Sadaka Projects: Mapping support for Palestine


The two maps below show which countries recognise the State of Palestine. They illustrate the growing global movement within the international community which opposes Israel’s Occupation of Palestine and the Israeli government's denial of the human right for the people of Palestine to determine their own future in freedom and dignity (click on a map for more detail)).


Sadaka Projects - EU Member States recognising the State of Palestine

EU Member States positions on Recognition of the State of Palestine

Overview: This map shows the growing number of EU countries which support recognition of the State of Palestine, expressed through their Government or Parliament. The European Parliament already supports the principle that "Palestine should be recognised as a State" (Click to view)

Sadaka Projects - Countries recognising the State of Palestine

Countries which recognise the State of Palestine

Overview: This map shows the worldwide and growing support for the State of Palestine. The US use of veto in the security council has been and is the most significant factor preventing recognition of Palestine and allowing the ongoing Occupation and oppression of the Palestinian people. (Click to view)





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