Current Action: Annexation

On the 25th of May 2021, following weeks of violence in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, the Dáil has supported a parliamentary motion, brought forward by John Brady TD (Sinn Féin) condemning the de facto annexation of Palestinian land by Israel. Simon Coveney, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Defence, supported the motion, stating that "the current escalation of violence has not happened in isolation" and called for the international community to be "honest about what is happening on the ground." Following a vote on Wednesday 26th May 2021, Ireland has become the first country within the EU to recognise de facto annexation, paving the way for others to follow. More on this on our Annexation page.



Recent Media Items

Dozens of Palestinians hurt in confrontations with Israeli forces (Al Jazeera, 23 July 2021)

Former South Africa Judge to Lead Permanent UN Probe into Israeli Violations in Occupied Palestine (Palestine Chronicle, 23 July 2021)

The people of Beita will use every means to keep their land free,' says Palestinian activist (Middle East Monitor, 23 July 2021)

Israel bans entry of fuel for Gaza power plant (Middle East Monitor, 25 July 2021)

Israel’s security forces are ‘complicit’ in drastic surge in settler violence, report finds (Independent, 23 July 2021)

Hamas is stronger than ever, but Gaza remains in dire straits (Al Araby, 23 July 2021)

Palestinian youth tell the human stories behind the numbers in the news (We Are Not Numbers, 24 July 2021)

The choice is between Israeli colonialism vs. decolonial justice (Mondoweiss, 22 July 2021)

Former UN rights chief to lead probe into Israel's latest bombing of Gaza (Middle East Eye, 22 July 2021)

Supreme Court urges Israel gov't to clarify position on evacuation of Khan Al-Ahmar (Middle East Monitor, 22 July 2021)

Why Israel is more concerned about Ben & Jerry’s than the Pegasus revelations (Guardian, 22 July 2021)

Israel's New Government Hoped to Freeze the Palestinian Issue. Ben & Jerry's Had Other Plans (Haaretz, 20 July 2021)

Ben & Jerry's board wanted to boycott all of Israel (Jerusalem Post, 21 July 2021)

Latest hasbara target: Israel as a settler-colonial state (Mondoweiss, 21 July 2021)

The UN and the Question of Israeli apartheid (BDS Movement, 2 November 2020)

How Israel slowly suffocates Gaza (Electronic Intifada, 21 July 2021)

Enlightened Israelis must admit Israel is guilty as charged (Al Jazeera, 20 July 2021)

Jewish Prayer at Contested Holy Site in Jerusalem Sets Off Alarms (New York Times, 20 July 2021)

Ben & Jerry’s Israel boycott a BDS game changer - five reasons why (Jerusalem Post, 20 July 2021)

Israel Razed a Palestinian Mansion as Collective Punishment, U.S. Intervention Be Damned (Haaretz, 16 July 2021)

No ambulances amid the bombings: How Gaza’s COVID-19 patients survived Israel’s military assault (Mondoweiss, 16 July 2021)

Organizations struggle as more US Jews call Israel ‘apartheid’ state (Jerusalem Post, 16 July 2021)

Ancient Palestinian Canaanite Cemetery Bulldozed by Israel (Palestine Chronicle, 16 July 2021)

Israeli forces beat, arrest Palestinian worshipers at Al-Aqsa mosque (Al Araby, 18 July 2021)

Israel’s Psychological Torture of Palestinian Prisoners and Their Families (Haaretz, 19 July 2021)

CUNY Law Issues Historic Statement Condemning Harassment of Palestine Advocates on Campus (Palestine Legal, 15 July 2021)

Ben & Jerry's announce end of sales in occupied Palestinian territories (Middle East Eye, 19 July 2021)

Germany: An enduring enemy of the Palestinian struggle (Middle East Eye, 16 July 2021)

Israel Recruited the Jewish National Fund to Secretly Buy Palestinian Land for Settlers (Haaretz, 15 July 2021)

Palestine runs dry: ‘Our water they steal and sell to us’ (Al Jazeera, 15 July 2021)

Israel is being forced to choose between America and China (Economist, 17 July 2021)

Microsoft says it blocked spying on rights activists, others (AP News, 15 July 2021)

Joint Militias: On a Single Day in May, Israeli Settlers and Soldiers Cooperated in Attacks That Left Four Palestinians Dead (The Intercept, 15 July 2021)

Irish lawmakers call on Israel to end evictions, demolitions in the occupied Palestinian territories (WAFA News, 14 July 2021)

Government Report calls for responsibility to not help Israel in their illegal annexation of Palestine (Limerick Post, 14 July 2021)

Who in Israel Cares About Workers Dying? (Haaretz, 14 July 2021)

EU: Israel displaced 595 Palestinians since beginning of 2021 (Middle East Monitor,14 July 2021)

A WMD-free Middle East is possible, here's how (Al Araby, 14 July 2021)

As AIPAC sputters, ‘Americans for Peace Now’ publicizes ‘apartheid’ charge (Mondoweiss, 14 July 2021)

Israeli PM wants Gaza foreign aid run through vouchers (Al Jazeera, 13 July 2021)

Palestinians Find New Unity After War With Israel (Foreign Policy, 13 July 2021)

Israel ‘Is an Apartheid State,' a Quarter of U.S. Jews Say in New Poll (Haaretz, 13 July 2021)

Gaza 2021: When Israel's arrogance was broken (Middle East Eye, 13 July 2021)

German, French envoys said to have boycotted US embassy’s July 4 Jerusalem event (Times of Israel, 13 July 2021)

The EU backs the unfeasible, in favour of Israel's colonial expansion (Middle East Monitor, 13 July 2021)

Half a century in Sheikh Jarrah: my friendship with a Palestinian facing expulsion (Mondoweiss, 12 July 2021)

UN, EU and World Bank back siege on Gaza (Electronic Intifada, 13 July 2021)

Israel Plans to Build Villas on the Ruins of a Village That Has Become a Symbol of the Nakba (Haaretz, 12 July 2021)

‘We want to make the climate movement in Israel-Palestine much more political’ (+972mag, 12 July 2021)

Israel Bars Jailed Palestinian Lawmaker From Attending Daughter's Funeral (Haaretz, 12 July 2021)

The rockets follow me in my sleep (Mondoweiss, 12 July 2021)

Cannes: Palestinian actors withdraw from festival over Israeli ‘cultural erasure’ (Middle East Eye, 12 July 2021)

Israel's foreign minister says two-state solution unfeasible (Middle East Eye, 12 July 2021)

Israel blocks access of relief aid to Bedouin community (Middle East Monitor, 12 July 2021)

We live in a new era’: the next generation of Palestinian activists (FT, 12 July 2021)

Screen Shots: State violence on camera in Israel and Palestine (Mondoweiss, 12 July 2021)

Palestine football criticises planned Barcelona game in Jerusalem (Al Jazeera, 9 July 2021)

A pivotal moment for the Palestinian national struggle (Al Jazeera, 10 July 2021)

Is Israel preparing for the inevitable civil war in the West Bank? (The Hill, 10 July 2021)

Palestinians unable to reunite with families see little reward in ending of Israeli citizenship law (Middle East Eye, 8 July 2021)

Israel's racist unification law debate gives its politicians an identity crisis (Middle East Eye, 8 July 2021)

Palestinian Authority Study Endorses Sheikh Jarrah 'Popular Struggle' Model (Haaretz, 11 July 2021)

US Diplomats Protest Israel’s Demolition of West Bank Home (Voice of America, 8 July 2021)

Mother and Three Kids Left Homeless as Israel Destroys House of Prisoner (Palestine Chronicle, 8 July 2021)

More big investors dump Israeli settlement profiteers (Electronic Intifada, 8 July 2021)

Israel's racist unification law debate gives its politicians an identity crisis (Middle East Eye, 8 July 2021)

Humsa al Bqai'a Flash Update #7 (UN OCHA, 8 July 2021)

Palestinian Cast of Israeli Movie to Boycott Cannes Film Festival (Haartez, 8 July 2021)

‘Beita is undefeatable’: Inside the struggle to save this Palestinian village from Israeli settlers (Mondoweiss, 7 July 2021)

The violence against Palestinians in Gaza doesn’t stop when the bombs stop falling (Mondoweiss, 7 July 2021)

Israel’s apartheid marriage law is the essence of Zionism (Electronic Intifada, 6 July 2021)

We Cannot Use Victimhood to Justify Victimizing Others: An Interview with Alice Rothchild on Facing the Israeli Racism in Palestine (Politics Today, 5 July 2021)

Citizenship Law's Expiry Is 'Window of Hope' for Arab Israelis, but a Narrow One (Haaretz, 7 July 2021)

Rebuilding Gaza After Israel Fighting Will Cost Half a Billion Dollars, World Bank Says (Haaretz, 8 July 2021)

Israeli bombardment severely weakened Gaza economy: Report (Al Jazeera, 7 July 2021)

How Israel is automating the occupation of Palestine (Al Araby, 7 July 2021)

Israel’s new government fails to renew disputed citizenship law (Irish Times, 6 July 2021)

Gaza Is Still Under Attack—but You Wouldn’t Know It From the Media (The Nation, 6 July 2021)

Hunger-striking Palestinian detainee’s life in danger as Israel refuses calls for release (Al Araby, 6 July 2021)

Japanese supermarket stops sale of wine manufactured in illegal Israeli settlements (BDS Movement, 25 June 2021)

Solidarity with Silwan: a teacher’s perspective (Mondoweiss, 5 July 2021)

Israel to vote on renewing law that keeps out Palestinian spouses (Al Jazeera, 5 July 2021)

Solidarity with Silwan: a teacher’s perspective (Mondoweiss, 5 July 2021)

Not the Palestine we dreamed of, nor were promised (Jerusalem Post, 5 July 2021)

The Stolen Childhood of Palestinian Kids (Haartez, 2 July 2021)

Older Media Items

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The Occupied Territories Bill, developed by Sadaka and tabled by Senator Frances Black, will prohibit the import of goods and services which are produced in illegal Israeli settlements. Settlements are a war crime under international law.

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