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Palestine Matters!   The 2016 Election Pledge for Palestine

We called on all election candidates to pledge that the next Irish Government will use all institutional mechanisms at its disposal, at both domestic and EU level, to implement the following policies:

  • Formally recognise the State of Palestine NOW;

  • Campaign for an end to the Israeli blockade of Gaza;

  • Seek an EU ban on trade and investment with Israeli colonies/settlements;

  • End arms deals with Israel;

  • Require Israel to protect Palestinian children;

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Christmas in Bethlehem 2015

A Sadaka video released for Christmas 2015 showing how Palestinian children suffer violence and intimidation by Israeli Occupation Forces and Settlers.

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Recognition of the State of Palestine

Sadaka and ICTU billboard campaign for recognition of the State of Palestine

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Sadaka’s Billboard Campaign lobbied the Irish Government to implement the 2014 unanimous decisions of both Houses of the Oireachtas (Irish Parliament) which call on the Irish Government ‘to officially recognise the State of Palestine on the basis of the 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital'.

Sadaka and ICTU billboard campaign for recognition of the State of Palestine

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Sadaka on Gaza

Sadaka was one of the tens of thousands of voices throughout Ireland expressing outrage and revulsion in Summer of 2014 Israel's sustained 50 day attack on the people of Gaza.

The Chair of Sadaka, Marie Crawley, speaking at Dublin demonstration, 26th July 2014
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Sadaka Visiting Speakers

Sadaka's Visiting Speakers Programme invites leading Palestinian figures to Ireland to raise public awareness of the situation in the West Bank and Gaza and to lobby the Irish Government to recognise the State of Palestine and its people.

About the Programme

Dr Mustafa Barghouthi, guest of Sadaka in Dublin

Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi

Sadaka sponsored visit by Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi of the Palestinian National Initiative (2013). More ...

Roger Waters, guest of Sadaka in Dublin launches the Sadaka Education Pack

Palestine & Israel on the Curriculum

Roger Waters (founding member of Pink Floyd) launched the Sadaka Education Resource on Palestine and Israel (2013). More ...

Palestinian Church Leaders on a Sadaka Visiting Speakers Tour of Ireland 2013

Palestinian Church Leaders

Sadaka hosted eminent Christian church leaders from Palestine to encourage endorsement of Kairos Palestine by the Irish churches (2013)More ...


Other Sadaka projects

Palestine's Call!

Political leaders and representatives of Palestinian NGOs and civil society have called on the Oireachtas (Irish Parliament), in this 1916 commemorative year, to draw on its own historical experience of occupation to be a leading advocate in ending the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestine. (Full text PDF 833kb)

Sadaka Publications

We produce free information publications on various aspects of the situation in Palestine - Factsheets containing essential facts, Briefings with more detail, and Papers for a more comprehensive treatment. There is a selection of recent publications below, or for a complete list go to Factsheets, Briefings, or Papers.

Sadaka Publications - 50 years of Israeli occupation: The roadblock to peace (Click now to download Briefing)

50 years of Israeli occupation: The roadblock to peace Overview:  Next year, in June 2017, it will be 50 years since Israel took over the West Bank (including East Jerusalem) and Gaza by force against the wishes of the Palestinians who lived there. It is the job of the UN Security Council to reverse aggression of this kind, which is in breach of Article 2.4 of the UN Charter, applying whatever sanctions are necessary to force the aggressor to withdraw. That is what happened when Iraq took over Kuwait by force in 1990. Unfortunately, the Security Council has failed to reverse Israel’s 1967 aggression. As a consequence, Palestinians have been forced to endure almost 50 years of Israeli military occupation without any say in how they are governed – and there is no end in sight.  (Click on cover to download the full Briefing) May 2016, PDF 124 kB.

Sadaka Publications - Israel: EU Losing Sight Of The Facts (Click now to download Briefing)

Israel: EU Losing Sight Of The Facts Overview:  While the state of Israel continues its colonial project in the Occupied Palestinian Territories with its relentless settlement expansion, its shoot-to-kill policy and its arrest and detention of minors, the EU and other international players continue to ignore the fact that without sanctions against Israel to force it to withdraw from the occupied Palestinian territories, the two-state solution is dead.  (Click on cover to download the full Briefing) January 2016, PDF 189 kB.

Sadaka Publications - Without sanctions against Israel, the "two-state solution" is dead(Click now to download Briefing)

Without sanctions against Israel, the "two-state solution" is dead Overview:   The "two-state solution" is dead unless serious and sustained economic sanctions are applied to Israel by the international community to force it to withdraw from the Occupied Palestinian Territories.  (Click on cover to download the full Briefing) September 2015, PDF 80 kB.

Sadaka Publications - Palestine October 2015 (Click now to download Factsheet)

Palestine October 2015 (Factsheet) Overview:  Between 1st October and 2nd November, the Israeli police/army and Israeli settlers combined have killed 73 Palestinians.12 of the Palestinians killed by Israeli forces were children, one an eight month old baby who suffocated as a result of tear gas fired by the Israeli army. October 2015 (Download PDF 68 kB)

Sadaka Publications - Israeli Settlements: Colonies and War Crimes (Click now to download PDF)

Israeli Settlements: Colonies and War Crimes (Factsheet) Overview:  When a state, which is occupying territory not its own, builds settlements on that territory and transfers its own citizens into them, that process is a war crime, under the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (ICC). Israel has occupied the West Bank (including East Jerusalem) since1967 and has transferred well over half a million of its own citizens into that territory. September 2015 (Download PDF 59 kB)

Sadaka Publications - A little legal restraint on Israel at last? (Click now to download Briefing)

A little legal restraint on Israel at last? Overview:   Palestine has become a party to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court and accepted its jurisdiction in Palestinian territories. There is now a peaceful legal means of applying pressure on Israel to cease its colonisation of Palestinian territory.  (Click on cover to download the full Briefing) March 2015, PDF 96 kB.


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Recent Press Articles

Anti-Semitism in the British Labour Party: a suspense mystery (Jonathan Rosenhead, openDemocracy, 15 October 2016)

Clinton in 2015 Email: Facade of an Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process Better Than Nothing (Haaretz, 15 October 2016)

The Kissinger Story (Uri Avnery, 14 October 2016)

Address to Security Council on Israeli settlements by Hagai El-Ad, Director, B’Tselem (14 October 2016)

Let’s talk about what UNESCO resolution does say instead of what it doesn’t (Tom Pessah, +972, 14 October 2016)

Humanitarian Bulletin for Palestine (UN OCHA, September 2016)

Shimon Peres: A man of peace? Not exactly. But still… (Adam Keller, 1 October 2016)

Report: Occupation and Resistance in the West Bank (Stephen McCloskey, Centre for Global Education, September 2016)

Shimon Peres from the perspective of his victims (Ilan Pappe, Electronic Intifada 28 September 2016)

Abu Mazen’s balance sheet (Uri Avnery, 1 October 2016)

Remembering Shimon Peres (Ronit Lentin, Irish Times, 29 September 2016)

33 structures demolished in the past three days in multiple incidents (UN OCHA, 28 September 2016)

Shimon Peres was no peacemaker. I’ll never forget the sight of pouring blood and burning bodies at Qana (Robert Fisk, Independent, 28 September 2016)

Shimon Peres was a ‘war criminal’, say Irish Palestinian groups (Irish Times, 28 September 2016)

Shimon Peres: Israeli war criminal whose victims the West ignored (Ben White, Middle East Monitor, 28 September 2016)

Shimon Peres and the Saga of Sisyphus (Uri Avnery, 24 September 2016)

How Obama humiliated Netanyahu over military aid deal (Haaretz, 20 September 2016)

Whitewash Protocol: The So-Called Investigation of Operation Protective Edge (B’Tselem, September 2016)

Churches Rip Israel for Occupation and ‘Prison-Like’ Gaza (Forward, 16 September 2016)

Palestine: ICC Should Open Formal Probe (Human Rights Watch, 5 June 2016)

Palestinian family forcibly evicted from its home in occupied East Jerusalem (UN OCHA, 15 September 2016)

Israel is a Settler Colonial State - and that's OK (Arnon Degani, Haaretz, 13 September 2016)

Netanyahu’s claim of 'ethnic cleansing' sets a Guinness record for chutzpah (Haaretz, 11 September 2016)

Washington calls Netanyahu’s ethnic cleansing video ‘inappropriate’ (Times of Israel, 10 September 2016)

The Great Railway Scandal (Uri Avnery, 10 September 2016)

Gaza crossings’ operational status (UN OCHA, August 2016)

Two years after the 2014 Gaza hostilities, 16 heads of UN agencies in Palestine call for greater flow of material and funding (UN OCHA, 26 August 2016)

1933: Jews make a travel agreement with Nazi Germany (Haaretz, 25 August 2016)

Yad Vashem officials slam Polish government: 'New bill is very close to Holocaust denial' (Haaretz, 24 August 2016)

Celtic fans raise more than £90,000 for Palestinian charities after flag protest (Guardian, 23 August 2016)

UN’s Humanitarian Coordinator in Palestine warns of a heightened risk of forcible transfers of Bedouins in the West Bank (22 August 2016)

School year opens in Khan al Ahmar (UN OCHA oPt, 17 August 2016)

With return of funding, Israel sees increase in full-time Torah students (Haaretz, 17 August 2016)

Report sparks dozens of new testimonies of Ashkenazi kids disappearing, some in pre-state Israel (Haaretz, 16 August 2016)

The Arab-Israeli conflict in 10 points (Irish Times, 16 August 2016)

The West Bank’s new normal (Electronic Intifada, 15 August 2016)

EU logo no shield from Israel’s bulldozers (Electronic Intifada, 15 August 2016)

Holland probes threats against Palestinian group’s lawyer at The Hague (Electronic Intifada, 15 August 2016)

Evangelical Lutherans to US: End Israel aid if settlements stay (Times of Israel, 14 August 2016)

Evangelical aid was once taboo in Israel. Now it's on the rise. Why? (Haaretz, 15 August 2016)

Thirst and narrative (Adam Keller, 12 August 2016)

Time for Israel to admit: The Yemenite children were systematically kidnapped (Haaretz, 31 July 2016)

Israel seeking to deport foreign pro-boycott activists (Haaretz, 7 August 2016)

World Sees Israel as a Pariah State, Senior Government Official Says (Haaretz, 7 August 2016)

Israel shuns investigations when cops shoot Palestinian assailants (Haaretz, 6 August 2016)

Palestinians inside Israel are under attack (Jonathan Cook, The National, 2 August 2016)

Israel approves new law to jail child 'terrorists' as young as 12 (Independent, 3 August 2016)

Israel temporarily lifts travel ban on BDS co-founder Omar Barghouti (Ali Abunimah, Electronic Intifada, 2 August 2016)

Israel’s hydro-apartheid keeps West Bank thirsty (Electronic Intifada, 1 August 2016)

Israel deliberately forces inhuman conditions on Palestinians working in the country by permit (B’Tselem, 31 July 2016)

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