The Occupied Territories Bill 2018


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Business groups pressure Ireland to drop ban on Israeli settlement goods (Electronic Intifada, 10 April 2019)

Economics should not trump ethics when it comes to Occupied Territories Bill (Irish Times, 23 March 2019)

Leo Varadkar reassures US politicians over Occupied Territories Bill (Irish Times, 11 March 2019)

Israel parliament cancels Irish trip in protest at goods boycott Bill (Irish Times, 28 Jan 2019)

Israel threatens retaliatory measures if Ireland passes Bill to boycott Israeli goods (Irish Examiner, 29 Jan 2019)

Israel gives Irish ambassador severe dressing down for ‘anti-Semitic’ Dáil Bill (The Irish Times, 25 Jan 2019)

Occupied Territories Bill passes in Dáil despite government opposition (The Irish Post, 24 Jan 2019)

The Irish Times view on Israeli settlements: a principled declaration (Irish Times, 26 Jan 2019)

Coveney warns he could block ‘anti-Israel’ bill (Irish Legal News, 24 Jan 2019)

TDs back controversial occupied territories Bill as Independent Ministers abstain (Irish Times, 24 Jan 2019)

Concerns over Israeli embassy closing down over Occupied Territories Bill 'an overreaction' say FF (The Journal, 24 Jan 2019)

Focus on Independent Alliance over occupied territories Bill (Irish Times, 23 Jan 2019)


'The entire world knows the settlers have declared war on us' (+972, 17 March 2019)

UK companies warned over involvement in Israeli war crimes - new report (Amnesty International, 13 March 2019)

In 50 years, Israel has expropriated 10,000 hectares of Palestinian land (AsiaNews, 16 March 2019)

How the Israeli Army Takes Palestinian Land and Hands It to Settlers (Haaretz, 12 March 2019)

Israel has tried to pressure Ireland to block a pro-Palestine bill (The Canary, 20 March 2019)

UN again defers report on companies with Israeli settlement ties (Middle Eats Monitor, 5 March 2019)

Airbnb 'profiting' from illegal Israeli settlements: Amnesty (Al Jazeera, 30 Jan 2019)

Amnesty urges travel sites to remove Israeli settlement listings in occupied West Bank (The Independent, 30 Jan 2019)

The Irish Parliament passed a Bill banning the import of Israeli settlement goods (Facebook, 28 Jan 2019)

TripAdvisor,, Expedia – please stop offering holidays in illegal Israeli settlements (The Independent, 30 Jan 2019)

As Malaysia and Ireland Find Out, You Stand Up for Palestinian Rights at Your Peril (Mint Press News, 31 Jan 2019)

Knesset speaker scraps MKs’ mission to Ireland over boycott legislation (Times of Israel, 29 Jan 2019)

Knesset speaker cancels Ireland visit after parliament backs West Bank boycott (Jewish News Times of Israel, 29 Jan 2019)

Israeli parliament Speaker snubs Dáil over ‘hurtful’ proposed law (The Times, 29 Jan 2019)

Michael Jansen: A new victory (The Gulf Today, 1 Feb 2019)

Foreign Ministry blasts Ireland after pro-BDS bill advances (Israel National News, 24 Jan 2019)

Ireland Passes BDS Bill to Outlaw West Bank Settlement Goods (The Palestine Chronicle, 25 Jan 2019)

Ireland passes BDS bill banning Israel settlement goods (The Middle East Monitor, 25 Jan 2019)

Irish parliament passes bill to ban Israeli settlement goods (Electronic Intifada, 24 Jan 2019)

Israel Expresses ‘Disgust’ After ‘Occupied Territories’ Boycott Bill Wins Crucial Vote in Irish Parliament(Algemeiner, 24 Jan 2019)

Irish lower house passes bill to ban Israeli settlement goods (Aljazeera, 24 Jan 2019)

Irish envoy given ‘angry rebuke’ over bill outlawing settlement goods (The Times of Israel, 25 Jan 2019)

Ministers urged not to block occupied territories trade ban (The Times, 25 Jan 2019)

Israel condemns Irish parliament advances anti-settlement bill (XinhuaNet, 25 Jan 2019)

The EU's position on the Irish Control of Economic Activity (Occupied Territories) Bill 2018 (European Parliament Questions, 9 Jan 2019)

Framework for Evaluating Listings in Disputed Areas (Airbnb Press Room, 17 Jan 2019)




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