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Raising our voices against Israel's latest onslaught on Palestine – July 2014

The Chair of Sadaka, Marie Crawley, speaking at Dublin demonstration, 26th July 2014

Sadaka petition to stop Israel's attacks on Gaza

Tens of thousands of ordinary Irish people and members of the Palestinian community took to the streets of Dublin and other cities, towns and villages across Ireland in the Summer of 2014 to express their revulsion at Israel's sustained 50 day attack on the people of Gaza. It was the country’s strongest show of solidarity with the people of Palestine. All rallies, demonstrations and vigils demanded that Israel stop its relentless bombing of Gaza and lift the ongoing siege.

Photo: Hilary Minch, Deputy Chair of Sadaka urges people to lobby Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Mr Charlie Flanagan


Massive turnout for Dublin demonstration supporting Gaza, 26th July 2014
Massive turnout for Dublin demonstration supporting Gaza, 26th July 2014


Sadaka’s political lobbying and advocacy work during the 2014 Israeli onslaught on the Gaza called for action in the following areas:  

    • Tell our politicians that Ireland must press the EU to help broker an agreement between Israel and Hamas, which not only provides for an internationally monitored ceasefire but crucially includes an end to Israel's economic blockade of Gaza carried out under international supervision to ensure that Israel adheres to its obligations. 
    • Support the Palestinian led boycott, divestment and sanctions movement. – it contributed to the victory against South African apartheid. 
    • Join the Nobel Laureates who are calling for an arms embargo. 
    • Demand that our government and the EU impose trade sanctions against Israel. 
    • Tell the US to stop providing arms to Israel. 
    • Raise our voices on the streets in the many protests and marches for Palestine. 

War on Want: Stop arming Israel
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