Haaretz, 26 April 2022)

UK trade deal with Israel sends a clear message: Apartheid is rewarded (Middle East Eye, 25 April 2022)

Forget Passover and Ramadan, Israel's violence is all about its brutal military occupation (Middle East Monitor, 24 April 2022)

‘We don’t want to integrate Palestinians and give them equal rights’ — NPR gives Israeli leader platform to legitimize apartheid (Mondoweiss, 21 April 2022)

Arab League urges Israel to stop Jewish prayers at Al-Aqsa Mosque (Al Jazeera, 22 April 2022)

Palestine, the tragedy of endless procrastination (Middle East Monitor, 22 April 2022)

‘Why do they provoke us?’: West Bank leader’s death brings grief – and anger (Guardian, 22 April 2022)

Palestinians win landmark case in Switzerland for UN 'protection rights' (Middle East Monitor, 21 April 2022)

Israeli ethnic cleansing is troubling, but everybody does it– J Street rabbi explains at Passover (Mondoweiss, 20 April 2022)

For Palestinians, Food Insecurity is Now an Existential Threat (Palestine Chronicle, 20 April 2022)

Amnesty: ‘Apartheid is Lived Reality for Palestinians’ (Palestine Chronicle, 20 April 2022)

How the UK government has bought into Israeli hasbara (Gwyn Daniel, Middle East Eye, 18 April 2022)

He has cancer and a disability but Israeli troops still cuffed and detained him for hours (Gideon Levy & Alex Levac, Haaretz, 16 April 2022)

17 Palestinians have been killed in the past two weeks. That's not terrorism? (Gideon Levy, Haaretz, 17 April 2022)

Israel terrorizes Ramadan worshippers at al-Aqsa mosque (Maureen Clare Murphy, Electronic Intifada, 15 April 2022)

I’ll keep doing all I can for the fight to end the occupation (Oded Goldreich, Haaretz, 13 April 2022)

An incapacitated assailant is shot point blank in Jerusalem, but no one cares (Gideon Levy & Alex Levac, Haaretz, 9 April 2022)

Bennett’s coalition has lost its majority. Could Netanyahu’s Likud now regain power? (Tal Schneider, Times of Israel, 6 April 2022)

Mapping out the Judaization of East Jerusalem (Maya Horodniceanu & Nir Hasson, 6 April 2022)

Israel charges Palestinian journalists with incitement — for doing their jobs (Yuval Abraham, +972, 5 April 2022)

To exact ‘revenge,’ Israeli settlers wreaked havoc in my village (Ali Awad, +972, 4 April 2022)

Israelis cry with Ukraine but ignore their West Bank apartheid (Michael Sfard, Haaretz, 1 April 2022)

Settlers with firebombs descend on a Palestinian village at night, torching cars (Gideon Levy & Alex Levac, Haaretz, 1 April 2022)

Millions of acres for Israeli Jews, next to nothing for the Bedouin (Meirav Arlosoroff, Haaretz, 31 March 2022)

Terror is the only way open to the Palestinians (Gideon Levy, Haaretz, 31 March 2022)

In Every Corner of Palestine, There Is a Story of Dispossession (Mohammed El-Kurd, The Nation, 30 March 2022)

Arab party suspends Israeli coalition govt membership amid Jerusalem violence (France24, 18 April 2022)

Infographic: How many Palestinians are imprisoned by Israel? (Al Jazeera, 17 April 2022)

Israeli forces raid Al-Aqsa Mosque, over 150 Palestinians injured (Al Jazeera, 15 April 2022)

Israel strikes Gaza Strip as tensions soar (Al Jazeera, 18 April 2022)

Israeli Media: Putin Urges Israel to Hand over Church Property in Jerusalem (Palestine Chronicle , 18 April 2022)

Israeli Police Wound Palestinians Again Near Flashpoint Jerusalem Holy Site (Huffington Post, 17 April 2022)

Israeli Army Won't Provide Security to 10,000-strong March to West Bank Outpost (Haaretz, 19 April 2022)

Israeli Settlers Block Reopening of West Bank Road to Palestinians After Two Decades (Haaretz, 18 April 2022)

Art at a time of siege (Al Araby, 18 April 2022)

US: Kamala Harris serves wine made in illegal Israeli settlement during Passover seder (Middle East Eye, 18 April 2022)

Israel kills six Palestinians in the West Bank (Mondoweiss, 14 April 2022)

‘Ripe for explosion’: Israel-Palestine tensions rise in Ramadan (Al Jazeera, 14 April 2022)

Palestinian Man Succumbs to Wounds Sustained during Israeli Military Raid in Beita (Palestine Chronicle, 14 April 2022)

Israeli forces raid Al-Aqsa Mosque, over 150 Palestinians injured (Al Jazeera, 15 April 2022)

Israeli police attack Muslim worshippers at Al-Aqsa Mosque causing dozens of injuries (WAFA News, 15 April 2022)

A voice from Gaza (Middle East Monitor, 14 April 2022)

Israel court refers Ahmad Manasra's case to parole committee (Middle East Monitor, 14 April 2022)

Palestinian lawyer and teen killed as Israel raids West Bank amid escalating violence (Guardian, 14 April 2022)

Amid International Campaign, Israeli Court Drops ‘Terrorism’ Charge on Manasra (Electronic Intifada, 13 April 2022)

Palestinian rights lawyer killed in Israel West Bank clashes (Yahoo! News, 13 April 2022)

Palestinian children left orphaned after Israeli troops kill their mother (Middle East Eye, 13 April 2022)

EU deportation agency mulls partnership with Israel (Electronic Intifada, 13 April 2022)

I’ll Keep Doing All I Can for the Fight to End the Occupation (Haaretz, 13 April 2022)

Under Israeli surveillance: Living in dystopia, in Palestine (Al Jazeera, 13 April 2022)

Israel kills lawyer and laborer as military ramps up aggression (Electronic Intifada, 13 April 2022)

Why our boycott of Israeli academic institutions will hurt the apartheid regime (Middle East Eye, 13 April 2022)

Israeli court drops 'terrorism' charge on Manasra as #FreeAhmadManasra campaign gains momentum (Al Araby, 13 April 2022)

Palestinian Bedouins Warn of Israeli Campaign to Displace Them, Judaize Naqab Area (Palestine Chronicle, 12 April 2022)

US approach confirms the two-state demise (Middle East Monitor, 12 April 2022)

Israeli police shoot dead Palestinian in Ashkelon after alleged stabbing (Middle East Eye, 12 April 2022)

In the fight for a free Palestine, student activism must lead the way (Al Araby, 12 April 2022)

A beloved Gaza bookshop has been fully rebuilt after it was destroyed in an airstrike (Time Out, 12 April 2022)

Israel Okays Connecting Illegal West Bank Outposts to Power Grid (Haaretz, 12 April 2022)

Administrative detainees’ boycott of Israeli courts underscores need to end this cruel, unjust system (WAFA News, 12 April 2022)

Fourth Palestinian dies after being shot by Israeli soldiers (Al Jazeera, 11 April 2022)

Ireland criticises EU delay in funds for Palestine amid warnings over food (Irish Times, 11 April 2022)

Israel kills four Palestinians, including one teenager, in span of 24 hours (Mondoweiss, 11 April 2022)

Israeli forces make more arrests in third day of raids on West Bank's Jenin (Al Araby, 11 April 2022)

Two women, child among 6 Palestinians killed (Electronic Intifada, 11 April 2022)

Amnesty hails 'courageous' protest by Palestinian detainees against Israel's 'inhumane treatment' (Al Araby, 11 April 2022)

Three deaths in separate incidents highlight sky-high tensions in Israel, West BanUN voices grave concern over escalation in Palestine-Israel tensions (Radio Pakistan, 13 April 2022)

Gaza May Respond With Rocket Fire Over Israeli Crackdown on West Bank (CNN, 11 April 2022)

Israeli forces open fire at farmers south of the besieged Gaza Strip (Haaretz, 12 April 2022)

Three deaths in separate incidents highlight sky-high tensions in Israel, West Bank (CNN, 11 April 2022)

In a Village Divided, Palestinians See Their Hold on Territory Eroding (New York Times, 11 April 2022)

Three deaths in separate incidents highlight sky-high tensions in Israel, West Bank (CNN, 11 April 2022)

The Palestinian Perspective on the Terror Attack (Haaretz, 10 April 2022)

Israel to Advance Seven New 'Strategic' Jewish Communities in the Negev (Haaretz, 10 April 2022)

Palestine Foreign Ministry: Israeli premier’s remarks green light for killing Palestinians (PressTV, 10 April 2022)

Palestinian Teen Dies From Serious Wounds Suffered In Jenin (IMEMC, 11 April 2022)

US charitable donations are funding the displacement of Palestinians (Mondoweiss, 7 April 2022)

Israel's phobia about Ramadan (Middle East Monitor, 7 April 2022)

Hamas: Israel violating international laws by banning Gaza patients from travel for treatment (Middle East Monitor, 7 April 2022)

Palestine: Carter Center backs six NGOs after 'baseless' terrorism ban by Israel (Al Araby, 7 April 2022)

Israel Rejects U.S. Proposal for Meeting of Israeli and Palestinian National Security Advisers (Haaretz, 7 April 2022)

Huwaida Arraf: Why I’m Running for Congress (WRMEA, April 2022)

Two killed in Tel Aviv shooting (Electronic Intifada, 7 April 2022)

Israel and Palestine (Irish Times, 7 April 2022)

UNESCO adopts two resolutions on Palestine; foreign minister welcomes step (WAFA News, 6 April 2022)

The start-up spy state (+972, 6 April 2022)

Harvard Law School ‘apartheid’ report leaves Israel’s defenders speechless (Mondoweiss, 5 April 2022)

Israel is stoking a civil war against its Palestinian citizens (Middle East Eye, 5 April 2022)

Israel charges Palestinian journalists with incitement — for doing their jobs (+972, 5 April 2022)

Can Israel exist without America? The facts suggest a changing reality (Middle East Monitor, 5 April 2022)

Irish politicians turn their backs on Palestine (Medium, 5 April 2022)

An Arab Name Is Fine if You Want to Die for Israel, Less So if You Want to Make a Living (Haaretz, 5 April 2022)

During Ramadan, Israel Seems to Relish Attacking Palestinians (Jacobin, 4 April 2022)

Israeli police injure, arrest dozens of Palestinians in Jerusalem following deadly week in Israel & the West Bank (Mondoweiss, 4 April 2022)

US Synagogue Declares Itself to Be ‘Anti-Zionist’ (Palestine Chronicle, 4 April 2022)

To exact ‘revenge,’ Israeli settlers wreaked havoc in my village (+972, 4 April 2022)

UN Human Rights Council adopts three resolutions against Israel, in favour of Palestine (Al Araby, 4 April 2022)

Naqab Summit: Arab autocrats hand over regional leadership to Israel (Middle East Eye, 30 March 2022)

'I Hold A Foreign Passport. My Spouse Carries a Hawiye. Israel Finds Our Marriage Threatening.' (Palestine Studies, 30 March 2022)

Marking Palestinian Child Day, group says Israel detained more than 9000 Palestinian children since 2015 (WAFA News, 4 April 2022)

Israeli Soldiers Chase Palestinian Workers, Injure One near Hebron (Palestine Chronicle, 3 April 2022)

Israeli settlers attack Palestinian homes in Hebron (Al Araby, 3 April 2022)

Three Palestinian resistance fighters killed in Israeli attack (Electronic Intifada, 3 April 2022)

Gaza: Reconstruction efforts hit by war in Ukraine and Egyptian export ban (Middle East Eye, 3 April 2022)

Why Palestinians Oppose the Negev Summit (Haaretz, 4 April 2022)

A Message to the Arab States Who Ally With Israel to Erase the Palestinians (Haaretz, 3 April 2022)

Palestinian baby dies after treatment delayed by Israeli blockade of Gaza (Guardian, 1 April 2022)

Two Palestinians die in gun battle as Israel raids Jenin refugee camp (Guardian, 31 March 2022)

Criticism of Israeli ambassador’s presence on Limerick parade viewing stand (Limerick Post, 31 March 2022)

Israeli mayors ban Palestinians from working on construction sites (Al Araby, 31 March 2022)

Israeli doubts are growing about relying on the United States (Middle East Monitor, 31 March 2022)

Israelis Cry With Ukraine but Ignore Their West Bank Apartheid (Haaretz, 1 April 2022)

Bella Hadid follows Richard Boyd Barrett on Instagram and shares post supporting People Before Profit (Irish Independent, 31 March 2022)

Palestinian students detained, suspended from Hebrew University for singing traditional folk songs (Middle East Monitor, 31 March 2022)

Young Palestinian Woman In Critical Condition After Israeli Army Jeeps Rammed Her (IMEMC, 1 April 2022)

After Israel attacks, sidelined Palestinian issue reemerges (AP, 30 March 2022)

Israel seeks revenge after Palestinian kills 5 near Tel Aviv (Electronic Intifada, 30 March 2022)

The Right of Return is Landback (Mondoweiss, 30 March 2022)

Church Leaders Denounce ‘Illegal’ Takeover of Property by ‘Extremist’ Settlers in Jerusalem (Palestine Chronicle, 30 March 2022)

Israel: Why the Palestinian attackers' Islamic State links are not as they seem (Middle East Eye, 30 March 2022)

Senators urge US to halt UN probe into alleged war crimes during Gaza bombing (Middle East Eye, 29 March 2022)

Palestinians threatened by Jewish ‘terrorist militia’ in Naqab (Al Jazeera, 24 March 2022)

UN Special Rapporteur accuses Israel of practicing apartheid in Palestine (RTE News, 29 March 2022)

Israel tells Edinburgh City Council it can’t discuss Gaza: Petitioners’ bid on Edinburgh-Gaza twinning spiked (Redress Information & Analysis, 29 March 2022)

Israeli Forces Attack Palestinians for Attempting to Reach Their Farmlands (Palestine Chronicle, 29 March 2022)

EU Calls for Protection of Palestinians to Deter Jewish Settler Violence (Palestine Chronicle, 29 March 2022)

Gaza's next crisis might be worse than anything we have ever seen (Middle East Monitor, 29 March 2022)

Palestinians Mark a Tense Land Day After Spate of Deadly Attacks in Israel (Haaretz, 30 March 2022)

Sami El-Yousef in Jerusalem: “You no longer feel you actually belong there” (World Council of Churches, 28 March 2022)

Israel boosts ties with Arab allies, Palestinians not included (Al Jazeera, 28 March 2022)

WATCH: Jewish Settlers Occupy Historic Building in East Jerusalem’s Christian Quarter (Palestine Chronicle, 28 March 2022)

Settler Leaders Criticize Bennett for Saying ‘West Bank’ instead of ‘Judea and Samaria’ (Palestine Chronicle, 28 March 2022)

From Israel to Russia, occupiers are remaking the world order (+972, 27 March 2022)

Arab ministers praise Israel at controversial Negev summit amid Palestinian anger (Al Araby, 28 March 2022)

Palestinian citizens of Israel fear reprisals in wake of deadly attacks (Middle East Eye, 28 March 2022)

EU calls for protection of Palestinians, prevention of “violence” following settler attacks (WAFA News, 28 March 2022)

Israeli settlers and police seize part of historic hotel in East Jerusalem's Old City (Middle East Eye, 28 March 2022)

Jewish Settlers Set up Caravans on Palestinian Land in Nablus (Palestine Chronicle, 27 March 2022)

Israel's Mideast Summit Is Ignoring Us Palestinians. We’re Ignoring It, Too (Haaretz, 27 March 2022)

Why can’t my sister sleep at night? Because soldiers keep raiding our home (+972, 27 March 2022)

Podcast Ep 52: No more excuses for apartheid Israel boycotts (Palestine Chronicle, 27 March 2022)

Foreign Ministry urges UNHRC to stop “Israeli bullying” of international activists (WAFA News, 25 March 2022)

Jewish Settlers Move Into Historic Building in Jerusalem’s Old City Christian Quarter (Haaretz, 27 March 2022)

UN Special Rapporteur says Israel is committing ‘pitiless’ apartheid in new report (Mondoweiss, 24 March 2022)

Rights Group Decries Israel’s Policy of House arrest for Palestinian children (Palestine Chronicle, 24 March 2022)

Israel plans to build ten new Jewish towns in Naqab region (Middle East Eye, 24 March 2022)

BDS: two thousand academics endorse resolution (Middle East Monitor, 24 March 2022)

UN expert: Israel practices apartheid against Palestinians (Electronic Intifada, 24 March 2022)

Israeli soldiers told to add 50 Palestinians per shift to mass surveillance database (Al Araby, 24 March 2022)

Israel should not continue to enjoy impunity (Jordan Times, 23 March 2022)

The Billion Dollar Deal that Made Google and Amazon Partners in the Israeli Occupation of Palestine (Palestine Chronicle, 23 March 2022)

Supermodel Bella Hadid Calls for Home for Palestinians in Vogue Feature (Palestine Chronicle, 24 March 2022)

UN official says Israel has imposed apartheid on Palestinian territories (Al Araby, 23 March 2022)

Israeli Soldiers Not Allowed Off Shifts Until They Enter 50 Palestinian Names in Database (Haaretz, 24 March 2022)

Al-Haq, on World Water Day, says Israel’s ‘water-apartheid’ denies Palestinians’ rights to adequate water (WAFA News, 23 March 2022)

‘Equality means’ Palestinians should have 4G on their phones, says U.S. ambassador to Israel (Mondoweiss, 22 March 2022)

World Water Day: Gaza’s Underground Water Supply Faces Dangerous Salinity Crisis (Palestine Chronicle, 22 March 2022)

Israel: Forget democracy. It's the 'Jewish demographic state' (Middle East Eye, 22 March 2022)

The US should be reminded that Israel's settlement expansion is a war crime (Middle East Monitor, 22 March 2022)

Wennesland condemns killing of 4 Israeli civilians, as Security Council hears ‘little progress’ is being made on settlements (UN, 22 March 2022)

A Sheikh Jarrah Palestinian activist sentenced to one year in prison on classified charges (WAFA News, 22 March 2022)

The Tinderbox review – a thoughtful contribution to the Israel/Palestine debate (Guardian 21 March 2022)

Gaza commemorates anti-apartheid icon Desmond Tutu (Middle East Monitor, 21 March 2022)

‘Refugees’ in Private Jets: Russian Oligarchs Could Reshape Israel's Economy (Haaretz, 21 March 2022)

International organizations, rights groups, academics call for imposing sanctions on Israel over apartheid policies (WAFA News, 21 March 2022)

Israel citizenship law no longer hides its real goal of Jewish supremacy (Middle East Eye, 21 March 2022)

House Democrats urge Blinken to stop 'destruction' of Palestinian Village (Middle East Eye, 21 March 2022)

Palestinian prisoners plan 'largest hunger strike since 2004' (Al Araby, 21 March 2022)

Israel sprays crop-killing herbicides on farmlands in Gaza (The Cradle, 19 March 2022)

How Israel legalized theft (Haaretz Editorial, 18 March 2022)

On his way home from the gym, Israeli troops fired 31 bullets at him (Gideon Levy & Alex Levac, Haaretz, 18 March 2022)

Explainer: The threat of mass expulsion in Masafer Yatta (+972, 14 March 2022)

British Labour antisemitism allegations: Are left-wing Jewish party members being targeted? (Professor Avi Shlaim, Middle East Eye, 14 March 2022)

Israel just re-banned Palestinian family unification. What does this law do, and how can it be fought? (Noa Shpigel, Haaretz, 12 March 2022)

'Extremely arbitrary' travel bans stop thousands of Palestinians from going abroad (Hagar Shezaf, Haaretz, 9 March 2022)

The Two-State Solution – Illusion and Reality (Professor Avi Shlaim, Palestine Israel Journal, March 2022)

Israel to decide for Palestinians which foreign lecturers can teach at West Bank universities (Amira Hass, Haaretz, 8 March 2022)

Peeing in the Pool: Review of The State of Israel vs the Jews, by Sylvain Cypel (Peter Brooke, Dublin Review of Books, March 2022)

Nine months of protesting a new outpost: seven killed and dozens injured in the town of Beita (B’Tselem, 28 February 2022)

Israel to demolish home of 95-year-old physically disabled Bedouin (Nati Yefet, Haaretz, 23 February 2022)

‘It’s not a problem any more’: Israel’s increasingly porous West Bank fence (Guardian, 21 March 2022)

The Klan on Mount Qanub: Armed with axes and clubs, settlers attack a 73-year-old Palestinian (Gideon Levy & Alex Levac, Haaretz, 18 February 2022)

A Lone Voice in the Sports World Asks: “What About Palestine?” (The Nation, 165 March 2022)

Why I Didn’t Listen to Zelenskyy’s Speech to Israel (Haaretz, 21 March 2022)

Far-right Israeli activist sets up an armed group in the Negev (Al Araby, 20 March 2022)

'The world doesn't care when the victims are Palestinians, they will keep selling weapons to Israel,' says activist (Middle East Monitor, 20 March 2022)

Women Ordered to Sit at the Back at Concert in Israel's South – but Only Bedouin Women (Haaretz, 20 March 2022)

Several Palestinians including teen killed by Israeli forces (Al Jazeera, 15 March 2022)

Status of Sierra Club ‘greenwashing’ trips to Israel unclear after backlash from activists (Mondoweiss, 15 March 2022)

Why does the West condemn some terrorism, but condone it on other occasions? (Middle East Monitor, 15 March 2022)

LA Times Reports on Google’s ‘Retaliation’ against Employee Critical of Israel, ‘Project Nimbus’ (VIDEO) (Palestine Chronicle, 15 March 2022)

Deny you are Palestinian or perish (Middle East Monitor, 14 March 2022)

Jewish and non-Jewish Ukrainian refugees arrive to different treatment in Israel (NPR, 14 March 2022)

Explainer: The threat of mass expulsion in Masafer Yatta (+972, 14 March 2022)

Russia-Ukraine war: Israelis are in denial at parallels between their occupation and Putin's (Middle East Eye, 14 March 2022)

Two Killed by Israeli Forces in Separate West Bank Incidents, Palestinian Health Ministry Says (Haaretz, 15 March 2022)

Chief of Staff Says Israeli Army is Ready to Invade Gaza (Palestine Chronicle, 14 March 2022)

Carrefour joins forces with Israeli settlement profiteers (Electronic Intifada, 14 March 2022)

The Very Gray Zone: A Palestinian Woman in Israel’s Labyrinth (Palestine Chronicle, 14 March 2022)

Congress’s ‘Israel Normalization Act’ normalizes ethnic cleansing and impunity (Mondoweiss, 13 March 2022)

Israel's selective humanitarian façade (Middle East Monitor, 12 March 2022)

Israel detains Palestinian lawyer tapped by NSO spyware (i24news, 13 March 2022)

Gaza’s tower of dreams (Electronic Intifada, 10 March 2022)

AIPAC's Latest 'pro-Israel' Political Stunt Endangers America (Haaretz, 13 March 2022)

Israel Just Re-banned Palestinian Family Unification. What Does This Law Do, and How Can It Be Fought? (Haaretz, 12 March 2022)

Israel's Knesset passes law barring Palestinian spouses (Reuters, 10 March 2022)

The US supports illegal annexations by Israel and Morocco. Why the hypocrisy? (Guardian, 10 March 2022)

FIFA’s hypocrisy in Palestine and the Ukraine (Mondoweiss, 10 March 2022)

Israel deciding who can teach at Palestinian universities is another nail on the apartheid regime (Middle East Monitor, 10 March 2022)

Israel-Palestine: Israeli settlers erect new outpost on Unesco World Heritage site (Middle East Eye, 10 March 2022)

‘We were like brothers’: Refugee camp reels after army shoots Palestinian on hike (+972, 10 March 2022)

Adalah rights organization: Israel reinstates ban on Palestinian family unification (WAFA, 10 March 2022)

The Great Jewish Oligarchs' Escape: ‘The Ground Is Trembling. They Will Stream Into Israel' (Haaretz, 11 March 2022)

How to avoid police brutality in Israel? Don’t be an Arab. (Mondoweiss, 9 March 2022)

Israel Is Strong – at Extortion and Self-pity (Haaretz, 10 March 2022)

Israeli forces kill young Palestinian man (Middle East Monitor, 9 March 2022)

Israel to Restrict Number of Non-Jewish Ukrainian Refugees to Just 5,000 (Palestine Chronicle, 9 March 2022)

NYU urged to shut down Tel Aviv campus after Amnesty report on Israel (Middle East Eye, 9 March 2022)

Shunning Russia, EU snuggles up to Israel’s killer cops (Electronic Intifada, 9 March 2022)

Comparing BDS’s Failure Against Israel to the Stunning Boycott of Russia (Haaretz, 8 March 2022)

Vogue scrubs mention of Palestine from Instagram post about Gigi Hadid vowing to donate her fashion show earnings to the country and to Ukraine after the magazine was accused of 'fanning the flames of anti-Semitism' (Daily Mail, 10 March 2022)

Israeli troops demolish Palestinian homes in West Bank (Al Jazeera, 8 March 2022)

The Zionist left provides the ‘laundry’ for Israeli apartheid — Gideon Levy (Mondoweiss, 8 March 2022)

Israel to Halt Arab House Demolitions During Ramadan in Bid to Prevent Escalation (Haaretz, 9 March 2022)

Russian oligarchs are moving to Israel: media reports (Middle East Monitor, 8 March 2022)

Vogue Magazine Erases ‘Palestine’ following ‘Zionist’ Backlash (Palestine Chronicle, 8 March 2022)

International Women's Day: Five Palestinian women you should know about (Middle East Eye, 8 March 2022)

Mounds of old batteries threaten Gaza health (France24, 9 March 2022)

House Republicans are reintroducing a bill that would criminalize boycotts of Israel (Mondoweiss, 3 March 2022)

UNRWA's existence points to the UN's failure to implement the Palestinian right of return (Middle East Monitor, 3 March 2022)

In anticipation of Ramadan, Israel police officials warn against excessive force on Palestinians (Middle East Monitor, 3 March 2022)

Israeli army blocking activists from calling ‘hotlines’ to report settler violence (+972, 3 March 2022)

Knesset member leads far-right mob storming Israeli occupied Palestinian neighbourhood Sheikh Jarrah (Al Araby, 3 March 2022)

They are ‘civilised’ and ‘look like us’: the racist coverage of Ukraine (Guardian, 2 March 2022)

Ben & Jerry’s vs. Ben & Jerry's: Israeli Licensee Sues Ice Cream Giant (Haaretz, 3 March 2022)

Democrats deepen embrace of Israeli apartheid (Electronic Intifada, 4 March 2022)

We ask Palestine’s friends in the U.S. to work to defund settler groups that push us out of our homes (Mondoweiss, 2 March 2022)

On Palestine’s Everyday Victories: Why Israel is No Longer the Exception (Palestine Chronicle, 2 March 2022)

Boycotting Russia compulsory, while boycotting Israel is punished (Electronic Intifada, 2 March 2022)

Palestine and Mexico sign memorandum of understanding in development cooperation (WAFA News, 2 March 2022)

Israel Walks Back on Plan to Bridge Health Care Disparities in East Jerusalem (Haaretz, 1 March 2022)

Israeli police assault Palestinians at Damascus Gate, including 11-year-old girl (Mondoweiss, 1 March 2022)

While the West Stands Up to Putin, Israel Is Fighting Ben & Jerry's (Haaretz, 1 March 2022)

WATCH: Dozens of Students, Teachers Suffocate as Israeli Forces Tear Gas Schools in Hebron (Palestine Chronicle, 1 March 2022)

US university returns $5m donation over professor's criticism of Israel (Middle East Monitor, 1 March 2022)

Israeli forces injure Palestinian students in 'deliberate' tear-gassing at schools (Middle East Eye, 1 March 2022)

Flooded and freezing in Gaza (Electronic Intifada, 1 March 2022)

Let's call out the West's bias over Ukraine for what it is - blatant racism (Middle East Eye, 1 March 2022)

Israel under pressure to conclude flawed case against aid worker (Guardian, 28 February 2022)

Palestinian citizens of Israel are loudly rising up (Daily Sabah, 1 March 2022)

Keep your eyes on Palestine (Middle East Monitor, 28 February 2022)

Israel Controls Palestinians Using ‘Organized Violence’ (Asharq Al-Awsat, 28 February 2022)

Ukraine, Palestine and the propaganda of war (Electronic Intifada, 28 February 2022)

Palestine: Israel forces Palestinian family to demolish Jerusalem home (Muslim News, 28 February 2022)

Palestinian girl assaulted by Israeli forces during Muslim festival in Jerusalem (Middle East Eye, 28 February 2022)

Russia’s invasion should be a mirror for Israeli society (+972, 27 February 2022)

Israeli Units Raid Sections of Palestinian Prisoners at Rimon Prison (Palestine Chronicle, 27 February 2022)

Russia sees military coordination with Israel on Syria continuing (Middle East Monitor, 27 February 2022)

Russia-Ukraine war: Western media criticised for racist 'blonde hair blue eyes' coverage of invasion (Middle East Eye, 27 February 2022)

Ukraine Resistance Like Palestinians Fighting Israel, Shaun King Suggests (Newsweek, 27 February 2022)

Palestinians ignored in US deal on stolen antiquities (France24, 28 February 2022)

Palestinian Legal Expert Reveals Israel’s Motives behind Sheikh Jarrah Evictions (VIDEO) (Palestine Chronicle, 24 February 2022)

‘There are not many outlets for fun’: the Gazan arts centre that keeps music alive (Guardian, 25 February 2022)

Palestine's UN envoy wears 'end apartheid' mask at Security Council meeting (Middle East Eye, 24 February 2022)

Return of racist Israeli lawmaker to Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood provokes protest, police attack Palestinians (WAFA News, 24 February 2022)

Palestine: Israeli army demolishes 8 Palestinian homes in West Bank (Muslim News, 24 February 2022)

This Explorer Visited Israel in the 19th Century and Found It to Be Anything but Empty (Haaretz, 23 February 2022)

Sheikh Jarrah: Salem family gives cautious welcome to Israeli court's decision to freeze eviction (Middle East Eye, 23 February 2022)

The Next Step in Palestine’s Anti-Apartheid Struggle is the Most Difficult (Palestine Chronicle, 23 February 2022)

EU Delegation Visits Palestinian Village of Burqa (Palestine Chronicle, 23 February 2022)

Israel postpones expulsion of Palestinian family (Electronic Intifada, 23 February 2022)

Oppressing the weak (Middle East Monitor, 23 February 2022)

'Ireland must accept Israel is engaged in apartheid' - Amnesty Ireland (RTE News, 22 February 2022)

Israeli forces kill Palestinian boy, 14, in West Bank: Ministry (Al Jazeera, 22 February 2022)

‘In the land of milk and honey’ — It’s springtime for AIPAC and Democrats in Israel (Mondoweiss, 22 February 2022)

Israel Refusing to Hand Over Bodies of Palestinian Kids: Rights Group (Tasnim News Agency, 23 February 2022)

The occupation enters the Metaverse (+972, 22 February 2022)

Sheikh Jarrah: Israeli assault on Palestinian with Down syndrome sparks outrage (Middle East Eye, 22 February 2022)

UK lawyers file complaint against Facebook over anti-Palestinian bias (Middle East Eye, 22 February 2022)

The next step in Palestine's anti-Apartheid struggle is the most difficult (Middle East Monitor, 21 February 2022)

How Israel's citizenship law legalises racism (Al Araby, 22 February 2022)

Israel: Defence minister says Palestinians will have 'entity' not a state (Middle East Eye, 21 February 2022)

Petition seeks EU ban on Israeli settler products (EU Observer, 21 February 2022)

Israeli Authority Backs Down From Jerusalem Park Plan After Outcry From Major Churches (Haaretz, 21 February 2022)

With an ill-timed trip, US Democrats signal to Israel it can act with impunity (Al Araby, 20 February 2022)

Israeli settlers attack Palestinian students heading to school in West Bank (Al Araby, 21 February 2022)

Citizen-led petition calls on Europe to ban trade with Israeli settlements (Middle East Eye, 21 February 2022)

A Rogue Military Unit Is Israel's Weakest Link (Bloomberg, 20 February 2022)

Case Closed Against Cops Who Killed Uninvolved Israeli Arab in Shootout (Haaretz, 20 February 2022)

South Africa’s ‘Direct Action’ Threat against Israel Raises Expectations (Palestine Chronicle, 20 February 2022)

Palestinian Administrative Detainees Continue Boycott of Israeli Military Courts (Palestine Chronicle, 20 February 2022)

Israel plans to expand national park onto Christian holy sites in East Jerusalem (Middle East Eye, 20 February 2022)

Palestine welcomes S. Africa court verdict on anti-Semitism (Daily Sabah, 20 February 2022)

Israeli settlers, backed by soldiers, attack students heading to their school in a northern West Bank village (WAFA News, 21 February 2022)

Israel, citing ‘bias,’ won’t cooperate with UN rights team (AP News, 17 February 2022)

Three Palestinians wounded, two arrested in Israeli raid on Jenin (Al Araby, 17 February 2022)

‘Time to act’ against Israeli attacks on Palestinians: Palestine official (Anadolu Agency, 17 February 2022)

UN Urges Israel to Stop Demolition of Palestinian Homes (Palestine Chronicle, 17 February 2022)

Israel: Soldiers unleash military dog on surrendering Palestinian (Middle East Eye, 17 February 2022)

Al-Haq and Partners Send Joint Submission to the UN Human Rights Committee on Israel’s Violation and Failed Implementation of the ICCPR (Al Haq, 17 February 2022)

How Israel erases Palestinian history (Middle East Eye, 17 February 2022)

Irish Parliament Refusing to Host Israeli-Arab Who Denies Israel is Apartheid State (Jewish Press, 16 February 2022)

Simon Coveney chops and changes the rules (Irish Examiner, 11 February 2022)

Ocasio-Cortez calls out Israel for detaining Palestinian children in cage-like prisons (Middle East Monitor, 16 February 2022)

When Israeli Settlers Beat a Palestinian, We Are All Responsible (Haaretz, 17 February 2022)

Israeli Law & Torture: From Detained Minors to a Prison"Torture Room" (The Nation, 11 February 2022)

Palestine - MADA: An increase in the number of violations, (27) during the first month of the year (MENAFN, 16 February 2022)

Palestinian Mauled By Israeli Military Dog During Arrest – Video (IMEMC, 17 February 2022)

Gaza’s mental health professionals battle personal trauma (TRT World, 17 February 2022)

Palestine: Women subjected to 'intimate' body search by Israeli army appeals case (Middle East Eye, 16 February 2022)

Palestinian teen shot and killed by Israeli forces in West Bank (Al Jazeera, 15 February 2022)

No More Supporting Israel 'At All Costs' (Haaretz, 15 February 2022)

Ending security coordination will help end the occupation (Middle East Monitor, 15 February 2022)

Israel: Soldiers kill Palestinian man in the West Bank (Middle East Eye, 15 February 2022)

Triple West Bank assassination recalls darkest days of the Intifada (+972, 15 February 2022)

Arabic press review: Jordanian MPs call for Israel to be declared apartheid state (Middle East Eye, 15 February 2022)

Amnesty cracks the wall of apartheid denial (Mondoweiss, 15 February 2022)

For Over a Year, Israel Has Jailed a Palestinian Teen With a Rare Disease. There's No Trial in Sigh (Haaretz, 11 February 2022)

Washington ignores Amnesty Israel 'apartheid' report at its peril (Al Araby, 14 February 2022)

Pelosi delegation to Israel draws ire for enabling new wave of violence against Palestinians (Mondoweiss, 14 February 2022)

Egypt increases its influence in the Gaza Strip (i24 News, 14 February 2022)

Police Use Stun Grenades to Disperse Palestinian Protesters in Sheikh Jarrah (Haaretz, 14 February 2022)

Israeli forces kill Palestinian teen in occupied West Bank (Al Jazeera, 14 February 2022)

Israel’s surveillance chickens come home to roost (+972, 12 February 2022)

Palestinians have denounced Israeli apartheid for decades. As the world catches up, how will it react? (Washington Post, 13 February 2022)

BDS calls for Puma boycott over Israeli football sponsorship (Middle East Monitor, 13 February 2022)

WATCH: Far-Right Israeli MK Ben-Gvir Opens Office in Sheikh Jarrah, amid Tensions (Palestine Chronicle, 13 February 2022)

Sheikh Jarrah: Israeli settlers storm home of Palestinian family facing expulsion (Middle East Eye, 13 February 2022)

Palestinian Central Council suspends recognition of Israel (Middle East Monitor, 9 February 2022)

Family Unification Bill Meant to Stop Palestinian 'Creeping Right of Return,' Israel's Shaked Says (Haaretz, 9 February 2022)

Meet Ahmad Mansour, the Palestinian doing Israel’s dirty work in Germany (Electronic Intifada, 9 February 2022)

WATCH: ‘Anti-Apartheid’ Protest Greets Israeli Ambassador at Cambridge University (Palestine Chronicle, 9 February 2022)

A homeowner says the Israeli army demolished his house without prior notice (WAFA News, 9 February 2022)

If Speaking Against Injustice Is Antisemitic, I'm an Antisemite (Haaretz, 9 February 2022)

For over a year, Israel has jailed a Palestinian teen with a rare disease. There's no trial in sight (Gideon Levy & Alex Levac, Haaretz, 11 February 2022)

Former Attorney General of Israel: With great sadness I conclude that my country is now an apartheid regime (, 10 February 2022)

Charges are pressed only in 4% of settler violence cases (Hagar Shezaf, Haaretz, 7 February 2022)

Israeli soldiers force closure of Palestinian stores in Hebron’s Old City (Basil al-Adraa, +972, 3 February 2022)

Bullets, brutality and bulldozers: What Israeli apartheid is really like (Executive director of B'Tselem Hagai El-Ad, Haaretz, 2 February 2022)

Israel’s apartheid against Palestinians: a cruel system of domination and a crime against humanity (Amnesty International, 1 February 2022)

Schools for Sumud: How Palestinians are resisting Israel’s war on education (Basil al-Adraa, +972, 31 January 2022)

Pegasus spyware company NSO is an arm of Israel's government (Haaretz Editorial, 31 January 2022)

Elderly Palestinian Omar Abdalmajeed As’ad killed by Israeli troops: we will all die, but why like that? (Gideon Levy & Alex Levac, Haaretz, 28 January 2022)

The great exploitation: Palestinians forced to pay huge sums to work in Israel (Tali Heruti-Sover, Haaretz, 27 January 2022)

Israel will never concede peace: It's time for Britain to recognise Palestine (Professor Avi Shlaim, Middle East Eye, 25 January 2022)

Israel signs deal with Germany to buy three nuclear weapons submarines (Jonathan Lis, Haaretz, 20 January 2022)

There's a mass Palestinian grave at a popular Israeli beach at Tantura, veterans confess (Adam Raz, Haaretz, 20 January 2022)

Israel destroys Sheikh Jarrah home in cruel and criminal act (Tamara Nassar, Electronic Intifada, 19 January 2022)

Palestinian activist Suleiman al-Hathaleen dies two weeks after being run over by Israeli police truck (Hagar Shezaf & Jack Khoury, Haaretz, 17 January 2022)

Susan Sarandon, Mark Ruffalo, and Gael García Bernal among those supporting Emma Watson’s Palestine solidarity post (Artists for Palestine UK, 13 January 2022)

Jewish Settler Violence Increasing in West Bank (VOA News, 8 February 2022)

Israeli soldiers open fire at car in Nablus killing Palestinians (Al Jazeera, 8 February 2022)

Amnesty report: The limits of the apartheid framework (Middle East Eye, 8 February 2022)

Israel executes three men in Nablus (Electronic Intifada, 8 February 2022)

A week has passed — and still not a single word in the ‘NYTimes’ about Amnesty International’s landmark report that found Israel practices ‘apartheid’ (Mondoweiss, 8 February 2022)

Why Jewish organizations reflexively defend Israel — even when not asked (Mondoweiss, 8 February 2022)

Israel’s apartheid and the myth of the democratic Jewish state (Al Jazeera, 8 February 2022)

Soldiers who killed Palestinian-American get slap on the wrist, Biden admin ‘not satisfied’ (Mondoweiss, 7 February 2022)

Israeli police use of Pegasus spyware on citizens to be investigated (Irish Times, 7 February 2022)

Is This Israel’s South Africa Moment? (The Nation, 7 February 2022)

UAE 'directly benefiting' from illegal Israeli settlement enterprise (Middle East Monitor, 7 February 2022)

Tantura: Israel is waking up to its crimes since the Nakba but is still far from a true reckoning (Al Araby, 7 February 2022)

Israeli, Palestinian figures propose two-state confederation granting illegal settlers residency, land (Al Araby, 7 February 2022)

What Would Jesus Do At An Israeli Military Checkpoint? This Palestinian Pastor Wants To Know (Religion Unplugged, 4 February 2022)

We don’t use the word apartheid — say the liberal Zionists (Mondoweiss, 6 February 2022)

African Union suspends decision to grant Israel observer status (Middle East Eye, 6 February 2022)

Don't Buy into Occupation Coalition (Don’t Buy into Occupation, 6 February 2022)

Amnesty says Israel is an apartheid state. Many Israeli politicians agree (Guardian, 5 February 2022)

Palestinian prisoners declare state of general mobilization in protest of new Israeli penalties (WAFA News, 6 February 2022)

Israelis mustn’t fear Amnesty’s apartheid report (+972mag, 5 February 2022)

‘Apartheid state’: Israel’s fears over image in US are coming to pass (Guardian, 3 February 2022)

Amnesty Settles It: It's Time for U.S. Accountability on Israel | Opinion (Newsweek, 3 February 2022)

A Jewish Teacher Criticized Israel. She Was Fired. (New York Times, 3 February 2022)

Over 50% of the Palestinians in Ofer Prison have Covid-19 (Middle East Monitor, 3 February 2022)

Israel: Shin Bet admits sending threatening texts to Palestinians during May protests (Middle East Eye, 3 February 2022)

Israel upholds use of tech to track, intimidate Palestinian protesters (Al Araby, 3 February 2022)

B’Tselem: Israeli soldiers held 21 members of Palestinian family in storeroom, beat some of them (WAFA News, 3 February 2022)

Israel lobby is in new territory– mounting ‘apartheid’ allegations — and showing some cracks (Mondoweiss, 2 February 2022)

The NYTimes respects Amnesty International — so why is it ignoring the apartheid report? (Mondoweiss, 2 February 2022)

Bullets, Brutality and Bulldozers: What Israeli Apartheid Is Really Like (Haaretz, 2 February 2022)

Amnesty: Israel committing crime of apartheid against Palestinians (Irish Legal News, 1 February 2022)

Israel approves 400 settlement units north of Bethlehem (Al Araby, 2 February 2022)

Amnesty apartheid report: Why Israel fully deserves its place as a pariah state (Middle East Eye, 2 February 2022)

Israel’s smears against Amnesty fail to hide apartheid (Electronic Intifada, 2 February 2022)

With apartheid an irrefutable reality, Israel's democracy has always rested on blind faith (Middle East Monitor, 1 February 2022)

With apartheid an irrefutable reality, Israel's democracy has always rested on blind faith (Middle East Monitor, 1 February 2022)

President Abbas receives AI's Secretary-General, discusses report on Israel practicing apartheid (WAFA News, 2 February 2022)

Israel is an apartheid state, Amnesty report says (Irish Times, 1 February 2022)

Israel punishes officers in death of elderly Palestinian man (Al Jazeera, 1 February 2022)

With apartheid an irrefutable reality, Israel's democracy has always rested on blind faith (Middle East Monitor, 1 February 2022)

Sweeping Amnesty ‘apartheid’ report solidifies human rights consensus on Israel (Forward, 1 February 2022)

Why Amnesty is taking aim at the ‘root causes’ of Israeli apartheid (+972mag, 1 February 2022)

Israeli Forces Demolish Three Palestinian Structures in West Bank (Palestine Chronicle, 1 February 2022)

A state of apartheid: Amnesty's view on Palestine (RTE, 2 February 2022)

Palestinians launch campaigns to collect aid for Syrian refugees (Al Araby, 1 February 2022)

Israel Banned These Palestinian Songs. 35 Years Later, They Finally Come Out (Haaretz, 1 February 2022)

Israel military officers dismissed over death of Palestinian-American at checkpoint (Guardian, 1 February 2022)

Jerusalem: Israel forces Palestinians to self-demolish own homes (Al Jazeera, 31 January 2022)

Israel military officers dismissed over death of Palestinian-American at checkpoint (Guardian, 1 February 2022)

Algeria Foreign Minister says Palestinian reconciliation process has begun (Middle East Monitor, 31 January 2022)

WATCH: Israeli Forces Brutally Detain Four Palestinians in Occupied Jerusalem (Palestine Chronicle, 31 January 2022)

Historical documents reveal Israel's plan to empty Negev of Palestinians (Middle East Eye, 31 January 2022)

Pegasus spyware row is really about who controls cyber weapons (Middle East Eye, 31 January 2022)

Counter-revolutionary? A deeper look at Israel's relationships with Arab autocrats (Al Araby, 31 January 2022)

EU using 'Green Deal' funds to power Israeli settlements (Electronic Intifada, 31 January 2022)

Palestinian prisoners have commenced a boycott of Israeli courts (Middle East Monitor, 30 January 2022)

Israel’s Hasbara in Sheikh Jarrah: On Gilad Erdan’s ‘Terrorist’ Rock and Faulty Logic (Counter Currents, 31 January 2022)

Israeli navy attacks Palestinian fishermen off Rafah (WAFA, 29 January 2022)

From the river to the sea, Palestinians are not free (+972mag, 30 January 2022)

Zionism is in Retreat Within the American Jewish Community (WRMEA, 3 January 2022)

Pro-Palestinian 'from the river to the sea' chanters could be referred to police, UK minister says (Middle East Eye, 27 January 2022)

‘My life has just begun’: Gazans celebrate receiving ID cards after rare Israeli approval (Mondoweiss, 27 January 2022)

Report: Israel is launching campaign to undermine UN’s Gaza investigation (Mondoweiss, 27 January 2022)

Israeli settlers attack police at occupied West Bank checkpoint (Al Araby, 27 January 2022)

Israeli occupation forces attack Palestinian youths playing in the snow in East Jerusalem neighborhoods (WAFA News, 27 January 2022)

Palestinian academic suspended by UK university using controversial definition of anti-Semitism (Middle East Monitor, 27 January 2022)

Scoop: Israel's "top priority" mission to discredit UN probe (Axios, 26 January 2022)

Israel demolishes home in Jerusalem, expels two families (Al Araby, 26 January 2022)

Palestinian American detained by Israeli soldiers died of heart attack, autopsy says (Middle East Eye, 26 January 2022)

In support of Rev. J. Herbert Nelson II in his courageous stance on ’21st century slavery’ (Mondoweiss, 26 January 2022)

Jewish Settlers Throw Stones, Release Dogs at Women Shepherds in West Bank (Palestine Chronicle, 26 January 2022)

'A French Jew Who Only Arrived Yesterday to Israel Is More of a Landlord Than You' (Haaretz, 25 January 2022)

ADL and other Jewish groups complain to Israeli PM that settler violence is undermining Israel’s image in U.S. (Mondoweiss, 25 January 2022)

Euro-Med Monitor Exposes Israeli Siege Brutality in New Report (PHOTOS) (Palestine Chronicle, 25 January 2022)

The new hasbara campaign Israel doesn’t want you to know about (+972mag, 25 January 2022)

Palestine: Rise in online hate speech on Israeli networks targeting Palestinians and Arabs (Ifex, 17 January 2022)

UNRWA and UNICEF renew agreement to further support Palestine refugee children (WAFA News, 25 January 2022)

Munich anti-BDS policy is illegal, German federal court rules (Electronic Intifada, 24 January 2022)

Failing Gaza: undrinkable water, no access to toilets and little hope on the horizon (Oxfam, January 2022)

Palestinian dies of tear gas inhalation in Qalandia camp (ILKHA, 25 January 2022)

Stone-throwing Israeli settlers attack Palestinian village (Washington Post, 25 January 2022)

Analysis: Israeli Settler Violence Pushes Palestinians to the Point of No Return (IMEMC, 2 January 2022)

Sportswashing is associated with certain countries – why not Israel? (Guardian, 24 January 2022)

Biden’s Pledges to Palestinians—a Year of Disappointment (The Nation, 24 January 2022)

‘This small man with just his words and his staff’ — Velshi salutes martyred Palestinian Hajj Suleiman in groundbreaking MSNBC broadcast (Mondoweiss, 24 January 2022)

Sinn Fein MEP MacManus demands Commission releases documents on freezing funds for Palestinian NGOs (WAFA News, 24 January 2022)

Palestinian Academic Suspended by UK University Following Israeli Lobby Pressure (Palestine Chronicle, 24 January 2022)

Write down, I am an Arab: Even the simple right of issuing Palestinian ID cards, Israel controls (Al Araby, 24 January 2022)

Israeli Soldiers Will Not Be Prosecuted after Death of Elderly American Palestinian (Palestine Chronicle, 24 January 2022)

Israeli minister describes settler violence as 'terrorism’ (Daily Sabah, 23 January 2022)

The UK welcomed an Israeli arms factory into our town. We shut it down (+972mag, 24 January 2022)

For Israel’s Settlers, It’s War. Their Target: Palestinian Land – and Bodies (Haaretz, 23 January 2022)

Israelis' Silence Has Given Way to Violation of Rights. No More (Haaretz, 24 January 2022)

UK Israel lobby takes aim at Palestinian university lecturer (Electronic Intifada, 22 January 2022)

Palestinian family speaks of pain of eviction (Yahoo! News, 21 January 2022)

Palestine: Between a Rising Tide and Apartheid – Environmental Justice (Counter Currents, 24 January 2022)

Tantura: Israeli veterans admit to 1948 massacre of Palestinian village (Middle East Monitor, 23 January 2022)

Israeli court rejects petition by Salhia family to rebuild their demolished home in Sheikh Jarrah (WAFA News, 23 January 2022)

Sydney Festival upended by BDS campaign (Mondoweiss, 20 January 2022)

The pro-Israel lobby sees more Palestinian activists walk free from court (Middle East Monitor, 20 January 2022)

Sharp rise in anti-Arab and Palestinian hate speech reported on Israeli social media (Middle East Eye, 20 January 2022)

European countries urge Israel to stop construction in occupied East Jerusalem (Middle East Eye, 20 January 2022)

Israeli police demolish Palestinian family’s Sheikh Jarrah home (Irish Times, 19 January 2022)

Israeli police demolish Palestinian family’s Sheikh Jarrah home (Guardian, 19 January 2022)

Palestine-Israel: UN envoy highlights urgent need for reform (UN News, 19 January 2022)

The Israeli campaign to shut down Palestinian civil society (Mondoweiss, 19 January 2022)

Hero rabbi of Texas is said to have leveled ‘apartheid’ accusation against Israel –Updated (Mondoweiss, 19 January 2022)

Jewish Settlers March, Attack Palestinians across West Bank (Palestine Chronicle, 19 January 2022)

'War crime': Israel widely condemned for Sheikh Jarrah demolition (Middle East Eye, 19 January 2022)

Israel evicts Palestinians from disputed Jerusalem property (Washington Post, 18 January 2022)

Negev: Israeli police arrest dozens of Palestinians in night raid (Middle East Eye, 18 January 2022)

I spent a week watching the Israeli Fox News. Here’s what I learned (+972mag, 18 January 2022)

The Negev uprising and the lie of co-existing with the occupation (Middle East Monitor, 18 January 2022)

Israel uses deadly force on both sides of Green Line (Electronic Intifada, 18 January 2022)

Israel Police Arrest Over a Dozen During Sheikh Jarrah Overnight Demolition (Haaretz, 19 January 2022)

What might this year have in store for the Palestinians? (Middle East Monitor, 18 January 2022)

Iconic Palestinian activist succumbs to wounds sustained after he was run over by Israeli police truck (Mondoweiss, 17 January 2022)

Israeli Military Restricts Palestinians, but Allows Settler Event at Evicted Outpost (Haaretz, 17 January 2022)

Palestinian Prisoners Join Mass Hunger Strike in Support of Critically Ill Abu Hamid (Palestine Chronicle , 17 January 2022)

Israel's quiet annexation of the Golan Heights (Al Araby, 17 January 2022)

The Palestinian Arab villages 'unrecognised' by Israel (Middle East Monitor, 17 January 2022)

Over 70 Jewish Organizations, Individuals Endorse Boycott of Sydney Festival over ‘Art-Washing’ of Israeli Apartheid (Palestine Chronicle, 16 January 2022)

Former Israel PM Netanyahu negotiating plea bargain: Reports (Al Jazeera, 16 January 2022)

Israel Conquered the Negev, Again (Haaretz, 17 January 2022)

Palestinians married to Israeli citizens excluded from COVID vaccine pass (Middle East Monitor, 16 January 2022)

When a forest has more rights than a Bedouin village (+972mag, 14 January 2022)

Israeli Ministers Advance Stricter Version of Controversial Citizenship Law (Haaretz, 16 January 2022)

'This occupation is not going to die of old age': An interview with Michael Lynk, UN Special Rapporteur on the Occupied Palestinian Territories (Al Araby, 14 January 2022)

CAIR says Islamophobic group working with Israeli government spied on Muslims for over a decade (Mondoweiss, 13 January 2022)

Hollywood Stars Support Emma Watson after her Solidarity Post with Palestine (Palestine Chronicle, 13 January 2022)

Israel's crackdown on Palestinians in Negev threatens Bedouins and its own government (Middle East Eye, 13 January 2022)

Israel forces Palestinian to demolish own shop in Jerusalem, raids West Bank cities (Al Araby, 13 January 2022)

Only 50 homes destroyed in Israel's 2021 attack on Gaza rebuilt, others remain in ruins (Middle East Monitor, 13 January 2022)

Israel: Supreme Court reduces sentence for settler who threw stun grenades at Palestinians (Middle East Monitor, 13 January 2022)

Zionist extremist hiding in Israel sentenced to prison in France ( Electronic Intifada, 13 January 2022)

Can Israel’s Pro-peace Left Still Justify Sitting in a Bennett Government? (Haaretz, 13 January 2022)

A Bedouin Negev is no less Israeli than a Jewish one (Gideon Levy, Haaretz, 13 January 2022)

High Court tells interior minister to stop enforcing expired ‘Citizenship Law’ (Aaron Boxerman, Times of Israel, 11 January 2022)

Israeli police shattered this Palestinian elder’s bones — and drove away (Ali Awad & Awdah Hathaleen, +972, 11 January 2022)

Israel holds up vital spare parts for Gaza's water and sewage systems (Amira Hass, Haaretz, 9 January 2022)

Taking the poor man’s lamb – 21st century style: Israel continues efforts to drive out residents of Khirbet Ibziq – this time by destroying fields and homes on pretext of "military training" (B’Tselem, 9 January 2022)

West Bank settlements are annexing land in Israel, too (Meron Rapoport, +972, 6 January 2022)

'Unbelievable,' 'disgrace': Likud lawmakers erupt over Knesset speech in Arabic (Allison Kaplan Sommer, Haaretz, 5 January 2022)

Israel killed 319 Palestinians in 2021. How is Mahmoud Abbas the terrorist? (Gideon Levy, Haaretz, 2 January 2022)

Israel moves to resolve Negev desert crisis after Bedouins protest (Irish Examiner, 12 January 2022)

Pro-Israel groups urge US Senate to approve $1bn funding for Iron Dome (Middle East Eye, 12 January 2022)

US urges probe as citizen dies after Israel West Bank raid (France24, 13 January 2022)

US Army Officers Visit Hebron in a Tour Led by Jewish Settlement Spokesman (Palestine Chronicle, 12 January 2022)

Boycott of Israel-sponsored Sydney Festival gains momentum (Electronic Intifada, 12 January 2022)

Pro-Palestine activists push Israel-based defence firm to sell UK factory (TRT World, 12 January 2022)

Israel Can't Keep Denying Palestinian Family Unification, Top Court Says (Haaretz, 11 January 2022)

Israel arrests 16 Palestinians while razing Bedouin village (Middle East Monitor, 11 January 2022)

'Gaza does not have ability to deal with Omicron': Palestinian officials (Al Araby, 11 January 2022)

Who Do Israeli Settlement 'Sheriffs' Report To? Even They're Not Sure (Haaretz, 12 January 2022)

An 80-year-old Palestinian man dies after being held, beaten by Israeli soldiers in a village near Ramallah (WAFA News, 12 January 2022)

Israel to begin classifying non-Arab gentile citizens as ‘extended Jewish’ (Times of Israel, 10 January 2022)

To Hebron in Arabic — a rabbi’s journey (Mondoweiss, 10 January 2022)

The real 'Doomsday Scenario': How Palestinian hunger striker, Abu Hawash, forced Israeli concession (Middle East Monitor, 10 January 2022)

Mark Regev should calm down and be honest (Middle East Monitor, 10 January 2022)

Palestinians Summon Dutch Envoy Over Halt in Aid to NGO Blacklisted by Israel (Haaretz, 10 January 2022)

Israel’s Elbit sells UK arms factory targeted by activists (Electronic Intifada, 10 January 2022)

Israel weighs extending detention of sick Palestinian teen (ABC News, 10 January 2022)

Concern grows for Palestinian teen held by Israel (France24, 9 January 2022)

Greek Orthodox church leader says Israeli extremists threaten Palestinian Christians (Middle East Eye, 6 January 2022)

Pro-Israel Group Strikes Back Against BDS Headway at Sydney Festival (Haaretz, 9 January 2022)

An Arab Lawmaker Speaks His Language, and the Right Loses Its Mind (Haaretz, 9 January 2022)

Occupation municipality forces Jerusalemite family to demolish their home (WAFA News, 9 January 2022)

Adalah: Israel Refuses to Reveal the Evidence Against the Six Palestinian Organizations it Has Designated as "Terrorist Organizations" (IMEMC, 7 January 2022)

Israel must choose: Withdraw from the occupied territories or grant Palestinians under its control full rights (Washington Post, 6 January 2022)

Erasing the Green Line: Israel approves 3,700 settlement units south of Jerusalem (Al Araby, 6 January 2022)

More than 20 acts withdraw from Sydney Festival to protest Israeli embassy funding (Middle East Eye, 6 January 2022)

Netherlands ends funding to Palestinian agricultural NGO outlawed by Israel (Middle East Eye, 6 January 2022)

Israel Promised Years of Quiet After Gaza War. It May Be Only Months (Haaretz, 7 January 2022)

Why Public Support for Israeli Army Has Reached a 13-year-low (Haaretz, 7 January 2022)

Solidarity with Palestine in Stadiums: When Sports and Politics Conjoin (Politics Today, 4 January 2022)

Victory for hunger striker after 141 days (Electronic Intifada, 5 January 2022)

Settlers cut down dozens of olive trees in West Bank to expand illegal settlement (Middle East Monitor, 5 January 2022)

Israeli settler runs over elderly Palestinian (Middle East Monitor, 5 January 2022)

Palestinian Killed in Gunfire Exchange With Israeli Army Outside West Bank Refugee Camp (Haaretz, 6 January 2022)

Israel Postpones ‘Doomsday Settlement’ Building Plan (Palestine Chronicle, 5 January 2022)

Sheikh Jarrah: Palestinian family faces forced displacement (MSN News, 5 January 2022)

Thank you, Emma Watson – Palestinian rights deserve advocacy and attention (MSN News, 5 January 2022)

The ‘free world’ cannot eulogize Desmond Tutu’s greatness and support Israeli apartheid (Mondoweiss, 4 January 2022)

Emma Watson pro-Palestinian post sparks antisemitism row (Guardian, 4 January 2022)

Youth shot, injured during clashes in Hebron’s refugee camp (WAFA News, 4 January 2022)

Israel demolished 295 Palestinian residential structures in 2021 (Middle East Monitor, 4 January 2022)

Sydney festival boycott: more than 20 acts withdraw over Israeli funding (Guardian, 4 January 2022)

If Even Emma Watson Says Free Palestine, We’re Winning (NovaraMedia, 4 January 2022)

I’ve Been Covering Israeli Intelligence and Security for 38 Years. The Legal System Exhausts Me (Haaretz, 4 January 2022)

Palestine solidarity in the City of Brotherly Love (Mondoweiss, 3 January 2022)

‘On the brink of death’: Family of hunger-striking prisoner pleads for his immediate release (Mondoweiss, 3 January 2022)

Lapid Says Israel Still Won't Negotiate With Palestinians When He's Prime Minister (Haartez, 3 January 2022)

UK pivots to Israel in post-Brexit scramble (Electronic Intifada, 3 January 2022)

How Many Ambulances, How Many Stretchers: Stories from Qalandiya (Palestine Chronicle, 3 January 2022)

British actress Emma Watson voices solidarity with Palestine (TRT World, 4 January 2022)

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