Current Action: Press Release 24 October 2021

On Friday last, 22nd October, the Israeli government designated six Palestinian human rights organisations as terrorist institutions. This designation effectively outlaws the activities of these civil society groups and allows Israeli authorities to take measures against them, including; to close their offices, seize their assets, arrest and imprison their staff, prohibit funding and it even outlaws expressing support for their activities. It is in effect an attempt to eradicate all activities of Palestinian civil society.

Israel’s decision to label six Palestinian human rights organisations as ‘terrorist’ organisations represents a totally unacceptable development in Israel’s relentless and systematic operation against Palestinian NGOs and human rights defenders. It is no coincidence that a number of the organisations targeted by Israel are engaged in documentation of human rights violations and have cooperated closely with the International Criminal Court in its probe into war crimes committed by the state of Israel in the West Bank and Gaza. Full Press Statement here.

Dr Susan Power from Al Haq discusses the consequences of this 'terrorist' designation for a long-standing and highly respected Palestinian NGO (Cork96FM Podcast)


Recent Media Items

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The international community cannot let the Israeli apartheid regime criminalize human rights work (Middle East Monitor, 18 November 2021)

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Democratic Lawmakers Warn Against 'Doomsday' Israeli Settlement Plan (Haaretz, 22 November 2021)

Wrexham Solvay: 'Free Palestine' roof demo arrests (BBC News, 22 November 2021)

Israeli President Herzog to Meet Boris Johnson, Prince Charles in U.K. Visit (Haaretz, 21 November 2021)

Israel killed 77 Palestinian children in Gaza, West Bank in 2021: report (Al Araby, 21 November 2021)

Whatever happened to Biden's promises to Palestine? (The National News, 22 November 2021)

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Unregulated Israeli spyware is a global threat, experts warn (Middle East Eye, 19 November 2021)

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Using anti-Semitism pro-Israel group prevent Palestinian students receiving trauma support (Middle East Monitor, 18 November 2021)

Israel Revised Intel File It Gave U.S. on Bombing Gaza High-rise That Housed AP, Al Jazeera (Haaretz, 19 November 2021)

We don’t just live through one home demolition — we live through them all (+972mag, 18 November 2021)

He was the top U.N. official in Gaza. An Israeli TV interview cost him his post (NPR, 18 November 2021)

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Israel: Hollywood stars sign letter criticising labelling of Palestinian charities as terror organisations (Sky News, 17 November 2021)

Amnesty slams JCB over equipment used to demolish Palestinian homes (Middle East Eye, 18 November 2021)

UAE profiteering off Israeli war crimes (Mondoweiss, 17 November 2021)

Two Palestinian minors playing in olive grove detained for 24 hours and severely abused (B’Tselem, 17 November 2021)

Did Israel’s May attack cause miscarriages? (Electronic Intifada , 17 November 2021)

Israel-Palestine: How food became a target of colonial conquest (Middle East Eye, 17 November 2021)

Bibi and Trump scorched Jerusalem. Will Bennett and Lapid burn what’s left? (+972mag, 17 November 2021)

From the archive: BDS: how a controversial non-violent movement has transformed the Israeli-Palestinian debate – podcast (Guardian, 16 November 2021)

Brophy announces additional assistance to UNRWA's Palestinian cause (Big News Network, 17 November 2021)

Israeli forces kill 26-year-old Palestinian (Electronic Intifada, 16 November 2021)

Global funders pledge solidarity with Palestinian civil society following Israeli ban on human rights groups (Mondoweiss, 16 November 2021)

Spaniard Israel Claimed Was Tied to Six Blacklisted Palestinian NGOs Is Not, Military Court Says (Haaretz, 16 November 2021)

In Gaza, a Contentious Palestinian Professor Calmly Teaches Israeli Poetry (New York Times, 16 November 2021)

Palestinian doctor revives case against Israel over daughters killed in Gaza (Reuters, 15 November 2021)

Palestinian farmers critically wounded during West Bank settler attack (Middle East Eye, 15 November 2021)

Japanese grand piano, gifted to Arafat in 1997, plays on in Gaza (Al Monitor, 15 November 2021)

Israel can monitor every telephone call in West Bank and Gaza, says intelligence source (Middle East Eye, 15 November 2021)

Israeli Soldiers Uproot 250 Olive Trees In Salfit (IMEMC, 16 November 2021)

It's Not Antisemitic to Protest Israel's Ambassador. Just Ask British Jews (Haaretz, 15 November 2021)

The soldiers got into their jeeps — and left us with a settler militia (+972mag, 15 November 2021)

Palestinian rights activists defiant over Israeli spyware hacks (MSN News, 14 November 2021)

Israel’s misappropriation of land in the West Bank through settler violence, November 2021)

Israel uses settler violence to take over West Bank land, says Israeli rights group (MENA FN, 14 November 2021)

450 settler attacks on Palestinians in two years: Israeli NGO (Al Jazeera, 14 November 2021)

Israeli Special Units Raid Section 13 of Nafha Prison, Assault Palestinian Prisoners (Palestine Chronicle, 14 November 2021)

Following Boycott Campaign, South African Government Withdraws Support for Miss SA (Palestine Chronicle, 14 November 2021)

Settlers assault Palestinians, Israeli activists in West Bank; several hurt (Aaron Boxerman, Times of Israel, 12 November 2021)

Israel won’t let US open Jerusalem consulate, Bennett said to tell visiting Dems (Times of Israel, 11 November 2021)

Palestinians: Israeli NSO spyware found on officials’ phones (Joseph Krauss, Associated Press, 11 November 2021)

Israel, UAE, Bahrain, US hold major Red Sea drill ‘to counter Iran’s aggression’ (Judah Ari Gross, Times of Israel, 11 November 2021)

A rock hit an Israeli soldier. He responded by shooting at the Palestinian protesters, killing a boy (Gideon Levy & Alex Levac, Haaretz, 11 November 2021)

Palestinian PM: Only two-state solution can end ‘apartheid’ (Joseph Krauss, Associated Press, 10 November 2021)

Europeans on Security Council criticize Israeli blacklisting of Palestinian NGOs (Times of Israel, 9 November 2021)

UN Agencies Back Palestinian NGOs, Say Received No Evidence to Back Terror Allegations (Haaretz, 9 November 2021)

Report: NSO spyware found on 6 Palestinian activists’ phones (Associated Press, 8 November 2021)

Settlers use club to break Palestinian’s arm. Israeli cop returns the weapon (Nir Hasson. Haaretz, 8 November 2021)

Israeli army's riot control rifle killed eight Palestinians in 2021, eight times last year's tally (Hagar Shezaf, Haaretz, 7 November 2021)

Two weeks on, Israeli army extends Palestinian NGO terror designation to West Bank (Nir Hasson, Haaretz, 7 November 2021)

Israeli soldiers block Palestinians' access to playground after settlers break in (Hagar Shezaf, Haaretz, 6 November 2021)

Secret Israeli dossier provides no proof for declaring Palestinian NGOs ‘terrorists’ (+972, 4 November 2021)

Soldiers fatally shoot ‘Imad al-Hashash (15), who was filming from his rooftop (B’Tselem, 4 November 2021)

Summer Camps: Offering respite and a sense of normality to children in Gaza (UN OCHA, 3 November 2021)

Israel hasn’t given us evidence linking NGOs to terror, Irish FM says (Jerusalem Post, 2 November 2021)

Sheikh Jarrah families ‘determined’ despite lingering uncertainty (Al Jazeera, 11 November 2021)

Palestinian Diplomats Targeted by Israeli Spyware, Official Says (New York Times, 11 November 2021)

Palestinian detainee ends 113-day hunger strike after Israel agrees release deal (Al Araby, 11 November 2021)

Former Israeli Soldiers Speak out: There is Nothing So Whole as a Broken Heart (Palestine Chronicle, 11 November 2021)

I understand the terrorists (Mondoweiss, 11 November 2021)

Israel: Settler attacks on Palestinian olive harvest 'most dangerous in years' (Middle East Eye, 11 November 2021)

The Irish Times view on targeting Palenstinan NGOs: intolerable pressure (Irish Times, 10 November 2021)

Can religious Zionism overcome its addiction to state power? (+972mag, 10 November 2021)

US Changes Vote from ‘No’ to ‘Abstention’ on UN Resolution on Palestinian Right of Return (Palestine Chronicle, 10 November 2021)

Raids, Arrests and Death Threats: Israel’s Strategy of Silencing Human Rights Defenders (Politics Today, 9 November 2021)

Climate change sours Gaza’s olive harvest (Mondoweiss, 10 November 2021)

Palestinians demand Israel release prisoner on 112-day hunger strike (Middle East Monitor, 10 November 2021)

Pegasus: Israel designated Palestinian NGOs 'terrorist' to cover hacking tracks, report says (Middle East Eye, 10 November 2021)

Simon Coveney: Ireland 'gave clear message' to Israel to stop settlements (Irish Examiner, 9 November 2021)

Meet Blue Wolf, the app Israel uses to spy on Palestinians in the occupied West Bank (Middle East Eye, 9 November 2021)

Israeli hyperbole: The art of deception (Al Jazeera, 9 November 2021)

Khan Yunis: Remembering the Forgotten Palestinian Massacre (Palestine Chronicle, 9 November November 2021)

‘Global Campaign’ Calls for One-Day Hunger Strike in Solidarity with Palestinian Prisoners (Palestine Chronicle, 9 November 2021)

Pressure grows on U.S. to accept or reverse Israel’s ‘act of tyranny’ — but State Dep’t ducks the question (Mondoweiss, 9 November 2021)

European UNSC members press Israel for answers on NGO terror labeling (Jerusalem Post, 9 November 2021)

Irish NGO finds spyware on phones of Palestinian activists (Irish Times, 8 November 2021)

Ireland Embassy cites 2010 Mossad operation as reason not to trust Israel, but deletes tweet (Middle East Monitor, 8 November 2021)

From Recognizing Palestine to Warming Ties With Israel: An Interview With Sweden's Outgoing Prime Minister (Haaretz, 8 November 2021)

Palestinian activists’ mobile phones hacked using NSO spyware, says report (Guardian, 8 November 2021)

Beyond apartheid (Mondoweiss, 8 November 2021)

Arabic press review: British Palestinians to sue UK over Balfour Declaration (Middle East Eye, 8 November 2021)

Palestinians slam Israeli comments on US consulate in Jerusalem (Al Jazeera, 7 November 2021)

Israel Takes Alarming Steps to Enforce its Persecution of Six Palestinian Organisations in the West Bank, International Community Must Intervene (Al Haq, 7 November 2021)

They should have been lawyers. Instead they’re at Israeli construction sites (+972mag, 7 November 2021)

Empty Stomachs, Unbreakable Will: Palestinian Prisoners’ Defiant Pursuit of Justice (Palestine Chronicle, 7 November 2021)

Tlaib: US “Must Stop Enabling the Killing of Children” in Palestine (Truth Out, 7 November 2021)

Sheikh Jarrah: Can a new 'popular solidarity' save the neighbourhood from evictions? (Middle East Eye, 7 November 2021)

First Saudi Arabia, Now Sudan: Why Israel's Normalization Strategy Is Imploding (Haaretz, 5 November 2021)

Israel Moves to Silence the Stalwarts of Palestinian Civil Society (New York Times, 5November 2021)

Being designated as 'terrorists' by Israel reflects the good work that NGOs do in Palestine (Middle East Monitor, 4 November 2021)

Apartheid’s spiritual devastation is theme of ‘NYT’ Israel travelogue that uses the a-word only once (Mondoweiss, 5 November 2021)

UN Palestine refugee aid agency ‘close to collapse’ after funding cuts (Guardian, 5 November 2021)

Irish FM: Israel hasn't provided evidence of Palestinian NGOs as terror entities (i24news, 3 November 2021)

Words without Action: The West’s Role in Israel’s Illegal Settlement Expansion (Counter Currents, 4 November 2021)

Israel’s secret ‘evidence’ against rights groups is based on torture and lies, and Europeans rejected it — Palestinian leaders tell a DC audience (Mondoweiss, 2 November 2021)

Rights Group: After 111 Days on Hunger Strike, Palestinian Prisoner Faces Imminent Death (Palestine Chronicle, 3 November 2021)

ICC: Complaint alleges Israel systematically targets Palestinian journalists (Middle East Eye, 3 November 2021)

Israel hasn’t given us evidence linking NGOs to terror, Irish FM says (Jerusalem Post, 2 November 2021)

US: Contractor sues Texas over anti-BDS law (Middle East Eye, 2 November 2021)

The NGOs Israel Designated as Terror Groups Remain Legal in the West Bank (Haaretz, 1 November 2021)

New platform documents digital censorship of Palestinians (Al Jazeera, 2 November 2021)

Palestinian Residents Reject Israeli Court's Compromise on Sheikh Jarrah Evictions (Haaretz, 2 November 2021)

Israel demolishes Muslim cemetery near Al Aqsa Mosque to build park (Al Monitor, 2 November 2021)

Trump: Israel 'Literally Owned Congress' Until a Decade Ago (Haaretz, 1 November 2021)

Under Israel's Rules, All Palestinians Bear Burden of Proof on ‘Terrorist Activity' (Haaretz, 1 November 2021)

Thirty years of sham ‘peace process’ (Al Jazeera, 1 November 2021)

Irish FM to visit Israel amid tensions on settlements, NGO terror labeling (Jerusalem Post, 1 November 2021)

Palestine criticizes Israel for systematically destroying environment (Anadolu Agency, 2 November 2021)

Summer raids on rights groups foreshadowed "terrorist" designation (Electronic Intifada, 29 October 2021)

Israeli Woman Arrested Three Times for Refusing to Join Israeli Army (Palestine Chronicle, 1 November 2021)

‘The Worst Time for Us’: A Regular Encounter at Jerusalem’s Moughrabi Gate (PHOTOS) (Palestine Chronicle, 30 October 2021)

Tough choices for Biden administration: Which empty words to approve? (Electronic Intifada, 29 October 2021)

Israeli refusenik serves third term in jail (Middle East Monitor, 31 October 2021)

'UN resolutions have not resolved any conflict. The situation in Palestine is the best evidence for this' (Middle East Monitor, 29 October 2021)

Palestinians deserve reparations for Britain's colonial crimes (Middle East Eye, 29 October 2021)

The Elders condemn Israel’s illegal settlement expansion and call on its allies to act (The Elders, 29 October 2021)

Israel told EU in advance of plan to label rights groups "terrorist" (Electronic Intifada, 29 October 2021)

Israel's UN Envoy Tears Up Human Rights Council Report at General Assembly (Haaretz, 30 October 2021)

Make no mistake, Israel's crackdown on Palestinian NGOs is a pre-emptive war on truth (Al Araby, 29 October 2021)

Israel's Escalating War on Palestinian Civil Society and Basic Rights (DAWN MENA, 28 October 2021)

‘Don’t Kill My Daughters Again’: Gaza Doctor Looks for Justice at Israel’s Top Court (Haaretz, 29 October 2021)

European ministers call for Israel to reverse plans to expand settlements in West Bank’ (Irish Times, 28 October 2021)

Why is Israel labelling Palestinian rights groups ‘terrorists’?’ (Al Jazeera, 28 October 2021)

New York pension fund joins exit from Unilever over Israel restrictions (Reuters, 29 October 2021)

Coveney 'concerned' over Israel's labelling of Palestinian NGOs as terrorist organisations (The Journal, 27 October 2021)

State Dep’t says another 3000 Israeli settlement units are ‘unacceptable’ (Mondoweiss, 27 October 2021)

Israel to send delegation to US to justify banning Palestinian rights groups (Middle East Eye, 25 October 2021)

The post-9/11 logic at work in Israel’s attack on Palestinian civil society (+972mag, 27 October 2021)

Israel puts off approval of additional new settlement units (Middle East Monitor, 27 October 2021)

A Palestine reckoning is coming to Big Tech. Just ask Google, Amazon and Facebook (Al Araby, 27 October 2021)

Israel’s ‘terrorist’ designation of Palestinian rights groups credits ‘apartheid’ label U.S. political establishment denies (Mondoweiss, 26 October 2021)

US government issues sharpest rebuke yet to Israel over settlement expansion plans for occupied West Bank (Irish Independent, 26 October 2021)

Palestinians in Gaza call to save seven hunger-striking prisoners (A Jazeera, 25 October 2021)

Abbas: Palestine Will Take Action against Israel’s Designation of NGOs as Terror Groups (Palestine Chronicle, 26 October 2021)

Israel to Join Key EU Research Program That Bans Use of Funds in Settlements (Haaretz, 26 October 2021)

Borders, boycotts and Sally Rooney: Why the Irish stand with Palestine (Al Araby, 26 October 2021)

US insists it wasn’t given heads-up before Israel blacklisted Palestinian groups (Times of Israel, 26 October 2021)

Israel to send delegation to US to justify banning Palestinian rights groups (Middle East Eye, 25 October 2021)

Muslim scholars slam Israeli demolition of historic cemetery in Jerusalem (Middle East Monitor, 25 October 2021)

EU tells Israel to stop settler expansion (EU Observer, 25 October 2021)

Israel calls the fight for Palestinian rights ‘terror’ - and so turns reality on its head (Middle East Eye, 25 October 2021)

The Ethnic Cleansing Theme Park (Tribune Mag, 6 July 2021)

Gaza: 'Collective shock' of traumatic events sees mental health cases soar (Middle East Eye, 24 October 2021)

Israel extends detention of Palestinian detainee on hunger strike (Al Araby, 25 October 2021)

David Miller was cleared of anti-Semitism, leaked document shows (Electronic Intifada, 22 October 2021)

Israel to build 1,300 settlement units in occupied West Bank (Al Jazeera, 24 October 2021)

Israel wants to silence rights groups reporting on violations: NGO official (Al Araby, 24 October 2021)

Settlements, Palestinian NGOs Rock Israeli Government Ahead of Key Date (Haaretz, 25 October 2021)

Over 40 US organizations join 500+ tech workers in demanding Amazon and Google end all ties with Israeli apartheid (WAFA News, 23 October 2021)

EDITORIAL: +972 stands with Palestinian rights groups under attack (+972mag, 24 October 2021)

The outlawing of Palestinian NGOs is a stain upon Israel (Haaretz Editorial, 24 October 2021)

Coalition government party Meretz rails against terror listing for Palestinian rights groups (Times of Israel, 23 October 2021)

Israel disputes US claim it wasn´t told of plan to outlaw Palestinian rights groups (Times of Israel, 23 October 2021)

Israel declares war on Palestinian rights groups (Ali Abunimah & Maureen Clare Murphy, Electronic Intifada, 22 October 2021)

A nightmare olive harvest season in the West Bank (Gideon Levy, Haaretz, 22 October 2021)

Israel kills child and steals his body (Tamara Nassar, Electronic Intifada, 21 October 2021)

Israel Police prevented a Palestinian detainee from breastfeeding her baby (Hagar Shezaf, Haaretz, 20 October 2021)

Ending censorship, IDF admits officer jailed in 2017 raped a Palestinian woman (Times of Israel, 20 October 2021)

Israel's 'gesture' to Palestinians reveals the extent of its control over the West Bank and Gaza (Amira Hass, Haaretz, 20 October 2021)

Israel approves West Bank residency for 4,000 Palestinians, after 10-year freeze (Times of Israel, 19 October 2021)

Forced to leave Israel by Rabbinate and Interior Ministry (Maria Verbova, Times of Israel, 19 October 2021)

Israel court upholds demolition of Muslim cemetery in Jerusalem (Middle East Monitor, 18 October 2021)

9,300 olive trees destroyed by Israel in the West Bank in one year, says International Committee of the Red Cross (Middle East Monitor, 13 October 2021)

Israel labels leading Palestinian human rights groups ‘terrorist institutions´ (Mondoweiss, 22 October 2021)

Israel declares six Palestinian civil society groups 'terrorist organisations' (Middle East Eye, 22 October 2021)

Israel declares war on Palestinian rights groups (Electronic Intifada, 22 October 2021)

Palestinian prisoners end hunger strike as Israel concedes to demands (Al Araby, 22 October 2021)

Israel/OPT: Designation of Palestinian civil society groups as terrorists a brazen attack on human rights (Amnesty, 22 October 2021)

‘Racism isn´t kosher´: British Jews protest ongoing embrace of Israeli ambassador (+972mag, 22 October 2021)

How Facebook helps Israel hide its crimes (Counter Currents, 22 October 2021)

Israel: Release or charge five Palestinian hunger strikers -- UN experts (Relief Web, 21 October 2021)

West Bank: Israeli settlers uproot hundreds of Palestinian village's olive trees (Middle East Eye, 21 October 2021)

In Photos: Palestinians in Gaza Protest ‘Cemeteries of Numbers´ (Palestine Chronicle, 21 October 2021)

10 October 2021)

In praise and defence of Sally Rooney (Al Jazeera, 21 October 2021)

‘Nothing Beautiful about Occupation’: Mandela’s Grandson Calls for Boycott of Miss Universe Pageant in Israel (Palestine Chronicle, 20 October 2021)

New Israeli Poll: Promoting Peace with Palestine the Lowest Priority (Palestine Chronicle, 20 October 2021)

The standard Israeli charge against anyone who dares criticise Israel (MENA FN, 20 October 2021)

Palestinians demand mobilisation to save hunger-strike prisoner (Al Jazeera, 20 October 2021)

Statement by Amb. Byrne Nason, UNSC Open Debate-the Middle East, including the Palestinian Question (DFA, 19 October 2021)

Violent Israeli raids in occupied East Jerusalem wound dozens (Al Jazeera, 19 October 2021)

Israeli Commander of Massacre at Palestinian Village Dies (Haaretz, 19 October 2021)

The meaning of Apartheid for Israel (Mondoweiss, 19 October 2021)

After Corbyn, Israel Lobby Turns Its Guns on UK Academia (Palestine Chronicle, 19 October 2021)

Freed Palestinian woman pleads for reunion with family in Gaza (Yenisafak, 19 October 2021)

Israel revokes Jerusalem residency of prominent Franco-Palestinian lawyer (Middle East Eye, 19 October 2021)

Israel legalises registry of 4,000 Palestinians in West Bank, after over a decade (Middle East Monitor, 19 October 2021)

Settler violence and Israel's impenetrable web of impunity (Middle East Monitor, 19 October 2021)

Israel approves West Bank residency for 4,000 Palestinians, after 10-year freeze (Times of Israel, 19 October 2021)

As olive harvest begins, Israeli soldiers prevent Palestinians from reaching their groves (Amira Hass, Haaretz, 17 October 2021)

Palestinian olive pickers attacked by large group of settlers, PA says (Times of Israel, 15 October 2021)

Settlers light fires, throw rocks towards Palestinian home during clashes (Times of Israel, 15 October 2021)

Shot at, bound, beaten, deprived of food: Two Palestinian boys' ordeal at the hands of Israeli troops (Gideon Levy & Alex Levac, Haaretz, 15 October 2021)

Handcuffed and blindfolded, veteran of Israel's top commando unit now fights the occupation (Judy Maltz, Haaretz, 15 October 2021)

Israeli cops attacked by settlers for dismantling tent near West Bank settlement (Hagar Shezaf, Haaretz, 12 October 2021)

High Court slams Israel for allowing settlers to enter evicted West Bank settlement (Hagar Shezaf, Haaretz, 12 October 2021)

Sally Rooney explains her Israel boycott: 'BDS is anti-racist' (Ben Samuels, Haaretz, 12 October 2021)

‘The Golan Heights is Israeli, period’, said Israeli Prime Minister (Times of Israel, 11 October 2021)

'Unpleasant' War Crimes: The Secret Docs Israel Insists on Censoring (Haaretz, 18 October 2021)

Palestinian hopes for freedom still alive 10 years after Shalit deal (Middle East Monitor, 18 October 2021)

Fazaa: Protecting Palestine's olive harvest from Israeli settler violence (Al Araby, 18 October 2021)

The West Bank's 'Rotten Apples' (Haaretz, 19 October 2021)

Two Settlers Arrested on Suspicion of Attacking Israeli Soldiers in West Bank (Haaretz, 17 October 2021)

Older Media Items

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