Senator Pays Tribute to Palestinian-American Aide Joining Biden Team in Historic First (Haaretz, 20 January 2021)

Growth of a Movement(Visualizing Palestine, January 2021)

Israel continues settlement boom, issuing 2,500 tenders for new settler homes just before Biden inauguration (Mondoweiss, 21 January 2021)

A mother and her child were attacked by Israeli settlers (Good Shepherd Collective, Facebook, 21 January 2021)

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Joe Biden’s in tray: President faces daunting agenda after Trump era (Irish Times, 20 January 2021)

Israel Issues Tenders for 2,500 New Settlement Units in West Bank, East Jerusalem (Palestine Chronicle, 20 January 2021)

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Settler Leader Attacks Netanyahu, Leaves Likud for New Hope Party (Palestine Chronicle, 20 January 2021)

US to keep embassy in Jerusalem: Biden’s top diplomat (Al Jazeera, 20 January 2021)

Israeli Court Reverses Freeze on Tender for New Jerusalem Settlement Project (Haaretz, 20 January 2021)

Filmmakers denounce Israel ban on Palestinian documentary 'Jenin, Jenin' (Middle East Eye, 20 January 2021)

'Stripped to the bone': Israel advances plan to cut off Palestinian suburb from Jerusalem (Middle East Eye, 20 January 2021)

Israeli tanks target Gaza Strip for second night (Al Jazeera, 20 January 2021)

How much longer are we going to ignore Karim Younis and other Palestinian prisoners? (Middle East Monitor, 19 January 2021)

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Spain legal victory exposes EU lie about BDS (Electronic Intifada, 19 January 2021)

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Palestine urges US' Biden to halt Israeli settlements (Anadolu Agency, 18 January 2021)

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Israel will be responsible for more Palestinian deaths if it withholds the Covid-19 vaccine (Middle East Monitor, 20 January 2021)

Britain, Ireland and UN condemn Israel's plan to build illegal settler housing units (Middle East Monitor, 19 January 2021)

UK Labour leader Starmer hired former Israeli spy for social media team (Middle East Monitor, 19 January 2021)

Blinken commits to keeping the US embassy in Jerusalem (New York Post, 19 January 2021)

Why has Israel banned Jenin, Jenin? It fears the Palestinian narrative (Middle East Monitor, 19 January 2021)

The Education Minister Is Afraid of the Truth: Israel Is an Apartheid State (Haaretz, 19 January 2021)

Israeli authorities killed seven Palestinian children last year. Their parents are calling for justice (ABC News, 19 January 2021)

Rights groups defy Israeli minister’s ban on their activities in country’s schools (Mondoweiss, 19 January 2021)

Israel: ‘Halt and reverse’ new settlement construction – UN chief (UN News, 19 January 2021)

On last full day in office, Trump decorates Bahrain king for Israel deal (Times of Israel, 19 January 2021)

Chevron to Invest in Pipelines to Send Israeli Gas to Egypt (Bloomberg, 19 January 2021)

Vaccination rates highlight stark differences between Israelis and Palestinians -- amid row over responsibility (CNN, 18 January 2021)

The Guardian view on Israel and apartheid: prophecy or description? (Guardian, 17 January 2021)

Court Dismissed Claim of Incitement of Hatred against Activists for Palestine (European Legal Support Center, 18 January 2021)

Israel to rein in rights groups over use of ‘apartheid state’ (Al Jazeera, 18 January 2021)

Israel's Education Virus (Haaretz, 18 January 2021)

UAE suspends visa waiver agreement with Israel (Anadolu Agency 18 January 2021)

Israel’s coming election may be decided on the religious right (Times of Israel, 18 January 2021)

WHO raises ‘concerns’ about Mideast vaccine inequity (AP News, 18 January 2021)

Why calling Israel an apartheid state is not enough (Middle East Eye, 18 January 2021)

Israel settlers call for demolition of Dome of the Rock, official says (Middle East Monitor, 16 January 2021)

So It's Apartheid, Not Occupation. Now What (Haaretz, 18 January 2021)

EU condemns Israeli government’s decision to approve plans to build new homes in Judea and Samaria (European Jewish Press, 18 January 2021)

Israel to ban human rights groups from school visits (Middle East Monitor, 18 January 2021)

Rights groups say Pfizer has duty to ensure its vaccine is not used in discriminatory manner (Mondoweiss, 18 January 2021)

The ‘NY Times’ covers up B’Tselem verdict, that Israel is an ‘apartheid regime’ (Mondoweiss, 18 January 2021)

Israel Democracy Institute uncovers shocking racism in 'apartheid state' official says (Middle East Monitor, 18 January 2021)

Human Rights Watch says international law requires Israel to vaccinate Palestinians against Covid-19 (Al Araby, 17 January 2021)

Israel: Provide Vaccines to Occupied Palestinians (Relief Web, 18 January 2021)

International Donors Are Complicit in Middle Eastern Elites’ Game (Carnegie Endowment, 11 January 2021)

After 19 years in detention, Palestinian prisoner learns to live in changed world (Middle East Eye, 17 January 2021)

Israel approves 780 settler homes ahead of Trump exit (Middle East Eye, 17 January 2021)

Progressive Jewish groups oppose codifying IHRA antisemitism definition into US law (Middle East Eye, 13 January 2021)

President Biden, you Need to Hear this: Respected Israeli Rights Group B’Tselem declares Israel an Apartheid State (Juan Cole, 17 January 2021)

Not ‘Apartheid in the West Bank.’ Apartheid (Haaretz, 16 January 2021)

EU urges Israel to facilitate Palestinian vote (The Journal, 16 January 2021)

Israel Is Refusing to Give Palestinians COVID Vaccines (Jacobin, 16 January 2021)

Will South Africa unravel the mystery of the Palestine-Israel #VisaScandal? (Middle East Monitor, 16 January 2021)

Israel settlers call for demolition of Dome of the Rock, official says (Middle East Monitor, 16 January 2021)

PLO accuses Israel of 'intentional medical negligence' against Palestine prisoners (Middle East Monitor, 16 January 2021)

Explainer: Road to Palestinian vote full of obstacles (AP News, 16 January 2021)

Palestinian human rights defender VS. Israeli army (The Palestine Project, 16 January 2021)

Adalah demands Israel provide immediate COVID-19 vaccines for Palestinian Jerusalemites living behind separation wall (Adalah, 14 January 2021)

Bibi goes MAGA: How Netanyahu is exploiting the Capitol Hill riot (+972mag, 13 January 2021)

Poland renews its supportive ‌position‌ ‌to‌ ‌the‌ Paletinian issue (Quds NN, 16 January 2021)

The Jewish supremacist state (A comment on B’Tselem’s ‘apartheid regime’ designation for Israel) (Mondoweiss, 15 January 2021)

Israel’s vaccine efforts are incomplete until they include Palestinians ( Washington Post, 15 January 2021)

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Summary Report of Israel's violations of Palestinian Human Rights during 2020 (PLO Department of Culture and Information, January 2021)

Israel approves new US Embassy building in Jerusalem (Middle East Monitor, 14 January 2021)

Annual statistical report on violations against children in times of armed conflict in the Gaza Strip: Reporting period: 1 January – 31 December 2020 (Relief Web, 15 January 2021)

Gaza man with disabilities conquers karate (Gulf News, 16 January 2021)

A Settler Vigilante Noticed a 'Suspicious' Palestinian – and Shot Him Dead (Haaretz, 15 January 2021)

For Palestinian filmmakers in Israel, it’s loyalty or silence (+972mag, 15 January 2021)

Palestine set for 1st national elections in 14 years (Middle East Monitor, 15 January 2021)

Caught between covid and settlers: How a West Bank school is struggling to survive (Middle East Monitor, 15 January 2021)

The Collective Assassin: the insecurity and victimhood behind Israel’s militarism (Mondoweiss, 15 January 2021)

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EU border guards ask no questions as they shop for Israel’s drones (Electronic Intifada, 15 January 2021)

The Israeli apartheid epidemic (TRT World, 14 January 2021)

Halt evictions edict on Palestinian families: UN expert (Anadolu Agency, 11 January 2021)

Palestinian resident of East Jerusalem self-demolish house to avoid heavy Israeli fines and charges (WAFA News, 14 January 2021)

Gaza Between Occupation, Division, and COVID-19: Confronting Total Collapse (Al Shabaka, 14 January 2021)

How US bribed Arab states to normalize ties with Israel (Anadolu Agency, 13 January 2021)

Land of wine and honey? Israeli settlers export to UAE, to Palestinian chagrin (Reuters, 14 January 2021)

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Israel must be sanctioned for refusing Covid-19 vaccinations to Palestinians (Middle East Eye, 14 January 2021)

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Covid-19: Palestinians still awaiting vaccines as Israel dismisses calls to provide jabs (Middle East Eye, 14 January 2021)

The founder of Lesterland in Israel (Palestine Project, 14 January 2021)

Israel to Demolish Home of Palestinian Prisoner near Jenin (Palestine Chronicle, 14 January 2021)

COVID-19 virus runs amok in Gaza – 25 infections in one family, 3 deaths (Mondoweiss, 14 January 2021)

Why did Israel’s Hebrew media ignore B’Tselem’s apartheid statement? (+972mag, 14 January 2021)

Israeli occupation remanded Sheikh Saeed Armi for 30 days (Quds NN, 14 January 2021)

Settlers suspected of sabotaging Israeli activist’s car as West Bank attacks rise (+972mag, 14 January 2021)

Ken Livingstone to challenge EHRC in court (Electronic Intifada, 14 January 2021)

PA welcomes Arab-EU ministerial meeting on Palestine (Middle East Monitor, 13 January 2021)

Cairo talks on Mideast peace show key players preparing for post-Trump era (Al Monitor, 12 January 2021)

Fatah hails Turkish efforts to end Palestine division (Anadolu Agency, 13 January 2021)

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'Until my last breath': Palestinians of Jerusalem defend land against Israel’s bulldozers (Middle East Eye, 13 January 2021)

Emirates pilot suspended for refusing to fly to Israel (Middle East Monitor, 13 January 2021)

Progressive Jewish groups oppose codifying IHRA antisemitism definition into US law (Middle East Eye, 13 January 2021)

Israel approves settler homes in same area condemned by Biden during 2010 visit (Middle East Eye, 13 January 2021)

A Letter to (the Late) Saeb Erakat (This week In Palestine, January 2021)

Adelson’s ‘extreme positions’ will be long felt, Palestinians say (Al Jazeera, 12 January 2021)

Biden’s Teams Asks PA’s Abbas to Hold Elections in Palestine (Palestine Chronicle, 13 January 2021)

In ‘watershed’ moment, B’Tselem labels Israel ‘apartheid regime’ (Mondoweiss, 13 January 2021)

Israel bans screening of ‘Jenin, Jenin’ after soldier’s lawsuit (Al Jazeera, 12 January 2021)

Ireland must quit EU police project that includes Israel, says Palestinian group (The Times, 13 January 2021)

We are Israel's largest human rights group – and we are calling this apartheid (Guardian, 12 January 2021)

Israel applies double standards in determining if violence is acceptable or not (Middle East Monitor, 12 January 2021)

The Moroccans of Jerusalem shocked by Rabat normalisation with Israel (Middle East Eye, 12 January 2021)

Presidential Committee for Churches condemns attack on Jerusalem convent (WAFA, 12 January 2021)

Under PM’s pressure, panel to give swift okay to US Embassy location (Times Of Israel, 12 January 2021)

Israel’s Vaccination Drive Is Going Great. But We’re Being Sidelined. (Mustafa Barghouthi, New York Times, 12 January 2021)

Jewish Settlers Attack Vehicles near Nablus, Injure Palestinian Man (Palestine Chronicle, 12 January 2021)

Palestine Activist Wins Case against ‘World-Check’ after Name Wrongly Placed on ‘Terror List’ (Palestine Chronicle, 12 January 2021)

Israel discriminates against Palestinians by not providing accurate COVID-19 info in Arabic (Mondoweiss, 12 January 2021)

Sheldon Adelson, pro-Israel extremist who ‘crafted the course of nations,’ is dead (Mondoweiss, 12 January 2021)

Why B’Tselem is calling Israel an apartheid regime, from the river to the sea (+972mag, 12 January 2021)

Rights group B’Tselem says Israel is an apartheid state (Al Monitor, 12 January 2021)

Sheldon Adelson, major donor in US and Israeli politics, dies at 87 (Al Monitor, 12 January 2021)

France condemns Israel’s plan to build 800 new settlement units (Quds NN, 13 January 2021)

Israel is a non-democratic apartheid regime, says rights group (Guardian, 12 January 2021)

Palestinians approve Russian COVID-19 vaccine for use in self-rule areas (Middle East Monitor, 11 January 2021)

Israel’s vaccine success can’t hide a deeper divide (Washington Post, 12 January 2021)

Labour and antisemitism: What’s going on at the Forde inquiry? (Middle East Eye, 11 January 2021)

Dismantle the Ghetto: Take the settlers of out of Hebron (Action Network, 11 January 2021)

Israel to build 850 new settlement units in the occupied West Bank (Middle East Monitor, 11 January 2021)

B’Tselem, for first time, labels Israel an apartheid state (Jeruslaem Post, 12 January 2021)

Israel announces new settler homes, risking Biden's anger (ABC News, 11 January 2021)

Israeli Forces Open Fire at Palestinian Fishermen, Farmers in Gaza (Palestine Chronicle, 11 January 2021)

Stae Backed Settler Violence (B'Tselem, 11 January 2021)

'Call Anytime': The Settlers' New 'Snitch Line' Is Targeting Palestinians (Haaretz, 11 January 2021)

Israel approves 800 settlement units in final days of Trump administration (Mondoweiss, 11 January 2021)

Palestinians expect jabs in March, accuse Israel of shirking duty (Al Jazeera, 10 January 2021)

Settlers begin exporting 'made in Israel' products to Dubai (Jerusalem Post, 10 January 2021)

Cameras confronting oppression (Middle East Monitor, 8 January 2021)

Israeli cultural activities aim to empower settlers and deny Palestinian existence (Quds NN, 10 January 2021)

COVID Vaccines: The Most Lethal Example of Israel’s Disregard for Palestinian Lives (Haartez, 10 January 2021)

Israeli Forces Injure Palestinian Elderly, Paramedic during West Bank Protest (Palestine Chronicle, 9 January 2021)

What Israel’s Vaccination Plan Means For Palestinians (OWP, 9 January 2021)

Unknown Assailants Shoot, Seriously Wound Former Arab Mayor in Israel (Palestine Chronicle, 9 January 2021)

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Puma Swaps One Complicit Israeli Distributor for Another, Maintains Support for Israel’s Violent Land Grabs (BDS Movement, 8 January 2021)

Capitol riot provides shock to Netanyahu, Friedman… and American exceptionalism (Mondoweiss, 8 January 2021)

Notice to importers: Treatment of goods from Israeli settlements (UK Government, 4 January 2021)

Israel rebuffs WHO vaccine request for Palestinian medics, amid outcry over disparity (Independent, 10 January 2021)

Decolonising Israel, liberating Palestine: The roadmap to a one-state democracy (Al Araby, 8 January 2021)

Left-wing Jewish alliance calls on Biden to reject antisemitism definition that includes anti-Zionism (Haaretz, 13 January 2021)

How Israel tormented Arabs in its first decades – and tried to cover it up (Adam Raz, Haaretz, 9 January 2021)

Israeli settlers beat a 78-year-old Palestinian farmer with clubs. Then they came back to attack his family (Gideon Levy & Alex Levac, Haaretz, 8 January 2021)

When Israeli soldiers moonlight as armed robbers (Gideon Levy, Haaretz, 2 January 2021)

White Savior Cinema (Jewish Currents, 8 January 2021)

Israeli Settlers Beat a 78-year-old Palestinian Farmer With Clubs. Then They Came Back to Attack His Family (Haaretz, 7 January 2021)

Germany’s anti-BDS resolution violates the right to free expression (Electronic Intifada, 8 January 2021)

Palestinian Prisoner Freed from Israeli Prisons after 18 Years (Palestine Chronicle, 8 January 2021)

Israel arrests elderly Palestinian who became an icon of West Bank protests (Al Araby, 8 January 2021)

CBC still reviewing why it deleted the word ‘Palestine’ (Mondoweiss, 8 January 2021)

How Israel Tormented Arabs in Its First Decades – and Tried to Cover It Up (Haaretz, 9 January 2021)

UK minister criticised for demanding universities adopt IHRA antisemitism definition (Middle East Eye, 8 January 2021)

Israel uproots thousands of trees from Palestinian lands in West Bank (Middle East Monitor, 7 January 2021)

Quick Facts: Israeli Annexation of Occupied Land & International Law (P alestine Project, 9 January 2021)

Palestinians wait for vaccines as Israel lauds immunisation drive (Financial Times, 7 January 2021)

Silence in the Face of Demolition and Pogroms (Haaretz, 7 January 2021)

Planners override opposition, approve 5,000 homes on pastoral Jerusalem hill' (Times of Israel, 7 January 2021)

Why has the EU hired an Israeli propagandist? (Electronic Intifada, 7 January 2021)

New year off to bloody start in West Bank (Electronic Intifada, 6 January 2021)

Yes, Israel should be providing COVID vaccines for Palestinians (+972mag, 7 January 2021)

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2020 in Numbers (Staat Van Beleg, 6 January 2021)

Ex-Speaker of the Israel Knesset gives up 'Jewish nationality' in protest over racist law (Middle East Monitor, 4 January 2021)

Elderly Palestinian man resisting Israel's occupation with a slingshot (Middle East Monitor, 6 January 2021)

‘We’re taking responsibility’: Sixty teens announce refusal to serve in Israeli army (+972mag, 6 January 2021)

Hamas: Israel settler violations will force Palestinians to take action (Middle East Monitor, 64 January 2021)

Sudan signs agreement normalising ties with Israel (Middle East Eye, 6 January 2021)

Israel's demographic battle for Jerusalem leaves Palestinians struggling to survive (Al Araby, 6 January 2021)

Jewish Settlers Graze Cattle on Palestinian Crops, Uproot Olive Saplings (Palestine Chronicle, 6 January 2021)

Israel convicts Palestinian activist of illegal protest, assault in West Bank' (Reuters, 6 January 2021)

Israel/Palestine: Hebron activist faces long jail sentence (Amnesty, 5 January 2021)

'Medical Apartheid': Israeli Vaccine Drive Excludes Millions of Palestinians in Occupied Territories (Democracy Now, 5 January 2021)

Palestinians and vaccination (Irish Times, 6 January 2021)

Jerusalem's Orthodox church accused of selling off land for 'settlement belt' (Middle East Eye, 5 January 2021)

Israel appoints diplomat to UAE ahead of embassy opening (Middle East Eye, 5 January 2021)

US Congresswoman slams Israel's Covid-19 vaccination drive which excludes Palestinians (Middle East Eye, 5 January 2021)

IDF likely wrapping up Gaza border crisis probes - exclusive (Jerusalem Post, 7 January 2021)

Abbas is exploiting Palestinian reconciliation and unity efforts (Middle East Monitor, 5 January 2021)

The Village Where Palestinians Are Completely Powerless (Haaretz, 5 January 2021)

Israeli Forces RaId West Bank Hospital, Fire Tear Gas (Palestine Chronicle, 5 January 2021)

‘They took everything from me’: Israel destroyed his house. A month later they shot and paralyzed his son. (Mondoweiss, 5 January 2021)

Settlers launch hunger strike, call on Netanyahu to legalize West Bank outposts (Al Monitor, 4 January 2021)

Video: Not even allowed to live in a cave (Electronic Intifada, 4 January 2021)

Israel went on demolition spree in 2020 (Electronic Intifada, 5 January 2021)

World Coronavirus Dispatch: No vaccines for Palestinians in Israel (Business Standard, 4 January 2021)

Palestinian says he 'miraculously survived' attack in Jerusalem by Israeli mob (Middle East Eye, 4 January 2021)

Settlers Control the Drones. The Israeli Army Then Pulls the Trigger (Haaretz, 5 January 2021)

'I refused to join the Israeli army, it justifies violence and inequality' (Middle East Monitor, 4 January 2021)

Generator Terrorism (Haaretz, 2 January 2021)

If Israel wasn't there, the US would have to invent it to protect its interests (Middle East Monitor, 4 January 2021)

Israeli settlers damage Palestinian land and vandalise homes in West Bank (Al Araby, 4 January 2021)

Yet another Israeli atrocity in occupied territory ups pressure on Dems and liberal Zionists to condition US aid (Mondoweiss, 4 January 2021)

Israeli firm in Gaza extracts drinking water from air (Bangkok Post, 5 January 2021)

‘Heinous’: Israeli forces ‘killed 27 Palestinians in 2020’ (Al Jazeera, 4 January 2021)

After Political Partition Between the PA and Hamas’s Gaza, Now Economic Boycott (Besa Center, 5 January 2021)

A Palestinian home will be invaded tonight (Breaking the Silence, Facebook, 3 January 2021)

Israeli soldier shoots and paralyzes Palestinian man in dispute over power generator (CNN, 3 January 2021)

Year-in-review: Violations against Palestinian children unremitting in 2020 (DCI Palestine, 31 December 2020)

He grabbed his generator. They shot him in the neck (+972mag, 3 January 2021)

Former Jerusalem archbishop: How long will Catholics keep ignoring the suffering of Palestinians? (America Magazine, 22 December 2020)

Gaza: Hope and Fog (PHOTOS) (Palestine Chronicle, 3 January 2021)

UNRWA and Palestinian Refugees are the Next Targets of Normalization Deals with Israel (Palestine Chronicle, 2 January 2021)

The anti-Palestinian racists attacking Raphael Warnock (Electronic Intifada, 3 January 2021)

‘Israel’ approves confiscation of dozens of donums in Bethlehem for settlement project (QudsN, 3 January 2021)

Palestinian Teenagers Bashar and Yousef Join a Grim Statistic: Shot by Israeli Forces (Haaretz, 3 January 2021)

When Israeli Soldiers Moonlight as Armed Robbers (Haaretz, 2 January 2021)

Holocaust, Militarism and Machiavelli's Advice: How Fear Took Over Israel (Haaretz, 1 January 2021)

Abbas Impatient to Resume Unconditional Talks with Israel (Palestine Chronicle, 2 January 2021)

Palestinian news platform QNN banned by TikTok (Middle East Eye, 2 January 2021)

Israel to vaccinate millions while Palestinians have to wait (Middle East Eye, 1 January 2021)

Palestinian man left quadriplegic by Israeli shooting (Al Jazeera, 2 January 2021)

Palestine in Pictures: December 2020 (Electronic Intifa, 2 January 2021)

Settlers chase herders off pastures in Jordan Valley (WAFA News, 3 January 2021)

EU calls on Israel to investigate shooting that paralyzed Palestinian man (Quds News, 3 January 2021)

In Rare Move, Palestinian Forces Go Into East Jerusalem Neighborhood After Triple Murder (Haaretz, 2 January 2021)

Calls to remove Greek Orthodox Patriarch Theophilos III (Quds News, 2 January 2021)

US rejects UN budget over Israel, Iran issues (Middle East Monitor, 2 January 2021)

Battle for Control in East Jerusalem (Jewish Journal, 1 January 2021)

Israeli forces shoot Palestinian in neck as they attempt to confiscate generator (Middle East Eye, 1 January 2021)

Israel orders house demolitions in Jerusalem, prompting local Palestinians to 'build tents' (Al Araby, 1 January 2021)

Why Israel is now delighted about the Arab Spring (Middle East Eye, 1 January 2021)

Hezbollah says it has doubled its arsenal of guided missiles (Associated Press, 28 December 2020)

A Palestinian tried to resist when Israeli cops razed his home. So they took revenge (Gideon Levy & Alex Levac, Haaretz, 25 December 2020)

US requires illegal settlement products to be labeled 'Made in Israel' (Middle East Eye, 24 December 2020)

Iranian (?) hackers hit top Israeli defense contractor, data leaked as cyberattack continues (Haaretz, 20 December 2020)

Armed settlers assault Palestinians after breaking into their homes in West Bank (Haaretz, 20 December 2020)

Nour stepped out of the car, hands raised. The order 'don't shoot' was heard. But it was too late (Gideon Levy & Alex Levac, Haaretz, 19 December 2020)

Israel's compensation for the false arrest of a Palestinian is a fraction of what Jews receive (Amira Hass, Haaretz, 18 December 2020)

‘Israelis pay to get discharged from the army on mental health grounds’ (Haaretz, 18 December 2020)

Israel destroys and steals $2 million worth of EU aid (David Cronin, Electronic Intifada, 16 December 2020)

Israel settlers call for demolition of Dome of the Rock, official says (Middle East Monitor, 16 January 2021)

Address at the European Parliament Committee on Human Rights (Hagai El-Ad, B’Tselem Director, 16 November 2020)

Why I’m No Longer Allowed To Visit Israel (Travel Awaits, 28 December 2020)

Gantz, Stop the Ethnic Cleansing in the West Bank (Haaretz, 31 December 2020)

Yes, the IHRA definition of anti-Semitism is intended to censor political expression (Canadian Dimension, 31 December 2020)

How Israel’s road projects are ensuring apartheid is here to stay (+972mag, 31 December 2020)

Israel Grants Settlers Millions to Monitor Palestinian Construction in West Bank (Palestine Chronicle, 1 January 2021)

Israel Admits its Guilt (and Other Arguments) (Palestine Chronicle, 1 January 2021)

Israeli Troops Shot a Palestinian With a Rubber Bullet, Then Tried to Snatch Him From the Ambulance (Haaretz, 1 January 2021)

If Europe really wants influence in Israel-Palestine, it needs a new approach (Middle East Monitor, 31 December 2020)

Israel orders wave of new house demolitions in Silwan, Jerusalem (Al Jazeera, 31 December 2020)

Israel army carried out 300 attacks on Gaza Strip in 2020 (Middle East Monitor, 1 January 2021)

Morocco-Israel normalisation: Rabat's latest political betrayal (Middle East Eye, 31 December 2020)

The Escalation of Israeli Collective Punishment of Palestinians (Al Shabaka, 21 February 2019)

Israelis protesting settler's death in police chase arrested in West Bank (Middle East Eye, 31 December 2020)

Praising the Ashkenazi spy, punishing the Mizrahi dissident (+972mag, 31 December 2020)

In 2020, Israel Detained 4636 Palestinians, Including 543 Minors, 128 Women (Palestine Chronicle, 31 December 2020)

U.S. Jews, you broke it, you bought it — Move to Israel! (Mondoweiss, 31 December 2020)

What were the top BDS victories of 2020? (Electronic Intifada, 30 December 2020)

Ireland takes its seat on the UN Security Council tomorrow - here's what it hopes it can achiev (The Journal, 31 December 2020)

Israel’s open-fire policy claims another victim: sniper kills 15-year-old Palestinian (B'Tselem, 30 December 2020)

The Expansion of the Israeli Apartheid State in the West Bank (Inside Arabia, 30 December 2020)

Israel closes Golan airspace over military drills (Middle East Monitor, 30 December 2020)

The International Law of Annexation and the Dehumanisation of the Palestinians (Annahar, 28 December 2020)

The elders can still smell their homeland; they can still smell Palestine (Middle East Monitor, 29 December 2020)

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2020 in Review: Pandemic, Occupation, and a bleak future (Mondoweiss, 30 December 2020)

Was UAE behind Israeli decision to allow Palestinian farmers access to Jordan Valley? (Al Monitor, 31 December 2020)

Israeli settlers fencing Palestinian land in the northern Jordan Valley in a bid to steal it (WAFA, 29 December 2020)

The two-state solution: The opium of the Palestinian people (Al Jazeera, 29 December 2020)

Everything and nothing has changed for Palestine this year (Middle East Monitor, 29 December 2020)

Palestinian Bedouin keeps weaving traditions (Middle East Monitor, 29 December 2020)

Palestine in 2020: Reflections on a turbulent year (Al Araby, 29 December 2020)

COVID Vaccines for Gaza Isn't Charity. It's Israel's Legal and Humanitarian Duty (Haaretz, 29 December 2020)

Israeli settlers enter Al-Aqsa compound despite Covid-19 lockdown (Middle East Eye, 29 December 2020)

Canada Approves $90m for UNRWA as Israel Tries to Close it Down (Palestine Chronicle, 29 December 2020)

Morocco Lawyers Appeal to Supreme Court to Cancel Normalization Deal with Israel (Palestine Chronicle, 29 December 2020)

No dispossessions left to count (+972mag, 29 December 2020)

East Jerusalem Palestinians Petition Top Court Against Israel’s Absentee Property Unit (Haaretz, 29 December 2020)

US sells ambassador's home in Israel for $67M, cementing embassy move to Jerusalem (Fox News, 29 December 2020)

In 2020 Israel Illegally Attacked Lebanon, Syria, Iran And Gaza International Community Silent (Quds NN, 29 December 2020)

Israeli Army Gunfire Targets Gaza Fishermen, Farmers (Palestine Chronicle, 28 December 2020)

The COVID-19 vaccine: another ugly face of Israeli Apartheid (Mondoweiss, 28 December 2020)

In Canada, the IHRA definition has begun to stifle pro-Palestinian voices (+972mag, 28 December 2020)

COVID Has Given Israel an Excuse to Tighten the Blockade of Gaza (Haartez, 29 December 2020)

US guns are being aimed at Palestinian kids. Washington can take them away (+972mag, 28 December 2020)

Victories for Palestine continued on US campuses in 2020 (Mondoweiss, 28 December 2020)

Palestinian rights have always been secondary to the 'national interest' of Arab regimes (Middle East Eye, 28 December 2020)

Labour antisemitism: Why it has become impossible to criticise Israel (Middle East Eye, 18 December 2020)

Israeli minister blocks COVID-19 vaccinations for Palestinian prisoners; Adalah demands decision be overturned (Adalah, 28 December 2020)

Britain should end, not extend, its military cooperation with Israel (Middle East Monitor, 24 December 2020)

YouTube’s Violation of Palestinian Digital Rights: What Needs to be Done (Al Shabaka, 27 December 2020)

Supreme Court deliberates Nationality Law (Al Monitor, 28 December 2020)

The War on Gaza (Palestinian Journeys, 27 December 2020)

Israel and the UAE working together to eliminate UNRWA (Middle East Eye, 27 December 2020)

Bibi's new far right election foe poses challenge to Biden (Al Araby, 26 December 2020)

Ilan Pappe - 'Palestinian: Beyond Conflict' (Identity International, YouTube, 26 December 2020)

Israel and the UAE working together to eliminate UNRWA (Middle East Eye, 27 December 2020)

12 years on Israel’s 2008 war on Gaza (Quds NN, 27 December 2020)

‘Fruits of Peace’: Beitar Will Remain a Bastion of Israeli Racism (Palestine Chronicle, 26 December 2020)

Far-right Israeli football fans rebel over Beitar Jerusalem’s new Arab owner (Guardian, 27 December 2020)

Israel said planning to advance settlement building before Biden enters office (Times of Israel, 27 December 2020)

Israel's plan to dismantle Turkish influence in Jerusalem for the benefit of Gulf states (Middle East Monitor, 26 December 2020)

PA calls on UN Security Council to stop Israel settler attacks (Middle East Monitor, 26 December 2020)

26 Palestine journalists inside Israel jails (Middle East Monitor, 26 December 2020)

Pregnant woman, paramedic injured in an Israeli attack on a hospital in Ramallah (WAFA, 27 December 2020)

Health minister condemns Israeli airstrikes on children hospital in Gaza (WAFA, 26 December 2020)

Even Santa Clause would need a visa and travel permit if he was a Palestinian (Middle East Monitor, 24 December 2020)

A resounding message from Bethlehem: End the occupation (Middle East Eye, 26 December 2020)

US Customs clarifies position on labeling of West Bank products (Al Monitor, 23 December 2020)

COVID in besieged Gaza: ‘A blockade inside a blockade’ (Al Jazeera, 26 December 2020)

Israeli Warplanes Bomb Pediatric Hospital in Gaza, Injure Child (Palestine Chronicle, 26 December 2020)

US requires illegal settlement products to be labeled 'Made in Israel' (Middle East Eye, 24 December 2020)

The Nation-State Law had its day in court, as did the farce of Israeli democracy (+972mag, 24 December 2020)

Tunisia refuses normalisation with Israel, says 'global changes' won't affect stance (Al Araby, 24 December 2020)

Morocco foreign minister: 'Normalisation talks with Israel started in 2018' (Middle East Monitor, 25 December 2020)

UN condemns Israel most in 2020, 3 times rest of world (Middle East Monitor, 24 December 2020)

Jewish Settlers Uproot Olive Trees near Hebron (Palestine Chronicle, 24 December 2020)

Jerusalem saw surge in 'Judaization' in 2020 (Anadolu Agency, 25 December 2020)

Erdogan says Turkey would like better ties with Israel, Palestinian policy still "red line" (Reuters, 25 December 2020)

Israel’s Hegemony Explained: The Case of Palestine’s Olive Harvest Season (The Palestine Project, 26 December 2020)

A Palestinian Tried to Resist When Israeli Cops Razed His Home. So They Took Revenge (Haaretz, 25 December 2020)

Delaying ICC probe denies Palestinians justice (Electronic Intifada, 23 December 2020)

Bari Weiss’s narrative of Jewish victimhood just lost again (Mondoweiss, 25 December 2020)

United As One (UNRWA, Facebook, 23 December 2020)

Ireland clings to advice from disgraced judge on Israel trade (Electronic Intifada, 23 December 2020)

Visit Palestine immersive virtual reality journey (Every Action, 23 December 2020)

Palestinians left waiting for vaccinel (The Palestine Project, 23 December 2020)

Portuguese FM: We'll move embassy when Jerusalem is capital of two states (Jerusalem Post, 23 December 2020)

As Trump era ends, Israel and the UAE seek eleventh hour advantages (Al Araby, 23 December 2020)

The IHRA censors Palestinians by design, not by accident (Vashti Media, 23 December 2020)

UAE steps up medical aid to Gaza (Al Monitor, 23 December 2020)

Tunisia, Algeria prevent Israel airplane from using their airspaces to Morocco (Middle East Monitor, 24 December 2020)

The Emiratis in Jerusalem are a slap in the face for Palestinians (Al Jazeera, 22 December 2020)

If Biden Wants Israeli-Palestinian Peace, He Must Break With the Past (Foreign Policy, 22 December 2020)

Israel’s Gulf Coup: How Palestinians Lost Their Arab Allies (Haaretz, 22 December 2020)

Nation-state Law Essentially Establishes Apartheid Regime (Haaretz, 22 December 2020)

Israel illegally recruits Canadian citizens to its army (Electronic Intifada, 21 December 2020)

Christians in Gaza celebrate gloomy Christmas this year (Al Monitor, 22 December 2020)

Russian, Palestinian leaders discuss Israel-Palestinian peace process (Al Monitor, 22 December 2020)

European Parliament petition urges end to Israel's blockade on Gaza amid 'catastrophic' Covid spike (Al Araby, 22 December 2020)

This Christmas, here are seven things Palestinian Christians need you to know (Middle East Eye, 22 December 2020)

Microsoft and Google join Facebook's legal battle against Israeli NSO Group (Middle East Eye, 22 December 2020)

The Palestinian Cause at a Moment of Transition (Jewish Currents, 21 December 2020)

Palestinian teen killed by Israeli forces in Jerusalem’s Old City (Al Jazeera, 22 December 2020)

Worlds apart: Edward Said and Amos Oz on Palestine (Middle East Eye, 21 December 2020)

Return to ‘path of meaningful negotiations’, UN envoy urges Israelis, Palestinians (UN News, 21 December 2020)

Euro MPs petition to allow medical supplies into Gaza (Anadolu Agency, 21 December 2020)

Israeli settlement hits Palestinian dreams and memories of Jerusalem airport (Middle East Eye, 19 December 2020)

A vaccine in Palestine? Sorry, Israeli settlers only (Arab News, 21 December 2020)

Israeli settlement hits Palestinian dreams and memories of Jerusalem airport (Middle East Eye, 19 December 2020)

UN report finds Gaza suffered $16.7 billion loss from siege and occupation (UN News, 25 November 2020)

How Nas Daily whitewashes Israel’s crimes (Electronic Intifada, 21 December 2020)

Palestinians intensify efforts, action to counter UAE trade deals with Israeli settlements (Al Monitor, 21 December 2020)

Pakistan to UAE: Can’t recognise Israel until Palestine resolved (Al Jazeera, 21 December 2020)

Do normalisers know or even care about Israel's crimes against the Palestinians? (Middle East Monitor, 21 December 2020)

International aid arrangement targets vulnerable Palestinians (Al Monitor, 21 December 2020)

European Politicians Urge Biden to Promote Palestinian-Israeli Peace Process (Palestine Chronicle, 21 December 2020)

Israel fined Palestinian minors $102,000 in 2020 (Middle East Monitor, 21 December 2020)

Why Palestinians found Moroccan normalization easier to take (Al Monitor, 21 December 2020)

Courtyard is named in Jared Kushner's honour at US embassy in Jerusalem 'in recognition of relentless pursuit of peace' (Daily Mail, 21 December 2020)

$500m to Israel in midst of Covid relief bill sparks ire (Mondoweiss, 21 December 2020)

Palestine will not be liberated in isolation: a look back at the 2011 uprisings (Mondoweiss, 21 December 2020)

With the Nation-State Law, Israel’s religious right is deciding who is a Jew (+972mag, 20 December 2020)

Israeli soldiers who kill Palestinian kids must be held accountable, say UN watchdogs (Arab News, 19 December 2020)

Everyday War Crimes: Israeli PM Netanyahu Gets Covid Vaccine, Squatters Get Vaccine, But Not Occupied Palestinians (Common Dreams, 20 December 2020)

Armenian church leasing land to Israelis causes Palestinian worry (Arab News, 19 December 2020)

Killing of 6th Palestinian child in 2020 was ‘grave violation of international law.’ But liberal Zionists want U.S. to keep funding Israeli soldiers (Mondoweiss, 20 December 2020)

Israeli Army Prevents Palestinian Farmers from Planting Olive Trees (Palestine Chronicle, 19 December 2020)

Israeli settlement hits Palestinian dreams and memories of Jerusalem airport (Middle East Eye, 19 December 2020)

Armed settlers attack homes of Palestinians in Hebron's Tel Rumeida (WAFA, 19 December 2020)

Boycotting Israeli settlements is antisemitic, says US envoy (Middle East Eye, 18 December 2020)

In east Jerusalem, a battle over 'every inch' of land (France24, 19 December 2020)

Nour Stepped Out of the Car, Hands Raised. The Order 'Don't Shoot' Was Heard. But It Was Too Late (Haaretz, 19 December 2020)

UAE sends aid to Gaza, where 45% of virus tests return positive in past day (Times Of Israel, 16 December 2020)

Panel on racism seeks to dispel notion that anti-Zionism is antisemitism (+972mag, 18 December 2020)

Israel's war against European aid for Palestinians (Middle East Monitor, 18 December 2020)

Israeli settler opens fire on Palestinians (Middle East Monitor, 18 December 2020)

As vaccinations begin, Israel may offer Palestinians surplus (Al Monitor, 18 December 2020)

Jewish Settlers Destroy Water Pipelines, Trees near Nablus (Palestine Chronicle, 18 December 2020)

Palestinian Young Man Shot in the Face by Israeli Soldiers (Palestine Chronicle, 18 December 2020)

Israel concerned about new UN envoy for peace process (Middle East Monitor, 18 December 2020)

Former general who called for the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians picked to head Israel’s Holocaust museum (Mondoweiss, 18 December 2020)

Labour antisemitism: Why it has become impossible to criticise Israel (Middle East Eye, 18 December 2020)

Moroccan-Israeli relations ‘already normal’, Rabat claims (Irish Times, 14 December 2020)

'Intentional lethal force': UN experts slam Israel for killing Palestinian child (Middle East Eye, 17 December 2020)

Covid-19: Ten Palestinians die in 24 hours as Gaza reaches 'dangerous stage' in pandemic (Middle East Eye, 16 December 2020)

Palestinians left waiting as Israel is set to deploy vaccine (ABC News, 17 December 2020)

170 Latin American Academics Endorse Boycott of Complicit Israeli Academic Institutions (BDS Movement, 16 December 2020)

Israel turns Jerusalem Airport into settlement (Anadolu Agency, 9 December 2020)

BDS renews calls to boycott Arab-Israeli vlogger Nas Daily (Al Araby, 13 December 2020)

Israel's Compensation for the False Arrest of a Palestinian Is a Fraction of What Jews Receive (Haaretz, 18 December 2020)

Torture, trauma and intimidation: How Israel treats Palestinian child prisoners (Electronic Intifada, 16 December 2020)

The EU’s funding of companies listed on the UN database (ECC Palestine, 15 December 2020)

The Israeli war continues against Palestinian trees: Settlers uproot hundreds of olive saplings in West Bank (WAFA, 17 December 2020)

Top 20 impacts of our collective work for justice in 2020 (BDS Movement, 15 December 2020)

Tunisian lawmakers submit bill to criminalize normalization with Israel (Quds News, 17 December 2020)

Suspicious Death of Palestinian in Gilo Settlement (IMEMC, 17 December 2020)

Israel is going to keep on killing Palestinian boys, until U.S. Jews endorse BDS (Mondoweiss, 16 December 2020)

Israel demolishes Al-Araqib Bedouin village for 181st time (Quds News, 17 December 2020)

Israel destroys and steals $2 million worth of EU aid (Electronic Intifada, 16 December 2020)

What Biden Should Do About Israel And Palestine (Bloomberg, 16 December 2020)

32 Museum Directors Lead Calls for German Parliament to Reverse BDS Ruling (Hyperallergic, 14 December 2020)

Democratic lobby group defends Israel’s demolition of Palestinian hamlet (+972mag, 16 December 2020)

Torturing children is normal for Israel (Middle East Monitor, 16 December 2020)

Israeli settler attacks on church sanctities in Palestine continue amid lax international response (Al Monitor, 16 December 2020)

The price of Arab resilience (Al Araby, 11 December 2020)

Egypt condemns new Israeli settlement construction plan in Jerusalem (CGTN, 16 December 2020)

Biden’s Impending Billions to Palestine (LSE Blogs, 15 December 2020)

Jewish Settlers Attack, Chase Palestinian Shepherds in West Bank (Palestine Chronicle, 16 December 2020)

Settlers Build Outpost in Halhul (Facebook, 16 December 2020)

In struggles for West Sahara and West Bank, thorny parallels may loom for Israel (Times of Israel, 16 December 2020)

Occupiers of the World Unite! (Haaretz, 16 December 2020)

Trump’s deal on Morocco’s Western Sahara annexation risks more global conflict (Washington Post, 15 December 2020)

Peace for Peace? Israel-Morocco Deal Is Occupation in Exchange for Occupation (Haaretz, 11 December 2020)

How Israel is using the nation-state law to perpetuate racial segregation (Al Araby, 15 December 2020)

Palestine’s ungrievable protesters (+972mag, 15 December 2020)

Dozens of Palestinians face eviction threat from occupied Jerusalem homes (TRT World, 15 December 2020)

In Germany, cultural groups worry about conflation between BDS and antisemitism (Middle East Eye, 15 December 2020)

UAE, Bahrain take part in Hanukkah ceremony at Jerusalem's Western Wall (Middle East Monitor, 15 December 2020)

The truth behind Israeli propaganda on the 'expulsion' of Arab Jews (Middle East Eye, 15 December 2020)

Resist forces working worldwide to silence those who speak out for Palestine (Mondoweiss, 15 December 2020)

Qatar reiterates stance ‘in supporting Palestinian people’ (Al Jazeera, 15 December 2020)

Antisemitism Claims Mask a Reign of Political and Cultural Terror across Europe (Palestine Chronicle, 14 December 2020)

Israeli Army Shell Strikes a Gaza Home (VIDEOS) (Palestine Chronicle, 15 December 2020)

Moroccan PM slams Trump plan, pledges backing for Palestinians after Israel deal (Times of Israel, 12 December 2020)

Disputed Western Sahara is in spotlight after US decision (Associated Press, 10 December 2020)

Israeli troops beat the Palestinian teen, shattering his jaw. Then they cuffed him to the hospital bed (Gideon Levy & Alex Levac, Haaretz, 10 December 2020)

"Death to the Arabs" greets new Emirati owner of Israeli football team (Electronic Intifada, 10 December 2020)

Military court accepts lenient plea deal for soldier who shot dead innocent Palestinian (Haaretz, 9 December 2020)

UAE Company To Import Products Made In Israel’s Illegal Colonies (IMEMC News, 8 December 2020)

Saudi prince strongly criticizes Israel at Bahrain summit (AP, 6 December 2020)

Israel’s war on Palestinian children (Gideon Levy, Haaretz, 5 December 2020)

Americans for Peace Now refuses to adopt ‘weaponized’ definition of antisemitism (Haaretz, 4 December 2020)

The Antisemitism Industry: how antisemitism is being politicized and weaponized in Europe to defend Israel (Mondoweiss, 14 December 2020)

Germany, BDS, and the limits of discourse on Israel (Mondoweiss, 14 December 2020)

Israeli firm says it can hack Signal, the encrypted app used by Arab activists, journalists (Al Araby, 14 December 2020)

Shackled and bedbound: How Israel treats hospitalised Palestinian prisoners (Middle East Eye, 14 December 2020)

A new report examines daily Israeli harassment of human right defenders in the occupied territories (WAFA News, 14 December 2020)

When Evil Sustains a Blow to the Ego, a Rarity in Israel's Military Courts (Haaretz, 14 December 2020)

How Gulf states became business partners in Israel's occupation (Middle East Eye, 14 December 2020)

The IDF defends killing a Palestinian teen. Witnesses rebuff its story (+972mag, 14 December 2020)

Israel raids Muslim cemetery in occupied Jerusalem (Anadolu Agency, 14 December 2020)

The occupation state forces 2 Palestinian brothers to demolish their homes (The Inside, 12 December 2020)

Pompeo's Attack on BDS is About Protecting Settlements—Not Defending Jews (Newsweek, 12 December 2020)

King of Jordan renews pledge to protect holy places in Jerusalem (ICN, 13 December 2020)

Legal analysis blows apart EHRC’s 'Labour anti-Semitism' report (Electronic Intifada, 11 December 2020)

Palestinian Official Hanan Ashrawi: Trump’s Morocco-Israel Deal Legitimizes Land Theft & Occupation (Democracy Now, 11 December 2020)

Israel-Morocco deal: Palestinians and Sahrawis hope for renewed solidarity (Middle East Eye, 13 December 2020)

A hiking trip amid the beautiful West Bank scenery is a bittersweet experience (Guardian, 11 December 2020)

Human Rights Watch gives Israel’s blood diamonds a free pass (Mondoweiss, 11 December 2020)

EU calls for Israel to revise eviction orders against Palestinians in Jerusalem (Middle East Monitor, 12 December 2020)

PA ignores national consensus as it returns to talks with Israel, PFLP says (Middle East Monitor, 12 December 2020)

Palestinian activists continue push to boycott Puma (Middle East Eye, 12 December 2020)

Palestinians: Victims of 'cancel culture' (Al Araby, 12 December 2020)

With Hanan Ashrawi's resignation goes the last shred of PLO decency (Al Araby, 11 December 2020)

Ashrawi’s exit of the PLO sign of organization’s demise (Al Monitor, 10 December 2020)

Health Ministry: Four Million Doses of Russian COVID-19 Vaccine Expected Soon in Palestine (Palestine Chronicle, 12 December 2020)

Why are Israeli generals such terrible politicians? (+972mag, 11 December 2020)

Palestinian journalist wounded in attack by Israeli settlers in Hebron (Quds News, 12 December 2020)

Israel establishes 'formal diplomatic relations' with Bhutan (Middle East Eye, 12 December 2020)

Antisemitism claims mask a reign of political and cultural terror across Europe (Jonathan Cook, 11 December 2020)

Biden hopes to deprioritize Israel-Palestinian conflict but might not be able to (Times of Israel, 11 December 2020)

‘Doesn’t serve Palestinians’: Israel-Morocco to normalise ties (Al Jazeera, 11 December 2020)

Beitar Jerusalem, the most racist football club in Israel ... gets an Arab owner (Economist, 10 December 2020)

EU Representative urges Israel to reverse eviction orders in Jerusalem (WAFA News, 11 December 2020)

Jews across the globe applaud statement by Palestinian and Arab academics, journalists, and intellectuals (Mondoweiss, 11 December 2020)

Palestinian Right of Return: UN Resolution 194 (Middle East Monitor, 11 December 2020)

Israel-Morocco normalisation deal condemned online (Middle East Eye, 11 December 2020)

India Contributes $2m to UNRWA (Palestine Chronicle, 11 December 2020)

"Death to the Arabs" greets new Emirati owner of Israeli football team (Electronic Intifada,

Britain and France hop into bed with Israel’s military (Electronic Intifada, 10 December 2020)

Gaza Strip enters COVID-19 lockdown amid surge in infections (Daily Sabah, 11 December 2020)

Israeli tribunal backs soldier’s plea deal in Palestinian killing (Al Jazeera, 10 December 2020)

Abbas: Palestinians ready to resume peace talks with Israel (Jerusalem Post, 10 December 2020)

Israeli Troops Beat the Palestinian Teen, Shattering His Jaw. Then They Cuffed Him to the Hospital Bed (Haaretz, 10 December 2020)

Highways to Annexation: Across the West Bank, Israel Is Bulldozing a Bright Future for Jewish Settlers (Haaretz, 10 December 2020)

Israelis like to think that military home invasions are only for security reasons. Former soldiers — and Palestinian families — know that's not the truth. (+972mag, 10 December 2020)

Palestinians can now see their stolen property in the database we've made public (Middle East Eye, 11 December 2020)

Morocco builds ties with Israel in return for recognition of its authority over Western Sahara (Middle East Monitor, 10 December 2020)

Israel: Converts to Islam on the rise as Jewish group vows to show 'a way out' (Middle East Monitor, 10 December 2020)

Morocco Joins Other Arab Countries, Normalizes with Israel (Palestine Chronicle, 10 December 2020)

In Germany, a Witch Hunt Is Raging Against Critics of Israel. Cultural Leaders Have Had Enough (Haaretz, 10 December 2020)

Amnesty criticises Airbnb for West Bank settlement listings ahead of IPO (Middle East Eye,10 December 2020)

Airbnb 'must withdraw' listings in illegal Israeli settlements ahead of public offering: Amnesty (Al Araby, 10 December 2020)

Hanan Ashrawi dispels claim she resigned over PA-Israel collusion (Electronic Intifada, 9 December 2020)

Israeli diplomat tells Biden not to reenter UN human rights bodies or fund Palestinian refugee agency (Mondoweiss, 9 December 2020)

Top Palestinian official Hanan Ashrawi quits PLO amid rumours of rift (Middle East Eye, 9 December 2020)

The end of Oslo: A new European strategy on Israel-Palestine (ECFR, 9 December 2020)

Israel uses deadly weapons against Palestinian children (Anadolu Agency, 9 December 2020)

With this flawed antisemitism definition, Britain is closing down academic freedom (Middle East Eye, 9 December 2020)

86 families face forced eviction in Jerusalem (Middle East Monitor, 9 December 2020)

Syrians in Golan Heights wounded and arrested in clashes with Israeli forces (Middle East Eye, 9 December 2020)

Israel needs to be held accountable for its human rights violations against Palestinian children (Mondoweiss, 8 December 2020)

For Palestine’s negotiations strategy to work, Gulf must be united (Al Monitor, 9 December 2020)

Israel to seize large tracts of occupied Palestinian land in north of West Bank for its illegal settlement expansion (WAFA News, 8 December 2020)

A hopeful, but not optimistic Palestinian ecumenist (World Council of Churches, 9 December 2020)

Israeli ‘anti-terrorism’ lawyer was convicted over attacks on Palestinians (Middle East Eye, 9 December 2020)

EU diplomats visit Palestinian families in Silwan (Quds News, 10 December 2020)

Gaza facing Covid-19 lockdown, but resilience of people gives hope, says Oisin McConville who travelled with Trócaire to the war-torn region (Irish News, 8 December 2020)

Palestinian free speech and human rights work threatened by deliberate anti-semitic labeling (CIHRS, 8 December 2020)

Israeli Military Prosecutors: If Freed, Palestinian Teen at Risk for COVID-19 Will Be Detained Without Trial (Haaretz, 8 December 2020)

Israel needs to be held accountable for its human rights violations against Palestinian children (Mondoweiss, 8 December 2020)

Oil, guns, and gas: How Gulf money will fuel Israel’s arms industry (+972mag, 8 December 2020)

Palestinian writer Majd Kayyal arrested by Israeli police in Haifa (Middle East Eye, 8 December 2020)

New Israeli ambassador in Britain describes Nakba as 'Arab lie' (Middle East Monitor, 8 December 2020)

Killed on his birthday: Family grieves Palestinian boy shot by Israeli forces (Middle East Eye, 8 December 2020)

Covid-19: Gaza resumes screening after receiving nearly 20,000 kits from WHO (Middle East Eye, 8 December 2020)

A new page in Israeli-Saudi relations? Not so fast (Al Monitor, 8 December 2020)

Inside Mar Saba Monastery in the West Bank (Al Monitor, 7 December 2020)

EU Delegation Visits Gaza to Assess Health Situation amid Coronavirus Outbreak (Palestine Chronicle, 8 December 2020)

Israeli forces bulldoze agricultural land north of occupied Jerusalem (WAFA News, 8 December 2020)

Top PLO official Hanan Ashrawi resigns: Reports (Al Jazeera, 8 December 2020)

Netanyahu sees Slovenia as a key to more pro-Israel EU (Jerusalem Post, 8 December 2020)

Coronavirus test kits run out in Gaza as ‘collapse’ fears grow (Al Jazeera, 7 December 2020)

Israel to investigate shooting of Palestinian child (Guardian, 7 December 2020)

Hunger strikes shouldn’t be the only time to protect Palestinian prisoners (+972mag, 7 December 2020)

‘2020 worst year for Palestinian prisoners in Israel’ (Anadolu Agency, 8 December 2020)

‘Trolling to another level’: Palestinians pose as Emiratis in Tel Aviv (Middle East Eye, 7 December 2020)

Israeli School Cancels Meeting With Human Rights Group After Right-wing Criticism (Haaretz, 8 December 2020)

Israel expedites settlement building in Jerusalem (Anadolu Agency, 7 December 2020)

UNESCO Foreign Affairs Committee endorses resolution on Jerusalem’s Old City (Salaam Gateway, 8 December 2020)

The Brutal Mutation of Israeli Feminism (Haaretz, 7 December 2020)

Talk about democracy as much as you like, but there’s none here (The Palestine Project, 7 December 2020)

'Long live the (dead) peace process': Abbas prioritises US ties over Palestinian national unity (Middle East Monitor, 7 December 2020)

Palestinian Shot by Israeli Soldiers at Military Checkpoint (Palestine Chronicle, 7 December 2020)

'Gaza made us men' (Electronic Intifada, 7 December 2020)

Senior Palestinian Official Ashrawi Reportedly Resigns Over Renewed Coordination With Israel (Haaretz, 7 December 2020)

Why are Israel and Arab states getting friendly? (Al Jazeera, 7 December 2020)

Plan for 9,000 Jewish homes in Jerusalem’s Atarot ready for discussion (Jerusalem Post, 6 December 2020)

Israeli police cleared in shooting of maimed Palestinian boy (AP News, 6 December 2020)

Senior Saudi royal launches tirade against Israel (Financial Times, 6 December 2020)

Israeli, Jordanian foreign ministers meet, with plenty of issues on their agenda (Al Monitor, 6 December 2020)

Palestinians of historic Jerusalem neighbourhood fear displacement (Middle East Eye, 6 December 2020)

No Christmas cheer in Bethlehem this year amid coronavirus pandemic (Al Monitor, 3 December 2020)

‘Palestinian: Beyond Conflict’ – Featuring Ramzy Baroud (Identity International) (Palestine Chronicle, 3 December 2020)

Israeli forces put child in detention after breaking his jaw (Quds News, 6 December 2020)

New roads pave way for massive growth of Israeli settlements (AP News, 7 December 2020)

Knesset may require referendum for West Bank settlement withdrawal (Jerusalem Post, 6 December 2020)

Occupation forces prevent farmers access to their land in Jordan Valley (WAFA News, 6 December 2020)

The Desperate Campaign to Tar Biden as 'anti-Israel' (Haaretz, 3 December 2020)

‘May God give us patience’: Palestinians mourn child killed (Al Jazeera, 6 December 2020)

Three years after US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, its status remains contentious. Here’s why (Hindustan Times, 6 December 2020)

EU calls for probe into Palestinian teen’s killing by Israel (Al Jazeera, 5 December 2020)

Clashes erupt at funeral for Palestinian boy shot dead by Israeli forces (The Journal, 5 December 2020)

It is Time for the ICC to Finally Open the Investigation on Israel, Palestine (Palestine Chronicle, 5 December 2020)

'From the river to the sea': Palestinian advocates say call for freedom is not antisemitic (Middle East Eye, 4 December 2020)

How crime became a cover for Israel to tighten control of Palestinian citizens (+972mag, 4 December 2020)

US liberal Zionist group refuses to adopt IHRA antisemitism definition (Middle East Eye, 4 December 2020)

BDS slams Bahrain's recognition of Israel settlement goods (Middle East Monitor, 4 December 2020)

The Trump Administration is Cracking Down Against a Global Movement to Boycott Israel. Here’s What You Need to Know About BDS (Time, 4 December 2020)

Israel's blockade had already crippled Gaza, then came Covid-19 (Al Araby, 5 December 2020)

Bahrain says it will not allow imports from Israeli settlements (Al Jazeera, 5 December 2020)

Labour purges veteran Israeli anti-Zionist Moshé Machover (Electronic Intifada, 3 December 2020)

‘Banish the darkness’: Clashes, arrests as thousands protest PM in Jerusalem (Times Of Israel, 5 December 2020)

A harvest of heartbreak (Electronic Intifada, 4 December 2020)

Israel kills child and then lies (Electronic Intifada, 5 December 2020)

The IHRA definition of antisemitism is an attack on free speech (Al Araby, 4 December 2020)

Former Israel minister describes nation-state law as 'self-incrimination of Israel' (Middle East Monitor, 5 December 2020)

Jordan urges Israel to stop undermining peace opportunities with Palestine (Arab News, 4 December 2020)

Normalisation with Israel requires Palestinian state: Saudi FM (Al Jazeera, 4 December 2020)

It is time to make it official and brand Israel as an apartheid state (Middle East Monitor, 4 December 2020)

Behind Bahrain's gamble on normalisation with Israel (Al Araby, 1 December 2020)

Israeli forces fatally shoot Palestinian child during village protest (Middle East Eye, 4 December 2020)

Foreign Ministry to sue Israel at ICC for murder of Palestinian child (WAFA News, 4 December 2020)

Reparations for Jews but Not Palestinians (Haaretz, 2 December 2020)

Settler tries to burn Gethsemane Church in Jerusalem (WAFA News, 4 December 2020)

Palestinian teen killed by Israeli forces at protest: Officials (Al Jazeera, 4 December 2020)

Dr. Ashrawi: States Must Match Support for UN Resolutions on Palestinian Rights with Accountability for Israel (PLO, 3 December 2020)

The UAE and Israel's whirlwind honeymoon has gone beyond normalization (CNN, 3 December 2020)

Americans for Peace Now Refuses to Adopt ‘Weaponized’ Definition of Antisemitism (Haaretz, 5 December 2020)

Seven Key Human Rights and Justice Issues Affecting Palestinians Today (Annahar, 4 December 2020)

This Bedouin Family Lived in Peace and Quiet. Then They Tried to Enroll Their Kids in School (Haaretz, 4 December 2020)

Israel’s isolation of Palestinian child prisoners amounts to torture (DCI Palestiner, 2 December 2020)

Palestinians thwart arson attack on Jerusalem church (Arab News, 4 December 2020)

Jerusalem Man Arrested for Arson at One of Christianity's Holiest Sites (Haaretz, 5 December 2020)

Beitar Jerusalem: UAE royal set to buy Israeli football club known for racist fans (Middle East Eye, 3 December 2020)

Irish senate announces reform of Cross Party Oireachtas Friends of Palestine Group (WAFA News, 2 December 2020)

Israel High Court authorises takeover of Palestinian land near Jerusalem (Middle East Eye, 1 December 2020)

Jordan's king: 'We will confront any attempt to impose new reality in Jerusalem' (Middle East Monitor, 2 December 2020)

Why are Palestinians being forced to prove their humanity? (+972mag, 3 December 2020)

BDS and the Morality of Boycott (Palestine Studies, 2 December 2020)

Hundreds of Palestinian Minors Are Imprisoned in Israel. This Is What Arrests Look Like (Haaretz, 3 December 2020)

The Palestinian children of Karmiel know what Israeli apartheid is (Middle East Eye, 3 December 2020)

Jerusalem municipality sparks controversy by renaming Damascus Gate steps (Middle East Eye, 3 December 2020)

No Way to Gaza: A Chronicle of Adventure and Fraud Under the Egyptian Blockade (Middle East Monitor, 4 December 2020)

Israel alternate PM welcomes arrival of hundreds of Ethiopia Jews to Israel (Middle East Monitor, 4 December 2020)

US to set up an 'outreach building' in East Jerusalem (Middle East Monitor, 3 December 2020)

Normalisation has included the deliberate humiliation of the UAE (Middle East Monitor, 2 December 2020)

Palestinian Teen Beaten by Israeli Forces during Detention Undergoes Surgery (Palestine Chronicle, 3 December 2020)

Israeli Bus Driver Kills Two Palestinian Workers at Military Checkpoint (VIDEO) (Palestine Chronicle, 2 December 2020)

Israeli court rules that Nation State law calls for discrimination against Palestinian citizens (Mondoweiss, 3 December 2020)

Abulhawa on her Palestinian epic: ‘My exile has defined my life and I don’t need to account for the sensitivities of the people who did that to me’ (Mondoweiss, 3 December 2020)

Thousands pledge to boycott AXA over complicity in Israel’s illegal occupation (BDS Movement, 30 November 2020)

Bahrain Open to Imports From Israeli Settlements, Palestinians Fume (USNews, 3 December 2020)

Israel releases over $1bn of withheld tax funds to Palestinians (Al Jazeera, 2 December 2020)

App makes killing Palestinians as easy as ordering pizzas (Electronic Intifada, 2 December 2020)

‘I can’t fall asleep’: The trauma of Israeli raids on Palestinian homes (+972mag, 2 December 2020)

UN chief Guterres warns Palestinian Territories facing 'grim realities' (Al Araby, 2 December 2020)

Palestinians radio silent on Netanyahu’s visit to Saudi Arabia (Al Monitor, 1 December 2020)

Jordan's king: 'We will confront any attempt to impose new reality in Jerusalem' (Middle East Monitor, 2 December 2020)

Why Australia Supports Israel’s Oppression of the Palestinians (Jacobin, 12 February 2020)

Israeli Authorities Demolish Historic Stairway Leading to Al-Aqsa Mosque (Palestine Chronicle, 30 November 2020)

UN calls for probe into Israeli injuring of 4 Palestinian children in past 2 weeks (Middle East Monitor, 3 December 2020)

Israeli Senior Official: The World Should Thank Us for Killing Iranian Scientist (Palestine Chronicle, 30 November 2020)

Life in Gaza ‘extraordinarily difficult’ for disabled: HRW (Arab News, 3 December 2020)

· Lobby Day!! Write to your MP (Palestine Solidarity Campaign UK, Facebook, 2 December 2020)

Cash-strapped PA accepts $1 billion in tax revenues from Israel (Mondoweiss, 2 December 2020)

Not rhetoric on annual Palestine Solidarity Day. Peace will come through decolonisation (PalInfo, 29 November 2020)

Gaza's Hamas Leader Gets Coronavirus As Palestinian Territories' Cases Surge (NPR, 1 December 2020)

Palestinian Forced to Demolish His Own House in Jerusalem (Palestine Chronicle, 1 December 2020)

Palestinian student released from Israeli jail after 15 months (Al Jazeera, 1 December 2020)

Germany will include Israel in EU vaccine programme, but not Palestinians (TRT World, 1 December 2020)

Ramallah ‘Mayor’ Musa Hadid lifts up his city amid ongoing Israel-Palestinian conflict (Los Angeles Times, 1 December 2020)

Israel invokes nation-state law in denying transport to Palestinian schoolchildren in Galilee (Middle East Eye, 1 December 2020)

Israel High Court authorises takeover of Palestinian land near Jerusalem (Middle East Eye, 1 December 2020)

Journalist arrested after exposing the plight of Palestinians in Israeli prisons (Middle East Monitor, 1 December 2020)

Beyond liberal illusions of progress: Palestine and the Left (Mondoweiss, 1 December 2020)

Starmer's silence on Palestinian solidarity day speaks volumes (Ghada Karmi, Middle East Eye, 1 December 2020)

‘You are the Zionist pioneers’ – centrist Israeli minister hails messianic settlers (Mondoweiss, 1 December 2020)

Home raids against Palestinians are dehumanising, aim to break their spirit, Israel rights groups say (Middle East Monitor, 1 December 2020)

The painful price Gazans must pay for a Cambridge education (+972mag, 27 November 2020)

Barefoot in thorns: Gaza through the eyes of a Palestinian photographer (Guardian, 30 November 2020)

Israeli Court Rules to Evict Three Palestinian Families in Jerusalem (IMEMC News, 1 December 2020)

PCHR: Weekly Report on Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory November 19 – 25, 2020 (IMEMC News, 27 November 2020)

EU provides $11m to support East Jerusalem hospitals (Middle East Monitor, 30 November 2020)

Pandemic brings dark times to Jerusalem's Old City (Swissinfo, 1 December 2020)

UAE and Palestine at odds over future of Israel normalisation accords (Middle East Eye, 30 November 2020)

Palestinian leader accuses Israel of imposing 'fait accompli' (Prensa Latina, 30 November 2020)

How the Palestinians Should Understand UAE-Bahrain-Israel Normalization (Jadaliyya, 24 November 2020)

When 'Aliens' Show Up at a West Bank Construction Site (Haaretz, 30 November 2020)

Intellectuals Respond to IHRA Definition of Antisemitism (IPS, 30 November 2020)

Israel commits a crime and paints Palestinians as lawbreakers (B'Tselem, 30 November 2020)

Global Justice in the 21st Century (Richard Falk, November 2020)

Establishment journalists are piling on to smear Robert Fisk now he cannot answer back (Jonathan Cook, 30 November 2020)

Biden warned of Israeli annexation 50 years ago. Will he finally stop it? (+972mag, 30 November 2020)

Sanctions not normalisation are needed to stop Israel’s human rights abuses (Open Democracy, 30 November 2020)

EU covers up for Israel after Iran scientist’s slaying (Electronic Intifada, 30 November 2020)

UN Diplomat Lakhdar Brahimi calls on the UN to investigate Israeli apartheid (BDS Movement, Facebook, 29 November 2020)

Palestinian rights and the IHRA definition of antisemitism (Guardian, 29 November 2020)

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Jordanian and Palestinian leaders pin hopes on Biden reviving two-state solution (Middle East Eye, 29 November 2020)

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Gaza Gets Medical Aid From Kuwait as Hospitals Buckle Under COVID Caseload (Haaretz, 29 November 2020)

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Palestinian Officials Protest Malawi's Plan to Open Embassy in Jerusalem (Voice of America, 6 November 2020)

Pledge to Boycott AXA: the insurance company of Israeli apartheid (IPSC, 21 September 2020)

Palestinian Teen Seriously Wounded in Clashes With Israeli Army in West Bank (Haaretz, 29 November 2020)

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Renew commitment to Palestinian people, UN chief urges, marking International Day (UN News, 29 November 2020)

US Congress ties bows on gifts to Israel (Electronic Intifada, 27 November 2020)

‘To say goodbye is to die a little’: Palestinian farmers struggle for survival (Sustainable Food Trust, 27 November 2020)

Boycott AXA: the insurance company of Israeli apartheid (BDS Movement, 20 September 2020)

Online Rally: International Solidarity with Palestinians (Facebook, 29 November 2020)

Statement from 400+ Current UK Students on IHRA Definition of Antisemitism (Palestine Campaign, 23 November 2020)

Custos of the Holy Land Arrives in Bethlehem Ushering in Christmas Celebrations amid COVID-19 Restrictions (Palestine Chronicle, 28 November 2020)

Israel’s siege means death for Gaza’s COVID-19 patients (WSWS, 28 November 2020)

Israel's growing strategic threat to our freedom of speech (Middle East Monitor, 27 November 2020)

Haaretz: 50% increase in exemptions from army for mental health (Middle East Monitor, 28 November 2020)

International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People (WAFA News, 28 November 2020)

Coronavirus infections skyrocket in Gaza Strip (Deutsche Welle, 28 November 2020)

PLO leader calls for measures against Israel for racist policies (Prensa Latina, 28 November 2020)

Thousands to take part in week of action for Palestine (Middle East Monitor, 25 November 2020)

Is there no one to speak up for Palestine? (Daily Star, 29 November 2020)

United Nations Panel Calls for End of Israeli Occupation of Palestinian Territory (In Depth News, 27 November 2020)

Germany to donate €55.5 million for Palestine projects next year (Middle East Monitor, 27 November 2020)

Israeli Soldiers Detonated a Palestinian Family's Front Door, Injuring Brothers, for No Apparent Reason (Haaretz, 27 November 2020)

Fighting Labour antisemitism must not come at the cost of Palestinian rights (+972mag, 26 November 2020)

Horrific accounts for Palestinian boys detained by Israeli occupation forces (Palestine Post 24, 26 November 2020)

Occupation Corrupts (Breaking the Silence, Facebook, 26 November 2020)

Russia denounces Pompeo’s visit to Golan Heights (Quds News, 27 November 2020)

‘Refusing to serve in the army is my small act of making change’ (+972mag, 27 November 2020)

Israel's growing strategic threat to our freedom of speech (Middle East Monitor, 27 November 2020)

Israel woman who refused to take part in the country's 'killing, violence and destruction' released (Middle East Monitor, 24 November 2020)

Racism in Israel isn't going away, it's getting worse (Middle East Monitor, 26 November 2020)

Childhood home of Jesus may have been found in Nazareth, says British scholar (Middle East Monitor, 27 November 2020)

Israel frees Palestinian who waged 103-day hunger strike (RTE News, 26 November 2020)

On Wikipedia, Israel Is Losing the Battle Against the Word 'Apartheid' (Haaretz, 27 November 2020)

"The Lobby – USA": Lessons for the Palestine Solidarity Movement(Al Shabaka, 9 December 2018)

Guardian censors Jeremy Corbyn cartoon (Electronic Intifada, 26 November 2020)

Israel’s self-investigation shields its soldiers (Electronic Intifada, 26 November 2020)

UN agency: Israel’s Gaza blockade has devastated economy (AP News, 25 November 2020)

Gaza’s Great Return March: 234 killed, 17 investigations, one indictment (+972mag, 25 November 2020)

The 'banal' trauma of Israel's nightly raids on Palestinian children(Middle East Eye, 26 November 2020)

UN agency for Palestinians runs out of money for first time (Al Jazeera, 26 November 2020)

Biden's Middle East policy will face an unholy right-wing alliance (Middle East Eye, 26 November 2020)

The EU reaction to settlements and security coordination reflects the PA betrayal of Palestine (Middle East Monitor, 26 November 2020)

Pompeo in Israel : US secretary of state makes unprecedented visit to the West Bank (France24, 26 November 2020)

Amid Controversy, Biden Team Stands by Appointment of Palestinian-American Senior Aide (Haaretz, 27 November 2020)

EU red-flags Israel's Givat Hamatos settlement (EU Observer, 25 November 2020)

Israel commits a crime and paints Palestinians as lawbreakers: The homes of 44 Palestinians, including 22 children, were demolished yesterday in the West Bank (B'Tselem, 26 November 2020)

Caught between military occupation and unemployment, Palestinians continue to work in the Israeli economy without full labour rights(Equal Times, 27 November 2020)

Israeli court orders eviction of 87 Palestinians from East Jerusalem neighbourhood (Middle East Eye, 26 November 2020)

Palestinian Hunger Striker Maher al-Akhras Wins His Freedom (VIDEOS) (Palestine Chronicle, 26 November 2020)

Strabane-born artist will be remembered for his `creativity, talent and huge heart' (Irish News, 26 November 2020)

District Court Rejects the Appeal of 8 families from Batan Al-Hawa Ordering their Eviction (Peace Now, 24 November 2020)

Biden’s Pick for Secretary of State Has a Record of Militarism (Truth Out, 24 November 2020)

Biden appoints Palestinian-American woman to senior White House role (Al Araby, 24 November 2020)

Donald Trump in the Middle East: A story of big winners and bigger losers (Middle East Eye, 7 November 2020)

Israel Calls Them 'Illegals' in Their Own Land (Haaretz, 25 November 2020)

Biden and the Middle East: Misplaced optimism (Middle East Eye, 25 November 2020)

Pompeo spells out the new normal: All criticism of Israel is 'antisemitic' (Middle East Eye, 24 November 2020)

Over 1m Palestinians under poverty line in besieged Gaza: UN (Al Jazeera, 254 November 2020)

Obama and the Israel Lobby (Jewish Currents, 25 November 2020)

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The latest evil details of the ‘master plan’ for ‘Jewish construction’ in West Bank. And what will Biden do? (Mondoweiss, 25 November 2020)

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Occupation of Gaza cost $16.7B over 11 years: UN (Anadolu Agency, 26 November 2020)

Dogs, Shooting, Explosions at 4 A.M.: Just Another Routine Night of Israeli Raids(Haaretz, 24 November 2020)

What a Biden presidency means for US ties with Israel (Al Araby, 24 November 2020)

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What did the PA gain for resuming security coordination with Israel? (Middle East Eye, 24 November 2020)

50% Increase in Two Years: One Out of Eight Israeli Men Exempt From Army for Mental Health Issues (Haaretz, 24 November 2020)

World Bank: Palestinian economy to contract 8% in 2020 (AP News, 24 November 2020)

Egypt opens Rafah crossing with Gaza for 3 days (Anadolu Agency, 24 November 2020)

Unemployment rate reaches 82% in Gaza Strip (Middle East Monitor, 24 November 2020)

Who is Tony Blinken, Biden's incoming secretary of state? (Middle East Eye, 24 November 2020)

Heavily armed Zionist occupation soldiers storming a Palestinian ambulance (Younes Arar, Facebook, 24 November 2020)

Calling on International Civil Society to Join Them: Palestinians, Israelis Call for a Single Democratic State (Palestine Chronicle, 24 November 2020)

Israeli Army Expels 10 Palestinian Families for Military Drills in Jordan Valley (Palestine Chronicle, 24 November 2020)

Blinken: Israel is ‘anchor and foundation for democracy in the region’ (Mondoweiss, 24 November 2020)

Israeli forces quell anti-annexation protest in northern Jordan Valley, dozens injured (WAFA News, 24 November 2020)

US President-elect Biden appoints Palestinian-American to legislative affairs team (WAFA News, 24 November 2020)

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The IHRA definition will not help fight anti-Semitism (Al Jazeera, 23 November 2020)

Jewish Settlers Attack Palestinian Vehicles in Northern West Bank (Palestine Chronicle, 23 November 2020)

Biden will fail to bring back ‘normal’ politics. What’s needed now is a populism of the left (Jonathan Cook, 12 November 2020)

Gaza declares COVID-19 disaster with health system near collapse (Al Jazeera, 23 November 2020)

Unlike Stolen Land, the Palestinians' Stolen Time Cannot Be Returned (Haaretz, 23 November 2020)

Austrian crackdown on Palestinian NGOs signals slide into tyranny (Middle East Eye, 23 November 2020)

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Zionists had European, US backing, Palestinians didn't have that advantage (Middle East Monitor, 23 November 2020)

A Palestinian guide to Jewish American allyship (+972mag, 23 November 2020)

‘We have the uniting power of the Palestinian cause’: Zeina Ashrawi Hutchison on fighting Israeli apartheid under Biden (Mondoweiss, 23 November 2020)

Locals of Arab Al Atrash stand up to Israeli land-grab operation (Quds News, 23 November 2020)

Israeli army launches air raids on besieged Gaza Strip (Al Jazeera, 22 November 2020)

What Biden owes the Palestinians (Al Araby, 22 November 2020)

Criticizing Israel is not antisemitic — it’s academic freedom (The Conversation, 15 November 2020)

Pompeo thinks Israel is great domestic politics for 2024 (Mondoweiss, 20 November 2020)

PA’s gift to Biden is return to failed strategy (Electronic Intifada, 20 November 2020)

Israeli army bombs western, southern Gaza (Middle East Monitor, 22 November 2020)

Jewish Settlers Raid Village in West Bank, Attack Palestinian Homes (Palestine Chronicle, 21 November 2020)

Biden Will Fail to Bring back ‘Normal’ Politics. What’s Needed Now is a Populism of the Left (Palestine Chronicle, 13 November 2020)

Palestinian prisoner Nael Al-Barghouti, 41 years in Israeli jails (Palestine Post 24, 19 November 2020)

Palestinians trying to dig themselves out of isolation (Al Monitor, 22 November 2020)

Pompeo’s Grotesque Farewell Party in Israel Shows That the Trump Team Knows It's Over (Haaretz, 22 November 2020)

Trump-Heights settlement in Golan here to stay (Al Monitor, 20 November 2020)

Eight climate activists arrested in protest against new West Bank industrial zone (+972mag, 22 November 2020)

Gaza warns hospitals reaching Covid-19 breaking point (Middle East Eye, 22 November 2020)

Boycott Puma Global Day of Action: Don’t Put Israeli Apartheid Under the Christmas Tree – Dec 12 (BDS Movement, 20 November 2020)

Israel: Anger over controversial Mike Pompeo tour of settlement in occupied West Bank (Sky News, 19 November 2020)

Israeli settlers raid village in south of West Bank, attempt to attack homes of Palestinian residents (WAFA, 21 November 2020)

Israel strikes Hamas targets in Gaza (Guardian, 22 November 2020)

The Palestinian leadership chooses captivity (+972mag, 21 November 2020)

Trump's parting shots for Israel (Middle East Monitor, 21 November 2020)

Ending the ‘racial contract’ in Israel/Palestine (Mondoweiss, 20 November 2020)

Dr. Hanan Ashrawi: Labeling Settlement Products as 'Made in Israel' is endorsement of Land Theft and Plunder (PLO, 19 November 2020)

Israel to Evict 400 Palestinians from Jerusalem’s Neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah (Palestine Cronicle, 20 November 2020)

West Bank, Gaza record highest ever daily virus toll (Al Monitor, 20 November 2020)

Ilhan Omar urges Biden to reverse Trump's Middle East deals (Middle East Eye, 21 November 2020)

Palestine Legal Launches Comprehensive, Interactive Site Tracking Legislation Targeting Palestine Advocacy (Palestine Legal, 18 November 2020)

There's no childhood in occupied Palestine (Middle East Monitor, 20 November 2020)

UK amends status of Israel and Jerusalem following pressure from pro-Israel lobby (Middle East Monitor, 21 November 2020)

Israel has detained 400 Palestinian children this year (Al Araby, 20 November 2020)

Tomorrow My Family and Neighbors May Be Forced From Our Homes by Israeli Settlers (The Nation, 20 November 2020)

This Pastoral Palestinian Community Built a School of Its Own. Now Israel Wants to Demolish It (Haaretz, 20 November 2020)

The Dispossessed: Palestine’s forgotten lesson from post-apartheid South Africa (+972mag, 20 November 2020)

UN panel votes 163-5 in support of Palestinian statehood, end of occupation (Times Of Israel, 20 November 2020)

United Nations Just Voted In Favor Of Palestinian Statehood And Ending Occupation (The 961, 20 November 2020)

Palestinian medic arrested while treating protesters in West Bank (Middle East Monitor, 20 November 2020)

Interview: The man behind the BDS movement (+972mag, 14 June 2015) Pompeo makes first ever visit by US secretary of state to West Bank settlement (Middle East Monitor, 19 November 2020)

TCD and the BDS movement (Irish Times, 20 November 2020)

Biden Can’t Free Palestine (Foreign Policy, 20 November 2020)

US curbs on Israel boycotts ‘an attack’ on dissent, advocates say (Al Jazeera, 20 November 2020)

Peace in Palestine cannot be achieved amid unlawful demolitions (Al Jazeera, 20 November 2020)

For the Jewish state, the Holocaust is a tool to be manipulated (+972mag,20 November 2020)

UN Votes Overwhelmingly in Support of Palestinian Self-determination (Haaretz, 20 November 2020)

Will Trump's major foreign policy legacy be Israel and Palestine? (Guardian, 19 November 2020)

Outgoing US administration labels BDS 'anti-Semitic' (Electronic Intifada, 19 November 2020)

The Irishman pushing a fake peace (Electronic Intifada, 18 November 2020)

400 Palestinian children detained by Israel since start of 2020 (Middle East Monitor, 19 November 2020)

BDS condemns Washington's anti-Semitism accusations (Middle East Monitor, 20 November 2020)

Israel boycott: What is the BDS movement? (Middle East Eye,19 November 2020)

Pompeo’s parting gifts for Israel (Mondoweiss, 19 November 2020)

State Department’s attack on the BDS movement violates freedom of expression and endangers human rights protection (Amnesty USA, 19 November 2020)

Bahraini Foreign Minister Lands in Israel, Promises Full Normalization (Palestine Chronicle, 18 November 2020)

Restoration of ties with Israel sparks anger in Palestine (Al Araby, 18 November 2020)

Pompeo expected to hand Israeli settlers goodbye gift with trip to winery (Guardian, 18 November 2020)

State-backed Settler Violence (B'Tselem, 18 November 2020)

Dozens of House Dems Call on Mike Pompeo to Condemn Israeli Razing of Bedouin Community (Democracy Now, 18 November 2020)

Chateau Occupation: How Settlers’ Red Wines Are Blurring the Green Line (Haaretz, 18 November 2020)

The Palestinian Authority Security Forces: Whose Security? (Al Shabaka, 16 May 2017)

Sour grapes: Pompeo’s vineyard visit met with Palestinian protests (Middle East Eye, 18 November 2020)

Twice refugees: Palestinians in Jerusalem at imminent risk of losing their homes to Israeli settlers (Middle East Eye, 18 November 2020)

What Biden Owes the Palestinians (Project Syndicate, 18 November 2020)

Condemnation for Israel Tendering Contracts to Expand Illegal Settlements in East Jerusalem (Diplomat, 17 November 2020)

Complaint upheld over Classic Hits prize conveying Jerusalem's Old City as Israeli (The Journal, 17November 2020)

Ireland tells Israel it’s 'seriously concerned' by Givat Hamatos project (Jerusalem Post, 18 November 2020)

Palestinian Authority to resume coordination with Israel (Al Jazeera, 17 November 2020)

Holy Land Eyewitness: Room with a view (Independent Catholic News, 17 November 2020)

Obama follows in Jimmy Carter's footsteps and speaks out against Israel and AIPAC (Middle East Monitor, 16 November 2020)

For Trump's Middle East allies, Joe Biden is a new nightmare (Middle East Eye, 17 November 2020)

German FM warns unilateral action could hurt Mideast talks (AP, 17 November 2020)

Democrats ask Pompeo if Israel used US equipment to destroy Palestinian village (Middle East Eye, 17 November 2020)

Scores of Israelis evicted from former settlement in West Bank (Middle East Eye, 17 November 2020)

Israelis try resettling West Bank settlement evacuated in 2005 (Al Monitor, 17 November 2020)

Netanyahu goes for broke in Trump's last two months (Al Monitor, 17 November 2020)

With Trump on way out, Netanyahu nails together settlement legacy (Al Monitor, 17 November 2020)

Is the UAE about to invest in Israeli settlements? (Electronic Intifada, 17 November 2020)

France defies European court ruling upholding right to boycott Israel (Electronic Intifada, 17 November 2020)

Israel promotes settlement plan for sensitive East Jerusalem area (Reuters, 15 November 2020)

Israel says a Palestinian teen fell and died as he fled soldiers. But a witness describes gruesome violence (Gideon Levy & Alex Levac, Haaretz, 13 November 2020)

The soldier who shot two innocent Palestinians needs not regret. Israel has his back (Gideon Levy, Haaretz, 11 November 2020)

Israel gave them 10 minutes to pack up their whole lives: 74 Palestinians, including 41 children, left homeless (Amira Hass, Haaretz, 11 November 2020)

Neither Biden nor Trump will make Israel end the occupation (Gideon Levy, Haaretz, 2 November 2020)

At the foothills of an Israeli settlement, Palestinians are used to weekends of terror (Gideon Levy & Alec Levac, Haaretz, 30 October 2020)

US, Israel extend science accords into West Bank settlements (Associated Press, 28 October 2020)

Palestinian farmer accuses West Bank settlers of cutting down 100 olive trees (Haaretz, 27 October 2020)

Sealing a room at a Palestinian family's home with concrete? For Israel, it's 'urgent security needs' (Amira Hass, Haaretz, 25 October 2020)

Head of Sudan’s largest party slams Trump and Israel deal (AP, 24 October 2020)

Settlers hurled rocks at the Palestinian farmer's head. His age didn't deter them (Gideon Levy & Alex Levac, Haaretz, 22 October 2020)

Record number of Holocaust survivors in need as state fails to allocate funds, report says (Haaretz, 20 October 2020)

Trump: U.S. to remove Sudan from state terrorism sponsors list after payment to victims (Reuters, 19 October 2020)

'What hell feels like': Israel demolished this Palestinian family's hut. They have nowhere to go (Haaretz, 16 October 2020)

EU mission leader chased out of Jerusalem neighbourhood (Irish Times, 16 November 2020)

Israelis protest EU delegation’s visit to planned settlement (AP News, 16 November 2020)

Etihad Airways removes advert featuring Second Jewish Temple (Middle East Eye, 16 November 2020)

Qatar: Normalisation with Israel undermines Palestinian statehood (Al Jazeera, 16 November 2020)

The global right is threat to US Jews — but a natural home for Israelis (+972mag, 16 November 2020)

Palestinian woman detained by Israel solders at military checkpoint (Middle East Monitor, 16 November 2020)

Occupation in the Time of COVID-19: Holding Israel Accountable for Palestinian Health (Al Shabaka, 15 November 2020)

Israel's alternative to one- and two-state solutions (Middle East Monitor, 13 November 2020)

How the killing of a Palestinian youth became a play read by African Americans (Middle East Eye, 12 November 2020)

Georgia lawmaker says Israeli government ‘asked me’ for anti-boycott law she introduced (Mondoweiss, 16 November 2020)

UNRWA Chief Fears ‘Disaster’ in Gaza as Funding Runs Dry (Palestine Chronicle, 16 November 2020)

Statement by High Representative Josep Borrell on settlement expansion in Givat Hamatos (EUAS, 15 November 2020)

Israel advances plans in sensitive East Jerusalem settlement (Al Jazeera, 15 November 2020)

A Palestinian perspective on the U.S. election (Mondoweiss, 16 November 2020)

Israel to build new settlement units in East Jerusalem (Middle East Monitor, 15 November 2020)

Riding the waves in Gaza (Middle East Monitor, 15 November 2020)

Israel moves forward with new Jerusalem settlement ahead of Biden presidency (Middle East Eye, 15 November 2020)

Israeli army strikes Gaza Strip overnight (Middle East Eye, 15 November 2020)

How did Israeli pundits become more right-wing than Fox News? (+972mag, 15 November 2020)

Israel to Build Over 1,000 Settlement Units in East Jerusalem (Palestine Chronicle, 15 November 2020)

Making Space for Palestine (Jacobin, 15 November 2020)

Palestine’s Olive Harvest: Farmers Under Attack (Mondoweiss, 13 November 2020)

Silent wounds: The mental toll of war and siege on Gaza’s youth (Middle East Eye, 13 November 2020)

What Saeb Erekat’s Death Means for Palestinians of My Generation (Foreign Policy, 11 November 2020)

Israel Says a Palestinian Teen Fell and Died as He Fled Soldiers. But a Witness Describes Gruesome Violence (Haaretz, 13 November 2020)

What a Biden and Harris administration will stand for (PIPD, Facebook, 12 November 2020)

Zoom censors events about Zoom censorship (Electronic Intifada, 13 November 2020)

Imran Khan says he is under pressure to 'recognize Israel’ (QUDS NN, 14 November 2020)

Harvesting olives under tear gas (Al Jazeera, 13 November 2020)

Israeli army bombs eastern Gaza (Anadolu Agency, 15 November 2020)

Israel Evicts Palestinian Families for Military Training in Jordan Valley (Palestine Chronicle, 14 November 2020)

WHO slams Israel for health violations against Palestine (Middle East Monitor, 13 November 2020)

Israel builds new settler-only road, steals 2sq km of Palestinian land (Middle East Monitor, 13 November 2020)

Trump Destroyed Any Hope of Israeli-Palestinian Peace — and Biden Can’t Rebuild It (The Intercept, 13 November 2020)

Obama says disagreements with Israel carried 'domestic political cost' (Middle East Eye, 13 November 2020)

Israel’s settlements could test ties with Biden (AP News, 13 November 2020)

Rep. Betty McCollum’s speech to UN: ‘Palestinian dreams for freedom, justice, equality, and self-determination are legitimate’ (Mondoweiss, 13 November 2020)

Pompeo to Make Unprecedented Visit to Illegal Jewish Settlement in West Bank (Palestine Chronicle, 13 November 2020)

Funeral ceremonies honor top Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat (CNN, 11 November 2020)

How the killing of a Palestinian youth became a play read by African Americans (Middle East Eye, 12 November 2020)

Israel to expand settlements in East Jerusalem during Trump's last days (Middle East Eye, 12 November 2020)

Biden’s victory spells doom for Palestinian unity talks (Middle East Eye, 12 November 2020)

Besieged Gaza is living in a boiling pot (Middle East Monitor, 12 November 2020)

10 attacks on Palestinian education per month by Israeli authorities and settlers (Norwegian Refugee Council, 12 November 2020)

The Biden administration is likely to alter U.S. policy toward the Middle East in three key ways. (Carnegie Middle East Center, 9 November 2020)

‘Race against Time’: Israel’s Settlement Expansion Sends Clear Message to the Biden Administration (Palestine Chronicle, 12 November 2020)

Now available in Dubai: Trump’s Golan Heights legacy (Mondoweiss, 12 November 2020)

Life in Gaza: The worlds largest open air prison (Palestine Project, 12 November 2020)

The Irish Times view on Israel/Palestine: a new balance of forces (Irish Times, 11 November 2020)

Trump will push Israeli annexation before Jan 20 – and Israel might grab ‘once in a lifetime’ chance (Mondoweiss, 11 November 2020)

How the UAE is exploiting al-Aqsa to market Israel normalisation (Middle East Eye, 11 November 2020)

Peace Now: Netanyahu used Trump's time in office to advance settlements (Middle East Monitor, 11 November 2020)

Arab Deals with Israel Weaken Prospect of Two-State Solution (Inside Arabia, 10 November 2020)

Government Recruits Gaza Border Youth to 'Promote Israel's Truth' on Social Media (Haaretz, 12 November 2020)

Israel wants to deport me from my city of birth (Electronic Intifada, 11 November 2020)

Coveney pays tribute to top Palestinian spokesman Saeb Erekat who has died aged 65 (The Journal, 10 November 2020)

Saeb Erekat obituary (Guardian, 10 November 2020)

Saeb Erekat, Palestinian negotiator who shaped Arab-Israeli peace agreements, dies at 65 (Washington Post, 10 November 2020)

A return to two-state politics is as harmful as the 'deal of the century' for Palestinians (Middle East Monitor, 10 November 2020)

Israel to start excavation works for cable cars in occupied East Jerusalem (Middle East Monitor, 10 November 2020)

Israel Gave Them 10 Minutes to Pack Up Their Whole Lives: 74 Palestinians, Including 41 Children, Left Homeless (Haaretz, 11 November 2020)

Saeb Erekat: Palestinian politician who believed talk was the way to a deal (Middle East Eye, 10 November 2020)

Ireland condemns Israel's 'brutal and violent' demolition (Middle East Monitor, 9 November 2020)

Ireland condemns Israel's 'brutal and violent' demolition (Middle East Monitor, 9 November 2020)

'We were and are still here': A visual history of Palestine's lost past (Al Araby, 5 November 2020)

Israel won’t blink an eye if a hunger striker dies (+972mag, 9 November 2020)

Israel will never be a bipartisan issue again– because Jews are divided (Mondoweiss, 10 November 2020)

Israeli forces kill PA officer, shoot teacher (Electronic Intifada, 9 November 2020)

Palestinian Prisoner with Cancer Dies in Israeli Jails (Palestine Chronicle, 10 November 2020)

With Biden's victory, it's back to the future for Israel and Palestine (Middle East Eye, 9 November 2020)

Ireland condemns Israel's 'brutal and violent' demolition (Middle East Monitor, 9 November 2020)

UN agency for Palestinians to slash salaries as funds run dry (Al Jazeera, 9 November 2020)

Israel 'won't pay compensation' for demolition of Belgian-funded Palestinian homes (Al Araby, 9 November 2020)

Israel's vineyards want to be part of global boom in colonial wine (Middle East Eye, 8 November 2020)

‘Disgraceful and illegal’: Israel West Bank destruction blasted by Irish government as EU & UN call for halt to demolitions (RT, 7 November 2020)

Citizen files first-ever lawsuit against Israeli settler in a Palestinian court (WAFA, 8 November 2020)

Ex UN official: Censoring facts on Palestine a tool to ensure the dominance of the Zionist narrative, PBA counters this (Middle East Monitor, 6 November 2020)

Israel to build new town near Gaza (Middle East Monitor, 8 November 2020)

The Disaster That Judaism Won’t Survive (Haaretz, 10 April 2018)

Families of ancient Palestinian village struggle to survive settler attacks (Al Monitor, 8 November 2020)

Ilhan Omar criticises Israel's ethnic cleansing of Palestine (Middle East Monitor, 6 November 2020)

Joe Biden ‘no saviour’ of the Palestinians? (Al Jazeera, 8 November 2020)

To what extent did the spycops target Palestine solidarity groups? (Middle East Monitor, 7 November 2020)

It is the equalities commission, not Labour, carrying out political interference (Jonathan Cook, 7 November 2020)

Middle East leaders react to Joe Biden winning US election (Middle East Eye, 7 November 2020)

During Palestinian Olive Harvest, Cruelty - and Compassion - on Display (Voice of America, 6 November 2020)

Biden’s victory to put Netanyahu in crisis (Middle East Monitor, 7 November 2020)

Protect Palestine olive harvest from settler violence, Israel urged (UN News, 5 November 2020)

Call Israel to account for demolition of Palestinian homes (Guardian, 6 November 2020)

EU urges Israel to stop demolitions in Palestine (Anadolu Agency, 5 November 2020)

United Nations OCHA occupied Palestinian territory (Facebook, November 2020)

Palestine protests Malawi plan on embassy in Jerusalem (Anadolu Agency, 4 November 2020)

Israeli politician boasts about role in Corbyn’s downfall (Electronic Intifada, 5 November 2020)

Realpolitik, the Palestinians and Britain’s broken promises (Middle East Monitor, 5 November 2020)

Israeli forces leave 41 children homeless after razing Palestinian village, UN says (Guardian, 5 November 2020)

An unholy alliance (+972mag, 5 November 2020)

Largest Israeli demolition in a decade displaces dozens of Palestinians in the West Bank (Independent, 5 November 2020)

Coveney says Israel's destruction of Palestinian village a 'brutal and violent act' (The Journal, 6 November 2020)

Fourth Committee Approves 12 Draft Resolutions on Israeli Practices in Occupied Arab Lands, Palestine Refugees, as It Continues Joint General Debate (Relief Web, UN General Assembly, 5 November 2020)

Palestinian prisoner ends hunger strike after 103 days (Middle East Monitor, 6 November 2020)

Israel soldiers and settlers storm the archaeological site of Sebastia (Middle East Monitor, 6 November 2020)

Israel makes 41 Palestinian children homeless as world watches US election (Middle East Eye, 5 November 2020)

A Small Palestinian Business Is Burglarized Over and Over, and Israeli Police Stand By (Haaretz, 6 November 2020)

Israel's disinformation campaign suffers a setback in the Netherlands (Middle East Eye, 6 November 2020)

Children Have Human Rights – Unless they Live in Gaza (Annahar, 6 November 2020)

The fight for Palestinian rights in the era of normalization (Mondoweiss, 5 November 2020)

'I cry for my trees': Israeli settler attacks wreck Palestinian olive harvest (Middle East Eye, 6 November 2020)

At the Foothills of an Israeli Settlement, Palestinians Are Used to Weekends of Terror (Haaretz, 30 October 2020)

Senior MP Given Dressing Down Over Israel Comments (Labour Buzz, 8 November 2020)

Escalating the demographic war: The strategic goal of Israeli racism in Palestine (Middle East Monitor, 4 November 2020)

Israel carries out largest West Bank demolition operation in a decade (+972mag, 4 November 2020)

Israeli army razes entire village in occupied West Bank (Al Jazeera, 4 November 2020)

From Balfour to the Nakba: The settler-colonial experience of Palestine (Middle East Eye, 4 November 2020)

What it means to be a Palestinian child in Israeli military court (Palestine Project, 4 November 2020)

Quarantine, Lockdown, and Blockade: COVID-19 in Gaza (WRMEA, November 2020)

Israeli Forces Kill Palestinian near West Bank Checkpoint (Palestine Chronicle, 4 November 2020)

Trump reinvents ‘Balfour Declaration’ for Palestinians (Anadolu Agency, 2 November 2020)

Kamala Harris: US will reverse Trump-era policy, restore relation with Palestine (Middle East Monitor, 3 November 2020)

Israeli army demolishes Palestinian home (Arab News, 2 November 2020)

Israel soldiers and settlers raid homes, assault Palestinians (Middle East Monitor, 3 November 2020)

A Century of Colonial Mapping in Palestine with Zena Agha (Zena Agha, Apple Podcasts, November 2020)

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Israel boycott movement furious at UAE over deal to import wine from occupied Golan Heights (Al Monitor, 3 November 2020)

Israeli government believes Trump has set new normal for US acceptance of Israel expansion, even if Biden wins (Mondoweiss, 3 November 2020)

In first application of anti-BDS resolution, Germany censors Israelis (Mondoweiss, 3 November 2020)

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Israel-Sudan deal: A symbolic blow to Arab support for Palestine (Middle East Eye, 2 November 2020)

Israel’s demolitions in West Bank and East Jerusalem reach four-year high (Middle East Eye, 2 November 2020)

EU gives PA $11.6m to pay salaries, pensions of workers in West Bank (Middle East Monitor, 2 November 2020)

Israeli drone maker targeted by activists in UK on Balfour anniversary (Middle East Eye, 2 November 2020)

The Mideast reporting giant Robert Fisk covered Israel/Palestine with courage and passion (Mondoweiss, 2 November 2020)

Dr. Hanan Ashrawi: The Colonialist Attitude of the Balfour Declaration Lives on (PLO, 2 November 2020)

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Israel to Approve ‘Silicon Valley’ Settlement Plan in East Jerusalem (Palestine Chronicle, 2 November 2020)

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Genocide supporter may get top job at Israel Holocaust memorial (Electronic Intifada, 29 October 2020)

The long and complex road towards an EU Global Human Rights Sanctions Regime (European External Action Service, 31 October 2020)

Veteran journalist Robert Fisk dies aged 74 (TRT World, 2 November 2020)

Veteran journalist and author Robert Fisk dies aged 74 (Irish Times, 2 November 2020)

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Robert Fisk, famed UK Middle East correspondent, dies aged 74 (Middle East Eye, 1 November 2020)

'Israeli Propaganda & Palestinian Reality' (Robert Fisk, YouTube, 22 January 2018)

With SOFIA, Palestinian Ambassador Discusses Conflict and Coronavirus (University Times, 31 October 2020)

Refusing to eat: How Maher al-Akhras is resisting Israel's administrative detention (Middle East Eye, 29 October 2020)

EU contributes €10 million for the payment of September salaries and pensions of Palestinian civil servants (WAFA, 1 November 2020)

Palestinian international peace conference gaining traction (Al Monitor, 28 October 2020)

Palestine’s Olive Harvest: A Timeless Tradition (Mondoweiss, 30 October 2020)

Charges of Anti-Semitism are Actively Being Weaponized. (PIPD, Facebook, 29 October 2020)

'The Present' Director Farah Nabulsi, "Apartheid is alive and kicking" (Film Business, October 2020)

Trump’s normalisation of Israel spreads to Africa (Al Jazeera, 31 October 2020)

Netanyahu gets one more — perhaps last — gift from Trump (Al Monitor, 30 October 2020)

Israel Wants to Expand City to Restrict Arab Population (Palestine Chronicle, 31 October 2020)

Number of Palestinians made homeless by Israeli demolitions hits four-year high despite pandemic (Independent, 30 October 2020)

EU following up rapidly deteriorating health condition of Mahar Al-Akhras (WAFA, 30 October 2020)

Israel settlers use chainsaw to cut electricity supply to Palestinians (Middle East Monitor, 30 October 2020)

Israel is subjecting Palestinian children to physical and psychological abuse (Middle East Monitor, 29 October 2020)

US to allow Americans born in Jerusalem to list ‘Israel’ on their passports (Middle East Monitor, 29 October 2020)

Hunger strikes highlight Israel’s unjust detention of political prisoners (Middle East Monitor, 29 October 2020)

Dr. Hanan Ashrawi: US Decision to Label Jerusalem as Israel is attempt to erase Palestinians (PLO, 30 October 2020)

Not a new dawn: Why the Israel-Sudan deal was a long time coming (+972mag, 30 October 2020)

The Struggle of Bedouin Poverty in the Israeli Negev (Borgen Magazine, 30 October 2020)

State Dept. Push to Label Human Rights Orgs ‘Antisemitic’ Exposes Repressive Intent of Redefinition Efforts (Palestine Legal, 30 October 2020)

IHRA strikes again (Mondoweiss, 30 October October 2020)

Bernie Sanders slams Israel’s ‘intolerant authoritarian’ leaders — and links them to rise of white supremacy (Mondoweiss, 30 October 2020)

Antisemitism report: By suspending Corbyn, Starmer is tearing Labour apart (Middle East Eye, 30 October 2020)

Israel to Impose Sanctions on Palestinian Banks Serving Prisoners’ Families (Palestine Chronicle, 30 October 2020)

Israeli MKs Propose Bill to Revoke Arab Prisoners’ Citizenship if They Receive PA Aid (Palestine Chronicle, 29 October 2020)

‘They Tried to Freeze Me to Death’: Torture and Resistance in Israeli Prisons (Palestine Chronicle, 30 October 2020)

The ‘New Anti-Semitism’ (Canadian Dimension, 15 January 2018)

Gaza-made technology fights coronavirus spread (Middle East Eye, 30 October 2020)

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The Israeli right’s new vision of Jewish political supremacy (+972mag, 27 October 2020)

Yousef Munayyer: 'Palestine activism will continue to grow in the US' (Al Araby, 29 October 2020)

Trump's Middle East triumphs will soon turn to disaster (Middle East Eye, 29 October 2020)

Palestinian olive farmers defy Israeli attacks for prized crop (Al Jazeera, 29 October 2020)

If you’re pro-peace, reject this peace (+972mag, 29 October 2020)

Israel's Execution of Palestinian Hunger Striker Maher Akhras Is Taking Place Now (Haaretz, 29 October 2020)

Destroying Palestinian Jerusalem, One Institution at a Time (Al Shabaka, 29 October 2020)

Palestine condemns US funding of research projects in the illegal settlements (Quds News Network, 19 November 2019)

Jailed Israeli Conscientious Objector Faces Harsher Detention if Supporters Rally (Haaretz, 28 October 2020)

UK's Labour suspends Corbyn after anti-Semitism inquiry (RTE News, 29 October 2020)

Twitter suspends Palestinian accounts shortly after Israeli ministry report on 'phony' profiles (Middle East Eye, 29 October 2020)

Israeli forces kill 16-year-old Palestinian boy with excessive force (DCI-Palestine, 27 October 2020)

Saudi to pay millions for Sudan to accelerate normalisation with Israel (Project Syndicate, 28 October 2020)

Palestinian Leaders Are Banking on Biden Win Next Week (New York Times, 28 October 2020)

Israel violations led to $1.1bn losses to Palestine telecom industry, says minister (Middle East Monitor, 28 October 2020)

Israel arrests Palestinian journalist in West Bank (Middle East Eye, 27 October 2020)

Palestinian National Council Should Come Before Legislative and Presidential Elections (Inside Arabia, 27 October 2020)

Palestine's olive harvest marred by rising Israeli settler violence (Al Araby, 28 October 2020)

Palestinian women’s groups call on Israel to release MP Khalida Jarrar (Middle East Monitor, 26 October 2020)

With or without flights to Abu Dhabi, Israel annexed the West Bank long ago (B’Tselem, 27 October 2020)

Dr. Hanan Ashrawi: Trump administration is preempting U.S. elections by recognizing Israeli annexation of the West Bank (PLO, 28 October 2020)

Soldiers Open Fire At Farmers, Shepherds, In Southern Gaza (IMEMC, 28 October 2020)

Israeli Bulldozers Destroy one Palestinian-owned Home, Six Shops in Jerusalem (IMEMC, 28 October 2020)

Palestinian man continues hunger strike for 94th day (Anadolu Agency, 28 October 2020)

Twitter suspends dozens of accounts rejecting annexation plans (Quds News, 28 October 2020)

The Palestinians must try to win over disillusioned Israelis to their cause (Middle East Monitor, 27 October 2020)

Palestinians are done conceding (Sam Bahour, 24 October 2020)

Israeli rights group says shelving West Bank annexation plans mean little (Middle East Eye, 27 October 2020)

Israel's Orr Commission: A colonial tool to maintain Palestinian division (Middle East Eye, 26 October 2020)

Israel to 'squeeze in' settler homes approval in flashpoint Hebron area ahead of US election (Al Araby, 27 October 2020)

In the US and Israel, voter suppression is the ruling parties’ game plan (+972mag, 26 October 2020)

UN envoy demands probe into young Palestinian's death (Al Araby, 26 October 2020)

Young unemployed Palestinian women in Gaza risk Israeli shootings to farm border land (Xinhua, 28 October 2020)

Gaza unemployment rate reaches 70% (Middle East Monitor, 27 October 2020)

Israeli Forces Demolish Palestinian House in Area C (Palestine Chronicle, 27 October 2020)

Timid Democrats depict Gaza aid as vital for Israel (Electronic Intifada, 27 October 2020)

Irish lawmaker demands the immediate release of Palestinian hunger striker in Israel (WAFA News, 26 October 2020)

UN urges Israel to allow staff to return to Palestine (Anadolu Agency, 26 October 2020)

UN calls on Israel to end administrative detention, swiftly free hunger striker Akhras (MENAFN, 26 October 2020)

The Systematic Torture of Palestinians in Israeli Detention (Al Shabaka, 28 November 2019)

From Palestine to China, Zoom has no business censoring dissent (+972mag, 26 October 2020)

Saudi to pay millions for Sudan to accelerate normalisation with Israel (Middle East Monitor, 22 October 2020)

Social media's erasure of Palestinians is a grim warning for our future (Middle East Eye, 26 October 2020)

Israeli settlers cut down 300 olive trees in the village of al-Jab'ah, Hebron. (B'Tselem, Facebook, 15 October 2020)

Speakers at the UNSC denounce Israel's settlement plans, support call for an international peace conference (WAFA News, 26 October 2020)

If Biden and Democrats Win, Netanyahu Morphs From Asset to Liability (Haaretz, 27 October 2020)

Israelis mock, abuse family of hunger striker (Electronic Intifada, 26 October 2020)

The crisis, and opportunity, of normalization (Mondoweiss, 26 October 2020)

Palestinian man killed under disputed circumstances during IDF pursuit (Times Of Israel, 25 October 2020)

Ashrawi: Murder of Amer Snoubar is a monstrous act of brutality motivated by hate (WAFA News, 25 October 2020)

Palestine: Al-Akhras family joins hunger strike (Middle East Monitor, 25 October 2020)

Saudis, Arab states drastically reduce aid to Palestinians (Al Monitor, 25 October 2020)

Annual olive harvest comes hand in hand with settler violence (Mondoweiss, 23 October 2020)

Silicon Valley takes on the pro-Palestine left (+972mag, 25 October 2020)

At 75, the UN is failing Palestinians more than ever (Al Araby, 215 October 2020)

Head of Sudan’s largest party slams Trump and Israel deal (AP News, 24 October 2020)

‘Ignition of new war:’ Sudan political parties reject Israel deal (Al Jazeera, 24 October 2020)

Settlers Hurled Rocks at the Palestinian Farmer's Head. His Age Didn't Deter Them (Haaretz, 22 October 2020)

Abbas discusses occupied territories situation with Pope Francis (Middle East Monitor, 24 October 2020)

Israel normalisation deal finds fury and favour in Sudan (Middle East Eye, 24 October 2020)

Palestinian teenager was killed after he was severely beaten by Israeli occupation soldiers (QUDS News, 24 October 2020)

Israel and the UAE collude to silence a Palestinian singer (TRT World, 23 October 2020)

In East Jerusalem, the settler project is expanding underground (+972mag, 23 October 2020)

The lost potential of Jenin (Electronic Intifada, 23 October 2020)

Palestinian family appeals to British MPs to stop East Jerusalem eviction (Middle East Monitor, 23 October 2020)

Israeli Court Cancels Decision on Freezing Al-Akhras’ Administrative Detention (Palestine Chronicle, 23 October 2020)

Displacing Palestinian families amid COVID-19 (Defense for Children International Palestine, 19 October 2020)

Rights group condemns UAE plan to fund ‘modernisation’ of Israeli checkpoints (Middle East Monitor, 23 October 2020)

Palestinian Volunteers Help Olive Harvesters in Ways the Palestinian Authority Can’t (Haaretz, 23 October 2020)

MBS said he would be killed by his 'own people' if Riyadh normalised ties with Israel: Report (Middle East Eye, 23 October 2020)

UN expert calls for Israel to immediately release Maher Al-Akhras (WAFA, 22 October 2020)

The world is endorsing Palestine’s disappearance in the name of ‘peace’ (Middle East Monitor, 22 October 2020)

Trump administration plan to label human rights groups 'antisemitic' provokes outrage (Middle East Eye, 22 October 2020)

Israel delegation visits Sudan in push to normalise ties (Al Jazeera, 22 October 2020)

A Palestinian perspective on the IHRA definition of anti-Semitism (Jewish Voice for Labour, 17 October 2020)

Trump could label Oxfam and Amnesty antisemitic over criticism of Israel (Guardian, 22 October 2020)

How corporate tech threatens academic freedom (Middle East Eye, 22 October 2020)

Canadians call on justice department to investigate IDF recruitment in Toronto schools (Mondoweiss, 21 October 2020)

Are the UAE and Bahrain embracing an Israeli vision of the Middle East? (TRT World, 21 October 2020)

Berlin art college withdraws funding to Israelis seeking to unlearn Zionism (+972mag, 21 October 2020)

Hunger-striking Palestinian close to death, family says (Guardian, 21 October 2020)

‘I pray for him and wait for death’: Mothers of slain protesters reflect on October 2000 (+972mag, 21 October 2020)

Israeli Cop Who Shot Dead Autistic Palestinian Faces Trial: 'He Posed No Danger' (Haaretz, 22 October 2020)

Israel takes its attacks on UNRWA schools to the United Nations (Middle East Eye, 21 October 2020)

Israeli Soldiers Seal Palestinian’s Bedroom with Metal Sheeting, Barbed Wire (Palestine Chronicle, 21 October 2020)

'Paradise lost': How Israel turned the West Bank into a sewage dump for its settlements (Middle East Eye, 21 October 2020)

Call for a #PeacefulHarvest in Palestine (Independent Catholic News, 20 October 2020)

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The root problem of poverty in Palestine is not Covid-19, but Israel’s colonialism (Middle East Monitor, 20 October 2020)

Australia cut humanitarian aid to Palestinian refugees agency (Medium, 21 October 2020)

Diplomatic Bullying: Israel Won't Renew Visas to UN Workers in West Bank and Gaza (Haaretz, 19 October 2020)

Jewish Settlers Flood Palestinian Farmland with Sewage, Disrupt Olive Harvest (Palestine Chronicle, 20 October 2020)

European hypocrisy: empty words for Palestine, deadly weapons for Israel (Middle East Monitor, 20 October 2020)

Israeli firm signs deal to transport UAE oil to Europe (Middle East Eye, 20 October 2020)

Palestinians are suing Britain, and why not? (Middle East Monitor, 20 October 2020)

Israelis, Palestinians learn lessons of conflict and trust from Northern Ireland (Times Of Israel, 19 October 2020)

Rights group reports escalation of Israel demolition of EU-funded Palestine projects (Middle East Monitor, 19 October 2020)

Coronavirus: Top Palestinian official Saeb Erekat in 'critical' condition (BBC News, 20 October 2020)

What a Biden Presidency Might Mean for the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (Time, 19 October 2020)

Dear Vice Chancellor, Don’t get bullied into adopting the IHRA definition of antisemitism (Mondoweissr, 19 October 2020)

Exclusive: Documents reveal decades of close cooperation between JNF and Elad (+972mag, 19 October 2020)

Israeli Authorities to Demolish 13 Palestinians Houses in East Jerusalem (Palestine Chronicle, 19 October 2020)

Israel’s settler plans draw European censure and Emirati silence (Financial Times, 19 October 2020)

Top PLO official Erekat, stricken by COVID-19, taken to hospital (Al Jazeera, 18 October 2020)

Palestine: Israel built over 12,000 illegal settlement units in 2020 (Muslim News, 18 October 2020)

Bahraini opposition to normalisation with Israel continues to delay full peace deal (Middle East Eye, 18 October 2020)

Israeli Navy Boats Attack Gaza Fishermen (Palestine Chronicle, 17 October 2020)

Palestinian prisoner undeterred after 83 days of hunger strike (Al Araby, 17 October 2020)

Why the Palestinian flag remains a symbol of hope (Middle East Eye, 12 October 2020)

UN envoy stays silent as Israel bans his colleagues (Electronic Intifada, 16 October 2020)

Israel lying while Maher al-Akhras is dying (Electronic Intifada, 16 October 2020)

Israel and administrative detention (Irish Times, 16 October 2020)

Hunger Strike By Palestinian Political Prisoner Draws International Solidarity (Spreaker, 16 October 2020)

Israel bans Palestinian singer Mohammed Assaf from entering Jerusalem, Gaza (Middle East Eye, 16 October 2020)

Israel to confiscate 3,000 acres of Palestinian land in occupied Jordan Valley (Middle East Monitor, 16 October 2020)

Israel’s settlement approvals hit record high: Watchdog (Al Jazeera, 15 October 2020)

Too Hard to Swallow: Palestinian Hunger Striker Is Dying, and the Whole System Is Complicit (Haaretz, 15 October 2020)

Israel plans bizarre concrete punishment for Palestinian accused of killing soldier (Al Araby, 15 October 2020)

The obstacles Palestinian farmers face to harvest their olives (Middle East Eye, 14 October 2020)

Pompeo persuades Saudi Arabia to normalise ties with Israel (Middle East Monitor, 163 October 2020)

Dying alone: when we stopped caring for Palestinian prisoners (Mondoweiss, 14 October 2020)

Israel approves nearly 5,000 new settlement units in occupied West Bank (Mondoweiss, 15 October 2020)

We can’t ignore JCB role in West Bank outrages (Guardian, 15 October 2020)

Why the ‘Pallywood’ myth endures (+972mag, 15 October 2020)

Israel's pact with the UAE is not about peace. It's a business deal (Guardian, 14 October 2020)

Israeli policy of bombing crowded areas in Gaza takes fresh toll: head injuries in two children and damage to homes (B'Tselem, 15 October 2020)

PA Courts to Look at Legal Action against Jewish Settler Violence (Palestine Chronicle, 15 October 2020)

EXCLUSIVE: Israel stops granting visas to UN human rights workers (Middle East Eye, 15 October 2020)

Middle East Eye Palestine reporter Maha Hussaini nominated for top award (Middle East Eye, 15 October 2020)

The glass ceiling for Palestinian rights (Mondoweiss, 15 October 2020)

Israel to demolish European-funded school in central West Bank (Relief Web, 14 October 2020)

UK sports event speaks up for Palestine refugees’ right of return (Middle East Monitor, 14 October 2020)

Discord Around the Abraham Accords (Institut Montaigne, 14 October 2020)

Endless warnings of Gaza’s collapse are why we’re failing to prevent it (+972mag, 14 October 2020)

Gaza to install China-funded solar panels at children's hospital amid power outages (The New Arab, 13 October 2020)

Israel to High Court: Dying Palestinian Still a Security Risk (B’Tselem, 12 October 2020)

US push for Arab-Israel ties divides Sudanese leaders (AP, 4 October 2020)

Israel's West Bank annexation postponed for a year, not cancelled, says Friedman (Middle East Eye, 30 September 2020)

Israel set to approve 2,500 new settlement homes (Haaretz, 5 October 2020)

Even Ben-Gurion thought ‘most Jews are thieves’ (Gideon Levy, Haaretz, 4 October 2020)

Jewish soldiers and civilians looted Arab neighbors' property en masse in '48. The authorities turned a blind eye (Ofer Aderet, Haaretz, 3 October 2020)

Here's what happens with the investigations the Israeli army launches when it kills innocent Palestinians (Gideon Levy & Alex Levac, Haaretz, 2 October 2020)

TUC calls for Israel sanctions to 'end apartheid' (Electronic Intifada, 15 September 2020))

Behind the lens: Remembering Muhammad al-Durrah, 20 years on (Talal Abu Rahma, Al Jazeera, 30 September 2020)

Palestinian, Israeli rights groups fear for life of Palestinian hunger striker (Middle East Monitor, 13 October 2020)

‘God help us’ if Trump wins re-election, Palestinian PM says (Al Jazeera , 13 October 2020)

Hamas’s Haniyeh: ‘No mercy’ for Arab states who betray Palestinian cause (Middle East Eye, 12 October 2020)

Hidden Palestine (Facebook, 10 October 2020)

Normalization cannot silence Arab resistance forever (+972mag, 13 October 2020)

Tourism in Service of Occupation and Annexation (Al-Shabaka, 13 October 2020)

JCB challenged over machinery used to demolish Palestinian homes (Guardian, 13 October 2020)

For Israel, tens of thousands of Palestinian newborns don’t exist (+972mag, 12 October 2020)

New poll finds Palestinians overwhelmingly reject Israel’s deals with Bahrain, UAE (Responsible Statecraft, 14 October 2020)

Israel’s top court refuses to release ailing Palestinian hunger striker (+972mag, 12 October 2020)

UK to investigate claims JCB machinery used by Israel to demolish Palestinian homes (Middle East Eye, 12 October 2020)

The Israeli merchants of death flying drones off Britain’s coastline (Middle East Monitor, 10 October 2020)

Pressure mounts on Israel to free hungerstriking Palestinian detainee on verge of death (Mondoweiss, 12 October 2020)

Jewish Settlers Steal Olive Crops, Cut Dozens of Trees beyond Apartheid Wall (Palestine Chronicle, 12 October 2020)

The future of Israel/Palestine (James Zogby, GDN Online, 11 October 2020)

Human rights defenders sue German parliament over anti-BDS resolution (Electronic Intifada, 5 October 2020)

With no food for 77 days, his struggle for freedom continues (Electronic Intifada, 11 October 2020)

Israel’s Peace Process Was Always a Road To Nowhere (Ilan Pappe, Jacobin Magazine, October 2020)

Yet Still They Rise - Palestinians in the USA (This Week In Palestine, October 2020)

Palestinian president Abbas meets World Jewish Congress head (Middle East Monitor, 11 October 2020)

Palestinian president Abbas meets World Jewish Congress head (Middle East Monitor, 11 October 2020)

Pictures| 53 Injuries during Israeli raid into Am’ari refugee camp (QUDS News Network, 12 October 2020)

Israeli navy attack fishermen at Gaza sea (QUDS News Network, 11 October 2020)

Jordan Opens Airspace to Israel in Aviation Deal (Palestine Chronicle, 10 October 2020)

Day of the Girl (PLO Facebook, 11 October 2020)

Israeli-Palestinian tensions escalate ahead of settlement expansion (Arab News, 10 October 2020)

Arabs more hopeful Palestinian peace deal possible than Israelis, new poll finds (The National, 11 October 2020)

Fighting for Palestine (Al Jazeera, 10 October 2020)

German Hypocrisy: The Left and Israel (Palestine Chronicle, 7 October 2020)

Zionist War on Palestinian Festival in Rome is Ominous Sign of Things to Come (Middle East Monitor, 9 October 2020)

PA asks Qatar to mediate for Israel to end unpaid tax revenues crisis (Middle East Monitor, 10 October 2020)

LPHR and Addameer Submit a Joint Complaint to the UN WGAD on the Ongoing Israeli Military Detention of Three Palestinian Female Birzeit University Students (Addameer, 7 October 2020)

Israel’s apartheid perfected and enduring (New Frame, 8 October 2020)

Hollywood's Mark Ruffalo calls out Israel's apartheid (Middle East Monitor, 9 October 2020)

Israel's school demolition order leaves Palestinian children in limbo (Middle East Eye, 9 October 2020)

Israel founders were ‘thieves’, Israeli historian says (Middle East Monitor, 6 October 2020)

Israel to massively expand settlements after UAE normalization (Electronic Intifada, 9 October 2020)

Palestinian officials aim to pressure EU to reverse NGO funding ban (Jerusalem Post, 7 October 2020)

Israeli settler burns hundreds of old olive trees in Ramallah (QUDS Network, 9 October 2020)

Palestinians outraged by Saudi prince's barbed criticism of leadership (Middle East Eye, 9 October 2020)

Israel admits holding body of Palestinian killed in West Bank (Al Jazeera, 9 October 2020)

Palestine FM slams world’s failure to stop Israel (Anadolu Agency, 10 October 2020)

Israeli Settlers Assault Palestinians, Burn 50 Olive Trees (IMEMC, 9 October 2020)

The Campaign to 'Kill' the BDS Movement Against Israel Extends Far and Wide (Jacobin, 6 October 2020)

Israel refuses to halt planned demolition of Palestinian school (Al Araby, 8 October 2020)

Despite ambiguity in international law, Palestinians are winning the ‘legitimacy war’ (Middle East Monitor, 8 October 2020)

The real winners in the Israel-UAE deal? Arms dealers (+972mag, 8 October 2020)

Israeli Authorities Block Palestinian Access to Farmland ahead of Olive Harvest (Palestine Chronicle, 8 October 2020)

Beyond the Apartheid Analogy: Time to Reframe Our Palestinian Struggle (Al-Shabaka, 13 January 2015)

How the Arab League failed Palestine (Al Araby, 9 October 2020)

Israel occupation to demolish Palestine school in West Bank (Middle East Monitor, 9 October 2020)

The Future of Israel-Gulf Normalization: Implications of the 2020 Presidential Election (Jadaliyya , 8 October 2020)

Over 1m Palestinians displaced, 166,000 homes demolished since formation of Israel (Middle East Monitor, 7 October 2020)

Palestine village installs cameras to capture attacking Israel settlers (Middle East Monitor, 7 October 2020)

Negotiating in bad faith (Mondoweiss, 6 October 2020)

In a first, British trade unions commit to challenging Israeli ‘apartheid’ (Mondoweiss, 7 October 2020)

Israel recruiting Shin Bet officers to spy on Palestinian-Israelis (Al Araby, 6 October 2020)

Palestinian in critical condition after 70-day hunger strike (Al Jazeera, 7 October 2020)

Falling in line: Why the Second Intifada was a watershed moment for Israeli media (+972mag, 7 October 2020)

Gantz Orders to Seize Funds of Palestinian Prisoners’ Relatives (Palestine Chronicle, 7 October 2020)

On the Front Line: Conflict vs Colonialism in Palestine (Discover Society, 7 October 2020)

Gaza families start receiving Qatari financial aid (Daily Sabah, 6 October 2020)

The PA favours one form of normalisation over another (Middle East Monitor, 6 October 2020)

Palestinian prisoner begins 36th year in Israeli jail (Middle East Monitor, 6 October 2020)

Palestinians ready to talk peace after US presidential election, says top Abbas adviser (Al Monitor, 6 October 2020)

Palestinian farmers face uncertain olive harvest season amid settler attacks and pandemic (Middle East Eye, 6 October 2020)

‘Something is rotten in the state of Denmark’: an open letter to Justin Trudeau regarding Palestine (Mondoweiss, 2 October 2020)

The Campaign to 'Kill' the BDS Movement Against Israel Extends Far and Wide (Jacobin, 6 October 2020)

Jewish Settlers Attack Palestinian Shepherds in West Bank (Palestine Chronicle, 6 October 2020)

Why African states must not help to normalise Israel (Middle East Eye, 5 October 2020)

Al-Haq Calls on the EU to Uphold a Consistent Policy and Impose an Arms Embargo on Israel (Al-Haq, 5 October 2020)

Israeli jets strike Hamas position in Gaza (Anadolu Agency,6 October 2020)

Palestinian Young Man Shot to Death by Israeli Occupation in West Bank (Palestine Chronicle, 5 October 2020)

House bill seeks to give Israel veto authority over US arms sales to Middle East (Middle East Eye, 5 October 2020)

Endless occupation is a failure, not a success, of the Oslo Accords (+972mag, 5 October 2020)

The famed ‘Jericho banana’ is vanishing. Under Israeli occupation, there’s not enough water. (Washington Sources, September 2020)

Palestinian travel phobia: The Gaza experience (Mondoweiss, 2 October 2020)

PA condemns Israel, as prisoner remains on hunger strike for 70 days (Middle East Monitor, 2 October 2020)

The UAE and Bahrain deals: normalizing the abnormal (Hanan Ashrawi, CNN Opinion, 1 October 2020)

Incoming ambassador to UK called for 'expanding Israel’s borders (Electronic Intifada, 30 September 2020)

US media talks a lot about Palestinians — just without Palestinians (+972mag, 2 October 2020)

EU offers to help hold Palestinian elections (Middle East Monitor, 2 October 2020)

Normalisation with Israel: The view from the Arab Maghreb countries (Al Araby, 3 October 2020)

The Lancet censors Gaza health letter after pro-Israel pressure (Electronic Intifada, 1 October 2020)

Jalil Muntaqim: Support of Palestine is not anti-Semitic (SF Bay View, 3 October 2020)

The Real Cancel Culture: Pro-Israel Blacklists (The Intercept, 4 October 2020)

Jerusalem Post took government money to publish anti-BDS special (+972mag, 4 October 2020)

Shrugging off global outcry, Israel moves to build 4,500 settler units (PRESSTV, 4 October 2020)

The Palestinians need an alternative vision (Al Jazeera, 3 October 2020)

The Bipartisan Consensus in Defense of Israeli Occupation Will Not Hold (Jacobin Magazine, October 2020)

Washington: ‘Normalisation serves Israel better than annexation’ (Middle East Monitor, 3 October 2020)

Sudan, Oman postpone normalising ties with Israel until after US elections (Middle East Monitor, 3 October 2020)

Coronavirus being used to intimidate Palestinians inside Israeli prisons (Middle East Eye, 2 October 2020)

Columbia students voted overwhelmingly to divest from Israel, and president responds dismissively — Rashid Khalidi (Mondoweiss, 3 October 2020)

Israel forces arrest senior Hamas leader in West Bank (Middle East Monitor, 3 October 2020)

Palestine condemns Israel’s plan to build 5,400 new settlement units (Middle East Monitor, 3 October 2020)

How An App Funded By Sheldon Adelson Is Covertly Influencing The Online Conversation About Israel (BuzzFeed News, 1 October 2020)

Repression of speech and scholarship on Palestine needs to end (Al Jazeera, 1 October 2020)

Israel’s army of archaeological looters (+972mag, 1 October 2020)

Behind the lens: Remembering Muhammad al-Durrah, 20 years on (Al Jazeera, 30 September 2020)

Legal group demands Israel end impunity for killing of Palestinian citizens (Middle East Eye, 1 October 2020)

Palestinian Narratives have been Exploited to Validate International Designs on Palestine (Palestine Chronicle, 1 October 2020)

The UN dismisses Palestinian activism to protect Israel (Middle East Monitor, 1 October 2020)

‘Cautiously optimistic’: Palestinian factions unite on elections (Al Jazeera, 30 September 2020)

Palestinian Teen Shot by Israeli Forces, in Critical Condition (IMEMC, 1 October 2020)

Speech by President Mahmoud Abbas, UN General Assembly, 25 September 2020

'The wrong sort of Jew': How Labour pursued complaints against elderly Jewish opponents of Israel (Richard Sanders, Middle East Eye, 24 September 2020)

Fatah, Hamas say deal reached on Palestinian elections (Al Jazeera, 24 September 2020)

Amidst F-35 to UAE rumors, Esper pledges to support Israeli edge (Defense News, 22 September 2020)

Redefining anti-Semitism on Facebook (Al Jazeera, 22 September 2020)

ICC closes door on Gaza flotilla probe (Electronic Intifada, 19 September 2020)

Israeli cops thought the Palestinian shepherd stole a car. So they shot him in the head (Gideon Levy & Alex Levac, Haaretz, 18 September 2020)

Bahraini opposition blasts normalization deal with Israel (Times of Israel, 12 September 2020)

The killing of a Bedouin man is a weapon in Netanyahu’s war for survival (+972, 9 September 2020)

West Bank demolitions and displacement: August 2020 (UN OCHR)

Normalisation by Gulf States is different (Middle East Monitor, 30 September 2020)

Israel’s war industry embraces Emirates with open arms (Electronic Intifada, 29 September 2020)

Palestine in Pictures: September 2020 (Electronic Intifada, 30 September 2020)

Students at two universities just voted to divest from Israel (Mondoweis, 30 September 2020)

West Bank village celebrates end of 20-year-old Israeli roadblock (Al Monitor, 1 October 2020)

Home learning in Gaza hindered by blackouts and poverty (Reuters, 30 September 2020)

EU members of Security Council call for resumption of Israeli-Palestinian talks (Xinhua, 30 September 2020)

Two Palestinian-owned Homes Demolished by Israeli Forces in Jordan Valley (IMEMC News, 30 September 2020)

UN: Israel has demolished over 500 Palestinian buildings so far this year (Middle East Monitor, 29 September 2020)

Palestinians Tell Stories About Their Youth in Israeli Jails (Al Bawaba, 29 September 2020)

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How to create the conditions for progress in Israel and Palestine (Daniel Levy, European Council on Foreign Relations, 29 July 2020)

US pro-Israel group raises $400,000 to boost Ilhan Omar’s primary challenger (Times Of Israel, 30 July 2020)

US Democrats reject restrictions on military aid to Israel (Middle East Monitor, 29 July 2020)

Coveney expresses concern to Mike Pompeo and Israeli foreign minister about annexation plans (The Journal, 29 July 2020)

Annexation aims to cut Palestinians out of Israel’s demographic equation (972mag, 28 July 2020)

Israel is ridiculous, antiquated and based on lies about other people’s land, Seth Rogen says, but he’s afraid to tell other Jews (Mondoweisse, 28 July 2020)

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UK Labour party teeters on brink of civil war over antisemitism (Mondoweiss, 27 July 2020)

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International scientists and academics launch call for Prof. Imad Barghouthi’s freedom (Samidoun, 25 July 2020)

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US Democrats reject push to acknowledge Israeli occupation in 2020 platform (Middle East Eye, 27 July 2020)

Present Absences: A century of struggle in Palestine. (The Nation, 27 July 2020)

COVID-19 and the absence of Israeli-Palestinian coordination spell grim fate for Gaza cancer patients (Haaretz, 24 July 2020)

11 European foreign ministers urge EU to list options to 'deter' Israeli annexation (Haaretz, 14 July 2020)

For 17 years, this Bedouin family lived behind a Jordan Valley monastery. Then Israeli abuse began (Haaretz, 12 July 2020)

Yes, it’s Israeli apartheid. Even without annexation (Haaretz, 9 July 2020)

Despite coronavirus outbreak Israel ramps up demolition of West Bank Palestinian homes in June (B'Tselem, 6 July 2020)

Johnson: As Israel's friend, I urge you not to annex (Ynetnews, 1 July 2020)

Israel created legal ‘blackhole’ in Gaza; int’l community must intervene to ensure accountability and justice for Palestinian victims (Adalah, 26 July 2020)

A young man left London to join Israel's army because he wanted to defend the Jewish people but now believes the treatment of Palestinians is morally wrong (Business Insider, 26 July 2020)

Dovish former MKs urge US Democrats to ‘reject occupation’ in platform (Times Of Israel, 26 July 2020)

Annexation will threaten region’s water and food security, report says (Times Of Israel, 26 July 2020)

The cultural importance of Peter Beinart (Mondoweiss, 26 July 2020)

Israel extends detention of Jerusalem governor (Middle East Monitor, 25 July 2020)

Once again, Israel lobby tries to smear Ilhan Omar for criticism of donors (Mondoweiss, 24 July 2020)

Revenge against Palestinians is understandable, Israeli judge says in acquitting two security officers who attacked innocent man (Mondoweiss, 21 July 2020)

Keir Starmer hints at Labour retreat on Israel sanctions (Electronic Intifada, 24 July 2020)

About Printed in Jerusalem Exhibition (YouTube, 24 July 2020)

Beyond the Apartheid Analogy: Time to Reframe Our Palestinian Struggle (Al Shabaka, 13 Jan 2015)

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Palestinian minor kidnapped by undercover Israel soldiers (Middle East Monitor, 24 July 2020)

Brits to ride for Gaza children in ‘The Big Ride for Palestine 2020’ (Middle East Monitor, 24 July 2020)

Coronavirus: Israeli court rules Palestinian prisoners have no right to social distancing (Middle East Eye, 24 July 2020)

When it comes to Covid-19 and colonisation, the UN surpasses its usual duplicity (Middle East Monitor, 23 July 2020)

Israeli Settlements in the West Bank: Why Palestine is More Vulnerable Than Ever (International Ppolicy Digest, 24 July 2020)

US’ Greenblatt: Earmark land for future Palestine state in return for annexation approval (Middle East Monitor, 23 July 2020)

One-state solution to Israeli-Palestinian conflict possible, Jordan suggests (Irish Times, 23 July 2020)

Annexation Beyond the Discourse of One State and Two-States (Rosa Luxemburg, 23 July 2020)

How Israel obstructs COVID-19 care in East Jerusalem (Electronic Intifada, 23 July 2020)

At Security Council Meeting, China Warns Israel Against West Bank Annexation (Haaretz, 22 July 2020)

Kuwait calls on UNSC to stop Israel crimes against Palestinians (Middle East Monitor, 23 July 2020)

Canadian BDS Coalition wants Trudeau to strip B'nai B'rith of charitable status and ban the JDL (The Canada Files, 14 July 2020)

UN: COVID-19 efforts hampered amid Israeli-Palestinian breakdown (Al Jazeera, 22 July 2020)

Jewish Settlers Block West Bank Road, Attack Palestinian Cars (Palestine Chronicle, 22 July 2020)

Israel said it had a firefight during Gaza’s Return March. Where’s the evidence? (972mag, 22 July 2020)

Cracks in the US consensus on Israel should worry Tel Aviv (The National, 22 July 2020)

Ashrawi condemns Israel’s targeting of cultural and heritage sites (Middle East Monitor, 23 July 2020)

Israel’s list of compromised officials suggests their guilt of war crimes (Middle East Monitor, 21 July 2020)

Inconclusive Investigations and Psychological Trauma Cultivate Israel’s Impunity (Palestine Chronicle, 22 July 2020)

Escorted by heavily armed police, Israel demolishes livelihood of local fisherman in Jisr al-Zarqa (Mondoweiss, 22 July 2020)

Israel’s Jewish National Fund is uprooting Palestinians – not planting trees (Mondoweiss, 22 July 2020)

British Jews must take the anti-occupation fight to our leaders (972mag, 22 July 2020)

Taoiseach insists Occupied Territories Bill breaches EU law (Irish Times, 21 July 2020)

Calls for Google to put Palestine back on the map (Middle East Monitor, 21 July 2020)

41 former Israeli security officials thank Dems for opposing annexation (Times Of Israel, 21 July 2020)

U.S. Stands Alone on Israel Annexation Plan As China Backs Palestinians (Newsweek, 21 July 2020)

‘Total poverty’: Bedouins in Israel struggle to get by under pandemic (972mag, 21 July 2020)

Constant surveilance: Israeli drones over Gaza (Middle East Eye, 21 July 2020)

Israel’s Annexation Plan Is the Latest Stage in a Long History of Violent Dispossession (Jacobin, 20 July 2020)

Whether Israel annexes the West Bank or not, a two-state solution is no longer viable (Guardian, 20 July 2020)

Jordan could 'look positively' on one-state solution if Palestinian-Israeli rights equal (Guardian, 21 July 2020)

Israel soldiers destroy Palestinian coronavirus testing centre (Middle East Monitor, 20 July 2020)

The return of apartheid, Israeli style (Middle East Monitor, 20 July 2020)

Palestinians accuse Israel of stealing 1500-year-old Christian relic from Bethlehem (Middle East Eye, 20 July 2020)

International pressure is mounting over Israel’s planned annexation of the Jordan Valley (The Canary, 20 July 2020)

Bethlehem: Israeli army seizes ancient baptismal font (Independent Catholic News, 20 July 2020)

Jewish National Fund works hand in glove with Israeli military (Electronic Intifada, 20 July 2020)

Israeli forces’ collective punishment through children’s eyes (DCI Palestine, 17 July 2020)

Netanyahu’s plan for West Bank annexation hit by delays (Irish Times, 19 July 2020)

Good news from Washington: AIPAC, Israel losing to progressive Democrats (Arab American News, 19 July 2020)

Biden stays right on Israel, scrubbing ‘occupation’ from platform (Mondoweiss, 17 July 2020)

Missouri Becomes 30th US State to Punish Boycotts for Palestinian Freedom (Palestine Legal, 14 July 2020)

Annexation and Apartheid Have Been the Plan From Day One (WRMEA, July 2020)

Israel ‘relieved’ as ICC adjourns war crimes probe (Middle East Monitor, 18 July 2020)

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The deal of the century is unpalatable for both Israel and Palestine (Middle East Monitor, 17 July 2020)

Netherlands to fine store for selling wine from West Bank as ‘Made in Israel’ (Middle East Monitor, 16 July 2020)

PA: 23 EU countries stand with Palestine against annexation (Middle East Monitor, 16 July 2020)

Israel halts construction of West Bank COVID-19 field hospital, threatens demolition (Mondoweiss, 16 July 2020)

Yes, It’s Israeli Apartheid. Even Without Annexation (Jewish Voice For Labour, 10 July 2020)

UK calls for dialogue over Israeli annexation plan (Arab News, 15 July 2020)

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Missouri, Oklahoma pass anti-BDS laws during pandemic (Electronic Intifada, 16 July 2020)

What would Israeli annexation of parts of the West Bank mean for Palestinians? (Guardian, 12 July 2020)

Israel Forms Secret List of Hundreds of Officials Who May Stand Trial at International Court (Haaretz, 16 July 2020)

France: Over 100 MPs Call for Sanctions against Israel, Recognition of Palestine (IQNA, 16 July 2020)

Farmer shot by Israeli settlers (Electronic Intifada, 15 July 2020)

83 Organisations Send Urgent Appeal to UN Special Procedures on the Wilful Killing of Ahmad Erekat, Urging International Justice and Accountability for Israel’s Shoot-to-Kill Policy (Jadaliyya, 14 July 2020)

A pat on the back for condemning anti-Arab racism (972mag, 15 July 2020)

Netanyahu aide said to admit US in no mood for annexation, so PM won’t go ahead (Times Of Israel, 14 July 2020)

Israel regrets withdrawing from Gaza (Middle East Monitor, 14 July 2020)

West Bank Annexation: International Rhetoric vs. Action (Chatham House, 14 July 2020)

Good news from Washington: AIPAC, Israel losing to progressive Democrats (Middle East Monitor, 14 July 2020)

Bella Hadid’s deleted Instagram post shows how Palestinians are silenced (Guardian, 15 July 2020)

Biden’s New Jewish Outreach Director Says Trump Is Dangerous for Israel (Haaretz, 15 July 2020)

The U.S. struggle for justice for Palestine begins a new chapter (Mondoweiss, 14 July 2020)

European ministers seek options to stop West Bank annexation (Guardian, 14 July 2020)

After settlers establish outpost, Israeli army blocks road to Palestinians (972mag, 14 July 2020)

Israel Pushing Massive Tree Planting in Negev to Deny Lands to Bedouin (Haaretz, 14 July 2020)

To resolve the Palestinian question we need to end colonialism (Al Jazeera, 13 July 2020)

European countries need to recognise the Palestinian state before it's too late (Guardian, 12 July 2020)

Israel: ‘Our relations with Arab states do not depend on peace with Palestine’ (Middle East Monitor, 11 July 2020)

Annexation will turn Palestinians into Israel’s modern day slaves (Middle East Monitor, 10 July 2020)

Israel lobby clashes with US Democrats over Netanyahu's annexation plan (Middle East Eye, 10 July 2020)

‘How can a Palestinian feel a sense of equality in a Judaizing state?’ (+972mag, 12 July 2020)

Palestine: Prison death spotlights Palestinian plight in Israel (Muslim News, 12 July 2020)

West Bank village mourns Palestinian killed by Israeli forces on nighttime stroll (Middle East Eye, 10 July 2020)

Israel is Becoming Terrified of the U.S. Empire's Decline (OpEdNews, 9 July 2020)

Hundreds gather for funeral of Palestinian shot by Israeli troops (Reuters, 10 July 2020)

Israeli Forces Injure Many Palestinians at Protests Across the West Bank (IMEMCnews, 11 July 2020)

Holy Land: Clergy warn of catastrophe if Israel annexation plan proceeds (ICN, 9 July 2020)

‘An illegitimate regime’: How a top rights group shed Israeli myths to recognize apartheid (+972mag, 9 July 2020)

Nicaragua rejects Israel’s annexation plans, stands with Palestine (Middle East Monitor, 10 July 2020)

The art of the anti-annexation protests (Mondoweiss, 10 July 2020)

US congressional committee moves to restore aid to Palestinians (Al Jazeera, 9 July 2020)

Civil Society and the Question of Palestine (Reliefweb, 10 July 2020)

Academic freedom, boycott and the question of Palestine (Irish Times, 10 July 2020)

Progressive pro-Israel groups back Senate amendment to ban US aid on annexation (Times Of Israel, 10 July 2020)

Palestinian man fatally shot by Israeli forces in West Bank (Middle East Eye, 9 July 2020)

Israel fears meetings between senior Fatah and Hamas representatives (Middle East Monitor, 9 July 2020)

Instagram apologises for deleting Bella Hadid’s post celebrating Palestinian identity (Middle East Monitor, 9 July 2020)

Israeli soldiers shoot dead Palestinian young man in West Bank: health ministry (Xinhua, 10 July 2020)

Home demolitions spike ahead of annexation (Electronic Intifada, 7 July 2020)

AIPAC rebukes Democrats again for bill to keep US aid out of annexation (Al Monitor, 7 July 2020)

West Bank: annexation is not a solution (EEAS, 8 July 2020)

Int’l opposition to Israel annexation must not be underestimated, warns Israel official (Middle East Monitor, 9 July 2020)

Jordan, Turkey, Germany, France, Russia and Egypt reject Israeli move to annex West Bank (The Nation, 8 July 2020)

Hamas hails UNESCO decisions in favour of Palestine (Middle East Monitor, 9 July 2020)

Dutch parliament votes to impose sanctions on Israel if it annexes West Bank (Middle East Monitor, 1 July 2020)

Why Palestinian rights groups reject EU funding conditions (Al Jazeera, 7 July 2020)

The Palestinians' historic connection to Jerusalem must also be recognized (Jerusalem Post, 8 July 2020)

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On Israel’s bizarre definitions: The West Bank is already annexed (Middle East Monitor, 7 July 2020)

Israel is a settler colony, annexing native land is what it does (Al Jazeera, 7 July 2020)

Palestinian prisoner Saadi al-Gharably dies in Israeli prison (Middle East Eye, 6 July 2020)

Israel annexation plan: Jordan, Egypt, France and Germany warn of 'consequences' (Middle East Eye, 7 July 2020)

Crowd gathers outside Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner's Washington DC home to protest his talks involving Israeli occupation of the West Bank (Daily Mail, 7 July 2020)

Palestine: The Madness of Netanyahu's Annexation Plan (The Wire, 7 July 2020)

Why is Israel Suddenly Backtracking on Annexation? (Al Bawaba, 7 July 2020)

Young Gaza amputees play soccer again after coronavirus curbs eased (Middle East Monitor, 7 July 2020)

The annexation conversation is far from over (The National UAE, 6 July 2020)

Israel to build 164 more settlement units in occupied West Bank (Middle East Monitor, 6 July 2020)

Israel Will Continue Its Campaign of Dividing and Conquering Palestinians, Annexation or Not (Haaretz, 6 July 2020)

German parliament slammed by pro-Israel groups over anti-annexation bill (Middle East Monitor, 6 July 2020)

Palestine ready for talks based on UN resolutions (Anadolu Agency, 6 July 2020)

Palestine calls on Israel to restrict travel to West Bank as virus numbers spike (Middle East Monitor, 6 July 2020)

The Palestinian Authority is incapable of slowing annexation, but the Joint List could stop it from within (Mondoweiss, 6 July 2020)

The mechanics of Israel’s annexation in the West Bank (Mondoweiss, 6 July 2020)

AIPAC opposes act prohibiting Israel from using US funds for annexation (Jerusalem Post, 7 July 2020)

Senate Dems introduce amendment that would block Israel from using U.S. funds for annexation (Mondoweiss, 6 July 2020)

Settlers Take Over Another Home in Silwan (Peace Now, 1 July 2020)

‘That’s the point of the checkpoint, to remind you they’re always there’ (+972mag, 6 July 2020)

Israeli Jets Bomb Sites in Gaza, Strike Palestinian Dairy Farm (VIDEO) (Palestine Chronicle, 6 July 2020)

Oppose apartheid, not just annexation (The Electronic Intifada, 6 July 2020)

Israel feels exposed as U.S. drops satellite-imaging cap (Reuters, 6 July 2020)

The Problem With Israel’s Annexation Is Its Brutality, Not Its Optics (In These Times, 1 July 2020)

Annexation not practical at the moment, says outgoing Defense Ministry chief (Times Of Israel, 5 July 2020)

Biggest Dutch pension fund dumps Israeli banks (Electronic Intifada, 6 July 2020)

Israel Postpones Plan to Expand Sovereignty Over Parts of West Bank (Sputnik News, 6 July 2020)

Ex-Knesset speaker: Trump stopped West Bank annexation (Middle East Monitor, 5 July 2020)

A letter to Joe Biden: Stop your blind support for Israel (Middle East Eye, 4 July 2020)

Annexation: What happened (and didn’t) on July 1? (+972mag, 3 July 2020)

EU spreads more lies about BDS (Electronic Intifada, 3 July 2020)

Jewish Settlers Torch Palestinian Olive Tree Fields in Northern West Bank (Palestine Chronicle, 4 July 2020)

When My Daughter Called Israel an Apartheid State, I Objected. Now, I'm Not So Sure (Haaretz, 5 July 2020)

'Wake-up call to the world': Pal Expo 2020 digital event dominated by annexation fears (Middle East Eye, 5 July 2020)

In West Bank settlements, money is on an annexation real estate boom (Times Of Israel, 6 July 2020)

If Israel’s planned annexation goes ahead, can any response make a difference? (ABC, 6 July 2020)

Fatah and Hamas announce deal to oppose annexation jointly (Irish Times, 3 July 2020)

Annexation: What exactly happened? (Mondoweiss, 3 July 2020)

Abbas adviser warns of third intifada if Israel goes ahead with annexation (Times Of Israel, 4 July 2020)

Israeli court awards Jerusalem church properties to settlers (Electronic Intifada, 3 July 2020)

In Gaza, families plead for help after two infants die awaiting permits for medical treatment in Israel (Mondoweiss, 3 July 2020)

Palestinians file ICC complaint against Trump, Kushner and Netanyahu over annexation (Mondoweiss, 3 July 2020)

How Israel's propaganda war has silenced Europe (Middle East Eye, 3 July 2020)

9 ‘Palestinians will not raise the white flag’ says Palestine Archbishop Atallah Hanna (Middle East Monitor, 4 July 2020)

Israel’s 'annexation' plan only supported by US (Anadolu Agency, 3 July 2020)

For Palestinian journalists, violent attacks by Israeli forces come with the job (Middle East Eye, 4 July 2020)

Johnson's diplomatic advice to Netanyahu and the UK's stance on Hong Kong and Palestine (Middle East Monitor, 4 July 2020)

EU Foreign Affairs Chief 'up for' an EU wide ban on imports from Occupied Territories (Billy Kelleher, 2 July 2020)

Clonmel activists to lobby government on Occupied Territories Bill (Tipperary Live, 2 July 2020)

Vatican warns against West Bank annexation (The Tablet, 1 July 2020)

Israeli annexation a 'final nail in the coffin' of Palestine (Al Jazeera, 1 July 2020)

Annexation (even when delayed) is the great truth teller on Israel/Palestine (Patheos, 1 July 2020)

The beltway consensus on aid to Israel is finally being challenged (Mondoweiss, 2 July 2020)

Israel/OPT: 10 things you need to know about 'annexation' (Amnesty, 2 July 2020)

How Netanyahu Silenced Israel’s Spies and Soldiers From Dissenting on Annexation (Haaretz, 2 July 2020)

Recognizing the state of Palestine is the only appropriate response to Israeli annexation (Washington Post, 2 July 2020)

How did we get here on Israel’s annexation plan? It’s all in the Balfour Declaration (Independent, 3 July 2020)

Israeli annexation would cement existing reality of one-state 'apartheid' (Middle East Eye, 1 July 2020)

US team leaves Israel without agreement on annexation date (Middle East Monitor, 1 July 2020)

Israel annexation plan: The world is more than just a silent partner (Middle East Eye, 2 July 2020)

While Netanyahu Keeps Annexation Alive, Palestinians Close Ranks (Haaretz, 4 July 2020)

Settlers assault Palestinians on their own land, as Israeli soldiers watch (Haaretz, 26 June 2020)

Israel's Annexation Excuses are All Factually, Legally and Logically Wrong (Newsweek, 30 June 2020)

Netanyahu misses target date for annexation of Palestinian territories (Irish Times, 1 July 2020)

Democrats call for aid cut to Israel over annexation (Electronic Intifada, 30 June 2020)

If Annexation Doesn't Happen in July, It Won't Happen at All, Israeli Settler Leaders Fear (Haaretz, 2 July 2020)

‘Enough of this nonsense’ — Klutznick says US Jews should turn on Israel if it takes another ‘scintilla’ of land (Mondoweiss, 29 June 2020)

The Guardian view on Israel and annexation: unlawful, unwise and immoral (Guardian, 30 June 2020)

‘Gaza is a one-way ticket’: How Israel’s relocation policy is separating Palestinian communities (+972mag, 30 June 2020)

Fresh complaint submitted to ICC over US-Israel war crimes in Palestine (Middle East Monitor, 30 June 2020)

Netanyahu’s Taken It Too Far (Haaretz, 2 July 2020)

J St U alums tell the Zionist org its strategy hasn’t worked, it’s time to reduce aid to Israel over annexation (Mondoweiss, 30 June 2020)

For Palestinians, From Hebron to Nablus, Annexation Is Already Here (Haaretz, 30 June 2020)

Palestinians are fighting to dismantle apartheid, not just annexation (+972mag, 29 June 2020)

UK criticised for ‘lacklustre’ response to Israel’s West Bank plans (Guardian, 29 June 2020)

Netanyahu’s annexation plan in disarray as Gantz calls for delay (Guardian, 29 June 2020)

Israeli leaders at odds over West Bank annexation plan (Washington Post, 29 June 2020)

Fatah embraces Hamas plea for accord to face occupation (MENAFN, 29 June 2020)

Netanyahu’s West Bank Plan: Four Scenarios Israel Could Follow to Extend Its Sovereignty (Sputnik News, 29 June 2020)

Keir Starmer's ‘antisemitism’ sacking is a signal that Israel is safe in his hands (Middle East Eye, 29 June 2020)

Erekat Family Statement on the Extrajudicial Killing of Its Son, Ahmad Erekat (Jadaliyya, 29 June 2020)

Israel's Gantz said date for West Bank annexation talks 'not sacred' (Reuters, 28 June 2020)

Soldiers Invade Home Of Slain Palestinian In Occupied Jerusalem (IMEMC, 28 June 2020)

Abbas refuses to accept phone call from Pompeo (Middle East Monitor, 29 June 2020)

Irish-Palestinian singer Roisin El Cherif releases 'Cross Your Mind' (Hotpress, 29 June 2020)

‘I feel sad, helpless:’ 6 Palestinians on the prospect of Israel annexing the West Bank (Forward, 29 June 2020)

A former top IDF law expert questions the benefits of annexation (Times of Israel, 29 June 2020)

Israel’s illegal annexation plans for Palestine, ‘disastrous’ for wider Middle East (UN News, 29 June 2020)

Israel’s annexation plan for West Bank (Irish Times, 29 June 2020)

Explainer: Israel's annexation plan for occupied West Bank (Al Jazeera, 28 June 2020)

South Africa's stance on the Israel-Palestine situation is guided by international law (Independent Online SA, 28 June 2020)

Jewish Settlers Set Fire to Palestinian Fields near Nablus (Palestine Chronicle, 28 June 2020)

Everyone loses from Netanyahu’s territorial ambitions (Guardian, 28 June 2020)

Why aren't Jordanians protesting against Israeli annexation plan? (Middle East Eye, 28 June 2020)

Splits among advisers emerge as Donald Trump mulls stance on Israeli West Bank annexation (Telegraph, 28 June 2020)

Amman Appears to have Stopped the Jordan Valley Annexation – but No One is Celebrating (The Media Line, 28 June 2020)

Palestinian Baby Dies After Israel Denies Permit for Medical Treatment (IMEMC, 23 June 2020)

Fatah welcomes Hamas call for unity to face annexation (Anadolu Agency, 28 June 2020)

Fight Annexation on Moral Grounds (Haaretz, 28 June 2020)

Civil Society Submit Appeal to UN Special Procedures Urging Access for Gaza Patients (Relief Web, 28 June 2020)

Creating apartheid enclaves in Palestine and IHK (Pakistan Daily Times, 28 June 2020)

No to Israeli annexation (Léargas, 26 June 2020)

Israeli Withholding of Slain Palestinian Bodies, Immoral (IMEMC, 27 June 2020)

Israeli forces arrest student while on her way to graduation ceremony (Quds Network News, 27 June 2020)

Lisa Nandy urges ban on imports of West Bank goods (Guardian, 27 June 2020)

Israel to begin limited annexation of West Bank territories (Irish Times, 26 June 2020)

Palestine urges Gantz to halt annexation of West Bank (Anadolu Agency, 27 June 2020)

Tzipi Livni: Annexation of West Bank a ‘historic mistake’(Middle East Monitor, 27 June 2020)

The UK and world must act to stop Israeli Apartheid (Middle East Monitor, 26 June 2020)

'We demand change': US Palestinians issue list of principles for candidates (Middle East Eye, 28 June 2020)

Annexation in Palestine and Netanyahu's calculus (Al Jazeera, 28 June 2020)

Israel's cabinet meets to finalise annexation plans (Guardian, 28 June 2020)

Tough choices for Hamas over Israeli annexation plans (Times Of India, 28 June 2020)

Will Israel seize the moment to bury the two-state solution? (Irish Times, 27 June 2020)

Palestine and Israel: Mapping an annexation (Al Jazeera, 26 June 2020)

Belgium votes on recognising State of Palestine, imposing sanctions on Israel (Middle East Monitor, 25 June 2020)

Belgium calls for sanctions against Israel if it annexes West Bank (Middle East Eye, 26 June 2020)

How Is Biden Different From Trump When It Comes To Palestine? (Real News Network, 26 June 2020)

UN Security Council seat defeat a rebuke of Canada's anti-Palestine tilt (Rabble, 26 June 2020)

The dangers of driving under Israeli apartheid (+972mag, 26 June 2020)

UN envoy blames Palestinians for death of Gaza baby (Electronic Intifada, 25 June 2020)

EU funds Israel’s spies (Electronic Intifada, 26 June 2020)

Despite pro-Palestinian bent, Dublin resists threatening Israel over annexation (Times Of Israel, 25 June 2020)

Trump will bless Israeli annexation of 2 ‘population centers’ on West Bank and cite Bush letter of ’04– Israeli diplomat (Mondoweiss, 25 June 2020)

US Jews will ‘pay a special price’ for annexation as ‘we are held responsible for Israeli policies’ — Greenblatt (Mondoweiss, 25 June 2020)

Arab Parliament rejects Israel's annexation plans in occupied West Bank (Egypt Today, 25 June 2020)

Annexation could extinguish Palestinian hope. That’s dangerous. (Washington Post, 25 June 2020)

Belgium votes on recognising State of Palestine, imposing sanctions on Israel (Middle East Monitor, 25 June 2020)

Israeli teens to Netanyahu: ‘Stop annexation as soon as possible’ (+972mag, 25 June 2020)

Saeb Erekat: Stop treating Israel as a state above the law and end annexation (Middle East Eye, 25 June 2020)

Mizrahi-washing: The new face of Israeli propaganda (+972mag, 25 June 2020)

For Netanyahu, Annexation May Spell Little Gain, and Lots of Pain (Haaretz, 26 June 2020)

US's decision could push Israel toward another election (Israel Hayom, 25 June 2020)

Palestinians in Jordan Valley Fear Annexation Would Choke Off Their Villages (New York Times, 24 June 2020)

'A cop out': Calls for government to take a stand as over 100 Irish politicians sign letter opposing West Bank annexation (The Journal, 24 June 2020)

Palestinian rights are also ‘non-negotiable’, Chancellor Merkel (Middle East Monitor, 24 June 2020)

Belgium to vote on recognizing Palestinian state, sanctions on Israel (Jerusalem Post, 24 June 2020)

‘Silicon Wadi’: Israel’s latest plans to impose control over Jerusalem’s occupied Old City (Middle East Eye, 24 June 2020)

Progressive Democrats push for changes to US Israel policies (Al Jazeera, 24 June 2020)

With annexation plan looming, Israel grapples with reality of apartheid (Middle East Eye, 24 June 2020)

Trump Administration Says It's Up To Israel To Annex Parts Of West Bank (NPR, 24 June 2020)

Gantz’s Comments on Palestinians Shatter Left-wing Hopes He Will Halt Annexation (Haaretz, 24 June 2020)

‘If you take the land, you must give people citizenship’ (+972mag, 24 June 2020)

Israel’s Netanyahu seeks to have his cake and eat it too (Financial Times, 24 June 2020)

UN, Arab League call on Israel to drop annexation plans (Al Jazeera, 25 June 2020)

U.S. Weighs Israel Annexation Plan as Criticism Grows in Congress, U.N. (Wall Street Journal, 24 June 2020)

Israel annexation: New border plans leave Palestinians in despair (BBC News, 25 June 2020)

Annexation is still inadmissible, even by Israel (Middle East Monitor, 24 June 2020)

Palestinian Shot Dead by Israeli Police in East Jerusalem Checkpoint After Suspected Attack (Haaretz, 24 June 2020)

Israel West Bank annexation rejected by European MPs in letter (BBC News, 24 June 2020)

Israeli forces kill Palestinian at occupied West Bank checkpoint (Al Jazeera, 24 June 2020)

Chokehold on diplomat exposes Israel’s special type of apartheid (Mondoweiss, 23 June 2020)

Israeli forces kill young Palestinian en route to his sister's wedding (Middle East Eye, 24 June 2020)

PLO’s Erekat says cop ‘executed’ cousin en route to pick up sister for wedding (Times Of Israel, 24 June 2020)

Nephew of top Palestinian official shot dead by Israeli soldiers (The National, 24 June 2020)

UN chief urges Israel to back away from West Bank annexation (The Guardian, 24 June 2020)

Liberal Zionism paved the Israeli right's path to annexation (+972 Magazine, 23 June 2020)

Vexed by annexation: The battle inside the EU over Israel (Reuters, 23 June 2020)

Trump aides begin discussions on Israel's West Bank annexation plan (Middle East Monitor, 24 June 2020)

Israel's annexation? - the EU's options (EU Observer, 24 June 2020)

GOP lawmakers voice support for Israeli plan to annex areas in West Bank (The Hill, 22 June 2020)

In chilling procedure, soldiers ambush Palestinian laborers, shoot them and break arm of 15-year-old (B'Tselem, 18 June 2020)

Palestinians Renew Call to Boycott Israeli Facial Recognition Company AnyVision (BDS Movement, 22 June 2020)

Israeli demolitions in Palestine 'increase by 250 percent' in just two weeks, UN warns (Al Araby, 22 June 2020)

Odds against West Bank annexation under Trump’s ‘Deal of Century’ (GEO TV, 22 June 2020)

Israel builds new settler-only road near Bethlehem to link settlements (Middle East Monitor, 23 June 2020)

Thousands of Palestinians protest against Israeli annexation plan (Al Jazeera, 22 June 2020)

Church and political leaders express concern over Israel’s West Bank annexation plans (Vatican News, 22 June 2020)

Will Canada’s Security Council loss trigger change? (Mondoweiss, 22 June 2020)

UN: 90 Palestinians homeless as Israel demolishes 70 buildings in 2 weeks (Middle East Monitor, 22 June 2020)

Trump, Biden urged to show balance in Palestine-Israel policies (Arab News, 23 June 2020)

Why Israel’s annexation of parts of the West Bank would be a historic mistake (Washington Post, 22 June 2020)

In Hebron, protecting Palestinians is not an Israeli soldier’s job (+972mag, 22 June 2020)

Top Trump officials to hold two key meetings to discuss Israel's annexation plans (Middle East Monitor, 21 June 2020)

White House to discuss this week whether to approve Israeli annexations (Axios, 20 June 2020)

Israeli Military Issues Stop Work Orders for Palestinian-owned Homes, Barns in West Bank (IMEMC, 22 June 2020)

Palestinians Fear Israeli Annexation Could Further Limit Dead Sea Access (New York Times, 21 June 2020)

Gantz urges 'small-scale' sovereignty bid, coordinated with Jordan (Israel Hayom, 21 June 2020)

By recognising Palestine, Britain can help right the wrongs of the Balfour declaration (Guardian, 22 June 2020)

Canada’s embarrassment at U.N. shows there’s a price for bowing to Israel lobby (Mondoweiss, 21 June 2020)

Report: White House to Hold Key Meeting on Israel’s Annexation (Hamodia, 20 June 2020)

Engel bragged, ‘I sit down with AIPAC on every piece of legislation’ coming out of Foreign Affairs Committee (Mondoweiss, 20 June 2020)

Giving Palestinians citizenship doesn’t make Israel any less colonial (+972Mag, 21 June 2020)

Palestinians fear displacement from an annexed Jordan Valley (Al Jazeera, 19 June 2020)

Outrage as hardliner is chosen as next Israeli ambassador to UK (Guardian, 20 June 2020)

The situation in Palestine: Where has the ICC erred? (Middle East Monitor, 20 June 2020)

Netanyahu: Putin saved Israel from UNSC resolution to create Palestine state (Middle East Monitor, 16 June 2020)

Ron Dermer: We must stop pursuing a two-state illusion and commit to a realistic two-state solution (Washington Post, 19 June 2020)

Israelizing the American police, Palestinianizing the American people (Mondoweiss, 19 June 2020)

Palestinians win damages over 'Labour anti-Semitism' libel (Electronic Intifada, 19 June 2020)

Israeli military detention disrupts Palestinian students’ secondary school final exams (DCI Palestine, 17 June 2020)

Palestinians fear displacement from an annexed Jordan Valley (Al Jazeera, 19 June 2020)

Israeli security chiefs warn that annexation could ignite the West Bank (Al-Monitor, 19 June 2020)

Israel blocks local West Bank roads leading to the Jordan Valley (Middle East Monitor, 19 June 2020)

EU’s elder statesman: Annexation flouts biblical tenet ‘Thou shalt not steal’ (Times Of Israel, 19 June 2020)

What needs to be done (Mondoweiss, 19 June 2020)

Israeli war crimes fugitive receives German peace prize (Electronic Intifada, 17 June 2020)

IDF paratrooper gets community service for killing Palestinian (Jerusalem Post, 15 June 2020)

Mixed reaction as Occupied Territories Bill dropped (Irish Catholic, 18 June 2020)

The Palestinian Authority Isn't Gunning for an Intifada. Hamas Might Be a Different Story (Haaretz, 20 June 2020)

Israel settlers set fire to Palestinian fields in West Bank (Middle East Monitor, 18 June 2020)

Winston Churchill’s racist legacy in Palestine (Electronic Intifada, 18 June 2020)

Israel's annexation plans stoke fears of fresh Gaza conflict (Middle East Eye, 18 June 2020)

Israel’s ‘strangling’ of Bethlehem tightens as world debates annexation (+972mag, 18 June 2020)

With the World Focused on the Pandemic, Israel Prepares to Annex Large Swaths of the West Bank (The Intercept, 18 June 2020)

Netanyahu discusses annexation plan with Gantz (Al Jazeera, 19 June 2020)

Report: US administration suspends talks with Israel on annexation plan (Middle East Monitor, 19 June 2020)

Ireland wins seat on UN Security Council following ‘tough’ contest (Irish Times, 17 June 2020)

How European court ruled that BDS protesters have right to call for boycott on Israel (Irish Times, 17 June 2020)

Ireland has won a seat on the UN Security Council for 2021-22 (The Journal, 17 June 2020)

3 former top IDF officers said to reject offer to head annexation headquarters (Times of Israel, 18 June 2020)

Palestinians are tired of proving Israeli apartheid exists (+972Mag, 17 June 2020)

BoJo risks Trump’s anger by standing up to Israel: Prick of conscience or a geopolitical masterplan? (RT, 17 June 2020)

Netanyahu promised to never recognise Palestine state, Likud MK says (Middle East Monitor, 17 June 2020)

US Democrats circulate Israel letter expressing 'concern' over annexation (Middle East Eye, 17 June 2020)

US Democrats warn Netanyahu about Israel’s annexation plan (Middle East Monitor, 17 June 2020)

Israeli court sentences Palestinian child to 10 years in jail (Palestine Info, 16 June 2020)

World should not be silent on Israeli annexation (Financial Times, 16 June 2020)

World Council of Churches calls for EU sanctions on Israel (Middle East Monitor, 15 June 2020)

Excluding the Occupied Territories Bill is ‘a betrayal of Ireland’s most basic ethical and legal obligations’ (The Canary, 16 June 2020)

Palestine- New Irish government reneges on Occupied Territories Bill (MenaFN, 16 June 2020)

Welcome from Jewish leaders after Irish government drops ‘anti-Israel’ Occupied Territories Bill (News Letter UK, 16 June 2020)

Settlement boycott bill left out of new Irish government’s plans (Jerusalem Post, 16 June 2020)

New Irish government reneges on Occupied Territories Bill (Palestine News Network, 15 June 2020)

German party calls for sanctions on Israel (Ali Abunimah, Electronic Intifada, 16 June 2020)

Fake news peddled by Israeli media promotes Netanyahu’s annexation plan (Middle East Monitor, 15 June 2020)

Trump is pushing annexation as political tool to cast Dems as anti-Israel, says J Street expert (Mondoweiss, 16 June 2020)

UN rights experts condemn Israel's annexation plan, US support (Al Jazeera, 16 June 2020)

Israel’s annexation plan: the ‘existential threat’ to Palestinian dreams (Financial Times, 16 June 2020)

For Israel, annexation is saying the quiet part loud (Washington Post, 16 June 2020)

Israel's West Bank annexation plan condemned by UN experts (BBC News, 16 June 2020)

'21st century apartheid': Israel's West Bank annexation plan denounced by UN experts (Middle East Eye, 16 June 2020)

Criticism over lack of reference to Occupied Territories Bill in draft programme for government (The Journal, 15 June 2020)

European Court upholds right to boycott Israel (Ali Abunimah, Electronic Intifada, 11 June 2020)

The kashrut supervisor didn’t believe this cook was Jewish. Now he’s unemployed (Haaretz, 15 June 2020)

In first-ever op-ed for Israeli paper, UAE diplomat warns against annexation (Times of Israel, 12 June 2020)

Netanyahu vows all settlements will be annexed July 1, but other lands may wait (Times of Israel, 8 June 2020)

'He's disabled,' the caregiver screamed. 'I'm with her,' Eyad cried. The cop opened fire anyway (Gideon Levy & Alex Levac, Haaretz, 4 June 2020)

This is Jerusalem: Violence and Dispossession in al-‘Esawiyah (B’Tselem, May 2020)

Remembering Razan al-Najjar, honoring health workers (Electronic Intifada, 1 June 2020)

'Being Black in America shouldn't be a death sentence.' What about being Palestinian? (Gideon Levy, Haaretz, 2 June 2020)

Criticism over lack of reference to Occupied Territories Bill in draft programme for government (The Journal, 15 June 2020)

Programme for government (Irish Times, 15 June 2020)

Chance of West Bank Annexation Is Fading, but Limited Move Still Possible (Haaretz, 16 June 2020)

Amnesty’s initial human rights review of the Programme for Government June 2020 (Amnesty, 15 June 2020)

Flying Checkpoints and Traffic Jams: The Genius of the Israeli Occupation's Architecture (Haaretz, 15 June 2020)

Israeli artillery and aircraft strikes targets in Gaza (Quds News Network, 16 June 2020)

EU urges US to join new Israeli-Palestinian peace push, rejects Trump plan (Times of Israel, 15 June 2020)

Annexation turns Israel lobby against Israeli gov’t (Mondoweiss, 15 June 2020)

Israel builds new Jerusalem road to link settlements (Middle East Monitor, 15 June 2020)

Netanyahu sends his two-state Terminator to UK – Tzipi Hotovely (Mondoweiss, 15 June 2020)

How the GOP brought antisemitism from the margins to the White House (+972mag, 15 June 2020)

Germany's FM warns Israel against West Bank annexation plans (Spiegel, 10 June 2020)

Israel greenlights illegal 'Trump' settlement in Golan Heights (Al Jazeera, 14 June 2020)

Oisín McConville: Gaza echoes bad days of the Troubles (Irish Examiner, 14 June 2020)

Luxembourg sees EU recognising Palestine if Israel 'steals' West Bank (TRTWorld, 14 June 2020)

How Brighton became Labour's Israel-Palestine battleground (Middle East Eye, 11 June 2020)

Abbas Calls for Int’l Coalition Against Annexation (Aawsat, 14 June 2020)

Police Investigating Hebron Settlers Attack on Palestinian, Israeli Soldier (Haaretz, 15 June 2020)

Government formation: Parties move step closer to deal after mammoth 19-hour talks overnight (Irish Examiner, 14 June 2020)

Far-right Israel MK: Negev Bedouins are a 'time bomb' that should be 'defused' (Middle East Monitor, 13 June 2020)

Massive protest against Israel demolition of Islamic cemetery in Yafa (Middle East Monitor, 12 June 2020)

Facebook follows Israel’s script (Electronic Intifada, 12 June 2020)

Palestinian rights group questions AG advice on Occupied Territories Bill (Irish Times, 13 June 2020)

Parallels between Minneapolis and Jerusalem are more than skin deep (Middle East Eye, 11 June 2020)

Occupied Territories Bill: It’s time for Ireland to ban trade with Israel’s illegal settlements (Irish Broad Left, 12 June 2020)

Trump sanctions ICC over investigations into US and Israeli war crimes (Mondoweiss, 12 June 2020)

Netanyahu Won: World Demanded Israel Make Peace, Now It Just Begs It Not to Annex (Haaretz, 13 June 2020)

European Court upholds right to boycott Israel (Electronic Intifada, 11 June 2020)

Israel’s next UK ambassador is a settler extremist (Electronic Intifada, 12 June 2020)

How the US and Israel exchange tactics in violence and control (Al Jazeera, 12 June 2020)

Israel is forcing out Palestine’s watermelon farmers before it takes their land (Middle East Monitor, 12 June 2020)

Massacres as a weapon of ethnic cleansing during the Nakba (Mondoweiss, 12 June 2020)

What would Israeli identity look like without Zionism? (+972Mag, 11 June 2020)

Spain Blocks Sales of Handcuffs, Equipment to Israel Over Human Rights Concerns, Report Says (Haaretz, 10 June 2020)

Another military incursion into a refugee camp, another teen egregiously killed (B’Tselem, 9 June 2020)

Israel's annexation of the West Bank will be yet another tragedy for Palestinians (Guardian, 11 June 2020)

Economic peace as an alternative to political solutions (Middle East Monitor, 11 June 2020)

EU's rights court faults France over Israel boycott convictions (Al Jazeera, 11 June 2020)

European Court upholds right to boycott Israel (Electronic Intifada, 11 June 2020)

Israel to count Palestinians in 'future annexed areas' (Middle East Monitor, 11 June 2020)

Still No Consensus With U.S. on West Bank Annexations, Israeli Minister Says (Haaretz, 9 June 2020)

By ‘allowing’ Israel criticism, does AIPAC see the tide turning? (TRTWorld, 10 June 2020)

World Council of Churches wants EU sanctions on Israel if it annexes West Bank lands (Jewish Telegraph Agency, 11 June 2020)

Liberal rabbis denounce Israeli annexation plans (Jewish Chronicle, 10 June 2020)

Ban on Israeli imports could stand between Ireland and a new government (South Florida Times, 9 June 2020)

Stop Israel’s annexation of the West Bank (Guardian, 10 June 2020)

James Zogby: Palestinians are ‘being asked to hold the scalpel’ for their own amputation (Mondoweiss, 9 June 2020)

Israel to begin annexation with three settlement blocs, says report (Middle East Eye, 10 June 2020)

Could Europe revise its relations with Israel over annexation plans? (TRTWorld, 11 June 2020)

Germany warns Israel against West Bank annexation plans (Euronews, 10 June 2020)

PA unable to pay staff salaries (Middle East Monitor, 10 June 2020)

Annexing Jordan Valley will cause ‘immediate crisis’ in Democratic Party support for Israel — Jeffrey Goldberg (Mondoweiss, 10 June 2020)

It might not take much effort to derail Netanyahu’s annexation plan (Middle East Monitor, 9 June 2020)

Palestine says it will declare statehood if Israel annexes West Bank (Guardian, 8 June 2020)

Palestine PM: Sanction Israel over West Bank annexations (Middle East Monitor, 9 June 2020)

Israel Supreme Court: You can't legalise settlements on stolen Palestinian land (Middle East Monitor, 9 June 2020)

PA proposes demilitarised state as counterproposal to Trump plan (Al Jazeera, 9 June 2020)

Shtayyeh: We will declare state on 1967 lines if Israel annexes W. Bank (Jerusalem Post, 10 June 2020)

Israeli judges send tacit message to ICC: ‘We respect international law’ (Jerusalem Post, 9 June 2020)

Israel-Palestine: Racism, Brutality and Annexation (Richard Silverstein, 9 June 2020)

PA submits ‘counter-proposal’ to US plan, providing for demilitarized Palestine (Times Of Israel, 9 June 2020)

Annexing West Bank territory was once a taboo for Israel. No longer. (Washington Post, 8 June 2020)

Stop the Annexation Fanatics. Impose Sanctions on Israel (Haaretz, 9 June 2020)

There really is no excuse for a new Government not to pass the Occupied Territories Bill (Journal, 8 June 2020)

Thousands protest against annexation. But is it enough? (Mondoweiss, 8 June 2020)

What would Israel annexing the West Bank mean? (Guardian, 9 June 2020)

Bernie Sanders: Any plans to illegally annex any part of the West Bank must be stopped (Middle East Monitor, 8 June 2020)

Israel lobby sees Black Lives Matter as major strategic threat (Electronic Intifada, 8 June 2020)

Settler Leader: Netanyahu Moving Ahead With Annexation Plans (New York Times, 8 June 2020)

Stop Calling Israel a Jewish Democracy (Foreign Policy, 8 June 2020)

Palestinians have mothers, too (+972Mag, 8 June 2020)

Ex-Israel security official calls for reoccupying Gaza (Middle East Monitor, 8 June 2020)

PalestinianTerritories could be make or break for new Irish government (Eureporter, 8 June 2020)

FG undemocratic in stance on Bill (Irish Independent, 7 June 2020)

PLO: Palestinian leadership to make Israel pay price of its occupation (Middle East Monitor, 6 June 2020)

The inevitable cruelty of Hasbara (Mondoweiss, 7 June 2020)

Annexation or not, Europe must hold Israel accountable for the occupation (+972Mag, 5 June 2020)

The murder of Iyad al-Hallaq is the face of Israeli annexation (+972Mag, 7 June 2020)

Israel looks to move forward with West Bank annexation "within weeks" (Axios, 8 June 2020)

Israeli Left’s Show of Strength Highlights Weakness of Anti-annexation Protest (Haaretz, 6 June 2020)

Palestinians, Israelis protest against Israel's decision to annex parts of the West Bank (Deutsche Welle, 6 June 2020)

Shtayyeh to EU: Impose sanctions on Israel, recognize Palestinian state (Jerusalem Post, 6 June 2020)

As Jews, we’ll never address racism while clinging to Zionism (Mondoweiss, 6 June 2020)

‘It’s a war crime’: Thousands rally in Tel Aviv against Netanyahu annexation bid (Times of Israel, 6 June 2020)

Diplomatic Pressure Mounts on Israel to Delay Annexation as Long as Possible (Haaretz, 6 June 2020)

Palestinians Tell ICC That Israeli Annexation Nullifies Oslo Accords (Haaretz, 6 June 2020)

Settlers lash out at Trump, spark war of words with Netanyahu (Al-Monitor, 4 June 2020)

Crunch government formation talks to continue over weekend (Irish Examiner, 5 June 2020)

Israel's West Bank plans condemned by leading British Jewish figures (Guardian, 5 June 2020)

Netanyahu sees a historic moment in annexation. But he might not be seeing the risks (Washington Post, 5 June 2020)

Israeli Police Killing Of Palestinian Leads To Apologies And Echoes Of The U.S. (NPR, 5 June 2020)

Slain Palestinian’s Home, Mourning Tents Invaded by Israeli Police in Jerusalem (IMEMC News, 6 June 2020)

Eyad al-Halak: Another cruel killing of a Palestinian whitewashed by Israel (Middle East Eye, 5 June 2020)

UN Seeking Mideast Mediators Meeting on Israel-Palestinians (New York Times, 5 June 2020)

Israel renews racist marriage law (Electronic Intifada, 3 June 2020)

NYT’s meltdown on Tom Cotton recalls its four op-ed pieces justifying slaughter of Gaza demonstrators (Mondoweiss, 5 June 2020)

FG’s stance on Occupied Territories Bill is wrong (Irish Independent, 5 June 2020)

A Biden presidency would not be good news for Palestine (Al Jazeera, 4 June 2020)

Kushner tells Netanyahu to 'greatly slow' annexation process (Middle East Eye, 3 June 2020)

Prominent Jewish settlers oppose Israeli annexation in West Bank (Irish Times, 4 June 2020)

Missouri lawmakers pass bill barring Israel boycotters from large state contracts (Middle East Eye, 4 June 2020)

US official: ‘There will be no freeze on isolated settlements’ (World Israel News, 4 June 2020)

Ben & Jerry's freezes when it comes to Palestine (Middle East Eye, 4 June 2020)

Israeli settlers speak out against US-backed annexation plan (Guardian, 4 June 2020)

Israeli annexation, Canadian confusion (Mondoweiss, 3 June 2020)

Impunity and annexation: 'Israel has its cake and eats it too' (Al Jazeera, 3 June 2020)

For the Settlers in the West Bank, It Will Never Be Enough (Haaretz, 3 June 2020)

Israeli Soldiers Committed Hate Crime Against Palestinians to Avenge Friends' Death. Their Commanders Covered It Up (Haaretz, 4 June 2020)

Could annexing Palestinian towns minus citizenship be apartheid? (Jerusalem Post, 3 June 2020)

Israel demolishes 16 Palestinian homes in West Bank (Middle East Monitor, 3 June 2020)

House Middle East panel chairman questions Trump’s commitment to two-state solution (Al-Monitor, 2 June 2020)

IDF instructed to start preparing for possible annexation (Al-Monitor, 3 June 2020)

Sheepish on Israeli annexation, Canada should not be rewarded with UN seat (Al-Araby, 4 June 2020)

Palestinian leaders ‘open to talks with Israel via Moscow’ (Arab News, 3 June 2020)

WATCH: Israeli soldiers slash tyres and fire tear gas canisters in Palestinian town (Facebook: Middle East Eye, 2 June 2020)

What lies behind the keen support for a one state solution? (Middle East Monitor, 2 June 2020)

EU anti-Semitism chief has no mandate to parrot Israel’s lies (Electronic Intifada, 2 June 2020)

On Annexation, Netanyahu and the Settlers Have Never Been on the Same Page (Haaretz, 3 June 2020)

Netanyahu tells settlers he is committed to negotiations with Palestinians (Jerusalem Post, 2 June 2020)

Palestine proving a sticking point in government formation talks (Breaking News, 1 June 2020)

UN warns of new Israel-Palestine conflict if annexation plans go ahead (Middle East Monitor, 1 June 2020)

UAE: Israel should back off threat to annex occupied West Bank (Al Jazeera, 1 June 2020)

'Palestinian lives matter': Israeli police killing of autistic man draws US comparison (Guardian, 1 June 2020)

‘No, thank you’: Yamina, settler leaders defy Trump plan’s Palestinian state (Times of Israel, 1 June 2020)

Palestine proving a sticking point in government formation talks (Irish Examiner, 1 June 2020)

Q&A: What are the sticking points in Government formation talks? (Irish Times, 1 June 2020)

Fine Gael, Fianna Fail and Greens unlikely to form government this week ‘due to major sticking points’ (The Sun, 1 June 2020)

Israeli Soldiers Filmed Slashing Tires, Throwing Tear Gas at Palestinian Home (Haaretz, 31 May 2020)

Even during a pandemic: Soldiers shoot holes in water tanks at Kafr Qadum (B'Tselem, 27 May 2020)

Remembering Razan al-Najjar, honoring health workers (Electronic Intifada, 1 June 2020)

Ireland steps up efforts to secure seat on UN Security Council (Irish Times, 30 May 2020)

West Bank poor may double amid pandemic, World Bank says (Middle East Eye, 31 May 2020)

‘Israel’ arrests Jerusalem’s Governor and others (Qudsnen, 31 May 2020)

Annexing the West Bank Is a Brazen Violation of International Law (NY Times, 30 May 2020)

Unarmed Palestinian man shot dead in Jerusalem by Israeli police (Irish Times, 30 May 2020)

‘Justice for Iyad, justice for George’: Hundreds protest police killing of Palestinian in Jerusalem (+972mag, 30 May 2020)

Palestinians worry for livelihoods as COVID-19 cripples blockaded Gaza (+972mag, 30 May 2020)

There’s no place like home (Mondoweiss, 29 May 2020)

We can’t breathe until we’re free! Palestinians stand in solidarity with Black Americans (Mondoweiss, 30 May 2020)

Ireland’s foreign minister seeks to foil ban on Israeli settlement goods (Electronic Intifada, 30 May 2020)

Israeli Officers Shoot Dead Unarmed Palestinian in Jerusalem’s Old City (Haaretz, 30 May 2020)

Netanyahu: Palestinians in annexed Jordan valley will not be given rights as Israelis (Middle East Monitor, 29 May 2020)

#WeAreUnderApartheid: Exclude the complicit Jerusalem Film Festival from We Are One (Mondoweiss, 29 May 2020)

British municipalities invest billions in Israeli occupation (Electronic Intifada, 29 May 2020)

Over 100 Israel violations in Palestine in one week (Middle East Monitor, 29 May 2020)

Member of the Scottish parliament dismisses Palestinian Nakba as ‘self-inflicted’ (Middle East Monitor, 26 May 2020)

How Israel exploits gender roles to discredit Palestinian female activists (Middle East Eye, 29 May 2020)

US alerts citizens ahead of Israel’s annexation plan (Middle East Monitor, 29 May 2020)

Ten years after Israel’s hijacking of the Mavi Marmara, we cannot forget those who it killed (Middle East Monitor, 29 May 2020)

The Occupied Territories Bill (Irish Times, 28 May 2020)

Annexing the Aquifers: Israel and the Water Crisis in Occupied Palestine (Palestine Chronicle, 28 May 2020)

It is time for the US to end its deadly exchange programmes with Israel (Middle East Monitor, 28 May 2020)

Norman Finkelstein’s new book indicts the International Criminal Court for whitewashing Israel (Mondoweiss, 28 May 2020)

We’re calling on the ICC to protect human rights (Mondoweiss, 28 May 2020)

Israel wages scorched earth warfare in Gaza (Electronic Intifada, 26 May 2020)

Bacik calls for inclusion of Occupied Territories Bill in Programme for Govt (Labour News & Media, 27 May 2020)

Israeli settlers seize more Palestinian land in occupied West Bank (Middle East Monitor, 27 May 2020)

PLO fears Israel could use violence to annex parts of West Bank (Middle East Monitor, 27 May 2020)

I am under a lockdown, but not because of the coronavirus (Al Jazeera, 27 May 2020)

In pictures: Palestinian heritage celebrated in online exhibition (Middle East Eye, 27 May 2020)

Israeli annexation: How will Jordan respond? (Middle East Eye, 27 May 2020)

EU foreign policy chief confronted over Israeli apartheid (Electronic Intifada, 27 May 2020)

Video: Vertical farming in Gaza (Electronic Intifada, 27 May 2020)

Disaster or Opportunity? As Annexation Looms, Israeli Settlers Torn Over Trump's Plan (Haaretz, 28 May 2020)

Army Chief Is Preparing IDF for Violence in West Bank Over July Annexation (Haaretz, 27 May 2020)

Political ambiguity or a doomsday weapon: Why Abbas abandoned Oslo (Middle East Monitor, 26 May 2020)

Proposed ban on Israeli goods a sticking point in government talks (Irish Times, 25 May 2020)

The world won’t stop Israeli annexation. What will Palestinian leaders do? (+972Mag, 22 May 2020)

Israel wages scorched earth warfare in Gaza (Electronic Intifada, 26 May 2020)

Netanyahu: West Bank annexation on for July (Times of Israel, 25 May 2020)

Netanyahu: Corruption trial an attempt to 'depose a strong PM' (Al Jazeera, 24 May 2020)

Palestinian President Abbas says accords with Israel, US are void (Al Jazeera, 20 May 2020)

After 508-day crisis, Israel’s new government finally sworn in by Knesset (Times of Israel, 17 May 2020)

An Israeli soldier just died in the West Bank for no reason (Gideon Levy, Haaretz, 14 May 2020)

Israel kills child in West Bank (Electronic Intifada, 13 May 2020)

Israel must release Palestinian children, UN says (Electronic Intifada, 12 May 2020)

Artists, scholars pledge to resist German censorship on Palestine (Ali Abunimah, Electronic Intifada, 12 May 2020)

Turkey's Erdogan: No one can take Palestine's lands (Middle East Monitor, 25 May 2020)

Israeli Annexation Explained: What Is Netanyahu Planning for the West Bank and What Does It Mean (Haaretz, 27 May 2020)

Irish parties consider Occupied Territories Bill in gov't coalition talks (Jerusalem Post, 26 May 2020)

FF and Greens urged not to forget Occupied Territories Bill in govt talks (Irish Examiner, 25 May 2020)

Palestine cuts off all ties with Israel and US: is it a bluff? (Guardian, 25 May 2020)

Israelis, drop your denial and recognize the Nakba (+972Mag, 21 May 2020)

Will this new BBC drama do justice to the Nakba? (Middle East Eye, 25 May 2020)

Israeli Troops Shoot Palestinian Family Harvesting Wheat, Wounding Two (IMEMC, 25 May 2020)

Palestine security pulls out of area B in Jerusalem (Middle East Monitor, 22 May 2020)

Saudi Arabia, Jordan warn Israel against annexation of Judea and Samaria (World Israel News, 22 May 2020)

Mideast quartet convenes in effort to stop West Bank annexation plans (i24 News, 22 May 2020)

Canada’s Record on Palestinian Rights Should Disqualify it from UN Security Council (Palestine Chronicle, 23 May 2020)

World must fight back against Israeli annexation - whether formal or not (Middle East Eye, 20 May 2020)

For a new political imagination, Israeli Jews must unlearn Zionism (+972 Magazine, 24 May 2020)

Netanyahu to become 1st serving Israel PM facing criminal charges (Al Jazeera, 24 May 2020)

Senate Committee slips through $38 billion package to Israel (Israel Palestine News, 22 May 2020)

Lockdown under Occupation: COVID-19 in Palestine (EAPPI, 18 May 2020)

Israel fires on Gaza fishers 100 times amid pandemic (Electronic Intifada, 21 May 2020)

World must fight back against Israeli annexation - whether formal or not (Middle East Eye, 20 May 2020)

Biden draws ire of Palestinian activists for shunning BDS efforts (Al Jazeera, 21 May 2020)

Why Israel Elites Fear the Nakba: How memory became Palestine’s greatest weapon (Juan Cole, 20 May 2020)

Land grab and deportation: A leading Israeli lawyer's annexation prediction (Middle East Eye, 20 May 2020)

UN envoy says Israel must 'abandon threats of annexation' (Al Jazeera, 20 May 2020)

The Occupied Territories Bill (Irish Times, 20 May 2020)

Palestinians in the Jordan Valley face threat of displacement amid annexation push (Middle East Eye, 19 May 2020)

Jewish settler found guilty of murder of Palestinian family in arson attack (Irish Times, 18 May 2020)

Annexation is not just about stealing land — it’s about expelling Palestinians (972 Magazine, 19 May 2020)

Jews to Palestinian Whose Home They Occupy: What do you want? (Medium, 16 May 2020)

Hardline settler to lead Israel’s fight against ICC (Electronic Intifada, 20 May 2020)

Netanyahu takes office in deal that could see West Bank annexation (Guardian, 17 May 2020)

US threatens ICC with ‘consequences’ if it acts on war crimes complaint against Israel filed by ‘fake’ Palestinian state (RT, 16 May 2020)

Israel’s annexation plans could be a game changer for its relationship with EU (Iriah Times, 16 May 2020)

Israeli activist who slapped Ahed Tamimi’s prosecutor sentenced to eight months (972 Magazine, 13 May 2020)

EU to launch diplomatic push against Israeli West Bank annexation (Al Jazeera, 16 May 2020)

Christy Moore, Lankum, Stephen Rea and more urge end to Israel's siege of Gaza amid Covid-19 pandemic (Hot Press, 13 May 2020)

Barghouthi: Annexation plan means an end to peace illusions (Palestine Informati0on Center, 10 May 2020)

Let Israel annex the West Bank. It's the least worst option for Palestinians (Gideon Levy, Haaretz, 9 May 2020)

Australian government tells ICC it should not investigate alleged war crimes in Palestine (Guardian, 9 May 2020)

Shots fired at Palestinian bank that closed accounts of released prisoners under Israeli pressure (Haaretz, 8 May 2020)

Palestinian shepherd injured in alleged assault near evicted West Bank settlement (Haaretz, 7 May 2020)

High Court of Justice green lights Netanyahu-Gantz coalition deal (Haaretz, 7 May 2020)

Israel approves 7,000 home expansion for West Bank settlement (Haaretz, 7 May 2020)

With coronavirus in check, Gaza worries about economic fallout (Haaretz, 7 May 2020)

11 European ambassadors warn Israel against West Bank annexation (Times of Israel, 1 May 2020)

The Occupied Territories Bill (Irish Times, 8 May 2020)

A tribute to a South African Jewish hero and freedom fighter (Gideon Levy, Haaretz, 3 May 2020)

UK politicians call for sanctions against Israel over West Bank annexation plans (Middle East Eye, 2 May 2020)

Best Israeli television actress winner protests awards ceremony on Nakba day (Haaretz, 1 May 2020)

Joe Biden says he’d leave US embassy in Jerusalem if elected (Associated Press, 30 April 2020)

Letter on Occupied Territories Bill (Michael Lynk, United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights in Palestine, 28 April 2012)

Palestine Solidarity Campaign defeats UK Government over pensions divestment (Palestine Solidarity Campaign, 28 April 2020)

HSBC to block donations to Palestinian aid charity Interpal (Peter Oborne & Jan-Peter Westad, Middle East Eye, 27 April 2020)

Israel's population reaches 9.2 million as it prepares to celebrate 72 years (Haaretz, 26 April 2020)

Israeli settlers exploit coronavirus to take over West Bank land with military backing: Violent attacks spike in April (B’Tselem, 23 April 2020)

UN, European Union warn Israel against West Bank annexation (Middle East Eye, 23 April 2020)

Occupied Territories Bill (Irish Times, (Michael Lynk,, United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights in the Palestinian Territory, 29 April 2020)

EU warns incoming Israeli gov’t against West Bank annexation (Washington Post, 23 April 2020)

Trump now has the power to forever alter Israel’s character (Washington Post, 26 April 2020)

Israel nears a point of no return (Washington Post, 29 April 2020)

Has Netanyahu outfoxed Gantz? Will judges block the deal? Why so many ministers? (Times of Israel, 22 April 2020)

Excoriating ex-ally Gantz, Lapid vows to battle coalition, predicts its collapse (Times of Israel, 22 April 2020)

Gantz admits joining Netanyahu unpopular, but says it’s needed for virus fight (Times of Israel, 21 April 2020)

More basic than a crisis of faith: Will the virus upend ultra-Orthodox society? (Times of Israel, April 2020)

Israel shuts Palestinian coronavirus testing clinic in East Jerusalem (Haaretz, 15 April 2020)

How on earth is Palestine supposed to cope with Covid-19 – and where is the international outcry? (RT News, 22 April 2020)

Settler attacks rise by 78 percent amid pandemic (Electronic Intifada, 11 April 2020)

Pandemic lays bare Israel’s systemic racism (Diana Buttu, Electronic Intifada, 8 April 2020)

In this pandemic, we are all Palestine. Except Palestine will remain Palestine once it’s over (RT News, 3 April 2020)

Two years on, no accountability for Palestinian child protestors killed by Israeli forces (Defense for Children International - Palestine, 30 March 2020)

For us in the West, the lockdown is meant to save lives. In Gaza it will kill many (Neve Gordon, Haaretz, 7 April 2020)

Palestinians brace for a coronavirus outbreak as workers return from Israel (Al Jazeera, 7 April 2020)

Jerusalem on the brink: Arab hospitals on verge of collapse, coronavirus outbreak overwhelms Haredi neighborhoods (Haaretz, 7 April 2020)

Passover closure to begin at 7 pm, curfew to take effect Wednesday afternoon (Times of Israel, 7 April 2020)

Calls to seal off ultra-Orthodox areas add to Israel's virus tensions (Guardian, 6 April 2020)

Netanyahu, Gantz agree on West Bank annexation proposal as unity deal nears (Haaretz, 6 April 2020)

Health Minister Litzman, go home now (Haaretz Editorial, 5 April 2020)

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Gantz to push law allowing Netanyahu to serve in government despite trial (Haaretz, 28 March 2020)

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Will Trump’s Mideast peace plan be another coronavirus victim? (Haaretz, 17 March 2020)

The Israeli army's plunder in the service of the occupation (Gideon Levy & Alex Levac, Haaretz, 12 March 2020)

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The dangerous irony of letting David Friedman carve up the West Bank (Haaretz, 9 March 2020)

The Israeli army doesn't have snipers on the Gaza border: it has hunters (Gideon Levy, Haaretz, 7 March 2020)

Ronnie Barkan’s speech against Israeli Apartheid in a Berlin court: ‘I stand here today as the accuser, not the accused’ (Mondoweiss, 6 March 2020)

No matter who wins elections, Israel’s victory image is clear (Hagai El-Ad, B'Tselem, +972, 2 March 2020)

I was meant to talk about Palestinian kids at the UN. Israel forced me out (Brad Parker, Defense for Children International – Palestine, +972, 24 February 2020)

Israel cop filmed firing at Palestinian children through school gate (Middle East Monitor, 6 March 2020)

Head of Arab nationalist faction in Joint List sets terms for supporting Gantz (Times of Israel, 8 March 2020)

Three short of majority, Netanyahu says he won election, is ‘not going anywhere’ (Times of Israel, 7 March 2020)

'42 knees in one day': Israeli snipers open up about shooting Gaza protesters (Haaretz, 6 March 2020)

Gazan girl fighting cancer died after Israel denied her parents' visit. She won't be the last (Gideon Levy & Alex Levac, 6 March 2020)

Israel's Netanyahu falls short of parliamentary majority (Al Jazeera, 5 March 2020)

The IDF jeep's door swung open. A single bullet hit the Palestinian's neck (Gideon Levy & Alex Levac, 29 February 2020)

The Monthly Humanitarian Bulletin | January - February 2020 (OCHA, 14 February 2020)

Film: Solidarity: Five Largely Unknown Truths about Israel, Palestine and the Occupied Territories (Electronic Intifada, 6 February 2020)

If The US Is OK with Israeli Annexing the West Bank, Why Is It Sanctioning Russia for Annexing Crimea? (David Morrison, American Herald Tribune, 27 February 2020)

Israeli forces kill Palestinian near Gaza fence, wound two others (Al Jazeera, 24 February 2020)

Gaza: Israeli army filmed dragging corpse of suspected militant with bulldozer, as cross-border violence surges (Independent, 24 February 2020)

Grave concern about US plan to resolve Israel-Palestine conflict (Guardian, 27 February 2020)

Mossad chief visited Doha, urged Qatar to continue Hamas financial aid (Haaretz, 24 February 2020)

Israeli soldier kills Palestinian cop at his own station. No explanation is offered (Gideon Levy & Alex Levac, Haaretz, 22 February 2020)

Germany, Hungary tell ICC they support Israeli position against war crimes probe (Times of Israel, 15 February 2020)

Israel-Palestinian conflict: The family with its own checkpoint (BBC News, 14 February 2020)

The blacklist: All 112 companies UN says are operating in settlements (Times of Israel, 12 February 2020)

The IDF troops weren't at risk, but they shot a Palestinian boy in the head anyway (Gideon Levy & Alec Levac, Haaretz, 7 February 2020)

Europe kowtows to Israeli apartheid (Gideon Levy, Haaretz, 6 February 2019)

Trump's 'Peace Plan' Sows Confusion and Dismay (Spiegel, 1 February 2020)

Statement by the EU High Representative/Vice-President Josep Borrell on the US initiative (4 February 2020)

6 countries block EU resolution that would have condemned Trump plan, annexation (Times of Israel, 4 February 2020)

Arab League rejects Trump's Middle East plan (Al Jazeera, 1 February 2020)

Trump’s ‘deal of the century’ is so absurd and banal, it’s impossible to take it seriously (Robert Fisk, Independent, 30 January 2020)

The Guardian view on Trump’s ‘peace plan’: a con, not a deal (Guardian, 29 January 2020)

How Israel is abusing a Gaza couple that just lost three babies (Gideon Levy, Haaretz, 31 January 2020)

Democratic candidates censure Trump peace plan, warn against annexation (Times of Israel, 29 January 2020)

Trump’s "vision" for Israel/Palestine (28 January 2020)

Borders, security, Jerusalem, settlements, refugees: Key elements of Trump plan (Times of Israel, 28 January 2020)

Gantz hails Trump’s peace plan, says he’ll work to implement it after elections (Times of Israel, 27 January 2020)

The Monthly Humanitarian Bulletin | December 2019 (UN OCHA, December 2019)

Middle East analysts question workability of Trump peace plan (Guardian, 29 January 2020)

Trump Middle East plan: Palestinians reject 'conspiracy' (BBC News, 29 January 2020)

Trump unveils Middle East peace plan with no Palestinian support (Guardian, 29 January 2020)

‘Slap of the century’: Palestinian leaders vehemently reject Trump’s long-awaited Middle East peace plan (Independent, 29 January 2020)

Trump's deal for Middle East peace helps only himself and Netanyahu – the rest of the region will suffer (Independent, 29 January 2020)

Christian Zionist philo-Semitism is driving Trump’s Israel policy (Washington Post, 29 January 2020)

Trump's Middle East peace plan: 'Deal of the century' is huge gamble (BBC News, 29 January 2020)

One person, one vote for Israel-Palestine (Gideon Levy, Haaretz, 26 January 2020)

Here's what happens if Israel annexes the West Bank and lets Palestinians vote (Haaretz, 26 January 2020)

Israeli police gunfire left this Palestinian disabled. Now cops are back to harass him (Gideon Levy & Alex Levac, Harretz, 23 January 2020)

Abbas’s office fumes at Netanyahu, Gantz for pledging Jordan Valley annexation (Times of Israel, 22 January 2020)

Israel resumes spraying pesticides along Gaza border after year long halt (Haaretz, 22 January 2020)

Gantz vows to annex Jordan Valley, 'hopes Trump releases peace plan soon' (Haaretz, 21 January 2020)

Israel rejects over 98 percent of Palestinian building permit requests in West Bank's Area C (Haaretz, 21 January 2020)

Israel cuts school buses for Bedouin children (Electronic Intifada, 21 January 2020)

Israel issues eviction and demolition orders to Palestinians in East Jerusalem (Middle East Eye, 20 January 2020)

East Jerusalem’s Issawiya boils as residents decry months of police intervention (Times of Israel, 12 January 2020)

The EU has a duty to recognise the state of Palestine (Saeb Erekat, Guardian, 19 January 2020)

Netanyahu calls for sanctions over ICC war crimes investigation (Guardian, 21 January 2020)

Court okays eviction of Palestinian family because land was once owned by Jews (Haaretz, 20 January 2020)

Why Israel keeps deporting foreign workers – and their kids – only to import new ones (Haaretz, 19 January 2020)

German crackdown on Palestine defenders prompts UN warning (Ali Abunimah, Electronic Intifada, 15 January 2020)

UN Special Rapporteurs warn German Government about restriction on freedom of speech in anti-BDS resolution passed by Bundestag (18 October 2019)

Agribusiness as Usual: Agricultural Technology and the Israeli Occupation (Who Profits, January 2020)

Israeli defense chief approves using West Bank nature reserves to 'develop Jewish settlement' (Haaretz, 15 January 2020)

Israel to open seven new nature reserves in occupied West Bank (Independent, 14 January 2020)

Israel shot at Gaza fishers 347 times in 2019 (Electronic Intifada, 10 January 2020)

Israel says she's a 'major terrorist.' The charges? Possession of two firebombs and planning a summer camp (Gideon Levy & Alex Levac, Haaretz, 10 January 2020)

Iranian Jews pay condolences to assassinated General Qassem Soleimani (Jewish Forward, 8 January 2020)

Israel's chief rabbi calls Russian immigrants 'communist, religion-hating Gentiles' (Haaretz, 7 January 2020)

Israeli house demolitions spiked in 2019 compared to previous years (B’Tselem, 6 January 2020)

The Fascinating History and Politics of Jewish Life in Iran (Ariel Gold, Portside, 1 January 2020)

After Likud win, Netanyahu vows to ‘finalize borders,’ get US to back annexation (Times of Israel, 27 December 2019)

Palestine Archbishop Atallah Hanna poisoned in Jerusalem (Middle East Monitor, 19 December 2019)

'The last generation': How occupation is driving Christians out of Palestine (Peter Oborne, Middle East Eye, 24 December 2019)

A decade in review: the moments that shaped the past 10 years in Israel/Palestine (Yumna Patel, Mondoweiss, 24 December 2019)

Smoke without fire: the myth of a ‘Labour antisemitism crisis’ (Jamie Stern-Weiner & Alan Maddison, Mondoweiss, 3 December 2019)

Gazan girl fights cancer alone at West Bank hospital. Israel won't let her parents join (Gideon Levy & Alex Levac, Haaretz, 22 December 2019)

ICC announces ‘basis’ for war crimes probe; Israel says it has no jurisdiction (Times of Israel, 20 December 2019)

UN says Israel has advanced 22,000 settler homes in last three years (Haaretz, 18 December 2019)

Gaza 2020: How easy it is for the world to delete Palestinian pain (David Hearst, Middle East Eye, 13 December 2019)

To understand the violence of Israel’s occupation, know these 30 stories (Hagai El-Ad, +972, 10 December 2019)

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Palestine Archbishop Atallah Hanna poisoned in Jerusalem (Middle East Monitor, 19 December 2019)

Israeli hate crimes against Palestinians were fewer, but more brazen in 2019 (Haaretz, 15 December 2019)

Israel bars Gaza's Christians from visiting Bethlehem, Jerusalem for Christmas (Haaretz, 14 December 2019)

Gaza 2020: How easy it is for the world to delete Palestinian pain (David Hearst, Middle East Eye, 13 December 2019)

'I said, get up, Mother. Then I realized she was dead': Survivors of Israel's Gaza strike speak out (Gideon Levy, Haaretz, 13 December 2019)

To understand the violence of Israel’s occupation, know these 30 stories (Hagai El-Ad, +972, 10 December 2019)

Gaza 2020: Has the Palestinian territory reached the point of no return? (Megan O’Toole, Middle East Eye, 9 December 2019)

US House of Representatives passes resolution opposing annexation (Times of Israel, 6 December 2019)

These boys would have made it home after school, if it weren't for Israeli sniper fire (Gideon Levy & Alex Levac, Haaretz, 6 December 2019)

Can Europe overcome its paralysis on Palestine? (Beth Oppenheim, Haaretz, 5 December 2019)

Evangelicals still see Trump as God's emissary in the White House (Haaretz, 5 December 2019)

Watch the film the Israel lobby didn’t want you to see (Electronic Intifada, 2 November 2019)

Dr. Ashrawi: Trump administration is a threat to international peace and security (DPdp, PLO, 18 November 2019)

‘The EU knows Hamas isn’t a terrorist group, but is working to delegitimise it’ (Middle East Monitor, 23 November 2019)

EU stance in focus after US decision on Israeli settlements (Al Jazeera, 28 November 2019)

Beleaguered Jerusalem neighborhood refuses to be cowed (Electronic Intifada, 22 November 2019)

After a century of complicity in war crimes against Palestinians, will this election make any difference? (Independent, 23 November 2019)

Israel kills 8 members of same family in Gaza (Middle East Monitor, 14 November 2019)

Israel planning new settlement in flashpoint city of Hebron (Al Jazeera, 1 December 2019)

Israel Approves Extra Funding for West Bank Settlements (Palestine Chronicle, 2 December 2019)

Palestinian teen shot dead by Israeli forces in Gaza Strip (Al Jazeera, 29 November 2019)

'Israel is joining an ugly club,' says rights group as director expelled (Guardian, 25 November 2019)

The contract on Corbyn (Gideon Levy, Haaretz, 28 November 2019)

The Israeli army's excuses won't help. Only war criminals kill nine innocent civilians in their sleep (Gideon Levy, Haaretz, 28 November 2019)

‘My dream was destroyed’: Home demolitions soar in East Jerusalem, Judith Sudilovsky, +972 Magazine, 25 November 2019)

Something's rotten at this settlement winery – and we don't mean the grapes (Gideon Levy & Alec Levac, Haaretz, 21 November 2019

From champagne to headlines: All the Netanyahu corruption cases explained (Haaretz, 21 November 2019)

Statement on Gaza by Gisha Executive Director, Tania Hary, at the UN Security Council (20 November 2019)

Noura Erakat: U.S. Recognition of Israeli Settlements Is 'Entrenchment of an Apartheid Regime' (YouTube, 19 November 2019)

Dr. Ashrawi: Trump administration is a threat to international peace and security (Palestinian Liberation Organisation, 18 November 2019)

US says Israeli settlements no longer considered illegal in dramatic shift (Guardian, 18 November 2019)

How Western Media Bias Allows Israel to Getaway with Murder in Gaza (Ramzy Baroud, Palestine Chronicle, 17 November 2019)

Israeli army admits to killing eight Gaza family members: We thought the house was empty (Hareetz, 15 November 2019)

Gaza: Eight family members killed, 12 critical in Israeli raids (Al Jazeera, 14 November 2019)

Killing Islamic Jihad leader got Israel nothing. So why do it? (Gideon Levy, Haaretz, 14 November 2019)

Don't label Israeli settlement products. Ban them (Saeb Erekat, PLO Secretary General, Haaretz, 14 November 2019)

As rockets paralyze half the country, was eliminating Abu al-Ata worth it? (Times of Israel, 13 November 2019)

Israel kills senior Islamic Jihad commander in Gaza; rockets fired at Israel (Haaretz, 12 November 2019)

EU denounces US decision on settlements, saying they remain an obstacle to peace (Times of Israel, 19 November 2019)

US settlement move endorses 'law of the jungle' - Palestinians (BBC News, 19 November 2019)

Palestinians slam US policy reversal on Israeli settlements (Al Jazeera, 19 November 2019)

Trump administration no longer considers Israeli West Bank settlements 'inconsistent with international law' (Independent, 19 November 2019)

Trump administration says Israel’s West Bank settlements do not violate international law (Washington Post, 19 November 2019)

Labelling imports and Israeli settlements (Irish Times, 18 November 2019)

I fear for Gaza's children (Al Jazeera, 15 November 2019)

Israeli army to probe 'unexpected' Gaza civilian deaths (Al Jazeera, 15 November 2019)

Michael Lynk’s UN report on Israeli settlements speaks the truth – but the world refuses to listen (Independent, 15 November 2019)

Israel ‘thought building was empty’ before launching airstrike that killed five children in Gaza (Independent, 12 November 2019)

Palestinian journalist loses eye after Border Police open fire on West Bank protest (+972, 17 November 2019)

What if Israel had decided to expel the settlers of Hebron? (+972, 13 November 2019)

Court says EU states must label Israeli settlement products (AP News, 12 November 2019)

This Israeli city has 25% Arab residents, but won't open a school for them (Haaretz, 5 November 2019)

Inside the fight to stop Israel deporting Israeli-born children (Haaretz, 7 November 2019)

Qatar Emir: No peace in Middle East without recognising Palestinian rights (Middle East Monitor, 6 November 2019)

Former Israel commander says Israel’s ‘unjust’ war in Palestine fuels ‘anti-Semitism around the world’ (Mondoweiss, 5 November 2019)

Israel is turning an ancient Palestinian village into a national park for settlers (Gideon Levy & Alec Levac, Haaretz, 25 October 2019)

Decisive international action needed to end Israeli occupation: UN rights expert (UN News, 23 October 2019)

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‘Hey Boston! Thanks for the guns!’ Guerrilla ads oppose U.S. aid to Israel (Mondoweiss, 8 November 2019)

US official criticises Israel after visit to West Bank (Middle East Monitor, 8 November 2019)

Netanyahu's bet on Trump is starting to look like a costly mistake in Israel (World Politics Review, 7 November 2019)

The Democrats finally confront military aid to Israel (Mondoweiss, 7 November 2019)

Enfeebled Israel lobby strikes back on military aid (Electronic Intifada, 6 November 2019)

What is the Dáil ‘money message’ argument about? (Irish Times, 5 November 2019)

Footage leaked of Israeli officer shooting Palestinian in the back (Guardian, 3 November 2019)

Israel's top court upholds deportation of senior HRW official (Al Jazeera, 5 November 2019)

Israeli soldier shoots unarmed Palestinian in the back, leaked footage shows (Independent, 4 November 2019)

Israel extends detention of female Palestinian MP (Middle East Monitor, 4 November 2019)

Israel to release hunger-striking Jordanian national from admin detention (+972, 4 November 2019)

An EU decision over wine could have a big impact on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict (Independent, 4 November 2019)

Israeli Soldier Gets One-Month Sentence Over Killing of Gaza Teenager (New York Times, 30 October 2019)

You Can Now Take a Virtual Tour of the West Bank and Gaza (Time, 30 October 2019)

Airbnb complicit in ‘plunder of Palestinian refugee properties’ says new report (Middle East Monitor, 29 October 2019)

Bernie Sanders Just Proved It's A New Era For How Democratic Candidates Talk About Israel (Huffington Post, 29 October 2019)

'Longest trial in history': Palestinian NGO worker's case resumes for 129th time (Middle East Eye, 23 October 2019)

Arab wineries in Israel tell of the Palestinian struggle in each glass (Guardian, 4 October 2019)

The judge who designed the legal foundations of Israel's occupation (+972, 24 October 2019)

Led by Bernie Sanders, Democratic candidates vow to press Israel on Palestinian state (Japan Times, 29 October 2019)

Microsoft funded an Israeli facial recognition startup whose tech is reportedly being used to secretly surveil Palestinians (Business Insider, 28 October 2019)

Palestinian negotiator hits Trump team's 'empty words' in peace talks (The Hill, 28 October 2019)

Pelosi calls for Congress to pass resolution supporting two-state solution to Israeli-Palestinian conflict (The Hill, 28 October 2019)

Americans overwhelmingly reject anti-BDS laws, poll finds (Electronic Intifada, 23 October 2019)

UN expert calls for ban on Israeli products from settlements (Washington Post, 23 October 2019)

Meet Benny Gantz, the man who may be the post-Netanyahu face of Israel (Washington Post, 22 October 2019)

Elizabeth Warren says could cut aid to Israel over settlements (i24 News, 21 October 2019)

Buttigieg: US aid should be used as ‘leverage’ to change Israeli policies (Times of Israel, 23 October 2019)

Christian population in Palestine declining due to Israel occupation (Middle East Monitor, 21 October 2019)

The Occupied Territories Bill (Irish Times, 17 October 2019)

Hundreds of ultra-Orthodox Teens Attack Palestinians in Jerusalem (Haaretz, 19 October 2019)

Settler Involved in Dawabsha Family Murder Joins the Israeli Military (IMEMC News, 11 October 2019 2019)

Settlers attack olive harvesters, Israeli volunteers in West Bank village (+972, 16 October 2019)

Revealed: rightwing push to ban criticism of Israel on US campuses (Guardian, 17 October 2019)

Wave of settler violence kicks off olive harvest in West Bank (Middle East Monitor, 18 October 2019)

The Occupied Territories Bill (Gerry Liston, Irish Times, 17 October 2019)

Blocking of Opposition Bills is troubling (Irish Times, 7 October 2019)

The Palestinian entrepreneur bringing power to Gaza (Guardian, 27 September 2019)

A Champions League qualification match, but no players. How Israel’s permit regime throws lives into disarray (Independemt, 3 October 2019)

Arab wineries in Israel tell of the Palestinian struggle in each glass (Guardian, 9 October 2019)

The Occupied Territories Bill (Gerry Liston, Irish Times, 27 September 2019)

The Palestinian entrepreneur bringing power to Gaza (Guardian, 27 September 2019)

Israel condemned this Gazan fisherman to life in eternal darkness (Gideon Levy, Haaretz, 5 October 2019)

Sleep deprivation and a freezing cell: A Palestinian woman is interrogated by Israel (Amira Hass, Haaretz, 5 October 2019)

Last-ditch unity government talks start between Likud, Blue and White (Times of Israel, 29 September 2019)

Israel’s population passes nine million on eve of Rosh Hashanah (Haaretz, 26 September 2019)

Israel wrecks Palestine Cup final (Electronic Intifada, 24 September 2019)

Down in the Jordan Valley, the cruel wheels of the Israeli occupation keep on turning (Gideon Levy & Alec Levac, Haaretz, 20 September 2019)

The end of the Netanyahu era doesn't mean the end of the occupation (Haggai Matar, +972, 18 September 2019)

A Gantz-led government will keep alive the peace process charade (Omar Karmi, Electronic Intifada, 18 September 2019)

Please, Bibi, let the annexations begin (Gideon Levy, Haaretz, 12 September 2019)

The Monthly Humanitarian Bulletin | August 2019 (UN OCHA, 6 September 2019)

ICC prosecutor ordered to reexamine deadly Gaza flotilla incident (Times of Israel, 2 September 2019)

A summer day at the beach? For many Gazans, the conflict has put an end to that, too. (Washington Post, 28 August 2019)

For These Palestinian Kids, a First-ever Day at the Beach Means the Whole World (Haaretz, 8 August 2019)

US Ambassador To Israel David Friedman Is A Joke – He Should Be Fired (Ori Nir, Jewish Forward, 12 June 2019)

Israeli police clash with Muslim worshippers at Jerusalem holy site (Guardian, 11 August 2019)

Why Israeli police are terrorizing this Palestinian village (Gideon Levy & Alex Levac, Haartez, 9 August 2019)

The Monthly Humanitarian Bulletin | July 2019 (UN OCHA, 9 August 2019)

Gantz vows to 'pound Gaza' in future conflict if he is elected Israeli premier (Haaretz, 6 August 2019)

Israel approves 2,300 new homes for settlers in West Bank: NGO (Al Jazeera, 6 August 2019)

Jordan Valley will always remain under Israeli control, Gantz vows (Haaretz, 31 July 2019)

With criticism crushed in the west, Israel can enjoy its impunity (Jonathan Cook, Countercurrents, 30 July 2019)

How Israel teaches its children to hate (Asa Winstanley, Middle East Monitor, 26 July 2019)

After the Supreme Court Praised the Open-Fire Policy, the Military Admits: We killed Protestors for No Reason (B’Tselem, 24 July 2019)

Israel demolishes Palestinian homes near separation wall (Al Jazeera, 22 July 2019)

A Palestinian boy loses a leg to IDF gunfire, and his parents are barred from his bedside (Gideon Levy, Haaretz, 25 July 2019)

Israel’s latest attempt to erase Palestine (Ilan Pappe, Electronic Intifada, 25 July 2019)

The demolitions in Wadi al-Humos: The excuse – security, The strategy – a Jewish demographic majority (B’Tselem, 22 July 2019)

Israeli minister boasts his country has been 'killing Iranians' (Times of Israel, 21 July 2019)

The Gazans who lost everything in an Israeli bombing (Haaretz, 12 July 2019)

At West Bank event, Netanyahu promises no more settlers, Arabs will be evicted (Haaretz, 10 July 2019)

Intermarriage Among Diaspora Jews Is 'Like a Second Holocaust,' Israel's Education Minister Says (Haaretz, 9 July 2019)

Israeli Defense Ministry department is dedicated to covering up evidence of the Nakba — ‘Haaretz’ (Jonthan Ofir, Mondoweiss, 5 July 2019)

Burying the Nakba (Hagar Shezaf, Haaretz, 6 July 2019)

New analysis shows AIPAC has spent millions to fund U.S. Congressional trips to Israel (The Arab American, 27 June 2019)

The US’s Middle East ‘peace summit’ is nonsense. Palestinians are right to boycott it (Guardian, 25 June 2019)

Palestinians reject Kushner 'economy first' approach to Mideast peace (Reuters, 22 June 2019)

White House's Kushner unveils economic portion of Middle East peace plan (Reuters, 22 June 2019)

The US’s Middle East ‘peace summit’ is nonsense. Palestinians are right to boycott it (Guardian, 25 June 2019)

Hanan Ashrawi slams Kushner's 'fictitious economic plan' (Middle East Eye, 18 June 2019)

Israeli residents, including mayor, protest sale of home to Arab family (Haaretz, 16 June 2019)

Civilians deliberately targeted in Gaza attacks, B’Tselem and Human Rights find (+972, 14 June 2019)

Israel: An 'Underwater' Nuclear Power, Thanks to German Submarines (Sebastien Roblin, National Interest, 14 May 2019)

Jared Kushner's economic blueprint for Palestinians faces boycott and derision (Guardian, 25 June 2019)

The US’s Middle East ‘peace summit’ is nonsense. Palestinians are right to boycott it (Guardian, 25 June 2019)

Trump to unveil long-awaited peace plan at summit Israelis and Palestinians will not attend (Independent, 25 June 2019)

Peace to Prosperity (US White House, 24 June 2019)

Move to stop Dáil order which blocks Bills on potential cost (Irish Times, 24 June 2019)

Expectations low as Israeli-Palestinian peace conference convenes (Financial Times, 24 June 2019)

Grapes of wrath: how wine could bottle the Israeli-Palestinian peace process (Independent, 14 June 2019)

Attempted deportation of Palestinian man reveals tangled legal odyssey (Washington Post, 15 June 2019)

'Trump Heights': Israeli settlement in Golan named after US president (Guardian, 17 June 2019)

A Jerusalem hospital where Palestinian babies die alone (Guardian, 20 June 2019)

Palestinians instantly reject Trump’s $50bn economic peace plan: ‘Palestine is not for sale’ (Independent, 23 June 2019)

'Get Israel off our backs': Palestinians react to Kushner plan (Al Jazeera, 24 June 2019)

The Monthly Humanitarian Bulletin | May 2019 (UN OCHA, 20 June 2019)

He saw the Israeli missile heading straight at him. Seconds later, his family was dead (Haaretz, 20 June 2019)

No Palestinians, no Israelis, maybe even no journalists: What’s left of Kushner’s Bahrain summit (Haaretz, 18 June 2019)

Inside Israel’s million dollar troll army (Electronic Intifada, 12 June 2019)

Israel 'Has the Right' to Annex Parts of the West Bank, US Ambassador Says (Haaretz, 8 June 2019)

Israel gave this Gaza family a five-minute warning. Then it bombed its home (Gideon Levy, Haaretz, 6 June 2019)

Bernie Sanders links Hitler’s murder of his family to his fight against occupation of Palestinians (Philip Weiss, Mondoweiss, 5 June 2019)

Pompeo delivers unfiltered view of Trump’s Middle East peace plan in off-the-record meeting (Washington Post, 2 June 2019)

Conquer and Divide: The Shattering of Palestinian Space by Israel (B’Tselem, 5 June 2019)

Germany, Shame on You and Your anti-BDS Resolution (Gideon Levy, Haaretz, 19 May 2019)

Israel to auction prefab classrooms donated by EU to Palestinians (Guardian, 31 May 2019)

Inside Lebanon’s most dangerous camps: Palestinian refugees who are incarcerated and abandoned (Independent, 8 June 2019)

US envoy says Israel has 'right' to annex West Bank land (Al Jazeera, 9 June 2019)

'Settler Spokesman': Palestinians and Israel's Left Slam Friedman for Annexation Remarks (Haaretz, 8 June 2019)

Kushner: Palestinians not yet capable of governing themselves (Al Jazeera, 3 June 2019)

US slashed Palestinian aid as a result of decisions by their leadership, Kushner says (Haaretz, 3 June 2019)

Democracy for every Israeli and Palestinian – it’s not hard Gideon Levy, Haaretz, 2 June 2019)

Islamic summit in Mecca supports Palestinians, backs Saudis in Iran standoff (Al Jazeera, 1 June 2019)

Declassified: Israel made sure Arabs couldn't return to their villages (Haaretz, 27 May 2019)

The Israeli clerks with the blood of children on their hands (Gideon Levy, Haaretz, 26 May 2019)

We Palestinians say to Trump: No to Bahrain, bribes and never-ending occupation (Nabil Sha’ath, Haaretz, 23 May 2019)

Gaza faces an unprecedented humanitarian crisis (UN OCHA, April 2019)

The most important detail in Kushner’s plan for the Palestinian economy (Haaretz, 21 May 2019)

Israel to demolish playground in unrecognized Bedouin village (Haaretz, 21 May 2019)

Amnesty: Israel arms human rights violators UAE, Myanmar (Middle East Monitor, 17 May 2019)

US-Israel relationship is ‘altar’ of ‘holiness,’ and Jerusalem embassy is ‘shrine’ — US Ambassador (Mondoweiss, 16 May 2019)

Ireland vs. Hungary: Report charts rising support for Netanyahu among EU states (Haaretz, 17 May 2019)

A year after Trump’s embassy move, only one country has followed U.S. to Jerusalem (Haaretz, 14 May 2019)

Record number of demolitions, including self-demolitions, in East Jerusalem in April 2019 (UN OCHA, 14 May 2019)

Trump's 'deal of the century' hasn't a hope of bringing peace (Guardian, 17 May 2019)

A Trip Advisor to the Real Israel (Gideon Levy, Haaretz, 16 May 2019)

Veteran Palestinian negotiator banned from travelling to US (Independent, 15 May 2019)

Tourists come face-to-face with Eurovision’s darker side: ‘No pride in apartheid’ (Independent, 16 May 2019)

One million face hunger in Gaza after US cut to Palestine aid (Guardian, 15 May 2019)

Why you should switch off the Eurovision tonight (Eamonn Meehan, Irish Times, 6 May 2019)

Israel and the Eurovision (Irish Times, 13 May 2019)

London protest demands Israel end 'unprecedented attacks' on Palestine (Guardian, 11 May 2019)

Phyllis Bennis discusses the recent Israeli bombardment of Gaza and the real nature of Trump’s ‘deal of the century’ (Real News Network, 9 May 2019)

1,700 Gazans Could Face Amputations Due to the Lack in Health Funding, UN Warns (Haaretz, 9 May 2019)

The Eurovision boycott row confirms it: Palestinian lives don’t matter (Guardian, 8 May 2019)

Hundreds of wounded Gaza protesters risk limb amputation without immediate help, warns top UN official (UN News, 8 May 2019)

The 'deal of the century': US blessing for Israel's land theft and ghettoisation of the Palestinians (Jonathan Cook, Middel East Eye, 9 May 2019)

Israel and the Eurovision (Irish Times, 10 May 2019)

Protection of Civilians Report | 23 April - 6 May 2019 (UN OCHA, 9 May 2019)

Israel Is Independent, but Not Free (Haaretz, 8 May 2019)

After cease-fire, Gazans still waiting on Qatari money and warn of relapse into conflict (Haaretz, 8 May 2019)

Qatar Pledges $480 Million for West Bank and Gaza Aid, Foreign Ministry Says (Haaretz, 7 May 2019)

The Palestinian Authority is no longer crying wolf over its imminent collapse (Jonathan Cook, 5 May 2019)

Gaza official: Israel agreed to implement ceasefire concessions within a week (Times of Israel, 7 May 2019)

Israeli government ordered military to end Gaza fighting before Eurovision (Haaretz, 6 May 2019)

Casualties in the context of demonstrations and hostilities in Gaza | 30 Mar 2018 - 30 Apr 2019 (UN OCHA, 6 May 2019)

The Gaza Ghetto Uprising (Gideon Levy, Haaretz, 5 May 2019)

Israeli settlers vandalize vehicles, spray death threats near Nablus (Ma’an News, 3 May 2019)

Ultra-Orthodox Political Power Threatens Israel's Economy, Study Says (Hagai Amit, Haaretz, 2 May 2019)

New push to stop US funding torture of Palestinian children (Electronic Intifada, 1 May 2019)

Gazans' only way out is through Egypt – if they can affcord it (Haaretz, 29 April 2019)

Palestinian Authority under threat in face of major fiscal crisis, UN report warns (Haaretz, 25 April 2019)

The logic behind US humiliation of the Palestinians (Marwin Bishara, Al Jazeera, 24 April 2019)

Bleeding, blindfolded and cuffed, Osama tried to run. Then came the second shot (Haaretz, 24 April 2019)

The world had decades to stop annexation. Just ask Palestinians (Hagai El-Ad, +972, 19 April 2019)

Israel shuts down Palestinian soccer tournament in East Jerusalem (Ma’an News, 19 April 2019)

Why aren't Europeans calling Israel an apartheid state? (John Dugard, Al Jazeera, 17 April 2019)

Jews, Arabs nearing population parity in Holy Land: Israeli officials (Reuters, 26 March 2018)

Israeli Soldiers Shot Bound Palestinian Teen Because Live Fire Is Their Only Language (Gideon Levy, Haaretz, 22 April 2019)

Palestinian teenager shot by Israeli army ‘while blindfolded and handcuffed’ in West Bank (Independent, 22 April 2019)

6,000 Palestinian Children Jailed By Israel Since 2015 (OWP, 21 April 2019)

Mourning the missing in Israel's 'cemeteries of numbers' (Middle East Eye, 20 April 2019)

Israel: Human Rights Watch Official’s Deportation Reinstated (Human Rights Watch, 16 April 2019)

If you believe in human rights, Madonna, don’t play Tel Aviv (Roger Waters, Guardian, 17 April 2019)

Palestinian state likely not in US proposed peace plan: Report (Al Jazeera, 15 April 2019)

Europe must stand by the two-state solution for Israel and Palestine (Guardian News, 15 April 2019)

Israelis celebrate festival of freedom as Palestinians suffer acts of wickedness (Gideon Levy, Haaretz, 21 April 2019)

You Married a Palestinian (Haaretz, 21 April 2019)

Mueller report confirms Trump team meddled in Egypt's UN resolution on Israeli settlements (Middle East Eye, 18 April 2019)

After Trump's move, US will now register people born in Golan Heights as native Israelis (Haaretz, 18 April 2019)

By cutting off relations, South Africa has branded Israel with the mark of Cain (Gideon Levy, Haaretz, 18 April 2019)

Israel begins demolishing Palestinian homes in East Jerusalem neighbourhood (Haaretz, 17 April 2019)

Israeli settlers execute Muhammad ‘Abd al-Fatah; military covers up their deed (B’Tselem, 14 April 2019)

Israel confiscates 51,000 dunams from Jordan Valley (Ma’an News, 16 April 2019)

Europe urged to reject US Middle East plan if it is unfair to Palestinians (Guardian, 15 April 2019)

Wounded Palestinian prisoners left in rain with no food or toilets in 'night of the atrocity' (Gideon Levy & Alex Levac, Haaretz, 12 April 2019)

Israeli election - with the final count in, who won and who lost? (Reuters, 12 April 2019)

Business groups pressure Ireland to drop ban on Israeli settlement goods (Electronic Intifada, 10 April 2019)

I fought South African apartheid. I see the same brutal policies in Israel (Ronnie Kasrils, Guardian, 3 April 2019)

Beit Sahour Twins with Tralee, Ireland (IMEMC News, 28 March 2019)

Economy and living standards of Gaza ‘eviscerated’ by crippling blockade (UN Trade & Development agency, 18 September 2018)

Humanitarian snapshot: casualties in the Gaza strip | 30 March 2018 - 22 March 2019 (UN OCHA, 27 March 2019)

One state, two states, whatever (Haaretz, 9 April 2019)

Israel PM vows to annex West Bank settlements if re-elected (BBC News, 7 April 2019)

Netanyahu vows to annex Jewish settlements in occupied West Bank (Guardian, 7 April 2019)

6,000 Palestinian children jailed by Israel since 2015: NGO (Al Jazeera, 5 April 2019)

Israel election: Why Israel desperately needs regime change (Middle East Eye, 8 April 2019)

Democracy, Israeli Style (New York Times, 7 April 2019)

Bedouin women capture their village's final moments before it's demolished by Israel (Haaretz, 1 April 2019)

Arab League to aid Palestinian Authority after Israel withholds tax money (Haaretz, 1 April 2019)

Golan Druze reject Trump backing of Israeli sovereignty (Ynet News, 25 March 2019)

Trump's Golan Heights decision: Endorsing illegal annexation (David Morrison, Middle East Eye, 25 March 2019)

Even for the wild West Bank, this is a shocking story (Gideon Levy & Alex Levac, Haaretz, 29 March 2019)

UN Human Rights Council adopts report condemning suspected Israeli war crimes on Gaza border (Haaretz, 22 March 2019)

Gaza border protests: 190 killed and 28,000 injured in a year of bloodshed (Guardian, 29 March 2019)

UN panel lists Israelis suspected of war crimes on Gaza border (Times of Israel, 18 March 2019)

Netanyahu is right: Israel is a nation with no interest in equality (Amjad Iraqi, Guardian, 13 March 2019)

Gantz's Party Releases Platform: Deepen Separation From Palestinians, Strengthen Settlement Blocs (Haaretz, 6 March 2019)

The Democratic Party Attacks on Ilhan Omar Are a Travesty (Phyllis Bennis, The Nation, 5 March 2019)

Netanyahu: ‘Arab citizens have 22 states. They don’t need another one.’ (Gideon Levy, Haaretz, 17 March 2019)

The time Democratic Presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke got burned by AIPAC about Israel (Haaretz, 15 March 2019)

A Palestinian farmer finds dead lambs in his well. He knows who's to blame (Gideon Levy & Alex Levac, Haaretz, 14 March 2019)

Gantz's party promises non-Orthodox recognition at Western Wall, civil marriages (Haaretz, 12 March 2019)

Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot condemns Netanyahu for saying that Israel is “not a state of all its citizens" (BBC, 11 March 2019)

A Peek into the Horrific Findings of the UN Report on Israel’s Massacre of Gaza Protesters (Robet Inlakesh, MintPress News, 8 March 2019)

Water Supply Cut for 2,600 Palestinians in Jordan Valley (IMEMC News, 7 March 2019)

How Netanyahu's embrace of the Israeli far right unmasked Zionism (Tony Greenstein, Al Jazeera, 4 March 2019)

Selling Jerusalem: Middlemen sell Jerusalemite homes to settlers (Al Jazeera, 13 March 2019)

Israel journalist facing trial for calling soldiers who beat Palestinians ‘animals’ (Middle East Monitor 11 March 2019)

Attacks by Israeli settlers surge as West Bank tensions boil (Washington Post, 6 March 2019)

Netanyahu says Israel ‘belongs to Jewish people alone’ in attack on nation’s Arab population (Independent, 10 March 2019)

Benjamin Netanyahu says Israel is ‘not a state of all its citizens’ (Guardian, 10 March 2019)

Palestinian MP Khalida Jarrar details her 20-month ordeal in an Israeli prison without charge (The National, 10 March 2019)

Gaza's generation blockade: young lives in the ‘world’s largest prison’ (Guardian, 12 March 2019)

The truth is out about Israel’s lethal actions in Gaza. Will the world listen? (Guardian, 12 March 2019)

We are Jews who stand with Representative Ilhan Omar

Israel forces Palestinian to raze his and his daughter’s homes with his own hands (Gideon Levy, Haaretz, 7 March 2019)

Debunking The Myth That Anti-Zionism Is Anti-Semitic (Peter Beinart, Guardian, 7 March 2019)

UN again defers report on firms with Israeli settlement ties (Daily Star, 6 March 2019)

Ilhan Omar’s Criticism Raises the Question: Is Aipac Too Powerful? (New York Times, 4 March 2019)

US consulate in Jerusalem merges with Embassy (Haaretz, 4 March 2019)

UK under pressure from US to adopt aggressive anti-BDS posture in post-Brexit negotiations (Middle East Monitor, 4 March 2019)

Corbyn calls for UK to condemn Israel’s targeting of Palestinians (Middle East Monitor, 2 March 2019)

Labour’s antisemitism data: a genuine problem – and media exaggeration (Jewish Voice for Labour, 12 February 2019)

US Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is charged with invoking ‘myth of dual loyalty’ — but many Jewish writers say it’s no myth (Philip Weiss, Mondoweiss, 1 March 2019)

Israel should face justice for unlawful Gaza protest killings: UN (Reuters, 28 February 2018)

No Justification for Israel to Shoot Protesters on Gaza border with Live Ammunition (UN Human Rights Council, 28 February 2019)

Netanyahu to Be Charged With Bribery Pending Hearing (Haaretz, 28 February 2019)

Israel lobby funders back breakaway British MPs (Asa Winstanley, Electronic Intifada, 27 February 2019)

Israel stops parents joining seriously ill children during treatment (Electronic Intifada, 26 February 2019)

Meet Netanyahu’s new allies, followers of an FBI-designated terrorist (If Americans Knew, 25 February 2019)

Polls give new Gantz-Lapid faction meaningful lead over Netanyahu’s Likud (Times of Israel, 21 February 2019)

Political bombshell as Gantz, Lapid join forces to replace Netanyahu (Haaretz, 21 February 2019)

Mother Teresa bids farewell (Gideon Levy, Haaretz, 21 February 2019)

Israel evicts Palestinians from Jerusalem home (Al Jazeera, 17 February 2019)

Fake Justice: The Responsibility Israel’s High Court Justices Bear for the Demolition of Palestinian Homes and the Dispossession of Palestinians (B’Tselem, February 2019)

Pro-Israel donors spent over $22m on lobbying and contributions in 2018 (Guardian, 15 February 2019)

Video: Slow death for Gaza cancer patients (Electronic Intifada, 14 February 2019)

Reminder: Israel is still holding a Palestinian lawmaker as political prisoner indefinitely (Gideon Levy, Haaretz, 14 February 2019)

Meeting Abbas, Saudi King and Crown Prince back Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital (Times of Israel, 13 February 2019)

Israel orders 300 Palestinians to evacuate homes in Tubas (Ma’an News, 12 February 2019)

Pro-Israel Lobby Caught on Tape Boasting That Its Money Influences Washington (The Intercept, 11 February 2019)

The international observer mission in Hebron acted as a restraint on the worst excesses of Israeli settlers. Now that has come to an end (Jonathan Cook, The National, 10 February 2019)

Israeli ministers sign petition to settle 2 million Jews in West Bank (Ma’an News, 9 February 2019)

Israel says will legalize West Bank homes built on private Palestinian land (Haaretz, 10 February 2019)

Israel builds settlements while razing Palestinian homes. If that’s not apartheid, what is? (Gideon Levy, Haaretz, 7 February 2019)

US Senate passes anti-BDS legislation with strong majority (Haaretz, 6 February 2019)

Abbas asks Europeans to recognize Palestinian state (Times of Israel, 5 February 2019)

Israeli settlers vandalize West Bank mosque (Electronic Intifada, 5 February 2019)

Spanish company CAF rejects tender for Jerusalem's railway as it traverses '67 border (Ma’an News, 3 February 2019)

180 Palestinian women wounded by live Israeli fire since start of Gaza protests (Haaretz, 3 February 2019)

US stops all aid to Palestinians in West Bank and Gaza (BBC, 1 February 2019)

Palestinian teen hiking with friends was killed in Israeli army ambush. He posed no danger (Gideon Levy, Alex Levac, Haaretz, 1 February 2019)

Israeli Snipers have shot down 45 Child Gaza Protesters (If America Knew, 22 January 2019)

Beat a detained Palestinian and made his son watch: Five Israeli soldiers indicted for abuse (Haaretz, 31 January 2019)

I was a settler. I know how settlers become killers (Shabtay Bendet, Haaretz, 30 January 2019)

After Israel suspends Hebron observers, Palestinians call for permanent UN force (Times of Israel, 29 January 2019)

Palestinian killed during attack by West Bank settlers (Ali Abunimah, Electronic Intifada, 27 January 2019)

British cultural figures urge BBC to boycott Eurovision in Israel (The Guardian, 29 January 2019)

Stars urge BBC to ask for Eurovision to be moved out of Israel (BBC News, 30 January 2019)

Israel to Expel International Monitoring Force in Hebron After 20-year Presence (Haaretz, 28 January 2019)

USAID ceases assistance in West Bank and Gaza: US official (Al Jazeera, 1 Feb 2019)

Palestinian man killed by Israeli settlers in West Bank (The Guardian, 26 January 2019)

The sadists who destroyed a decades-old Palestinian olive grove can rest easy (Gideon Levi & Alex Levac, Haaretz, 24 January 2019)

Hopes for Palestinian State hit by ‘facts on the ground’: Nickolay Mladenov, UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process (UN Security Council, 22 January 2019)

Casualties in the context of demonstrations and hostilities in Gaza | 30 March - 31 December 2018 (UN OCHA)

Israeli election ad by Benny Gantz boasts Gaza bombed back to “stone ages” (Ali Abunimah, Electronic Intifada, 21 January 2019)

Palestinian is shot in the head by Israeli police on his way to school, and lives to tell the tale (Gideon Levy & Alex Levac, Haaretz, 20 January 2019)

The war that will decide Israel’s future won’t involve airstrikes, tanks or missiles (Chuck Freilich, Haaretz, 13 January 2019)

West Bank demolitions and displacement: December 2018 (UN OCHA, 17 January 2019)

A new Breaking the Silence tour focussing on the history of Israeli settlement building (Gideon Levi & Alex Levac, Haaretz, 11 January 2019)

As an American-Israeli, I am thrilled for the Palestinians and for Rashida Tlaib (Bradley Burston, Haaretz, 8 January 2019)

Ten years after the first war on Gaza, Israel still plans endless brute force (Professor Avi Shlaim, Guardian, 7 January 2019))

Israeli army exiles Palestinian families from their homes – to train in their fields (Haaretz, 4 January 2019)

Israel again evacuates illegal West Bank outpost of Amona; dozens wounded (Haaretz, 3 January 2019)

Israeli forces shoot and kill three Palestinians on the grounds that they intentionally ran over Israelis - in incidents that never occurred (B’Tselem, 3 January 2019)

The events that shook the Palestinian territories in 2018 (Al Jazeera, 30 December 2018)

Israel Supreme Court rejects "equality for all" bill (Arab Daily News, 30 December 2018)

2018: More casualties and food insecurity, less funding for humanitarian aid (UN OCHA, 27 December 2018)

Nearly 300 Palestinians killed, 29,000 injured in 2018 (Electronic Intifada, 27 December 2018)

The secret letter detailing Israel's plan to expel Arabs, 'without unnecessary brutality' (Haaretz, 21 December 2018)

Lethal “warning”: 2 Palestinian teens killed on rooftop in Gaza by Israeli "warning missile" (B’Tselem, 19 December 2018)

The disabled Palestinian slowly walked away. Then, Israeli troops shot him in the back of the head (Gideon Levy, Haaretz, 17 December 2018)

Anti-Zionism Isn’t the Same as Anti-Semitism (New York Times, 7 December 2018)

Palestinian self-home demolitions: 'A new level of depravity' (Al Jazeera, 8 December 2018)

Music is a freedom that breaks every border': Young musicians in Gaza fight the siege to play for peace (Independent, 10 December 2018)

IDF raids in West Bank show how occupation becomes routine (Haaretz, 8 December 2018)

In blow to U.S. administration and Israel, UN fails to pass anti-Hamas resolution (Haaretz, 7 December 2018)

Despite Netanyahu's pressure, EU doesn't link anti-Semitism to anti-Zionism (Haaretz, 6 December 2018)

ICC prosecutors report ‘significant’ progress in Palestinian probe (Times of Israel, 5 December 2018)

Pelosi Emphasizes pro-Israel Leadership in Next House (Haaretz, 3 December 2018)

Gaza hospitals 'overwhelmed' by patients with injuries from Israeli fire (Middle East Eye, 29 November 2018)

Seven months of protests by Gaza fence: Over 5,800 Palestinians wounded by live Israeli gunfire (B’Tselem, 22 November 2018)

When Saudi Arabia imported teachers from Palestine – thanks to UNWRA (Haaretz, 24 November 2018)

Olive tree sabotage plagues Palestinian farmers (Times of Israel, 9 November 2018)

Ireland must ban goods from occupied territories (Gerry Liston, Irish Times, 26 November 2018)

What do the Palestinians want from the international community? (Middle East Monitor, 21 November 2018)

New legal advice finds Occupied Territories Bill is 'fully compliant with EU trade rules' (The Journal, 23 November 2018)

Israeli submarine mistakenly sank civilian ship in First Lebanon War (Haaretz, 23 November 2018)

Hurray for Airbnb (Gideon Levy, Haaretz, 22 November 2018)

Airbnb to remove listings in Israel's West Bank settlements (Independent, 20 November 2018)

Listings in Disputed Regions (Airbnb, 20 November 2018)

Netanyahu’s ceasefire is meant to keep Gaza Imprisoned (Jonathan Cook, Counterpunch, 21 November 2018)

UN Palestinian agency says it is overcoming Trump funding cuts (Jordan Times, 15 November 2018)

Israel’s Mockery of Security: 101 Actions Israel Could Take (Sam Bahour, Counterpunch, 14 November 2018)

More casualties sustained during the ‘Great March of Return’ in Gaza (UN OCHA, 16 November 2018)

Images of Qatari cash flowing into Gaza may embarrass Netanyahu - but alternative is war (Haaretz, 11 November 2018)

Israel is indirectly cooperating with The Hague’s probe into 2014 Gaza war despite past criticism (Haaretz, 11 November 2018)

"Visit historic Palestine, the Israeli army liked it so much they never left!", Banksy (The National, 8 November 2018)

Everyone knows settlers cut down Palestinian olive trees. But Israel doesn't care (Amira Hass, Haaretz, 5 November 2018)

The Only One Who Dared Stand Up to Trump (Haaretz, 5 November 2018)

Netanyahu: Events at Istanbul Consulate 'Horrendous,' but Saudi Stability Must Be Maintained (Haaretz, 2 November 2018)

Behind the making of the Emmy-winning film on Israel’s proudly racist soccer fans (Haaretz, 1 November 2018)

Israel and Qatar reach deal to pay Gaza salaries: Report (Middle East Eye, 31 October 2018)

Druze on Golan Heights protest against Israeli municipal election (Reuters, 30 October 2018)

'We will not uproot settlements', says Israeli foreign minister (Arutz Sheva, 23 October 2018)

Israel and the arms trade (Irish Times, 28 October 2018)

Casualties in the context of demonstrations and hostilities in Gaza | 30 March - 18 October 2018 (UN OCHA)

Everything you need to know about Khan al-Ahmar (+972, 16 October 2018)

Cabinet OKs Netanyahu's proposal to postpone Khan al-Ahmar evacuation until negotiations exhausted (Haaretz, 21 October 2018)

Address to the UN Security Council by Hagai El-Ad, Executive Director, B’Tselem (18 October 2018)

Joint Statement from Jason Dov Greenblatt and David Friedman, Co-Chairmen of the Israel Advisory Committee to Donald J. Trump (2 November 2016)

Defying US, UN gives ‘Palestine’ extra rights so it can head major bloc in 2019 (Times of Israel, 17 October 2018)

Hague prosecutor issues war crime warning on Bedouin village demolition (Times of Israel, 17 October 2018)

Israeli politicians condemn marriage of Jewish and Muslim celebrities as effort to ‘hurt our state’ (Mondoweiss, 15 October 2018)

You forgot something important about Benny Gantz (Gideon Levy, Haaretz, 11 October 2018)

Casualties in the context of demonstrations and hostilities in Gaza | 30 March - 4 October 2018 (UN OCHA)

$38bn US military aid package for Israel enters into force (Middle East Monitor, 3 October 2018)

Canary Mission Blacklist Is Secretly Bankrolled By Major Jewish Federation (Forward, 3 October 2018)

Real Madrid knows more about the occupation than most Israelis do (Gideon Levy, Haaretz, 3 October 2018)

The past six months in Gaza have been like another war (Al Jazeera, 1 October 2018)

What Netanyahu's first truthful UN speech would sound like (Gideon Levy, Haaretz, 30 September 2018)

Israel Denies Entry to 2,000 Palestinians Based on Family Names (IMEMC News, 27 September 2018)

Netanyahu refuses to commit to a two-state solution (Haaretz, 29 September 2018)

To Russia with Love (Gideon Levy, Haaretz, 28 September 2018)

Palestinian Kids’ Long Trek to School – Past the Settler With the Handgun (Amira Hass, Haaretz, 24 September 2018)

Now Israel has a race law (Gideon Levy, Haaretz, 21 September 2018)

US promises $3.3bn in military aid to Israel but cuts humanitarian aid to Palestinians (Middle East Monitor, 20 September 2018)

Israel's irreconcilable differences with US Jews and the Democratic Party may soon lead to final divorce (Haaretz, 16 September 2018)

Trump’s War on Palestinian Refugees Is as Heartless as Anything He’s Done (Daily Beast, 12 September 2018)

Palestinians still live under apartheid in Israel, 25 years after the Oslo accord (Avi Shlaim, Guardian, 13 September 2018)

DJs refuse to spin for Israel (Electronic Intifada, 14 September 2018)

With Oslo, Israel’s intention was never peace or Palestinian statehood (Amira Hass, Haaretz, 14 September 2018)

Palestinians still live under apartheid in Israel, 25 years after the Oslo accord (Avi Shlaim, Guardian, 13 September 2018)

Censored film reveals The Israel Project’s secret Facebook campaign (Ali Abunimah & Asa Winstanley, Electronic Intifada, 13 September 2018)

I advised the Palestinian negotiating team. It was a mistake to have negotiated with Israel at all (Diana Buttu, Haaretz, 12 September 2018)

The Oslo Accords Didn't Achieve Peace. But They Did Birth Startup Nation (David Rosenberg, Haaretz, 12 September 2018)

B'Tselem to EU: Clarify to Israel demolition of Khan al-Ahmar will have consequences (8 September 2018)

Trump to Cut Millions From East Jerusalem Hospitals (Haaretz, 8 September 2018)

Israel bans Al-Tamimi from traveling abroad (AA, 7 September 2018)

I believed in the Oslo Accords for years. But it was merely a deception (Gideon Levy, Haaretz, 7 September 2018)

Casualties in the context of demonstrations and hostilities in Gaza | 30 March - 6 September 2018 (UN OCHA)

Paraguay to Move Embassy Back to Tel Aviv From Jerusalem (Haaretz, 5 September 2018)

Colombian President Says Recognition of Palestine 'Irreversible' (Haaretz, 3 September 2018)

There is a deeper, darker agenda afoot as the US cuts UNRWA funding (Jonathan Cook, 2 September 2018)

Israeli court rules to demolish Khan al-Ahmar village (Al Jazeera, 5 September 2018)

Mr. Trump, You Cannot Erase the Palestinian Right to Return (James Zogby, Global Research, 3 September 2018)

Netanyahu: U.S. decision to cut UNRWA funds 'a blessed and important change' (Haaretz, 2 September 2018)

Shame on you, America (Gideon Levy, Haaretz, 2 September 2018)

Open letter from UNRWA Commissioner-General to Palestine Refugees and UNRWA staff (1 September 2018)

Trump administration ends financial aid for Palestinian refugee agency UNRWA (Haaretz, 1 September 2018)

Iran's only Jewish hospital grapples with fallout of US sanctions (Al Jazeera, 30 August 2018)

Casualties in the context of demonstrations and hostilities in Gaza | 30 March - 30 August 2018 (UN OCHA)

How Israel Spies on US Citizens (OrientXXI, 29 August 2018)

Israeli court: A West Bank outpost can be legalized if land was seized in good faith (Haaretz, 29 August 2018)

Israeli travel ban on Gaza patients quashed by court (Gisha, 27 August 2018)

US slashes aid as Gaza hospitals run out of fuel (Electronic Intifada, 24 August 2018)

New book gives credence to US ambassador’s claim that Israel tried to assassinate him in 1980 (Mondoweiss, 22 August 2018)

Why Israel is investing in Diaspora Jewish education (Israeli Minister of Education & Diaspora Affairs Naftali Bennett, Jewish Telegraph, 26 April 2018)

Uri Avnery, veteran peace activist and among first Israelis to meet Arafat, dies at 94 (Haaretz, 20 August 2018)

'We have twice had to rebuild our village on the West Bank - now our school is under threat' (The Journal, 19 August 2018)

Israeli-Palestinian support for two states at 20-year low, poll says (Jerusalem Post, 14 August 2018)

Secret Israeli report reveals deadly violence against Palestinian children (Daily Sabah, 13 August 2018)

BDS: how a controversial non-violent movement has transformed the Israeli-Palestinian debate (The Guardian, 14 August 2018)

Gaza Cease-fire, Prisoner Swap and Seaport: Details of Israel-Hamas Deal Emerge (Haaretz, 17 August 2018)

Casualties in the context of demonstrations and hostilities in Gaza | 30 March - 16 August 2018 (UN OCHA)

West Bank demolitions and displacement | July 2018 (UN OCHA, 16 August 2018)

Hamas decries Israeli decision to end 'Black Friday' probe (Al Jazeera, 16 August 2018)

Na’amod: We’re British Jewry’s newest anti-occupation group - and you can’t dismiss us (Haaretz, 13 August 2018)

Egypt losing hope to partner with Trump for Middle East 'deal of the century' (Washington Times, 12 August 2018)

I'm not the 'right kind of Jew' for Israel's current government – and I'm proud of it (Abby Kirschbaum, Haaretz, 9 August 2018)

'My Israel has died': British philanthropist lambasts Jewish nation-state law (Middle East Eye, 8 August 2018)

Israel Nation-State Law (Sabeel, 8 August 2018)

The late Inas and Bayan Khammash (Gideon Levy, 12 August 2018)

Secret Israeli Report Reveals Armed Drone Killed Four Boys Playing on Gaza Beach in 2014 (The Intercept, 11 August 2018)

BBC bows to pressure from Israel and changes Gaza headline (Middle East Monitor, 10 August 2018)

Israel is the real problem (Media Lens, 9 August 2018)

Casualties in the context of demonstrations and hostilities in Gaza | 30 March - 9 August 2018 (UN OCHA)

Dame Vivien Duffield says 'my Israel is dead' thanks to 'apartheid' Nation State Law (Jewish Chronicle, 8 August 2018)

Trump and Palestine: Shock of the century (Marwan Bishara, Al Jazeera, 6 August 2018)

Trump moving to strip Palestinians of refugee status: report (Al Jazeera, 4 August 2018)

'We need equality': Tens of thousands attend Druze rally against nation-state law (Haaretz, 4 August 2018)

Why calling Israel an apartheid state or racist is not anti-Semitic (Middle East Eye, 2 August 2018)

Seven seriously ill Gaza women refused entry into Israel for treatment (Haaretz, 2 August 2018)

Saudi King Tells US That Peace Plan Must Include East Jerusalem as Palestinian Capital (Haaretz, 29 July 2018)

Video – Gaza Killings: Who is to blame? (Mehdi Hasan interviews former Israeli foreign minister Danny Ayalon, Al Jazeera, 20 July 2018)

Israel passes controversial 'Jewish nation-state' law (Al Jazeera, 19 July 2018)

Five ways Israeli law discriminates against Palestinians (Al Jazeera, 19 July 2018)

Israeli sniper deliberately killed medic Razan al-Najjar, B’Tselem investigation finds (Ali Abunimah, Electronic Intifada, 17 July 2018)

The PA, the ICC and Israel (Middle East Eye, 23 July 2018)

What exactly about the state of Israel do you support, Margaret Hodge? (Middle East Eye, 20 July 2018)

Europe Is Fighting Israel's Occupation. America Is Normalizing It (Haaretz, 23 July 2018)

Egypt says Israel’s Jewish nation-state law undermines Middle East peace (Middle East Monitor, 22 July 2018)

Richard Falk on Palestine, Israel and the UN in the Trump Age (PassBlue, 24 July 2018)

Tracking Businesses in Israeli Settlements (U.S. News, 31 July 2018)

Israel seeks to isolate Palestinians from global support (Electronic Intifada, 30 July 2018)

Washington Watch: Thank You, Ireland (Arab American Institute, 14 July 2018)

Ahed Tamimi: 'I am a freedom fighter. I will not be the victim' (The Guardian, 30 July 2018)

EU condemns Israel's new nationality law (Al-Monitor, 27 July 2018)

Irish Times view on Israel’s nation state law: politics moves further to the right (Irish Times, 25 July 2018)

Trump cuts cause 250 job losses at UN agency for Palestinian refugees (The Guardian, 25 July 2018)

UN bloc of developing countries elects Palestine as next leader in snub to US and Israel (Independent, 25 July 2018)

Meet the girl who dreams of being Gaza’s first Olympic swimmer (Independent, 21 July 2018)

'One more racist law': reactions as Israel axes Arabic as official language (The Guardian, 19 July 2018)

The ‘ultimate deal’? For Israel, maybe. We Palestinians will never accept it (Hanan Ashrawi, The Guardian, 19 July 2018)

Jewish nation state: Israel approves controversial bill (BBC News, 19 July 2018)

Israeli parliament votes to ban state and army critics from schools (The Guardian, 17 July 2018)

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez prompts outrage in US for accurately referring to Israel's 'occupation' of Palestinian territory (Independent, 17 July 2018)

EU Blasts Israeli Minister: You Feed Disinformation and Mix BDS, Terror (Haaretz, 17 July 2018)

Jewish group congratulates Irish Senate for voting to ban Israeli settlement products; calls on Canada to follow suit (Independent Jewish Voices Canada, 12 July 2018)

Palestinians praise ‘This is apartheid, there is no better word for it’: Calls for boycott growing among mainstream Israelis (Mondoweiss, 3 July 2018)

Ireland Draws Israel's Ire With Legislation To Ban Imports From West Bank Settlements (Forbes, 13 July 2018)

Israel in turmoil over bill allowing Jews and Arabs to be segregated (Guardian, 15 July 2018)

Palestinians praise Irish bill on Israeli settlements (YouTube - PressTV, 12 July 2018)

A big thank you to Ireland from the Palestinian people (Facebook - The Palestine Institute for Public Diplomacy, July 2018)

WATCH: Limerick TD Niall Collins could be barred from Israel after visit (Limwerick Leader, 12 July 2018)

Irish senate passes sanctions on Israeli settlements (+972 Mag, 11 July 2018)

At The Seanad (Broadsheet, 11 July 2018)

Ireland’s Senate approves bill to boycott Israel goods (Middle East Monitor, 13 July 2018)

Israel’s defence minister calls for closure of Dublin embassy (Irish Times, 13 July 2018)

Occupied Territories Bill (Irish Times, 13 July 2018)

Israeli minister calls for 'immediate closure' of country's embassy in Ireland (Irish Times, 18 July 2018)

Meanwhile, Outside Leinster House (Broadsheet, 11 July 2018)

Irish senate backs bill banning trade with Israeli settlements (Al Jazeera, 12 July 2018)

As Israeli bulldozers circle, a tiny village takes center stage in Palestinian struggle (Washington Post, 11 July 2018)

Bill banning Israeli settlement goods passes in Seanad (Irish Times, 11 July 2018)

Q&A: Who is supporting the Bill banning goods from Israeli settlements? (Irish Times, 11 July 2018)

Frances Black: Ireland must act against Israel’s war crimes (Irish Times, 11 July 2018)

Ireland can make history by backing human rights in Palestine in Seanad tomorrow (Irish Examiner, 10 July 2018)

An Irish bill on Israeli settlement goods could make history (Al Jazeera, 7 July 2018)

Inside the fearful Bedouin village that could decide fate of Palestinian state (The Guardian, 7 July 2018)

Fianna Fáil set to back bill boycotting Israeli goods (The Times, 3 July 2018)

Pink Floyd frontman backs Black’s bill on partial Israeli goods ban (Irish Examiner, 3 July 2018)

Pink Floyd star Roger Waters Urges Support for Palestine Bill in Seanad (Hot Press, 2 July 2018)

Fianna Fáil ‘to support trade ban with lands held by Israel’ (The Times, 2 July 2018)

Video: Lost cities of Palestine: Haifa, Nazareth, and Jaffa (Al Jazeera, May 2014)

Casualties in the context of demonstrations and hostilities in Gaza | 30 March - 12 July 2018 (UN OCHA)

A law that tells the truth about Israel (Gideon Levy, Haaretz, 12 July 2018)

West Bank Demolitions & Displacement: An Overview (UN OCHA, June 2018)

NATO chief says alliance won’t aid Israel if Iran attacks (Times of Israel, 2 June 2018)

Splitting the EU: Israel’s tightening alliance with central Europe’s nationalist leaders (Haaretz, 8 July 2018)

Everything you need to know about the West Bank Bedouin village at the eye of a diplomatic storm (Haaretz, 8 July 2018)

New West Bank Settlement's Sewage Overflowing Into Palestinian Fields (Haaretz, 2 July 2018)

I spoke to Palestinians who still hold the keys to homes they fled decades ago – many are still determined to return (Independent, 14 June 2018)

Israel is about to destroy this Palestinian village. Will Britain step in? (The Guardian, 14 June 2018)

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International Red Cross dispatches war surgeons to help Gaza cope with protest casualties (Independent, 1 June 2018)

Israeli army kills Palestinian nurse in Gaza border protest (Reuters, 1 June 2018)

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Abbas refused to meet Democratic delegation, led by Pelosi, that visited Israel (Haaretz, 31 May 2018)

Labor MK urges his party to ‘sober up’ and push to annex settlement blocs (Times of Israel, 26 May 2018)

Israel’s high court blesses killing and maiming of Gaza protesters (Electronic Intifada, 26 May 2018)

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40 Dead, 5,511 Wounded: UN Releases Figures on Palestinian Casualties in Gaza's Mass Protests on Israel Border (Haaretz, 25 April 2018)

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Israel Wanted to Bar Entry to Dublin's Lord Mayor Over BDS Ties – but Got His Name Wrong (Haaretz, 10 April 2018)

A Palestinian protester was shot by an Israeli sniper. One celebrating soldier called it a ‘legendary clip’ (Washington Post, 10 April 2018)

ICC warns Israeli leaders over Gaza killings (Electronic Intifada, 8 April 2018)

If this happened in Alabama there would be uproar. In Israel, it’s the norm (Jonathan Cook, 29 March 2018)

Israel investigating why Dublin mayor was allowed into country despite ban over boycott support (Independent, 11 April 2018)

One Palestinian killed and hundreds injured in Gaza protests (The Guardian, 13 April 2018)

Israeli forces caught in video shooting Palestinian man then whooping (Independent, 10 April 2018)

He was wearing a vest marked ‘PRESS.’ He was shot dead covering a protest in Gaza. (Washington Post, 6 April 2018)

Protester with no legs is shot dead by Israeli troops along with two other Palestinians (Daily Mail, 13 December 2017)

Blindfolded Palestinian boy surrounded by Israeli soldiers in viral photo charged with throwing stones (Independent, 12 December 2017)

Israel intel minister wants Saudi crown prince to visit Israel (Daily Star, 13 December 2017)

Muslim leaders urge recognition of East Jerusalem as Palestine capital (Daily Star, 13 December 2017)

Abbas: Palestinians Will Go to Security Council Over Full UN Membership (Haaretz, 13 December 2017)

Abbas calls on world to reconsider recognition of Israel after Trump's Jerusalem move (Haaretz, 13 December 2017)

In Brussels, Netanyahu Talks Up US Peace Bid as EU Pushes for Bigger Role (Haaretz, 11 December 2017)

Despite Trump's Announcement, 'Jerusalem, Israel' Won't Appear on U.S. Passports (Haaretz, 8 December 2017)

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Israel to evacuate 200 Palestinians in Jordan Valley for settlement expansion (Ma'an News, 10 November 2017)

Britain must atone for the Balfour declaration – and 100 years of suffering (Mahmoud Abbas, Guardian, 1 November 2017)

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In unprecedented move, eight European countries to demand compensation from Israel for West Bank demolitions (Haaretz, 19 October 2017)

Palestinian Reconciliation Signed in Cairo: Abbas Hails Historic End of Division Between Hamas, Fatah (Haaretz, 12 October 2017)

Hamas, Fatah sign reconciliation agreement in Cairo (Al Jazeera, 12 October 2017)

US Announces Departure From UNESCO Over anti-Israel Bias (Haaretz, 12 October 2017)

Ofcom rejects complaints against Al Jazeera over undercover documentary on ‘the Israel lobby’ (Jewish Chronicle, 9 October 2017)

100 Years After Balfour (Independent Jewish Voices, October 2017)

Palestinian family faces imminent displacement by Israeli punitive demolition (Ma’an News, 3 October 2017)

In first visit to Gaza in two years, PA prime minister calls for national unity (Jerisalem Post, 2 October 2017)

Palestinians slam US Israel envoy's 'ignorance' (Al Jazeera, 29 September 2017)

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Interpol votes to admit Palestine as full member (The Guardian, 27 September 2017)

The fight to get Israel's Holocaust survivors their benefits (Haaretz, 25 September 2017)

Germany's Heckler & Koch to stop selling guns to Israel (Jerusalem Post, 20 September 2017)

Trump told Abbas: We're working on new peace deal, but need more time to formulate it (Haaretz, 24 September 2017)

Israel jails hundreds of African asylum seekers without trial every year (Haaretz, 24 September 2017)

53 mosques and churches vandalized in Israel since 2009, but only 9 indictments filed (Haaretz, 24 September 2017)

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Book: The Only Language They Understand: Forcing Compromise in Israel and Palestine (Nathan Thrall, May 2017)

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Through ‘severe pressure,’ US can impose a two-state solution on Israel — Nathan Thrall (Interview with Nathan Thrall, Mondoweiss, 31 May 2017)

The Past 50 Years of Israeli Occupation. And the Next (Nathan Thrall, New York Times, 2 June 2017)

The Zionist Project's Palestinian Builders Are Invisible in Life and in Death (Gideon Levy and Alex Levac, Haaretz, 1 September 2017)

"You can take your camera and stick it straight up your big ass" (B’Tselem, 29 August 2017)

Netanyahu Vows to Never Remove Israeli Settlements From West Bank: 'We're Here to Stay, Forever' (Haaretz, 29 August 2017)

EU lets Israel destroy West Bank schools it funded (Ali Abunimah, Electronic Intifada, 28 August 2017)

The Balfour Declaration: A study in British duplicity (Avi Shlaim, Middle East Eye, 25 August 2017)

Israel revokes citizenship of hundreds of Negev Bedouin, leaving them stateless (Haaretz, 25 August 2017)

Israel destroys Palestinian classrooms ahead of first day of school (Independent, 24 August 2017)

Israel demolishes school serving 80 children in Jub a-Dib on eve of new school year (B’Tselem, 23 August 2017)

Revealed: Nearly 3,500 settlement homes built on private Palestinian land (Haaretz, 23 August 2017)

The miraculous tale of the West Bank's first university hospital and its 'very Israeli' CEO (Gideon Levy & Alex Levac, Haaretz, 19 August 2017)

Israel delays half of Gazans seeking to leave Strip for medical care, WHO says (Haaretz, 14 August 2017)

Ignoring court case, Israel seizes solar panels powering Bedouin school in West Bank (Haaretz, 10 August 2017)

Israel demolishes homes of Palestinian attackers (Daily Star, 10 August 2017)

Human Rights Watch: Stripping Jerusalem residency could be a ‘war crime’ (Daily Star, 9 August 2017)

Upscale Israeli country club changes rules to prevent Arabs from joining (Haaretz, 4 August 2017)

New York Times journalist says Palestinians experience ‘apartheid’ – but not in the New York Times (Jonathan Cook, 1 August 2017)

Netanyahu Offers Blistering Attack on EU: 'Their Behavior Toward Israel Is Crazy' (Haaretz, 19 July 2017)

Testimonies from the censored Deir Yassin massacre: 'They piled bodies and burned them' (Haaretz, 16 July 2017)

Israel’s ever-more sadistic reprisals help shore up a sense of victimhood (Jonathan Cook, The National, 11 July 2017)

Israel breaks up foreign worker couples by denying employment permits (Haaretz, 10 July 2017)

Palestinian baby dies from tear gas inhalation (Al Jazeera, 10 July 2017)

This Palestinian village had solar power — until Israeli soldiers took it away (Washington Post, 7 July 2017)

The West Bank's 'Disneyland' offers a small break from the Israeli occupation (Gideon Levy and Alex Levac, Haaretz, 1 July 2017)

The Monthly Humanitarian Bulletin | May-June 2017 (UN OCHA, July 2017)

Germany okays deal to sell nuke-capable submarines to Israel (Times of Israel, 30 June 2017)

Minister Hotovely Asked to 'Walk a Mile in Palestinian Shoes' (Haaretz, 29 June 2017)

US Jews can’t expect Israel to be liberal only where they want it to (+972, 26 June 2017)

EU pledges to help Israel suppress criticism (Ali Abunimah, 26 June 2017)

Israeli minister calls for full Saudi ties and official Riyadh visit (Middle East Eye, 22 June 2017)

UK Government suffers defeat in court by Palestine campaigners over boycott, divestment and sanctions (Palestine Solidarity Campaign, 22 June 2017)

In first, Germany to send fighter jets to train in Israel (Haaretz, 21 June 2017)

Israel begins work on first new illegal settlement in 20 years (Middle East Eye, 20 June 2017)

Israel provides steady flow of cash, aid to Syrian rebels, says WSJ report (Times of Israel, 19 June 2017)

Israel, Saudi Arabia Are Reportedly Negotiating Economic Ties (Haaretz, 17 June 2017)

How Many Settlers Really Live in the West Bank? (Haaretz, 15 June 2017)

Israel's Occupation: 50 Years of Dispossession (Amnesty International, June 2017)

States must ban Israeli settlement products to help end half a century of violations (Amnesty International, 7 June 2017)

Israel plans most settlement homes since 1992: minister (Al Jazeera, 11 June 2017)

Israeli PM calls for dismantling of UN Palestinian refugee agency (Reuters, 11 June 2017)

1967 war: How Israel occupied the whole of Palestine (Al Jazeera, 6 June 2017)

Israel’s occupation was a plan fulfilled (Ilan Pappe, Electronic Intifada, 6 June 2017)

US tells UN rights forum to remove 'chronic anti-Israel bias' (Reuters, June 2017)

50 stories of Palestinian life under occupation (UN OCHA, June 2017)

Israel keeps tight grip on Palestine economy (Daily Star, 5 June 2017)

Bernie Sanders: 50 Years of Occupation Must End (Haaretz, 5 June 2017)

Israeli soldiers watch Palestinian girl bleed to death - and curse her (Gideon Levy, Haaretz, 4 June 2017)

What I've seen in 30 years of reporting on the Israeli occupation (Gideon Levy, Haaretz, 1 June 2017)

Fifty years, fifty lies (Gideon Levy, Haaretz, 1 June 2017)

Trump Signs Order Delaying U.S. Embassy Move to Jerusalem, Breaking Campaign Promise (Haaretz, 1 June 2017)

Israel is not a democracy (Michael Sfard, Haaretz, 1 June 2017)

Kahlon meets Palestinian premier to discuss Israeli-approved boosts to West Bank economy (Haaretz, 1 June 2017)

Rejoicing in ethnic cleansing (Miko Peled, Electronic Intifada, 31 May 2017)

Artists ditch Israel’s pinkwashing film festival (Electronic Intifada, 1 June 2017)

Occupation is the main cause of humanitarian needs in the occupied Palestinian territory (UN OCHA report, 31 May 2017)

How Israel Jails Palestinians Because They Fit the 'Terrorist Profile' (Haaretz, 28 May 2017)

Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked vexed by White House map missing West Bank (Ynet News, 19 May 2017)

The Visitation (Uri Avnery, 27 May 2017)

Goodwill gestures to Palestinians came at Trump’s request, says Prime Minister’s Office (Times of Israel, 22 May 2017)

Saudi Proposal to Israel Could Be the Stuff of Trump’s Dream Deal in Mideast (Haaretz, 19 May 2017)

A Palestinian Girl's Suicide by Israeli Cop (Gideon Levy, Haaretz, 19 May 2017)

69 years on, Palestinians see Nakba as 'ongoing journey of pain, loss, and injustice' (Ma’an News, 15 May 2017)

Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions declares boycott of Israel (Ynetnews, 13 May 2017)

Israel Prime Minister Responds to Secretary Tillerson on U.S. Embassy Move (NBC News, 14 May 2017)

Tillerson: Trump weighing whether embassy move will help or hurt peace (Times of Israel, 14 May 2017)

A Curious National Home (Uri Avnery, 13 May 2017)

How a meeting with a Shin Bet agent destroyed this Palestinian's life (Gideon Levy and Alex Levac, Haaretz, 12 May 2017)

U.S. ambassador advises Israeli officials: Trump's serious about peace, work with him (Haaretz, 12 May 2017)

FIFA capitulates to Israel again (Ali Abunimah, Electronic Intifada, 10 May 2017)

Councillors vote to fly Palestinian flag over Dublin's City Hall (RTE, 9 May 2017)

Celtic fans show their solidarity with Palestinian hunger strikers at Glasgow match (Samidoun: Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network, 7 May 2017)

Coca-Cola Israel Donated to Left-bashing Group Im Tirtzu (Haaretz, 7 May 2017)

Israeli Ministers Greenlight Nation-state Bill: Arabic Isn't an Official State Language (Haaretz, 7 May 2017)

'$5,000 a Head': Yemenite Babies Who Disappeared in 1950s Israel Were Sold to US Jews, New Film Claims (Haaretz, 5 May 2017)

Trump and Abbas' Remarks in Full After First Meeting in White House (Haaretz, 3 May 2017)

Trump to Ask Abbas: Commit to U.S. Initiative on Rebooting Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process (Haaretz, 2 May 2017)

Hamas eases stance on Israel with new policy document (Daily Star, 2 May 2017)

Palestinian trade unions call for intensifying BDS (Palestinian Trade Union Coalition for BDS, 28 April 2017)

Don’t fall for Israel’s character assassination—Marwan Barghouti is a man of peace (Hanan Ashrawi, Newsweek, 27 April 2017)

Netanyahu to Abbas: If You Want Peace, Stop Paying Terrorists (Haaretz, 1 May 2017)

Why I won't fly the Israeli flag on Independence Day (Gideon Levy, Haaretz, 30 April 2017)

B'Tselem doesn't take orders from Netanyahu. Nor does the world (Hagai El-Ad, Executive Director of B'Tselem, Haaretz, 29 April 2017)

German-Israeli Relations Take a Turn for the Worse (Der Spiegel, 28 April 2017)

UN OCHA releases emergency funding for fuel for hospitals in the Gaza Strip (28 April 2017)

Abbas believes 'historic opportunity' for peace under Trump, says Palestinian envoy (Haaretz, 28 April 2017)

Israel believes Trump will not seek to move U.S. embassy to Jerusalem for now, officials say (Haaretz, 27 April 2017)

Maybe Israel stops paying benefits to IDF veterans? (Gideon Levy, Haaretz, 26 April 2017)

Settler attack showcases impunity of Jewish extremists (+972, 26 April 2017)

Israel Accepts Chinese Demand Not to Employ Chinese Laborers in Settlements (Haaretz, 23 April 2017)

Is Marwan Barghouti The Palestinian Nelson Mandela? (Peter Beinart, Forward, 19 April 2017)

How Israeli soldiers interrogated me (Al Jazeera, 17 April 2017)

Israel/Palestine: FIFA Sponsoring Games on Seized Land (Human Rights Watch Report, 25 September 2016)

Israel's weakness against lawbreakers (Haaretz editorial, 24 April 2017)

FIFA mulls giving Israel six months to stop soccer games in settlements (Haaretz, 23 April 2017)

Palestinian prisoners’ hunger strike (James J Zogby, Lobelog, 22 April 2017)

Palestine’s Nelson Mandela (Uri Avnery, 22 April 2017)

Netanyahu: Palestinians Must Stop Paying Terrorists, Prove They Want Peace (Haaretz, 22 April 2017)

BDS is winning, admits top Israeli “sabotage” strategist (Electronic Intifada, 21 April 2017)

Barcelona votes to be free of Israeli apartheid (Electronic Intifada, 20 April 2017)

Hunger Strike for Freedom and Dignity (Palestine Liberation Organisation, 17 April 2017)

Israel’s festivities will highlight 50 years of shame (Jonathan Cook, 17 April 2017)

Israel fighting to stop FIFA from suspending settlement soccer teams (Haaretz, 20 April 2017)

Barghouti got 5 life terms? Begin would have gotten 91! (Adam Keller, Gush Shalom, 18 April 2017)

575 Jewish-American students challenge Birthright to stand by participants who back settlement boycott (Haaretz, 18 April 2017)

Israeli Chief Rabbis Endorse Ethnic Cleansing, Palestinian Servitude (Richard Silverstein, Tikun Olam, 15 April 2017)

Former head of Mossad: ‘I believe there is no existential threat to Israel from anybody in the world, including the Iranians’ (Al Jazeera, 1 June 2016)

When shooting a teen in the back is a 'professional error' (+972, 11 April 2017)

Fewer and fewer want to visit Israel (Asa Winstanley, Jews for Justice in Palestine, 30 March 2017)

Wary Israel tried to conceal East Jerusalem's annexation in 1967, documents reveal (Haaretz, 17 April 2017)

Why we are on hunger strike in Israel’s prisons? (Marwan Barghouti, New York Times, 16 April 2017)

US aid to Israel totals $233.7b over six decades (Haaretz, 20 March 2013)

US financial support for Israel goes far beyond the official numbers (Philip Giraldi, The American Conservative, 12 April 2017)

Banksy West Bank hotel to receive first guests (Daily Star, 21 March 2017)

Humanitarian Bulletin (UN OCHA, March 2017)

An Israeli soldier shot a Palestinian in front of her kids. Where's her compensation? (Gideon Levy and Alex Levac, Haaretz, 13 April 2017)

The Ultimate Deal (Henry Siegman on the two-state solution, London Review of Books, 30 March 2017)

EU sharply protests Israeli demolition of Palestinian homes in Area C, warns it will lead to 'forced transfer' (Haaretz, 4 April 2017)

I've been reading about the occupation for years. Seeing it for myself was a punch in the gut (Haaretz, 4 April 2017)

Palestinian flag to fly above Dublin City Hall over 'brutal occupation' (Irish Independent, 3 April 2017)

BNC Statement on Israel’s Ongoing Campaign to Silence Omar Barghouti & Repress BDS (22 March 2017)

Germany, France and Britain severely condemn establishment of new settlement for Amona evacuees (Haaretz, 31 March 2017)

Israel approves first new West Bank settlement in over 20 years for Amona evacuees (Haaretz, 31 March 2017)

Netanyahu announces policy of restrained settlement construction in 'show of good will' to Trump (Haaretz, 31 March 2017)

Israel's medical field: A model of Jewish-Arab equality and coexistence (Haaretz, 31 March 2017)

Israeli Air Force Holds Joint Exercise With United Arab Emirates, US and Italy (Haaretz, 28 March 2017)

Smears by Israel envoy rejected in UK Parliament probe (Ali Abunimah, Electronic Intifada, 27 March 2017

Anger at my Israel 'apartheid' report puts free speech at risk (Richard Falk, Middle East Eye, 27 March 2017)

Hundreds of Young U.S. Jews Protest Outside AIPAC Against Occupation (Haaretz, 27 March 2017)

Human Rights Council urges states and businesses to cut off ties to Israeli settlements (Haaretz, 24 March 2017)

Video: Israeli forces drag barefoot 8-year-old Palestinian boy looking for stone-throwers (Ma’an News, 23 March 2017)

David Friedman confirmed: Man who said liberal Jews worse than Nazi collaborators to be US ambassador to Israel (Independent, 23 March 2017)

Senate Confirms Settlement-backer David Friedman as US Ambassador to Israel (Haaretz, 24 March 2017)

Ex-Mossad Chief Says Occupation Is Israel's Only Existential Threat (Haaretz, 22 March 2017)

The enemy just blinked: Why Hamas's new charter is a big deal (Haaretz, 22 March 2017)

UN rapporteur warns of deteriorating situation for human rights defenders in Palestine and Israel (UN Human Rights Commission, 21 March 2017)

Israel’s New Travel Ban (Alison Weir, 20 March 2017)

On His First Visit to the Middle East, Trump’s Envoy Jason Greenblatt Surprises Everyone (Haaretz, 20 March 2017)

Text of Resignation Letter by ESCWA Executive Secretary Rima Khalaf (Jadaliyya, 18 March 2017)

Head of UN's ESCWA resigns over report on 'apartheid' Israel (Daily Star Lebanon, 18 March 2017)

You've got to envy the Jews of the world: compared with other minorities - especially the Arab one in Israel - Jews have it so good (Gideon Levy, Haaretz, 16 March 2017)

Trump Tells Saudis: I Have Strong Desire to Reach Comprehensive, Just Israeli-Palestinian Deal (Haaretz, 15 March 2017)

UN report: Israel has established an 'apartheid regime' (Ben White, Aljazeera, 15 March 2017)

Netanyahu expects to reach deal with US on restrained settlement construction (Haaretz, 15 March 2017)

Simone Zimmerman on Israel's Travel Ban: 'Am I an Enemy of the State?' (Haaretz, 15 March 2017)

Trump Can Broker ‘Historic Peace Deal,’ Abbas Tells US Envoy (Bloomberg, 14 March 2017)

Netanyahu, Greenblatt meet for five hours on way to move diplomatic process forward (Jerusalem Post, 14 March 2017)

Getting Off Scot-Free: Israel’s Refusal to Compensate Palestinians for Damages Caused by Its Security Force (B’Tselem, March 2017)

Israeli Practices towards the Palestinian People and the Question of Apartheid (UN ESCWA, 15 March 2017)

Israel Blocks Head of pro-BDS Organization From Entering Israel (Haaretz, 13 March 2017)

Richard Gere: Settlements Are an Absurd Provocation, the Occupation Is Indefensible (Haaretz, 12 March 2017)

Trump invites Palestinian president to White House in first phone call (Haaretz, 10 March 2017)

David Friedman, Staunch Settlement Backer, Approved by Senate Panel as Envoy to Israel (Haaretz, 9 March 2017)

Israel's travel ban: Knesset bars entry to foreigners who call for boycott of settlements (Haaretz, 6 March 2017)

Defense Chief Lieberman: U.S. Warned of 'Immediate Crisis' With Trump if Israel Annexed West Bank (Haaretz, 6 March 2017)

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights statement on Elor Azaria case (UN OHCHR, 24 February 2017)

Netanyahu graft affair: Israel Police wanted to question Kerry and ex-U.S. envoy but were blocked by AG (Haaretz, 23 February 2017)

A Palestinian was standing still at a checkpoint. Why did Israeli troops shoot him dead? (Gideon Levy and Alex Levac, Haaretz, 23 February 2017)

The neophyte president, Netanyahu, and Palestine (Avi Shlaim, openDemocracy, 22 February 2017)

With Israeli Supreme Court appointments, Netanyahu's government has launched its anti-constitutional revolution (Haaretz, 23 February 2017)

Five children who got longer sentences for throwing stones than Israeli soldier who shot incapacitated Palestinian dead (Independent, 22 February 2017)

UN officials visit Palestinian community under transfer threat (UN OCHA, 22 February 2017)

Elor Azaria sentence: ‘No justice for Palestinians’ (Jonathan Cook, 21 February 2017)

Israel orders demolition of entire West Bank Bedouin village (Haaretz, 20 February 2017)

Friedman vs. Friedman: 5 times Trump's pick for Israel envoy disagreed with himself (Haaretz, 20 February 2017)

Netanyahu backpedals on new settlement, tells ministers Israel at odds with Trump (Haaretz, 19 February 2017)

The Middle East 'peace process' was a myth. Donald Trump ended it (Rashid Khalidi, Guardian, 18 February 2017)

Haley: US still supports two-state solution, but we're thinking 'out-of-the-box' (Haaretz, 16 February 2017)

Veering From US Policy, Trump Says Could Live With Either Two-state or One-state Solution (Haaretz, 15 February 2017)

Building dedicated by Trump's Israel envoy was constructed illegally on Palestinian land (Haaretz, 15 February 2017)

Explained: Israel's new Palestinian land-grab law and why it matters (Haaretz, 8 February 2017)

Land law is final nail in the two-state solution coffin (Jonathan Cook, National Interest, 7 February 2017)

Netanyahu scandals reflect corruption at the heart of Israeli society Jonathan Cook, Mondoweiss, 3 February 2017)

Shot six times, then dragged away: A Palestinian teen's death at the hand of Israeli troops (Gideon Levy and Alex Levac, Haaretz, 2 February 2017)

Israeli officials responsible for delaying US embassy move to Jerusalem, says GOP leader in Israel (Haaretz, 28 January 2017)

How the surge in East Jerusalem construction plans could spell end of two-state solution (Nir Hasson, Haaretz, 26 January 2017)

Will settlement lawsuit set legal precedent? (Charlotte Silver, Electronic Intifada, 25 January 2017)

In Umm al-Hiran, it is 'a continuing Nakba' (Jonathan Cook, Aljazeera, 22 January 2017)

Perfidious Albion and Israel-Palestine (Avi Shlaim, Aljazeera, 19 January 2017)

Terrorism: How the Israeli State Was Won (Tom Suarez, Unz Review, 1 January 2017)

Netanyahu pledges unrestricted construction in East Jerusalem, settlement blocs (Haaretz, 22 January 2017)

Israeli soldiers kill a Palestinian at his home, then lock his mother in (Gideon Levy, Haaretz, 20 January 2017)

Despite the pain, 2016 witnessed impressive gains for BDS! (BDS National Committee, 7 January 2017)

Israeli authorities coerce Palestinian man to demolish own home in Issawiya (Maan News, 17 January 2017)

What Israeli soldiers never tell their mothers (Gideon Levy, Haaretz, 15 January 2017)

Anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism in British politics (Avi Shlaim, Aljazeera, 12 January 2017)

Did Israeli embassy spy on Scottish National Party? (Electronic Intifada, 9 January 2017)

UK MPs urge probe into Israeli plot against politicians (Aljazeera, 7 January 2017)

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Israel conference banned in UK moves to Ireland (Electronic Intifada, 8 December 2016)

In first, Israel denies entry to pro-BDS religious activist (Haaretz, 6 December 2016)

European legal scholars defend the right to support BDS for Palestinian rights (Statement, 8 December 2016)

James Mattis, Trump's choice for defense secretary, sees Israel turning into apartheid state (Haaretz, 1 December 2016)

Israeli Rabbi Uses Ethiopian and Sudanese Infants for Circumcision Training, Report Shows (Haaretz, 29 November 2016)

Netanyahu warns ministers: Regulation Bill could bring us to the ICC (Ynet News, 29 November 2016)

France becomes first European country to label items from Israeli settlements (Independent, 30 November 2016)

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ICC prosecutor updates Palestine war crimes probe (Electronic Intifada, 23 November 2016)

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Israel razes makeshift Palestinian settlement, but keeps Jewish one (Haaretz, 20 November 2016)

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What President Obama must tell Israel before January (Henry Siegman, National Interest, 4 November 2016)

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Gaza crossings’ operational status (UN OCHA, October 2016)

Israel refuses entry to 115 British citizens in 2016 amid 'discriminatory' treatment of pro-Palestinian activists (Independent, 22 October 2016)

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Gaza crossings’ operational status (UN OCHA, August 2016)

Two years after the 2014 Gaza hostilities, 16 heads of UN agencies in Palestine call for greater flow of material and funding (UN OCHA, 26 August 2016)

1933: Jews make a travel agreement with Nazi Germany (Haaretz, 25 August 2016)

Yad Vashem officials slam Polish government: 'New bill is very close to Holocaust denial' (Haaretz, 24 August 2016)

Celtic fans raise more than £90,000 for Palestinian charities after flag protest (Guardian, 23 August 2016)

UN’s Humanitarian Coordinator in Palestine warns of a heightened risk of forcible transfers of Bedouins in the West Bank (22 August 2016)

School year opens in Khan al Ahmar (UN OCHA oPt, 17 August 2016)

With return of funding, Israel sees increase in full-time Torah students (Haaretz, 17 August 2016)

Report sparks dozens of new testimonies of Ashkenazi kids disappearing, some in pre-state Israel (Haaretz, 16 August 2016)

The Arab-Israeli conflict in 10 points (Irish Times, 16 August 2016)

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Holland probes threats against Palestinian group’s lawyer at The Hague (Electronic Intifada, 15 August 2016)

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Evangelical aid was once taboo in Israel. Now it's on the rise. Why? (Haaretz, 15 August 2016)

Thirst and narrative (Adam Keller, 12 August 2016)

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Israel shuns investigations when cops shoot Palestinian assailants (Haaretz, 6 August 2016)

Palestinians inside Israel are under attack (Jonathan Cook, The National, 2 August 2016)

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Israel temporarily lifts travel ban on BDS co-founder Omar Barghouti (Ali Abunimah, Electronic Intifada, 2 August 2016)

Israel’s hydro-apartheid keeps West Bank thirsty (Electronic Intifada, 1 August 2016)

Israel deliberately forces inhuman conditions on Palestinians working in the country by permit (B’Tselem, 31 July 2016)

Home demolitions are organized state violence (Hagit El-Ad, Director, B’Tselem, +972, 28 July 2016)

Secret 1970 document confirms first West Bank settlements built on a lie (Haaretz, 28 July 2016)

The dishonest Democratic Party platform on Israel (Peter Beinart, Haaretz, 25 July 2016)

250 Israeli Rabbis Publicly Back Head of pre-IDF Academy Who Called Gay People 'Perverts' (Haaretz, 20 July 2016)

Disappointed, French Jews leave Israel (Ali Abunimah, Electronic Intifada, 19 July 2016)

US Jews on civil rights-style protest in West Bank (Times of Israel, 18 July 2016)

Israeli NGOs decry ‘deeply anti-democratic move’ as new law approved Washington Post, 12 July 2016)

EU ambassadors protest at Israel's confiscation of West Bank shelters Guardian, 18 July 2016)

Prime Minister Netanyahu and the Arab Peace Initiative (Henry Siegman, National Interest, 30 June 2016)

Israeli army chief defends decision to hire controversial rabbi who defended rape of non-Jewish women (Middle East Eye, 13 July 2016)

"It can happen to anyone!" (Adam Keller, 9 July 2016)

"We have a right to engage in non-violent action": Christian leaders refuse to be silenced in struggle for Palestinian rights (David Palumbo-Liu, Salon, 4 July 2016)

New regulations allow Israel Police to respond to stone-throwing, firecrackers with live fire (Haaretz, 5 July 2016)

Why are the Dutch funding settlers in Palestine? (Aljazeera, 4 July 2016)

Middle East ‘Quartet’ releases report on advancing two-state solution to Israel-Palestine conflict (1 July 2016)

Israel should stop building settlements and denying Palestinian development, says Middle East 'Quartet' (Independent, 1 July 2016)

EU Foreign Ministers back French peace initiative on Israel-Palestinian conflict (i24news, 20 June 2016)

Turkey PM Binali Yildirim claims (falsely) that Gaza siege largely lifted (Aljazeera, 28 June 2016)

Funds run out for 11,000 needy Holocaust survivors in Israel (Haaretz, 27 June 2016)

Palestinian city parched after Israel cuts water supply (Haaretz, 26 June 2016)

Fragmented lives: Humanitarian overview 2015 (UN OCHA report, June 2016)

Labour Friend of Palestine Jo Cox slain (Electronic Intifada, 16 June 2016)

Israel and the BDS movement (Irish Times, 14 June 2016)

Tel Aviv mayor links terror attack to occupation, sparking outcry (Times of Israel, 8 June 2016)

Reality check: Almost fifty years of occupation (B’Tselem, June 2016)

Israeli minister wants to annex half of West Bank and kick out the Palestinians (Washington Post, 8 June 2016)

Resist efforts to outlaw BDS, says anti-apartheid veteran Ronnie Kasrils (Article 1 Collective, 8 June 2016)

After decades of neglect, Israel promotes planning and construction in Arab sector (Haaretz, 8 June 2016)

Despite Voicing Criticism, Susan Rice Promises Israel 'Largest Military Aid Package in U.S. History' (Haaretz, 7 June 2016)

Video: Airbnb’s Apartheid Adventures in the West Bank

EU warns Israel: Policy of demolishing Palestinian homes in Area C will harm relations (Haaretz, 31 May 2016)

Netanyahu's lip service to Arab peace proposals is old news – and no one's buying it (Haaretz, 31 May 2016)

Irish and Dutch governments join Sweden in speaking out for right to call for BDS (Mondoweiss, 29 May 2016)

Reality Check: Gaza is still occupied (Mehdi Hasan, Aljazeera, 23 Oct 2015)

Ireland latest EU state to defend BDS (Kevin Squires, Electronic Intifada, 28 May 2016)

Foreign Minister Charlie Flanagan defends BDS (Dáil Éireann, 26 May 2016)

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Sanders’ challenge to Clinton and Democrats: Palestinian Lives Matter (Peter Beinart, Haaretz, 25 May 2016)

Tony Blair: Sunni states will normalize ties with Israel if it negotiates on the basis of the Arab peace initiative Haaretz, 24 May 2016)

I was there (Uri Avnery, 21 May 2016)

352 European human rights organisations, church groups, trade unions and political parties call on the EU to support their right to boycott (ECCP, 18 May 2016)

UN Humanitarian Coordinator calls on Israeli authorities to stop destruction of humanitarian aid and respect international law (18 May 2016)

As Palestinians mourn their Nakba, the UK must acknowledge its responsibility (Ahmad Samih Khalidi, Guardian, 15 May 2016)

Livingstone may not be everyone’s pin-up boy but he does know his history (Dervla Murphy, Irish Examiner, 30 April 2016)

Israel must recognize its responsibility for the Nakba, the Palestinian tragedy (Saeb Erekat, 15 May 2016)

Israel 'killed 25 Palestinian children' in three months (Aljazeera, 14 May 2016)

Interview with Omar Barghouti: Banned by Israel from traveling, threatened with worse (Glenn Greenwald, 13 May 2016)

Zionism’s roots help us interpret Israel today (Jonathan Cook, The National, 9 May 2016)

Israel seized Palestinian family's East Jerusalem land behind its back, gave it to settler NGO (Haaretz, 9 May 2016)

Defense Ministry plans on establishing new Israeli settlement in West Bank (Haaretz, 7 May 2016)

Michael Chabon witnesses 'grievous injustice' in occupied territories (The Guardian, 6 May 2016)

Israeli military chief backtracks from 1930s Germany comparison (Guardian, 5 May 2016)

The American Jewish scholar behind Labour’s ‘antisemitism’ scandal breaks his silence (Norman Finkelstein, openDemocracy, 3 May 2016)

Nakba Resource Pack (Palestine Solidarity Campaign, May 2016)

Why a British fight over Israel and anti-Semitism matters to the rest of us (Robert Mackey, The Intercept, 29 April 2016)

Criticising Israel is not the same as being anti-Jewish (Ronit Lentin and David Landy, Irish Times, 2 May 2016)

Boycott is the only way to stop the Israeli occupation (Gideon Levy, Haaretz, 1 May 2016)

Israel approves more land theft of hundreds of dunams near Nablus (IMEMC News, 24 April 2016)

Who agrees with Bernie Sanders on Israel? Large numbers of Americans (Dina Smeltz, Washington Post, 22 April 2016)

Military effectively shutting down Palestinian quarries in Beit Fajjar to aid de facto annexation of area (B’Tselem, 21 April 2016)

This Passover, we’re joining Simone Zimmerman to fight for freedom for all (Ethan Miller & Sara Sandmel, Forward, 19 April 2016)

How many Palestinians are imprisoned by Israel? (Aljazeera, 18 April 2016)

The Return of the Desert God (Adam Keller, 23 April 2016)

TV investigative program rips image of IDF general Rehavam Zeevi to shreds (Haaretz, 15 April 2016)

"Death to the Arabs" rally draws thousands in Tel Aviv (Ali Abunimah, Electronic Intifada, 19 April 2016)

World Bank: Raw deal with Israel costs Palestinians $285 million in annual revenue (Haaretz, 18 April 2016)

Criticizing Israel, Bernie Sanders Highlights Split Among Jewish Democrats (New York Times, 15 April 2016)

EU ‘deeply concerned’ by new phase of West Bank barrier (Times of Israel, 15 April 2016)

Gaza: 75,000 still internally displaced (UN OCHA report, April 2016)

Multiple demolitions across Area C in the West Bank: 124 people displaced (UN OCHA, 8 April 2016)

Why Israelis should be grateful for their racist politicians (Haaretz, 7 April 2016)

Special funding for Israeli settlements soared in 2015, report shows (Haaretz, 7 April 2016)

From beyond the grave, ex-Mossad chief slams Netanyahu (Washington Post, 4 April 2016)

US lawyers call for Inland Revenue Service investigation into charity status of Jewish National Fund (30 March 2016)

The Hebron soldier's defense is working - he is now every mother’s son (Haaretz, 3 April 2016)

"I am in prison and you are with me on the outside" (Adam Keller, 27 March 2016)

When medical personnel stand by and watch a murder (Dr Tslil Regev, +972 Blog, 25 March 2016)

Thousands of Area C residents face expulsion (B’Tselem, 24 March 2016)

Israel detains hundreds amid fierce crackdown on illegal Palestinian workers (Ma’an News, 23 March 2016)

Israeli companies leaving West Bank in apparent response to boycott pressure (Haaretz, 27 March 2016)

Eimear McBride, West Bank: ‘One of the most shocking experiences of my life’ (Irish Times, 26 March 2016)

Third large-scale demolition in Khirbet Tana in 2016 (UN OCHA, 24 March 2016)

Israeli soldier detained after being filmed shooting assailant (Irish Times, 24 March 2016)

Sanders Outlines Middle East Policy (21 March 2016)

Trump Wins Over AIPAC Audience With Strong pro-Israel Stance (Haaretz, 21 March 2016)

Clinton bashes Trump at AIPAC for 'neutral' stance on Israel (Jerusalem Post, 21 March 2016)

Protesting bigots and demagogues at AIPAC? Don’t stop at Trump. Call out Netanyahu too (Roy Isacowitz, Haaretz, 20 March 2016)

Final Act of Meir Dagan's Life Redeemed His Controversial Military Past (Haaretz, 17 March 2016)

Humanitarian Bulletin for occupied Palestinian territories (UN OCHA, February 2016)

Israel seizes large tracts of land in occupied West Bank (Daily Star, 16 March 2016)

Palestine becomes a full member of the Court of Arbitration (IMEMC News, 15 March 2016)

Israel intensifies crackdown on media (Electronic Intifada, 15 March 2016)

Security firm G4S leaving Israel, denies BDS to blame (Times of Israel, 10 March 2016)

Israel to reimburse German town for 'extricating Mossad agents from the mud' (Haaretz, 10 March 2016)

BDS Victorious as Ahava to Leave Occupied Territory, Move Plant Within Green Line (Richard Silverstein, Tikun Olam, 10 March 2016)

Almost half of Israeli Jews back transfer or expulsion of Arabs (Haaretz, 8 March 2016)

First Pew study in Israel finds increasing polarization amongst Jews (Haaretz, 8 March 2016)

Ilan Pappe:‘We wasted 40 years talking about nothing, doing nothing’ (Mondoweiss, 4 March 2016)

Israel jails Palestinian journalist for 'incitement' (Electronic Intifada, 3 March 2016)

Israel: New Discriminatory and Anti-Democratic Legislation (Adalah, 1 March 2016)

36 people made homeless by Israel in Khirbet Tana (UN OCHA, 4 March 2016)

The Irish election: More trouble for Israel in the Emerald Isle (Jerusalem Post, 3 March 2016)

Holy Water (Uri Avnery, 27 February 2016)

El Al hit by gender-discrimination suit over ultra-Orthodox seating on planes (Haaretz, 27 February 2016)

In Israel, racism is the law (Ben White, Al Jazeera, 25 February 2016)

Stop America’s military aid to Israel from subsidizing the settlements (Peter Beinart, Haaretz, 24 February 2016)

When God Despairs (Uri Avnery, 20 February 2016)

Trump pledges to be 'neutral guy' in Israel-Palestinian negotiations (CNN, 19 February 2016)

Right-wing 'moles' targeted Palestinian laborers on buses with Israelis (Haaretz, 16 February 2016)

Brutal attack by Israeli police on disabled Palestinian in wheelchair (Shehab News Agency, 14 February 2016)

State of Palestine ‘not only matter of justice but of leading normal life’, says Mayor of Bethlehem (Irish Times, 15 February 2016)

A lady with a smile (Uri Avnery, 13 February 2016)

Welcome to the one-state club, Thomas Friedman (Gideon Levy, Haaretz, 13 February 2016)

How I learned to fall in love with sanctions (Shlomo Sand, Haaretz, 13 February 2016)

Bernie Sanders and the question of Palestine (Electronic Intifada, 10 February 2016)

Israeli parliament suspends Palestinian lawmakers (Electronic Intifada, 10 February 2016)

Israeli Labor Party adopts the apartheid mantra (Neve Gordon, Al Jazeera, 9 February 2016)

Israeli Settlements, American Money. What's Next? (Maen Rashid Areikat, Palestinian Ambassador to US, 2 February 2016)

Palestinians losing hope under ‘stifling’ Israeli occupation (UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, 27 January 2016)

How Israel honors the murderers in its midst (Stanley Heller, Electronic Intifada, 31 August 2015)

Israeli academics feel shunned as boycott movement gains steam (Haaretz, 1 February 2016)

Knesset rejects bill for equality for all citizens (Middle East Monitor, 28 January 2016)

Will Greece betray the Palestinians? (Nabil Sha'ath, Haaretz, 27 January 2016)

US issues telling reminder of labeling rules on Israeli products from West Bank (Times of Israel, 28 January 2016)

US backs European move to distinguish Israel from West Bank (Times of Israel, 20 January 2016)

‘Little Jewboy’ moment highlights coming divorce between US Jews and Israel (Philip Weiss, Mondoweiss, 21 January 2016)

Furious Netanyahu slams Ban Ki-moon for ‘stoking’ Palestinian terrorism (Times of Israel, 26 January 2016)

Only international pressure will end Israeli apartheid (Haaretz, 22 January 2016)

Poll: 45% of Israeli Jews don't think Arabs should have equal rights (+972, 19 January 2016)

Don't celebrate the Israeli occupation's impending demise just yet (Gideon Levy, Haaretz, 24 January 2016)

‘I’m an Irishman in the West Bank helping kids get to school through checkpoints’ (Alex Dunne,, 23 January 2016)

Class-action filed against Israeli supermarket chain for refusing deliveries to Arab towns (Haaretz, 20 January 2016)

Chinese President Calls for East Jerusalem as Capital of Palestinian State (Haaretz, 22 January 2016)

UN calls for an immediate revocation of plans to transfer Palestinian Bedouin in the Jerusalem area (UN OCHA, 19 January 2016)

End all business in Israeli settlements, says Human Rights Watch (Ali Abunimah, Electronic Intifada, 19 January 2016)

EU adopts resolution criticising Israeli settlement activity (Guardian, 18 January 2016)

US Ambassador to Israel Slams Government Settlements Policy (AP, 18 January 2016)

Ireland should recognise Palestine if peace talks fail (Paul Gillespie, Irish Times, 16 January 2016)

Netanyahu lashes out at Sweden over execution accusations (Electronic Intifada, 16 January 2016)

Israel faces no existential threats, says departing Mossad chief (Times of Israel, 16 January 2014)

Netanyahu to Brazil: Settler leader only ambassador we’ll offer (Times of Israel, 14 January 2016)

The Widening Gap (Uri Avnery, 16 January 2016)

Alan Rickman directed ‘My Name is Rachel Corrie’ (Salon, 14 January 2016)

Protection of civilians (UN OCHA report, 11 January 2016)

United Methodist Pension Fund Divests from Israeli Banks (United Methodist Kairos Respose, 7 January 2016)

U.N. rights envoy resigns, accuses Israel of denying access (Reuters, 4 January 2016)

Vatican accord with Palestine comes into effect (Reuters, 2 January 2016)

Fear of Assimilation (Uri Avnery, 9 January 2016)

Book Ban Mere Battle in Israel's War on Intermarriage (Haaretz, 6 January 2016)

Video shows captured Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit, at Gaza barbecue (Ali Abunimah, Electronic Intifada, 3 January 2016)

A Palestinian mother of four, shot 17 times for being a bad driver (Gideon Levy & Alex Levac, Haaretz, 2 January 2016)

Israel rejects book on Jew-Arab love for school curriculum (AP, 31 December 2015)

US Treasury sued over donations for illegal Israeli settlements (Al Jazeera, 30 December 2015)

Will Israel be a better place with a prime minister behind bars? (Haaretz, 29 December 2015)

Israel looks to address funding gaps for Arab community with $3.9 billion plan (Haaretz, 28 December 2015)

Brazil rebuffs West Bank settler nominated as Israeli ambassador (Middle East Eye, 28 December 2015)

Turkey conditions normalized ties with Israel on 'unrestricted access' to Gaza (Haaretz, 26 December 2015)

Netanyahu hasn't pressured Brazil enough to accept me as ambassador, says Dani Dayan (Haaretz, 26 December 2015)

Israel is already a binational state, and has been for a long time (Gideon Levy, Haaretz, 13 December 2015)

King Bibi (Uri Avnery, 12 December 2015)

So what is to be done? (Adam Keller, 28 November 2015)

Humanitarian Bulletin for the occupied Palestinian Territories (UN OCHA, November 2015)

Humanitarian agencies salute the work of Human Rights Defenders in Hebron (UN OCHA, 10 December 2015)

We Israelis Have No Right to Deny Palestinians Their Freedom (Noam Sheizaf, Haaretz, 4 December 2015)

Film of Israeli soldiers searching Palestinian home (B’tselem, 2014)

Saban Forum highlights anxiety and anguish of US-Israeli rift (Haaretz, 7 December 2015)

U.S. donors gave settlements more than $220 million in tax-exempt funds over five years (Haaretz, 7 December 2015)

Co-operative Bank closes Palestine Solidarity Campaign’s account (24 November 2015)

Report: Israel has 115 nuclear warheads, 660 kg of plutonium (Ynet News, 21 November 2015)

How Israel pressures BBC into changing headlines (Electronic Intifada, 19 November 2015)

Israel’s cruelest punishments reserved for Palestinians (Electronic Intifada, 9 November 2015)

Israel looks to address funding gaps for Arab community with $3.9 billion plan (Haaretz, 28 December 2015)

Brazil rebuffs West Bank settler nominated as Israeli ambassador (Middle East Eye, 28 December 2015)

Turkey conditions normalized ties with Israel on 'unrestricted access' to Gaza (Haaretz, 26 December 2015)

Netanyahu hasn't pressured Brazil enough to accept me as ambassador, says Dani Dayan (Haaretz, 26 December 2015)

Israel is already a binational state, and has been for a long time (Gideon Levy, Haaretz, 13 December 2015)

King Bibi (Uri Avnery, 12 December 2015)

So what is to be done? (Adam Keller, 28 November 2015)

Humanitarian Bulletin for the occupied Palestinian Territories (UN OCHA, November 2015)

Humanitarian agencies salute the work of Human Rights Defenders in Hebron (UN OCHA, 10 December 2015)

We Israelis Have No Right to Deny Palestinians Their Freedom (Noam Sheizaf, Haaretz, 4 December 2015)

Film of Israeli soldiers searching Palestinian home (B’tselem, 2014)

Saban Forum highlights anxiety and anguish of US-Israeli rift (Haaretz, 7 December 2015)

U.S. donors gave settlements more than $220 million in tax-exempt funds over five years (Haaretz, 7 December 2015)

Co-operative Bank closes Palestine Solidarity Campaign’s account (24 November 2015)

Report: Israel has 115 nuclear warheads, 660 kg of plutonium (Ynet News, 21 November 2015)

How Israel pressures BBC into changing headlines (Electronic Intifada, 19 November 2015)

Israel’s cruelest punishments reserved for Palestinians (Electronic Intifada, 9 November 2015)

The Terrorist Grandmother, the Terrorist Child and Harry Potter (Adam Keller, 15 November 2015)

Lawmakers blast ‘anti-Semitic’ EU over settlement labelling (Times of Israel, 11 November 2015)

European Union Moves to Label Products From Israeli Settlements (New York Times, 11 November 2015)

EU notice on the labelling settlement products (11 November 2015)

ICC prosecutor ordered to investigate Israeli attack on Mavi Marmara (Electronic Intifada, 8 November 2015)

Given the U.S. presidential candidates' views on Palestinians, I miss Obama already (Peter Beinart, Haaretz, 9 November 2015)

Hillary Clinton is no friend of Israel (Gideon Levy, Haaretz, 8 November 2015)

How I Would Reaffirm Unbreakable Bond With Israel — and Benjamin Netanyahu (Hillary Clinton, Forward, 4 November 2015)

Dear world, don't take the bait: The Israeli right wing is trolling you (Asher Schechter, Haaretz, 4 November 2015)

UN OCHA Report on casualties in Israel/Palestine (October 2015)

Adolf, Amin and Bibi (Uri Avnery, 31 October 2015)

Defense firm chiefs warn Netanyahu of ‘major crisis’ (Globes, 22 October 2015)

Israeli forces in Occupied Palestinian Territories must end pattern of unlawful killings (Amnesty International, 27 October 2015)

Amnesty: Israeli forces have 'ripped up the rulebook' (Ma'an News, 28 October 2025)

UN resolution would call on Israel to freeze settlements, Palestinians to desist action at ICC (Haaretz, 28 October 2025)

Israeli, German armies hold joint training exercise in Israel to practice urban warfare (Haaretz, 28 October 2015)

EU's Mogherini: Netanyahu, Abbas must prove 2-state commitment 'not fake' (Haaretz, 27 October 2015)

Palling around with Nazis: Netanyahu’s political ancestors were also guilty by association (Mondoweiss, 27 October 2015)

Netanyahu: We need to control all of the territory for the foreseeable future (Haaretz, 26 October 2015)

US Israel to cooperate on civilian nuclear issues (Haaretz, 26 October 2015)

Hasbara Fail: At Oxford, students don't buy Israel's case (Haaretz, 26 October 2015)

Killing Palestinian children inevitable outcome of Israeli policies (Electronic Intifada, 23 October 2015)

Weep, Beloved Country (Uri Avnery, 24 October 2015)

Yad Vashem’s chief historian on Hitler and the mufti: Netanyahu had it all wrong (Haaretz, 22 October 2015)

UNESCO condemns Israel for limits on al-Aqsa mosque access (Reuters, 21 October 2015)

44 Palestinians killed this month, including 11 children (International Middle East Media Center, 18 October 2015)

Palestinians face the crimes of Israeli occupation (Mission of the State of Palestine to Ireland, 16 October 2015)

Israel to revoke Jerusalem residency of Palestinians (Al Jazeera, 16 October 2015)

Israel's sleeping beauties have awoken from their deathly silence (Gideon Levy, Haaretz, 15 October 2015)

How the BBC constructs its biased news reports on Palestine (Palestine Solidarity Campaign UK, 15 October 2015)

Why 'occupation-denial' impedes Israel’s war on terror (Chemi Shalev, Haaretz, 14 October 2015)

'Let the people of Israel enter the gates and kill Arabs' (Nir Hasson, Haaretz, 14 October 2015)

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'Balance' in UN Gaza report can’t hide massive Israeli war crimes (Electronic Intifada, 22 June 2015)

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Next head of 'Civil Administration' said Palestinians are sub-human (+972, 8 May 2015)

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ICC prosecutor: Without cooperation, Gaza war probe will rely on evidence from just one side (Haaretz, 13 May 2015)

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Vatican recognizes state of Palestine in new treaty (AP, 13 May 2015)

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Netanyahu appoints Ayelet Shaked – who called for genocide of Palestinians – as Justice Minister in new government (Mondoweiss, 6 May 2015)

'Fire at every person you see': Israeli soldiers reveal they were ordered to shoot to kill in Gaza – even if the targets may have been civilians (London Independent, 4 May 2015)

This Is How We Fought in Gaza – Soldiers testimonies and photographs from Operation 'Protective Edge' (2014) (Report, Breaking the Silence, May 2015)

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At this square in the heart of Tel Aviv… (Adam Keller, 2 May 2015)

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Palestinians to ask international soccer federation to expel Israel (Haaretz, 2 May 2015)

Palestinians in Israel strike over home demolitions (Al Jazeera, 28 April 2015)

Top US official intimates UN veto policy could change (Times of Israel, 27 April 2015)

Israel responsible for Gaza strikes on UN schools and shelters, inquiry finds (Guardian, 27 April 2015)

Israel demolishes al-Araqib homes for 83rd time (Maan News, 21 April 2015)

Soldiers arresting Beit Rima resident violently attack him and his family, leave his brother unconscious in street (B’Tselem, 16 April 2015)

Israel killed more Palestinians in 2014 than in any other year since 1967 (Guardian, 27 March 2015)

State Attorney’s Office: Killing a wounded, fleeing boy by shooting him in the back is merely a “reckless and negligent act” (B’Tselem, 14 April 2015)

Israel can now legally seize Palestinian homes in Jerusalem under 'absentees' property law (UK Independent, 19 April 2015)

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UN OCHA report says 2014 deadliest year for Palestinians in occupied territories, Middle East Eye, March 2015)

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Jerusalem at boiling point of polarisation and violence – EU report (Guardian, 20 March 2015)

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The Zionist Union's plan for a Palestinian Bantustan (Ben White, Middle East Monitor, 10 March 2015)

Netanyahu says Israel will not cede land to Palestinians (AP, 8 March 2015)

Zionist Union unveils party platform: Mending ties with US, reducing cost of living (Ynet News, 8 March 2015)

Liberman: Disloyal Arab-Israelis 'Should Be Beheaded' (Arutz Sheva, 8 March 2015)

Pelosi blasts Netanyahu speech as ‘insult to intelligence of U.S.’, Amanpour calls it ‘dark, Strangelovian’ (Philip Weiss, Mondoweiss, 3 March 2015)

Bibi's Fearmongering Was Red Meat For Iran Hawks – But A Dealbreaker For Democrats (Eli Clifton, TPM, 3 March 2015)

Gaza Crossings: Trends in Movement of People and Goods up to December 2014 (UN OCHA, 3 March 2015)

Netanyahu’s Nuclear Deceptions (Gholamali Khoshroo, Iranian Ambassador to UN, New York Times, 3 March 2015)

Herzog must support the Joint Arab List – and vice versa (Ron Gerlitz and Nidal Othman, +972, 1 March 2015)

Civil Administration dismantles, confiscates water pipes in Khirbet Yarza, Jordan Valley (B’Tselem, 23 February 2015)

Billboard campaign launched in Ireland to recognize Palestine (Ma'an News, 26 February 2015)

You’ll be seeing billboards and bus ads about the State of Palestine from today (The Journal, 25 February 2015)

The world has broken its promises about rebuilding Gaza – and the children will suffer (Chris Gunness, UN Relief and Works Agency, Guardian, February 2015)

British Board of Jewish Deputies treasurer 'bursting to criticise Israeli administration' (Jewish Chronicle, 16 February 2015)

US Confirmed Existence of Israeli H-Bomb Program in 1987 (Grant Smith, Anti-War.Com, 14 February 2015)

The Casino Republic (Uri Avnery, 14 February 2015)

Galloway set up on Question Time (Red Molucca, 9 February 2015)

Video: Galloway on Question Time (BBC1, 6 February 2015)