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Israeli Apartheid and the Covid-19 Vaccine

Overview:   Israel leads the way in vaccinating its citizens against Covid-19 and expects to be the first country in the world to achieve full vaccination. It has also acknowledged paying over the price paid by other countries in order to secure supplies. Included in the vaccination programme are more than 600,000 Israeli settlers, citizens of Israel, living in occupied Palestinian territory in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. However, five million Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza occupied by Israel will not be vaccinated by Israel in contravention of the 4th Geneva Convention. This is a most serious consequence of the apartheid policies pursued by the state of Israel.

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Recent Media Items

Israel postpones roll-out of COVID vaccine to Palestinian workers (Al Jazeera, 5 March 2021)

Israel deported 29 Palestinians from Jerusalem, demolished 20 facilities in February (Middle East Monitor, 5 March 2021)

Israel’s Apartheid Debate: Smash the Mirror or Fix Reality? (Haaretz, 5 March 2021)

‘Where do Palestinians go for accountability?’ AP asks a dozen times as State Dep’t flounders (Mondoweiss, 5 March 2021)

Harris reaffirms US opposition to ICC probe of Israel in call to Netanyahu (Middle East Eye, 5 March 2021)

The Jewish National Fund presents itself in Germany as a 'green' organization serving all of Israel's residents. That's not what its leaders say in Israel. (+972mag, 4 March 2021)

For the Sixth Time, Israel Razes a Disabled Palestinian's Home (Haaretz, 4 March 2021)

Israel and the International Criminal Court: From Victims to Criminals (Haaretz, 4 March 2021)

Israeli critics warn EU against legitimising Palestinian ‘vaccination apartheid’ (Euractiv, 4 March 2021)

ICC probe could place Netanyahu, Israel up a creek without a paddle (Jerusalem Post, 3 March 2021)

Palestinians welcome ICC decision to open war crimes inquiry (Irish Times, 4 March 2021)

A salute to ‘Electronic Intifada’ — telling truths about Israel/Palestine for 20 years (Mondoweiss, 4 March 2021)

One year on: COVID-19 cases surge in Palestine, no vaccinations on the horizon (Mondoweiss, 4 March 2021)

Amnesty hails ICC investigation of war crimes in Palestine as 'historic breakthrough' (Middle East Monitor, 4 March 2021)

Israeli court rejects petition against settler project at Ibrahimi Mosque (Middle East Monitor, 4 March 2021)

#UNInvestigateApartheid (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Movement, 3 March 2021)

EU lawmakers call for action against 'de-facto' Israeli annexation of West Bank (Middle East Monitor, 2 March 2021)

EU backs ICC after Netanyahu’s “anti-Semitism” smear (Electronic Intifada, 4 March 2021)

Why Israel fears the ICC war crimes investigation (Guardian, 3 March 2021)

ICC opens investigation into war crimes in Palestinian territories (Guardian, 3 March 2021)

EU 'peace' envoy has secret chats with Israel lobby (Electronic Intifada, 3 March 2021)

Israel backs campaign against David Miller (Electronic Intifada, 3 March 2021)

Netanyahu slams ICC probe against Israel (Al Monitor, 3 March 2021)

Palestinians to lose only airport in Jerusalem to Israeli settlements (Al Monitor, 2 March 2021)

Statement of ICC Prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda, respecting an investigation of the Situation in Palestine (ICC, 3 March 2021)

Catholic Churches Condemn Repeated Settler Attacks on Romanian Monastery in Jerusalem (VIDEO) (Palestine Chronicle, 2 March 2021)

Biden administration 'enthusiastically embraces' IHRA antisemitism definition: Report (Middle East Eye, 2 March 2021)

EU lawmakers call for action against 'de-facto' Israeli annexation of West Bank (Middle East Monitor, 2 March 2021)

New Zealand state pension fund divests from Israeli banks (Electronic Intifada, 3 March 2021)

Lawyers demand Labour explain hiring of Israeli spy (Electronic Intifada, 2 March 2021)

High Court recognizes Reform, Conservative conversions carried out in Israel (Times of Israel, 1 March 2021)

Israel jails Palestinian politicians ahead of PA elections (Electronic Intifada, 2 March 2021)

Kosovo ties with Israel face strong resistance from Turkey (Associated Press, 1 March 2021)

Israel authorizes plan to vaccinate over 120,000 Palestinian workers (Times of Israel, 28 February 2021)

As every Jewish holiday, Israel imposes closure on Palestinians in the West Bank for Purim (Haaretz, 25 February 2021)

Secretive Israeli nuclear facility undergoes major project (Associated Press, 25 February 2021)

Qatar says to fund $60 million pipeline from Israel to Gaza (Reuters, 25 February 2021)

Israel 'demolished 89 Palestinian-owned structures in two weeks,' says UN (Middle East Monitor, 24 February 2021)

Israeli soldiers executed Palestinian who posed no danger (Maureen Clare Murphy, Electronic Intifada, 24 February 2021)

US Senator Sanders Blasts Israel for Sending COVID-19 Vaccines to Allies while ‘Palestinians are still Waiting’ (Palestine Chronicle, 23 February 2021)

Blinken said to push Ashkenazi to provide more vaccines to Palestinians (Times of Israel, 23 February 2021)

Former defense officials back US return to Iran deal, urge new long-term pact (Times of Israel, 22 February 2021)

Government expresses ‘regret,’ will compensate for disappeared Yemenite children (Times of Israel, 22 February 2021)

A guide to Israel’s never-ending elections (Haggai Matar, +972, 19 February 2021)

Academics at UK university reject IHRA anti-Semitism definition (Electronic Intifada, 19 February 2021)

These siblings may never see their father again: They're in Israel and he's in Gaza (Gideon Levy & Alex Levac, Haaretz, 18 February 2021)

International pressure sees Israel agreeing to vaccinate some West Bank Palestinians (Irish Times, 1 March 2021)

On British colonialism, antisemitism, and Palestinian rights (Avi Shlaim, Middle East Eye, 1 March 2021)

Palestinians of East Jerusalem, a silent eviction (Daily Sabah, 2 March 2021)

Israel demolishes Palestinian family's home in Jerusalem for fourth time (Middle East Eye, 1 March 2021)

Avi Shlaim slams UK government over 'shameful legacy' of support for Israel (Middle East Eye, 1 March 2021)

Israeli settler colonialism and apartheid (BDS Movement, 1 March 2021)

Israel's Vaccine Apartheid (Haaretz, 1 March 2021)

Report: Palestinian Youth with Hemophilia Tortured in Israeli Prison (Palestine Chronicle, 1 March 2021)

Redefining Anti-Semitism: A Challenge to Free Speech (WRMEA, March 2021)

Under Israeli Apartheid, There Are Two Different Pandemics (Truth Out, 28 February 2021)

European lawmakers protest Israel’s de facto annexation (Anadolu Agency, 1 March 2021)

European MPs seek US help to halt Israeli annexation (EU Observer, 2 March 2021)

Liberal US Jewish groups urge Biden to reverse Trump settlement label policy (Times of Israel, 25 February 2021)

Court in Israel sentences Palestinian politician Khalida Jarrar to two years in prison (Middle East Eye, 1 March 2021)

Palestinian vaccine roll-out: Michael Lynk, Special Rapporteur for Human Rights in the Palestinian Territories. (RTE Radio, 28 February 2021)

Hundreds of European Parliamentarians Protest Israel's 'De Facto Annexation' (Haaretz, 28 February 2021)

A war is being waged against academic freedom in Britain (Al Jazeera, 28 February 2021)

Oxfam Director: Israel’s Vaccine Export Deal 'Shameful' as nearly 5 Million Palestinians Wait (Palestine Chronicle, 28 February 2021)

Gaza’s first digital archive documents rich cultural history (Al Jazeera, 28 February 2021)

Samidoun: We will not be silenced by Israel’s “terrorist” designation (Samidoun, 28 February 2021)

Biden faces growing pressure to lift Trump's sanctions on ICC prosecutors (Middle East Eye, 28 February 2021)

Kent university Jewish society used as front by Israel’s UK embassy (Electronic Intifada, 26 February 2021)

Open letter in support of Professor David Miller (Support Miller, 28 February 2021)

Editorial | Report on Suspected Execution of Palestinian Should Alarm Every Israeli (Haaretz, 28 February 2021)

Ireland condemns Israeli destruction of Bedouin homes in West Bank (Irish Times, 27 February 2021)

Will Ireland Use its Security Council Seat to Challenge Israel? (WRMEA, February 2021)

‘Agenda Item 7’ Highlights UN Inaction over Israeli Colonization (Palestine Chronicle, 27 February 2021)

UN, European States Call on Israel to Halt Demolition of Palestinian Homes (Palestine Chronicle, 27 February 2021)

Palestinians Tighten Lockdown as Coronavirus Strains Ravage the West Bank (Haaretz, 27 February 2021)

The two-state solution is a lie, a cynical charade to keep you distracted while Israel steals more Palestinian land for its ethno-religious nightmare state. (Facebook, 26 February 2021)

Israel's vaccine apartheid is a violation of international law (Middle East Monitor, 27 February 2021)

India warns Israel-Palestine against unilateral action, at UN Security Council meet (The Print, 28 February 2021)

Exposing Israel’s vaccine apartheid in West Bank & Gaza (Liberation News, 26 February 2021)

Irish senator blasts Israel’s denial of COVID-19 vaccines to Palestinians (PressTV, 26 February 2021)

Seanad debates rollout of vaccines in Palestine (RTE News, 26 February 2021)

Redefining Anti-Semitism: A Challenge to Free Speech (WRMEA, February 2021)

Israel bans Muslim call to prayer to allow settlers to celebrate Purim (Middle East Monitor, 26 February 2021)

Report questions claim Palestinian was shot in self-defense (AP News, 26 February 2021)

For Israel’s allies, road to vaccines runs through Jerusalem (AP News, 24 February 2021)

Ten implications behind the Egyptian minister's visit to Israel (Middle East Monitor, 26 February 2021)

Family of Palestinian man shot dead by Israelis call for his body to be returned eight months on (Independent, 24 February 2021)

ICC has no choice but to investigate settlements as a war crime, a game changer in power politics — Sfard (Mondoweiss, 26 February 2021)

Israel Gives Vaccine to Far-Off Allies, as Palestinians Wait (New York Times, 26 February 2021)

Ireland joins UN calls for Israel to stop demolitions (RTE News, 27 February 2021)

American Evangelicals, Israeli Settlers and a Skeptical Filmmaker (New York Times, 26 February 2021)

Israel's autonomous 'robo-snipers' and suicide drones raise ethical dilemma (TRT World, 26 February 2021)

Facebook, We Need To Talk - Dublin Petition Hand-In (Facebook, 24 February 2021)

'Agenda Item 7' highlights UN inaction over Israeli colonisation (Middle East Monitor, 25 February 2021)

Israel to send 100,000 vaccines abroad but only a portion to Palestinians (Irish times, 24 February 2021)

How Israel Uses Africa to Try to Whitewash Apartheid (Jacobin, 23 February 2021)

Israeli Colonists Invade Archaeological Site Near Nablus (IMEMC, 20 February 2021)

Israeli checkpoint killing of Palestinian was an execution, report claims (Guardian, 23 February 2021)

'Proud' Zionist group leading campaign to sack UK professor for criticising Israel (Middle East Monitor, 23 February 2021)

Forensic analysis undermines Israeli police narrative of checkpoint killing (+972mag, 23 February 2021)

Israel sends COVID-19 vaccines to Syria, Honduras, the Czech Republic, and Guatemala but denies responsibility to vaccinate its Palestinian subjects (Mondoweiss, 23 February 2021)

Strong majority of foreign policy experts say Israel/Palestine is ‘akin to apartheid’ (Mondoweiss, 23 February 2021)

Israel destroys aid from Ireland (Irish Times, 23 February 2021)

Gaza Suffers $1.5m Losses as Israel Open Floodgates, Destroys Crops (Palestine Chronicle, 22 February 2021)

'They destroyed our dreams': Israel’s bulldozers target Palestinian women farmers (Middle East Eye, 22 February 2021)

Israel: use of Covid vaccines in prisoner swap deal sparks row (Guardian, 21 February 2021)

Jewish Settlers Chop down Dozens of Olive Trees near Bethlehem (Palestine Chronicle, 21 February 2021)

Israel destroys Palestinian villages, leaving residents without shelter in snowstorm (Middle East Monitor, 21 February 2021)

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