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Palestine Matters!   The 2016 Election Pledge for Palestine

We called on all election candidates to pledge that the next Irish Government will use all institutional mechanisms at its disposal, at both domestic and EU level, to implement the following policies:

  • Formally recognise the State of Palestine NOW;

  • Campaign for an end to the Israeli blockade of Gaza;

  • Seek an EU ban on trade and investment with Israeli colonies/settlements;

  • End arms deals with Israel;

  • Require Israel to protect Palestinian children;

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Christmas in Bethlehem 2015

A Sadaka video released for Christmas 2015 showing how Palestinian children suffer violence and intimidation by Israeli Occupation Forces and Settlers.

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Recognition of the State of Palestine

Sadaka and ICTU billboard campaign for recognition of the State of Palestine

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Sadaka’s Billboard Campaign lobbied the Irish Government to implement the 2014 unanimous decisions of both Houses of the Oireachtas (Irish Parliament) which call on the Irish Government ‘to officially recognise the State of Palestine on the basis of the 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital'.

Sadaka and ICTU billboard campaign for recognition of the State of Palestine

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Sadaka on Gaza

Sadaka was one of the tens of thousands of voices throughout Ireland expressing outrage and revulsion in Summer of 2014 Israel's sustained 50 day attack on the people of Gaza.

The Chair of Sadaka, Marie Crawley, speaking at Dublin demonstration, 26th July 2014
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Sadaka Visiting Speakers

Sadaka's Visiting Speakers Programme invites leading Palestinian figures to Ireland to raise public awareness of the situation in the West Bank and Gaza and to lobby the Irish Government to recognise the State of Palestine and its people.

About the Programme

Dr Mustafa Barghouthi, guest of Sadaka in Dublin

Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi

Sadaka sponsored visit by Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi of the Palestinian National Initiative (2013). More ...

Roger Waters, guest of Sadaka in Dublin launches the Sadaka Education Pack

Palestine & Israel on the Curriculum

Roger Waters (founding member of Pink Floyd) launched the Sadaka Education Resource on Palestine and Israel (2013). More ...

Palestinian Church Leaders on a Sadaka Visiting Speakers Tour of Ireland 2013

Palestinian Church Leaders

Sadaka hosted eminent Christian church leaders from Palestine to encourage endorsement of Kairos Palestine by the Irish churches (2013)More ...


Other Sadaka projects

Palestine's Call!

Political leaders and representatives of Palestinian NGOs and civil society called on the Oireachtas (Irish Parliament), in its 1916 commemorative year, to draw on its own historical experience of occupation to be a leading advocate in ending the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestine. (Full text PDF 833kb)

Sadaka Publications

We produce free information publications on various aspects of the situation in Palestine - Factsheets containing essential facts, Briefings with more detail, and Papers for a more comprehensive treatment. There is a selection of recent publications below, or for a complete list go to Factsheets, Briefings, or Papers.

Sadaka Publications - 50 years of Israeli occupation: The roadblock to peace (Click now to download Briefing)

50 years of Israeli occupation: The roadblock to peace Overview:  Next year, in June 2017, it will be 50 years since Israel took over the West Bank (including East Jerusalem) and Gaza by force against the wishes of the Palestinians who lived there. It is the job of the UN Security Council to reverse aggression of this kind, which is in breach of Article 2.4 of the UN Charter, applying whatever sanctions are necessary to force the aggressor to withdraw. That is what happened when Iraq took over Kuwait by force in 1990. Unfortunately, the Security Council has failed to reverse Israel’s 1967 aggression. As a consequence, Palestinians have been forced to endure almost 50 years of Israeli military occupation without any say in how they are governed – and there is no end in sight.  (Click on cover to download the full Briefing) May 2016, PDF 124 kB.

Sadaka Publications - Israel: EU Losing Sight Of The Facts (Click now to download Briefing)

Israel: EU Losing Sight Of The Facts Overview:  While the state of Israel continues its colonial project in the Occupied Palestinian Territories with its relentless settlement expansion, its shoot-to-kill policy and its arrest and detention of minors, the EU and other international players continue to ignore the fact that without sanctions against Israel to force it to withdraw from the occupied Palestinian territories, the two-state solution is dead.  (Click on cover to download the full Briefing) January 2016, PDF 189 kB.

Sadaka Publications - Without sanctions against Israel, the "two-state solution" is dead(Click now to download Briefing)

Without sanctions against Israel, the "two-state solution" is dead Overview:   The "two-state solution" is dead unless serious and sustained economic sanctions are applied to Israel by the international community to force it to withdraw from the Occupied Palestinian Territories.  (Click on cover to download the full Briefing) September 2015, PDF 80 kB.

Sadaka Publications - Israeli Settlements: Colonies and War Crimes (Click now to download PDF)

Israeli Settlements: Colonies and War Crimes (Factsheet) Overview:  When a state, which is occupying territory not its own, builds settlements on that territory and transfers its own citizens into them, that process is a war crime, under the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (ICC). Israel has occupied the West Bank (including East Jerusalem) since1967 and has transferred well over half a million of its own citizens into that territory. September 2015 (Download PDF 59 kB)


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Recent Press Articles

Israel's weakness against lawbreakers (Haaretz editorial, 24 April 2017)

FIFA mulls giving Israel six months to stop soccer games in settlements (Haaretz, 23 April 2017)

Palestinian prisoners’ hunger strike (James J Zogby, Lobelog, 22 April 2017)

Palestine’s Nelson Mandela (Uri Avnery, 22 April 2017)

Netanyahu: Palestinians Must Stop Paying Terrorists, Prove They Want Peace (Haaretz, 22 April 2017)

BDS is winning, admits top Israeli “sabotage” strategist (Electronic Intifada, 21 April 2017)

Barcelona votes to be free of Israeli apartheid (Electronic Intifada, 20 April 2017)

Hunger Strike for Freedom and Dignity (Palestine Liberation Organisation, 17 April 2017)

Israel’s festivities will highlight 50 years of shame (Jonathan Cook, 17 April 2017)

Israel fighting to stop FIFA from suspending settlement soccer teams (Haaretz, 20 April 2017)

Barghouti got 5 life terms? Begin would have gotten 91! (Adam Keller, Gush Shalom, 18 April 2017)

575 Jewish-American students challenge Birthright to stand by participants who back settlement boycott (Haaretz, 18 April 2017)

Israeli Chief Rabbis Endorse Ethnic Cleansing, Palestinian Servitude (Richard Silverstein, Tikun Olam, 15 April 2017)

Former head of Mossad: ‘I believe there is no existential threat to Israel from anybody in the world, including the Iranians’ (Al Jazeera, 1 June 2016)

When shooting a teen in the back is a 'professional error' (+972, 11 April 2017)

Fewer and fewer want to visit Israel (Asa Winstanley, Jews for Justice in Palestine, 30 March 2017)

Wary Israel tried to conceal East Jerusalem's annexation in 1967, documents reveal (Haaretz, 17 April 2017)

Why we are on hunger strike in Israel’s prisons? (Marwan Barghouti, New York Times, 16 April 2017)

US aid to Israel totals $233.7b over six decades (Haaretz, 20 March 2013)

US financial support for Israel goes far beyond the official numbers (Philip Giraldi, The American Conservative, 12 April 2017)

Banksy West Bank hotel to receive first guests (Daily Star, 21 March 2017)

Humanitarian Bulletin (UN OCHA, March 2017)

An Israeli soldier shot a Palestinian in front of her kids. Where's her compensation? (Gideon Levy and Alex Levac, Haaretz, 13 April 2017)

The Ultimate Deal (Henry Siegman on the two-state solution, London Review of Books, 30 March 2017)

EU sharply protests Israeli demolition of Palestinian homes in Area C, warns it will lead to 'forced transfer' (Haaretz, 4 April 2017)

I've been reading about the occupation for years. Seeing it for myself was a punch in the gut (Haaretz, 4 April 2017)

Palestinian flag to fly above Dublin City Hall over 'brutal occupation' (Irish Independent, 3 April 2017)

BNC Statement on Israel’s Ongoing Campaign to Silence Omar Barghouti & Repress BDS (22 March 2017)

Germany, France and Britain severely condemn establishment of new settlement for Amona evacuees (Haaretz, 31 March 2017)

Israel approves first new West Bank settlement in over 20 years for Amona evacuees (Haaretz, 31 March 2017)

Netanyahu announces policy of restrained settlement construction in 'show of good will' to Trump (Haaretz, 31 March 2017)

Israel's medical field: A model of Jewish-Arab equality and coexistence (Haaretz, 31 March 2017)

Israeli Air Force Holds Joint Exercise With United Arab Emirates, US and Italy (Haaretz, 28 March 2017)

Smears by Israel envoy rejected in UK Parliament probe (Ali Abunimah, Electronic Intifada, 27 March 2017

Anger at my Israel 'apartheid' report puts free speech at risk (Richard Falk, Middle East Eye, 27 March 2017)

Hundreds of Young U.S. Jews Protest Outside AIPAC Against Occupation (Haaretz, 27 March 2017)

Human Rights Council urges states and businesses to cut off ties to Israeli settlements (Haaretz, 24 March 2017)

Video: Israeli forces drag barefoot 8-year-old Palestinian boy looking for stone-throwers (Ma’an News, 23 March 2017)

David Friedman confirmed: Man who said liberal Jews worse than Nazi collaborators to be US ambassador to Israel (Independent, 23 March 2017)

Senate Confirms Settlement-backer David Friedman as US Ambassador to Israel (Haaretz, 24 March 2017)

Ex-Mossad Chief Says Occupation Is Israel's Only Existential Threat (Haaretz, 22 March 2017)

The enemy just blinked: Why Hamas's new charter is a big deal (Haaretz, 22 March 2017)

UN rapporteur warns of deteriorating situation for human rights defenders in Palestine and Israel (UN Human Rights Commission, 21 March 2017)

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